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  1. QuisutDeus. mpc

    February 7, 2015 7:46 pm

    Maybe there is hope for the Protestant denominations, after all.  This cross-pollenation between Catholic and Protestant and Protestant and Catholic; of Orthodox and Catholic and Catholic and Orthodox, et al is healthy.  What Protestants have tended to call one's "personal relationship with Jesus Christ" is what the Catholic patristics and medieval and moderns have tended to call the "life of prayer" or 'spiritual life' or the 'mystical life' (i. e. "The kingdom of God is within you").  For so long Protestants have been wary of anything that smacks of 'mysticism' as if it is one more of the accretions of the catholic Church, or additions to a "Bible alone" theology.  Love this video.  Encouraging.


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