Spiritual Warfare 2 – Resistance (CC) – Jim Logan


www.biblicalrestorationministries.org I was trying to think of
which verse to give you. … because I would always like
to give you something positive. I think it is so important, because… Talking about the Enemy is… …not always a pleasant thing. It is important. That we are not
ignorant of his devices. … as the Scriptures says. “we are not ignorant of his devices,”
and yet if we are… … then we are so much more
vulnerable to defeat in our life. The positive verse that
I would like to share with you is… 2 Timothy 4 Verse 18. I will read it in the King James,
but if you have an NIV… … that is probably closest to the greek. That you can have is the NIV
of this particular verse. It says, “And the Lord shall deliver
me from every evil work, …” … “and will preserve me unto
his heavenly kingdom:” …to Him be glory for ever and ever. Amen” But actually it is even more
wonderful than that. It is more thrilling than that. The Lord will rescue me
from every evil attack! Isn’t that tremendous? What a promise. The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack… … and will bring me into his heavenly kingdom. What has been so thrilling… … about everyone of the missionaries
that we have used as an illustration. Someone has come unto me and said… “Oh, I know them.” Do you remember the girl I told you
about who had the thoughts? She had gone to Moody, and taken a Spiritual Warfare class from Fred Dickason. She wasn’t prepared for that kind of a battle. That doubting God’s Word, would have
been an attack of the Enemy. Someone came up here from the
Africa prayer group and said… “Oh, that’s Rebecca Dewberry!” In Gabon, I said, “Yes, that
was Rebecca in Gabon, Africa.” I will tell you more things about Rebecca,
that I think is so neat. After getting the victory in that area,
she went back to Africa. She has been in Africa 8 – 10 years. As I mentioned I was in Africa just after Easter. Rebecca flew over to do all the translation
for the West African, French speaking… for the leaders that were there for a
Spiritual Warfare conference this last April. Rebecca came and shared something I want to share with you. It is a neat testimony. I want to share a 2nd testimony that I
shared to our brother here. That was that Rebecca wrote me a letter… … after we got back. I thanked her for coming over and
doing the translation, because… … we were counseling. It is interesting
to counsel in another language. I was counseling in English and
she was translating into French. These French christian leaders would
put it into another language. Rebecca would weep and I would
wonder, ‘what’s going on here?’ Come on, tell me what is happening? As they are sharing their sad stories
and attacks they were under. Rebecca found out that in the first
church that she worked in… in Gabon, for the first three years… … She and her partner where on loan
to Christian Missionary Alliance. In this church, one of the deaconesses
was a practicing Sorceress. She would cook meals and take them over to Rebecca and her partner… … and was putting poison in the food. For three years, off and on,
they at poisoned meals. They never knew it, because… … the Lord rescued them from every evil attack. Eight years later, she found
out that the Lord had protected her. Isn’t that something? When we get to heaven the
Lord is going to say… “Your not as grateful as you ought to be, you don’t know the trouble you caused me.” I would like to share this as it
was another thrilling thing. This happened just after Easter, and I was in Africa just three days after this took place. This particular church is in a different
place now in Gabon, Africa. They only take in new members
at Christmas and Easter. It would be a baptism service followed
by communion, only twice a year. At Christmas time a lady
showed up from another area. An older woman, and no one
knew who she was… She gave her testimony that she was a Christian. The pastor said, “I just cannot baptize her.” Although she gave that
testimony, he just had “that” feeling. I call it gut level. That something wasn’t right. He wouldn’t baptize her, and
so she showed up at Easter. She gave the same testimony, but no one really knew her. They did know the area she was from. One of the deacon’s said, “How can you not take someone into the church just because… … you don’t feel good about it. That’s not right Pastor!” So, he took the lady and baptized
her and gave her communion. She became ill. She went next door to the Pastor’s home, … and fell on the kitchen floor. The pastor stood over this lady and said… … “your holding something
from me, tell me what it is?” She didn’t say anything and died on the floor. They came from that area to get her body. When they came they said,
“Do you know who she is?” No. She was the most powerful sorceress in our area. She said, “I will taste of the Christian’s power… … before I die.” God struck her dead. How would you like to preach
the gospel in Africa in that area after that? We are having a communion service, would anyone like to clean up their life? Awesome, isn’t it? We have a powerful God! You know that! You know
that in animistic people… … are very leery… … about turning to a God that has no power, when they have seen the power of their gods. Isn’t that right? They have got to see reality. That He is able to protect, … and has more power than the one they fear. How many people know of
Missionary Tech Team? There are some real educated people here. Missionary Tech Team is a mission
of technical people. They are architects who design
building for missions… …who don’t have architects for a dollar an hour. They go all over the world, and
design these buildings. How to design them, and how to build them. They even try to get these… … “hard hats for Christ” to put them up for free. I know a lot of you can’t see this, but… … this is the president of the mission Burney Willie. His wife and two children. I just want to share this. We have a
little bit of time, because… … it won’t take all the time for
the rest of the pride issue. I would like to share this with you. It is an insight. I was asked to speak all of the home missions. They are apart of this. There was a lot of missionaries and the topic was Spiritual Warfare. I shared and the children where in the meeting. So I shared… …what happened at our mission just before that. I like to share something unto date, and I was at Child Evangelism Fellowship. Our daughter had brought our
grandchildren up to visit us. From the east coast, and
I hadn’t hardly seen the baby. I was so involved in missionary
re-fresher courses. I was at a missionary re-fresher, and I decided that I would get into the car… … drive quick to our house. See the grandkid, then drive back
before I taught again… …then be ready to counsel our missionaries. On the way back, I turned on… … the radio station in St. Lewis which is CBS. I heard a demon talking. “I can’t believe this.” I have heard it so much that I knew it was a demon speaking from the radio. What is this demon talking on CBS? What they had done is that they had a… … a fellow who had come to St. Lewis. Who was teaching you how to channel spirits. I didn’t realize what was going on at the time. He was on the program. He had called up his spirit. They were interviewing his spirit that was from… …someone from England that was 100 years old. Once you have heard demonic
speaking you will always recognize it. You just know it. I listened to this, and… … at the end of the program, this
is what frightened me. This is what that demon said… … over CBS… … “are you lonely?” “Do you find yourself with no friends?” “There are a lot of us, spirits, out here…” “… that are just waiting.” “If you will right now invite us to come in…” “We will never leave you, never forsake you.
We will be your friend.” “We will talk to you.” It was the best invitation. Billy Graham doesn’t do one that good. I kept praying, “Lord don’t let a
old person here this.” “Lord don’t let a lonely person here this.” It sounded so, reasonable. It sounded so nice and like a “nice” spirit. Giving this invitation, anyway,
I shared that [at the conference]. When I shared that, this little guy, right here… … a voice said to him in the meeting… … “if you ask me, then I will come in.” I didn’t know what happened, because he turned to his dad and said something… … and his dad took him out into the dark. We always took our kids into the dark tuned them up and brought them back. I assumed he was getting tuned up out there. They never came back. Burney was into spiritual warfare. He was a missionary to Alaska… … with the Indians. You can’t work with animistic people, and not realize there is a real battle going on. He talked with his son, and asked me the next day if I would talk to his son. I didn’t know what to say… …to Caleb. I didn’t know what to say to him. Do you ever not know what to say? Ever said, “oh yeah I would love too!” Now, what do I say? I spoke in the morning, and they had a motor home. Just talk to Caleb about this thing, because… … he heard these spirits say, “just open yourself up Caleb and i’ll come in.” Of course, he didn’t want to do that. I came to the motor home as as we went up the steps he turned to me… … and said, “you know Mr. Logan, I have big problems.” I said, “Yeah.” He said, “Are you good at this?” I said, “I am learning.” We went in and sat down. I said, “Lord, I don’t know what to say.” “I don’t know how to approach this.” I said, “Caleb.” He was serious. He had a Bible, Notebook, and a pencil. He was 7.5 years old. He was taking notes. A verse came to me, which was 1 John 5:18b. I said, “Caleb, this verse came to me 1 John 5:18b.” It says, “I am in Christ and the wicked one touches me not.” He said, “that’s a good one.” I said, “Yes it is you should write it down,” so he wrote it down. From then on the Lord just gave me something… Maybe this will help you. I don’t know why I am telling you, but I feel led to tell you this story. Possibly, you work with a child. You can help them. The one thing you don’t want is children to fear the enemy. They don’t need to fear the
enemy, because he is defeated. I said, “… “… Caleb, let me tell you a story.” Wait, before the story I said… “… Caleb, have you ever been to the zoo?” He said, “yes.” I said, “have you ever been to the snake house?” He said, “yes.” I said, “you went into the snake house?” He said, “yeah!” I said, “you really went into a snake house?” I am really pulling him in,
and he said, “yeah, why?” I said, “Caleb, there
are poisonous snakes in there.” He said, “Yeah, Mr. Logan, but there is glass.” He then said, “Jesus is the glass, right?” I said, “yes Caleb, Jesus is the glass.” “Jesus is between me and the snakes.” I said, “Caleb, imagine we stayed in that zoo… “… until it was dark.” “You and I are walking out of the zoo in the dark.” “The lion roars.” “Would you be afraid?” He said, “Yeah, I think I would.” I said, “what if I reminded
you that he was behind bars?” He said, “then I wouldn’t be afraid.” Then he said this to me,
“have you ever seen a demon?” “Only peripheral, but many people
I work with see them.” They appear in rooms and things, but I have never really seen one. I just saw something at our headquarters, which was a catholic training center. I thought I saw one of our missionaries walking down the hallway in a bathrobe. Then I realized, there was
no-one down that hallway. Maybe I saw something, it was
brown bathrobe down to the floor. Maybe it was a monk buried under the building walking the hallways, I don’t know. There was no one there. He said, “last night in the motor home…” They have couch, table, and floor
before you go out the door. He said, “my brother and I take turns one will sleep on the couch and the other on the floor.” They have a drop in square light
fixture with the light bulb in them. Three or four of them in the motor
home so that you have light. I said, “why did you want to know [if I saw a demon]?” He said, “Last night Mr. Logan
while I was laying on the floor…” “… I looked up and that
square light started glowing.” “Everyone was asleep.” He said, “I saw a face.” He described the face to me. The face had a hood, beard, and then described the eyes. They don’t have a television. These are home school kids. There is no way that boy could describe the eyes… … unless he had seen them. I knew what he was talking about, because in counseling people we always look at their eyes. Always are watching the eyes. He described the eyes
as they looked down at him. I said, “what did you do?” He said, “I didn’t want to wake
up my dad and bother him.” I said, “what did you do?” He said, “I did what my dad said, “… … I said, “in the Name and Authority of the Lord, Jesus Christ get out of here!” I said, “What happened?” He said, “well, it went.” You know he is one of my best prayer partners. This little guy has been praying for me for 3 years. I hear from his dad every now and again. His dad called and I said, “Can I talk to Caleb?” Yes, he would love that. “Caleb…” Oh, then I said this. This is the neat thing I almost forgot the best part… I said, “Caleb, God must have something very wonderful for you to do.” He said, “why?” I said, “well, look satan is attacking you.” He said, “what do you suppose it is?” I said, “well, I am not sure.” He said, “well, I know when I am 15… I said, “well, at 15 you can be a summer missionary and that can help.” We had talked about demons. This kids runs up to his dad with all these missionaries around and says… He says, “Dad, guess what?” “God has something wonderful for me to do!” I talked to on the phone which is 3 years later. He said, “I think I know what it is…” I said, “know what is?” He said, “what God wants me to do.” Now he is 12 years old. Actually not quite 12. I said, “what?” He said, “I have a pretty good voice, so I think He wants me to do a singer.” You know even children under attack don’t have to be afraid. In fact, children are more believing, trusting, and standing than adults… …In Spiritual Warfare. I want to get to our study this evening. A little boy resisted demonic forces. It left! We are talking tonight about resisting. We want to get into the whole thing of resisting. Some of you were maybe not here this morning. What we looked at this morning was the sin that Satan committed. That caused him to be thrown out of heaven. Which was in essence the sin of pride. Then we looked through all of Proverbs and saw all the consequences of pride. “pride comes before a fall.” “Pride is always first.” “Pride brings destruction.” All these really terrible promises. Of all the tragedies that will come into the life or a man or woman… … that allows pride to come into their life. It is awesome. If you were not here just get a concordance. Look up every verse pride is mentioned in Proverbs and you will see it. The one thing we were not able to finish this morning is… … the dynamics of how does this work. We know it is true, because God’s word said so. Why is is that if I allow pride to come into my life, then I will be destroyed. I will fall. I want you to turn to the book of James. Chapter 4. You know it is interesting. James was probably the half brother of the Lord, Jesus Christ. In all probability and in all studies. I will let the theologians do all the theologging stuff. They seem to pretty much agree that James is the half brother of Christ. You know when you and I have somebody that we like to drop names. “I had lunch with Billy yesterday.” “um, Graham that is.” “George was there.” “um, Bush.” That gives me credibility, right? I had lunch in Washington, and Bush was eating lunch somewhere I think. In the book of James it shows you the humility of this man. If you want credibility, then you send a 5 page note telling him how wonderful you are… … to all the missionaries in case you missed it. I was at a conference where Bill Gothard was doing this to a really godly, old man. He got up to speak and said. “I feel much like a stack of pancakes.” “well syruped.” (laughter) He doesn’t start by saying, “James, the half brother of Jesus you better listen to what I am saying.” Isn’t that interesting. He says, James… What does he call himself? A servant. We know that in this book when he talks about humility that the author of this book had some. Lets look at James 4. It is interesting that as far as we know, James was one of the first books written in the N.T. It is on warfare. Isn’ that amazing? The first written book chronologically… I was told that, but if I am wrong someone tell me. I heard it was possibly the first book written. That they had and were circulating was the book of James. It says in verse 6. “But he giveth more grace…” That is in Chapter 4. My wife says… “… be sure to give them both together.” I either give you a verse or chapter. I think, what are you guys paying? What do you want for nothing. (Laughter) It is amazing how picky these free loaders are. (Laughter) It is in the Bible! (Laughter) “But he giveth more grace…” “…Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.” I want to ask you a question. What does God give? What does He give? Boy, you guys all flunked. Read your Bible. What does He give? More grace! That is the only kind of grace God gives. He gives more grace. That is sufficient. That is significant. More grace! Underline that! You can’t put enough underlines under that. More grace. That is the only kind He has. Now, the key is what is it? What is this thing? Called grace? I won’t trap you on this one, but I love to do this to our missionary candidates. They all went to Bible School, they have the answer. “The unmerited favor of God.” I said, “that is interesting. What about His mercy?” “unmerited.” What about His Love? “That is unmerited too.” I said, “Well, that doesn’t help me much.” What is it? I need it to get saved. I can’t get saved without it. I need it for warfare, and will not have victory without it. What in the world is it? I need more of it. There is always more of it. No matter how much I draw there is always, what? More. What is it? I want to give you a working definition that will be so helpful. It puts shoes on it. What is grace? I think you can find a working definition of grace in the book of Philippians. It is one of my favorite verses. Philippians chapter 1. Philippians 1:6 says, “Being confident of this very thing…” “…He who hath begun a good work” Where? On you? No! In you! “Will preform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” What do we know? God is working in all of us… … that know Him as personal savior. What is He doing in me? Philippians 2 says what He is doing. He is doing two things in me… … and two things in you. Philippians 2:13 says, “For it is God who worketh” where? “… in you…” In the King James it says, “both to will and do of His good pleasure.” That is a tremendous verse! The first thing there is to will. You can put desire. God is working in me and God puts in me desire. Then He gives me the to do, which is the empowering. To do what will please Him. Isn’t that beautiful? That is grace! Grace is the desire… …and the power to live a Godly life. The empowering of God to live a godly life. So tomorrow… I don’t have to be afraid of tomorrow. Unless I was going up in one of your little airplanes. I am glad no one has offered me a ride. I don’t like them. I was flying when a guy opened the door. “what are you doing to do jump out?” “No, we are letting air go through.” No thank you. Even if I had to go on one of your planes as I am sitting there turning white. White knuckles. There is more grace. I would rather have it on the ground. (Laughter) Someone said something years ago that really helped me in my early years of my Christian life. That was this statement: “God will not allow… “… anything to come into your life, which is beyond your control…” “… which will ruin or hinder God’s purpose for your life.” That’s why He says “in everything give thanks.” I started reading the lives of great Christians and was amazed. At the the men who said those same statements. Have you ever read John Paton’s “Thirty years with the cannibal?” I read it to my son when he was 4 years old. Do you know what he said when we read a chapter to him? John Paton would be running and the cannibals would be after him… … screaming and hollering. They would throw a tomahawk, and his foot would catch… … on a log. He would fall on his face and the tomahawk would fly over his head. Richard would go to bed and say at 3.5 years old, “Oh dad, isn’t God wonderful!” One day John Paton was outside weeding the corn, or carrots, and a cannibal had a musket on him. He kept going down the row weeding. The cannibal kept following him. Someone asked, “how could you do that?” He said, “well, if my life is over, then it is over.” “If it is not, then I better weed the garden.” God would not allow this guy to shoot him until it was all over with, and if… … it wasn’t all over then he had things to do. That is all grace, and what we are talking about here. I don’t know what I am going to face next week. In fact, you can… … pray for me next week. We have a fellow who has been in every mental hospital in America. That is coming for help. Those are hard cases. They are usually so drugged up and so difficult to deal with. I would rather stay here and work with these terrible missionaries, than work… (Laughter) … than go back and work with this guy from the mental hospital. I know what? God has, next week, more grace. I know that. Sometimes we wonder. Have you ever been there where you have wondered? God I thought you said that? I feel like I am all out of it. It is there. Look at this. God gives more grace. When I usually preach this in a church, this is the title of my message: “Why are there so many losers on the winning team?” Right? Here God has more power! so then, why are we living such defeated lives? We need to ask that question. Why are there so many defeated Christians, when we have all the power we can draw from? To live victorious in every single choice that we make. I am not saying we live victoriously all the time. I could tell you I do, because my wife isn’t here. There is a key in the verse. ” But God gives more grace… “Therefore he saith, God…” What? Resists Who? The proud. There is a wonderful verse. “If God be for you…” What’s the rest of it? Think of this. If God is resisting you… … does it make any difference who is for you? When I see the word resisting. I see this big arm coming out of heaven shoving. Shoving away. When Satan allowed pride in his life God shoved him out of heaven. When I allow pride in my life… Don’t worry about me God. You run heaven and I will run me. He says, “fine… “…I will take my power out of your life.” What will happen? I will fall! That’s why we fall. That’s why if we allow pride in our life it is all over spiritually for us. It is just a matter of time till we fall. Pride precedes a fall. He gives grace to who? The humble. What is a humble man? It’s one who says, “Lord, without your empowering I can’t do it.” If you would get into our kind of ministry… … you would become a very humble person, and very quickly. There are times I walk up and down the halls saying, “God, I don’t know what to do.” “There is a person in my office.” “That is bing tormented and I don’t know what to do.” I have tried what I know. We are always looking for better methods. Better methods! God is looking for better men. I just walk up and down saying “God I don’t know what to do.” “Show me what to do. You said, if anyone lack wisdom.” “He is not my son, but your son. That is your daughter in there. I don’t know what to do.” “It is so bad nothing seems to be working. I don’t seem to get through to them.” That’s humbling isn’t it? It just doesn’t work. I thank God for that. I can’t tell you how often we pray, “Lord, I don’t know what to do.” I want to help them, but don’t know how to do it. Show us, God, what to do. A humble man is basically one who says, “God, without your empowering I can’t do it.” “Lord, if you don’t give me your strength today, then I won’t make it through the day.” “Lord, I need you.” The Lord meets you! He will give you the power that you need for those situations that you face. Verse 7, he says… “Submit yourselves therefor to God…” “… Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” That is a tremendous progression of truth here. God gives grace to the humble. Then what do I need to do? The first thing in warfare… … If I am going to be successful in warfare, what must I do? Submit. What does submit mean? Sub – means to rank under. Submit to God. Am I willing to submit to God… … in every area of my life? Am I willing to get under God’s authority? It is amazing that authority and power are together in Scripture. Getting under authority. Are you under God’s authority? Or, are you resisting Him? If you are resisting God in an area of your life… … you will not be able to resist the enemy. Right? You have to know that. You can’t be resisting God, and resisting the enemy at the same time. You submit to God, and from the place of submission you resist. Do you see that? It is so vital. It can turn the battle for you. Sometimes it is not easy to submit to God. Is it? It is not. God says, “Logan, my ways are not your ways.” I know, but I wished they were. I know it, and sometimes it is hard to get under God’s authority. Sometimes God wants me to do things that it looks like I don’t want to do. I never wanted to go to India. Sometimes, you hear all these horror stories. I heard so many horror stories about India. I thought that I could not handle India. I went to Africa instead. Now I realized I can go to India. Just the thoughts of India. I thought I couldn’t handle it. You know, beggars rolling in the dirt, no place to go to the bathroom, and can’t drink the water. on and on and on. I get to Africa, and there are beggars rolling in the dirt, no place to go to the bathroom, and… …and you can’t drink the water, and on and on. (laughter) Dumb me. There are times it can really be a struggle. We have had those struggles, and I have wrestled with the Lord. Have you wrestled with the Lord? To get my will underneath there. To bring my will under what God wanted me to do. I will tell you that I am glad God has won. Even the times it didn’t look appealing or look like the right thing, I knew… … it was the right thing. To bring my will under the Lords, but I had too. If I don’t I will be defeated. “…Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” We asked the question this morning and we need to ask the question tonight. There are Christians who have lived and died, and have never once resisted the Devil. I am not asking you to raise your hand. Have you ever resisted the Devil? Their are missionaries who never have. Never resisted the enemy. We are told to do it. Here is the question: How can I resist the enemy if I don’t know he is around? How can I recognize when he is there? I can’t resist someone I don’t know is there. I don’t run around resisting demons all the time. If my book falls on the floor, I don’t stand against it in the Name of Jesus. I like what Fred Dickason said. Someone came to him, he is the head theologian at moody… “Fred, I think you see demons behind every bush.” He said, “brother, can you see the bushes?” (Laughter) That’s what I am concerned about. I do need to know when he is there. I am told to resist him. You start reading in Colossians and Ephesians and you will read about warfare. Obviously, we are to be involved. How can I fight an enemy I can’t see. If I don’t know he is there. He usually doesn’t knock and say, “Logan this is the Devil I want to wipe you out today.” He doesn’t operate like that. Let me share something. I will use our director. In a good way. He paid me to use him positively. He has heard this before. Lets say he walks down the hall… … and his wallet falls onto the floor. Some of you tarry and are late. You walk down that hall. One of you, I will use a fellow, a younger missionary. He is walking down the hall and there is this wallet with money sticking out of it. It must be the directors. (Laughter) Nobody is around. As he reached down to pick up this wallet he gets this urge. There is nobody here, keep the money. Obviously, he is a wicked missionary. The next night he walks down the same hall… …and he drops his wallet again, with even more money in it. Another young missionary that is here. How long do you work with them? Eight days. It is one of those eight dayers. He is walking down and he sees the wallet and he picks it up. Somebody lost this wallet I had better return it to him. He is a good guy, right? This guy is very, very righteous and the other guy is unrighteous. We are going to do the same two guys. This righteous fellow is jogging down the road. The one who returned the wallet. He sees a sack of magazines on the side of the road. If you know why people throw sacks of magazines on the side of the road… Those are usually pornography. The guy stops and looks and realizes it is pornography. All of sudden he realizes there is no-one around. This is the righteous one. Maybe I will look. Now, the unrighteous guy is jogging the next night, and the guy throws up more sacks… of pornography. He says, “oh, no, I had better destroy this before anyone sees it.” Those are important things. That will really help you understand temptation. Do you know what we have a tendency to do? If we are the kind that goes after money, then we look down our nose… … at the guys that go after pornography. Right? They are the bad ones. What I do isn’t so bad. Every sin is justified in the heart of the one who commits it… … before they commit it. We justify it. Why we do, what we do. Turn to James chapter 1. Verse 12. “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation:…” “… for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord…” “… hath promised to them that love him.” As I look at that it seemed to me that the Lord is saying… … that one of the signs that you love Me is you endure temptations. It doesn’t seem like that does it? If you really love Him, then you will endure temptations and God will honor you for that. Endure means to go clear through it, until the end. Victoriously. Drawing not from your grit or determination. Can you have victory in the flesh? Yes! Yes, you can have victory in the flesh. I know fellows who were alcoholics, who have gone to A.A. and don’t drink anymore. They were never Christians. I know fellows who go through N.A. for drug addicts. They are not believers. They come out not using drugs anymore in “victory.” Right? They are not doing drugs anymore. It is possible to have victory with grit and determination. If the enemy tempts the flesh… … if you have victory over it in the flesh… … guess who won? The flesh! Right? The flesh. Now lets look at this. That is not what the Lord is talking about here… …He is talking about the man who is empowered by the Spirit of God and is resisting… … in that power. Is the one who is going to receive the crown of life. “Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God:…” “… for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:” That is important. How do I know if this is a temptation or a test? This is just a rule of thumb. Satan tempts us to draw us away from God. If I would give into those thoughts, and if I would do them, then… … I would find myself pulled away from the Lord. God tests me that if I do them, then it would draw me to Himself. You see that. I can fail God’s tests, right? The failing may draw me away. The essence of what happening was to draw me deeper and closer to Him. When God tests us often after the test He reveals… … aspects of his character that I would have never had known without going through it. Ask Abraham. If Abraham had failed the test we would have never known Jehovah, who? Jirah. We would have never have known Him. He went through that, and God revealed an aspect of His character… … we wouldn’t have known. Haven’t you had that happen to you? You saw the sufficiency of the Lord. Something about God. God as the healer. I remember one time our little girl was dying. We didn’t know what to do. The one thing I was afraid to do was to give her to the Lord. Let me tell you something. Don’t ever give anything to the Lord that He cannot take. We got on our knees, and the hardest thing I ever did was say, “Lord, you can take her.” That was our oldest little girl. It was our only little girl at the time. At Bible School. Here I am in Bible School. That’s what happens you know. You going to serve God, your kid gets sick and is going to die. Those thoughts came. You know where those thoughts came from? Brimstone all over it. At that time I didn’t recognize it. I didn’t understand the enemy. I didn’t realize he could put thoughts. I struggled with God. I’ll be his servant and He was going to take my daughter. See that’s what you get. I might as well just go back. You know it was amazing. I was sharing at a table… … we deal with a lot of people who have terrible sexual addictions. Every kind of sexual addiction you can think of we have dwelt with. After a person has been delivered from powers of sexual addiction… … the temptation will come, and the temptation is to the pleasure. That the addiction brought into their life. Guess what they forget about? The bondage they were under when they enjoyed that pleasure. When my son was 13 I said, “Richard, I want you to know something… “… sin is pleasurable.” He said, “oh, dad.” I said, “oh, Yes!” Read Hebrews. The Pleasures of Sin. I wanted him to realize I was still in the real world. That sin was still pleasurable. There is a price tag. Men that have been delivered, and we have struggled with them, from terrible bondage. They remember the pleasure and the pull of going back into that pleasure. It is like the Children of Israel. Did they remember the bondage or the leeks, onions, and garlic? “let’s go back to the leeks, onion, and garlic!” “What’s spaghetti without garlic!” “Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God:…” “… for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:…” You can believe that and you can know. Here it comes, this is the key. This answers the question why… … is it that often when I am tempted I don’t recognize the voice of the tempter… … in the temptation. Do you know that we are never told to resist temptation! Do you know a verse that says resist temptation? It says to resist, who? The tempter. If I resist temptation, then what am I looking at? The very thing that wipes me out. It is like, I decided I was going to loose weight. When I came to eat with missionaries. They don’t get paid much. I am going through the line, today. Satan cooked desserts here last night. (Laughter) What could I do? There before my eyes was strawberries, I get to eat free. Did you see my tray. (Laughter) All these poor, starving missionaries are drooling. As I am eating all this stuff. There was this strawberry pie with whipped cream on it. I stood there looking at it, and resisting it. It didn’t work. (Laughter) Let’s go to Dairy Queen and resist Sundaes. It doesn’t work. The focus is on the wrong thing. The focus is on the very thing that trips me up. God doesn’t want me to focus on that. He knows that if I keep looking long enough I am in trouble. That’s why He said resist the one behind it. Resist the tempter. Verse 14 is on the key verses in all the Bible on resisting. He says, “Every man…” Every includes who? Everyone in this room. There is not one who is not included in this verse. Everyman is tempted in exactly the same way. All of us. We don’t have the same temptations. One maybe wallets with money, and the other maybe sacks of pornography along the road. All tempted the same way, but not by the same thing. “But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Now, what does that mean? This is a key that can turn your whole life if you get a hold of this truth. Satan only tempts you to do, what you would secretly do anyway. Can you catch that truth? Satan will only tempt you to do what you would secretly do anyway. Otherwise it is no temptation. Right? It is no temptation, and it doesn’t have any appeal to me. All of us are vulnerable to temptation. Every one of us in here. Satan knows your combination. When I am tempted it seems so normal. I don’t recognize the one behind it. He is only asking me to do where I am weak anyway. That is so often why I don’t recognize the voice that is there. Since it is not strange. Usually, I will ask this to young men, when I am teaching them, I will say… “… any of you guys been downtown?” Yep. We will take a young missionary. Have you been downtown, Waxhaw? Yep. Is there a downtown? (Laughter) I haven’t been there. (Laughter) Charleston, there is a downtown. I said, “your standing on the corner and you get this thought to drop your pants.” “What would you do?” They said, “nothing.” I said, “that’s why Satan never tells you to drop your pants.” There are guys that we deal with that drop their pants downtown. When he tells them too. It is their problem. It is a temptation. That’s why Satan is not going to tell you to do something… … that you wouldn’t do. The fellow that has no thought of thievery, when he finds the wallet… … the first thing he wants to do is to give it back to the individual. The fellow that has a temporal value problem. The enemy is going to use that and say… Oh boy, you ought to take that money. Nobody will know. You have been praying, and here is an answer to prayer. Right there on the floor. Hudson Taylor took a glove shook it and money came out. Take the wallet and shake it… … and see what comes out. If you can catch this truth, I will tell you it will change your life. I’ve talked to navigators and crusade kids whose lives are changed. When they see this. Do you know what we need to do? We need to get alone with the Lord and say, “Lord, where are my weak areas?” “Where are they?” Find out what they are, then get a concordance, and Scriptural truths… … that answer that weakness. Isn’t that what we are suppose to use against the attacks. Isn’t it better to use a sword that fits exactly, than a sword that doesn’t. Let me give you an illustration. Who was tempted? He resisted with Scripture. Who do we know? Anybody? We can go to Matthew 4 or Luke 4. Let’s look there. Here we are told how to resist. How to resist the attacks of the enemy. Matthew 4 starts out very strangely. “Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness for the purpose to be tempted.” I want to tell you something that may encourage your hearts. To be tempted is not a sin. You had better believe that. It will wipe you out if you don’t believe that. We read tonight about a person called the accuser of the brethren. And the sistren too. I don’t want to leave you ladies out. He comes along and puts a thought in your mind. Then he says, “no-one else at JAARS thinks like that.” “You are going where?” “Your not fit.” “Missionaries don’t think those kind of thoughts.” He tells you another thought, but if you keep believing that then after a while… … you are not going to go anywhere. You are going to be a statistic. Your going to be wiped out. What did Jesus do? In fact, look at Luke 4. I want to show you something neat about temptation. It is in Luke 4. It is interesting. “And Jesus being full of the Holy Spirit returned from Jordan, and… “… was led by the Spirit into the wilderness,” Then He went through a bunch of temptation. In here we see that He had a filling of the Spirit in verse 1. He went through all this temptation. What was the result of it? He returned in verse 14 in the power of the Spirit. Isn’t that neat? He was filled. He went through tremendous temptation and was empowered. By the very spirit He was filled with. A temptation time can literally be an empowering time. It can be an empowering experience for you and I. We see that Satan spoke to the Lord Jesus. Did Jesus hear Satan speak to Him? Are you sure? How do you know? By the answers. This causes some pastors to almost leave their churches. If that’s the case, then Jesus had wrong thoughts. You going to ask me to leave? Think about it. Was He told to do the right thing or the wrong thing? Wrong thing. Did He hear it? Up here in His head? He heard it. Hearing a wrong thought up here, does not make me a sinner. It is what I do with it. To be tempted it has to be registered consciously up here. Right? I can be standing right here talking to you… … and the thing that trips me up the most can be going on behind me and I am safe. I don’t see it. I don’t have to deal with it. It didn’t register. We see what Jesus did, and it is so neat. We know that all Scripture is inspired. Isn’t it? All Scripture is profitable. When Jesus was tempted by the Enemy, He said, “In the beginning God… … created the heaven and the earth.” Is that Scripture? Is it profitable? It didn’t deal with the problem. He used specific Scripture for specific temptation. The second thing you need to know is that Jesus didn’t quote Scripture word perfectly. You try to find it. Take the NIV, NASB, KJV and try to find… … the verse word perfect in the Old Testament. It is not there. Jesus used a Rhema. One time I was dealing with a missionary. Who was under control of demonic spirits. I was very new at this. I am getting a little more experienced. As I was dealing with this man, I thought of a verse and quoted it. I love quoting Scriptures to the enemy. I love it. I quoted this verse. The enemy spoke out of the missionary and said… “You quoted it wrong I don’t have to go.” Now, I knew I quoted it wrong. oh boy, where is that verse? It is a big New Testament. I am going through the New Testament, because I didn’t stand my ground. Guess who just took over the counseling? It wasn’t me. He was saying, “oh, that Logan is so dumb.” All I do is stand my ground. All I need to do is quote the truth of God’s Word. That is what the sword of the Spirit is in Ephesians. It is Rhema not logos. It is the truth of God’s word. When I come under attack, I can counter attack with the Truth of God’s Word. It is nice if you can quote it word perfectly, I was saved by the Navigators… … I learned verse before and after. Now, I am getting older. (Laughter) Let’s go back to the book of James and look at the rest of the instructions on resisting. If I resist the enemy, and resisting is always and outward attack. It is always that the enemy is without and I am resisting him outwardly. When someone was demonized as we think of true demonization from the New Testament… Jesus cast the spirits out of them. When the enemy was outside, He didn’t cast them out, but resisted them. As we battle with the enemy outside if we resist him with truth, then what will he do? He will go! Wouldn’t it be neat if one resisting would do it? Even with Jesus it says, he left for a while. God sometimes marvelously when we go through a battle like that… … will put a special protection around us for a while. Then He lifts it up so we can wrestle again. Learn to stand, and then He will protect us, and let us wrestle again. After we go through a time of temptation. What does He tell us to do? Usually, what God tells us to do is opposite of what we would normally do. Did you know, this is the truth, that is it not normal for a man to love his wife? That’s why God commanded him to do it. It is not natural for a wife to submit to her husband. If it was then God wouldn’t have mentioned it. He commanded it. It takes choices and the empowering of God to do it. When God tells us to do something it is usually something we wouldn’t normally do. After we have been tempted, what does He tell us to do? Draw close to Him. Isn’t that beautiful? Often we think, “oh man my thoughts were so bad, that I want to hide from God.” “Draw close to God” after the temptation, and what will He do? He will draw close to you. It can be a very special time. Instead of separating you from the Lord, it can give you a real sweet time with Him. Then He says, “cleanse your hands you sinners.” Do you know what that speaks of to me? I got a little dirty… … in the battle. I got a little dirty and need to ask for cleansing. What cleanses the dirt off my hands? The blood of Christ. “Cleanse your hands.” What is the second thing He tells me to deal with? Double mindedness. What is a double minded man? One who wants to walk with God and not deal with his secret desires. The very thing the enemy uses to tempt him. Double mindedness. I need to deal with it. “Purify your hearts you double minded.” “Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep:” “Let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness.” What does He ask me to do? Humble myself. In the sight of the Lord, and He will reach down. What will He do? Push your face in the dirt? He will lift you up. Isn’t that beautiful? He will lift you up. Let me share one illustration in closing. Turn to Ephesians chapter 6. Ephesians 6: 10 – 12. “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.” “Put on the whole armor of God.” We must deal with the Armor. The significance of it. What it means, and the applications you can make in your own life. “Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities against powers…” “… against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness…” “… in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God…” Their is something very significant here in the pronouns. It says put on the whole armor of God in verse 11. That “ye” may be able to stand. Look at verse 13 it says, “Wherefore take unto ‘you’ the whole armor of God…” Verse 12 is very significant. Very seldom does the Apostle Paul identify with the hearers. He says, “For ‘we’ wrestle…” Or “our.” Why did he say that? Because Paul was putting on the Armor. He didn’t need to say we need to put on the armor, because he was putting on the armor. You know why? Because “we” are wrestling, including Paul… … against forces that we cannot see. We need God’s grace and we need His Armor. His provision. Let me explain wrestling. If you check it out it is interesting. When we think of wrestling we often think of a blonde model. (Laughter) You have seen them. They throw each other out of the ring, and everyone is screaming. It was wonderful. If you take wrestling to Apostle Paul’s day, then we are taking wrong view to what is taking place. Usually in wrestling two slaves… … would wrestle in a final match and would wrestle only one time. In a very final, final match. They would wrestle until one could no longer stand up. The winner would climb to his feet. He would put his foot on the neck of the looser. He would call for a sword. He would flick out the eyes of the looser. Who would walk in darkness the rest of his life. As a reminder that he lost the wrestling match. When you and I wrestle principalities, powers, and the demonic realm… … and we loose, then how do we walk? In darkness. Jesus said that if the light that is in you be darkened… … how great is that darkness. Have you been loosing? I really encourage you to get alone with the Lord, and say, “Lord, show me where I am vulnerable.” It could be worry. It can be “poor me.” It could be depression. I understand depression. I have taught seminars on depression. Did you know that depression can be an afront to the sovereignty of God? I don’t like what you are doing! Have you ever heard of guy named, Jonah? That had a good depression. He didn’t like what God did. I don’t know. What your buttons are, but I know who does. You can know what they are, and be prepared by finding specific Scriptures… … so that when he comes we can get specific and can resist him as we walk in the light. We can run the race, successfully. There is a sin that does what? Easily besets us. We all have it. We all do. I still have mine. I wish I could get rid of it. God has not desired to remove it. He said, “Jim I will give you something better. I will give you more grace.” “Thank You, Father…” “…Thank you so much for the victory that is ours…” “… in the total work of the Lord, Jesus Christ…” “… Father, may we get serious, very serious about our walk before you.” “May we allow your Holy Spirit to show us those areas were we are weak…” “… our vulnerable areas, and Father, may we find those verses that are so significant…” “… that we can do battle. We can put the foot, our foot, on the neck of our enemy…” “… in Jesus name we pray, Amen.”


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    Book of Enoch was written bynkabbalist false jew, see HARRY HUBBARD's channel, mars of the abyss video.


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