Spiritual Jiu Jitsu

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Why is Saraswatī Ṭhākur saying,
“When you wake up in the morning, beat your mind with a broom
a hundred times”? [Spiritual Jiu Jitsu] Thank God
we’re not our minds. [Laughing] The mind is like a mirror,
an instrument of reflection. Have you ever been
in a place where you saw a mirror covered with dust,
and another layer of dust? What it means is:
it gradually loses the quality of reflection, and starts giving
a distorted view of yourself and everything else
reflected before it. That’s the situation. Only when the layers of dust,
of misconception are removed,
then you can start
gradually seeing yourself, others,
the world … everything. And that’s exciting; a thrilling prospect;
life changing. How can an ocean of ignorance, an insurmountable ocean of
nescience or ignorance, be reduced to a drop? Sambandha-jñāna—a change of perspective,
how we see things. So much so, Chakravartī Ṭhākur
takes it to the extreme he’s saying, “Higher devotees,
what will they think? Oh!” Because it says vatsa-padam,
like the water left in the imprint of the hoof of a calf: that small.
He said, “But the devotee will think,
‘Oh, but water that’s bathed … The cows are sacred and holy;
water that’s bathed the cow—
that’s very good.’” So even the so called ‘māyik’,
there’s no more māya for them. For those in the highest position,
everything’s favourable; “Every wave is favourable”,
as Guru Mahārāj said. Babaji Mahārāj, when the children
are throwing dirt claws at him and calling him ill names,
he’s saying, “I know it’s You, Kṛṣṇa, behind this,
and I know how to deal with You also. I’ll tell Mother Yaśodā and she will spank you
for your misbehaviour.” So we worship the lotus feet of
Gaura Kiśor Dās Bābājī Mahārāj. Saraswatī Ṭhākur said, “I found all spiritual knowledge
in a particle of his fingernail.” And to mimic him, to mimic a maha-bhāgavata,
is an offence, and we will go down. But at least we get hope in knowing
there are those who are like that, for whom everything
is properly adjusted, and that religion
means proper adjustment; under the influence of
Sādhu, Śāstra, Guru, and Vaiṣṇava, we start seeing things differently. Guru Mahārāj
would sometimes use jiu jitsu. What’s that negative
what’s coming towards you, to adjust it in such a way
that it becomes a positive. So much misconception?
Then preach proper conception; convert it. That’s what I like to say.
So sometimes, if Marx or Lenin said, “Ratha Yātrā is the ultimate
in religious expression”, “Yes!” Or Hegel, a brahmavādi,
he’s saying things, someone else is saying things …
we’ll see how it can make us
think of Kṛṣṇa.


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