Stages of the Spiritual Path


Namaskar In this video I would like to start
a topic of Sadhana. Is a very big topic
and I have many many thoughts swarming in my mind
wanting aspiring for expression. So I think there will be several videos
about this topic. What is Sadhana? The root verb sad means to complete,
to complete oneself. Sadhana is the process of completion.
I’m incomplete and I’m trying to become
complete. That is Sadhana. And normally we equate
the word Sadhana with meditation. We say “Have you done Sadhana?
Are you ready to eat? Let’s go!” But actually Sadhana is much wider word
and it defines all the processes aming at liberation. There is internal Sadhana
and internally we are overcoming different
temptations of the mind. So called ripus or enemies
of the mind. Last, Anger, Jealousy, Attachment,
Greed, Pride. These six. We are trying to overcome those
temptations of the mind. We’re trying to liberate the mind
from those temptations. And that is subtler inner
portion of Sadhana. Another portion of Sadhana
is concerned with external world. And it is concerned with overcoming
so called fetters of the mind. Lajjá, Bhaya, Ghrńá, Shamká –
the shame, shyness, hatered, fear, doubt, the complex is different complexes:
the complex of cultural superiority, complex of heritage, then hypocrisy Kula, Shiila, Mána
and vanity. So there are these eight fetters.
They bind our mind. They don’t allow to express the mind
properly in the external world and we fight with those fetters
to be able to express ourself in the external world properly. So these are both Sadhanas. One Sadhana is for the spiritual
liberation and another Sadhana is for atteining
the economic freedom, the cultural freedom,
the intelectual freedom, the social freedom,
the political freedom, these are all Sadhanas
and the combine name
of all there Sadhanas is Tantra – the science of overcoming staticity,
the science of overcoming ignorence. Normally, people have this notion
that there are many spiritual paths because we have many religions,
we have many traditions, we have many yogas, etc. But if analize deeper,
if you look in the essence of the path from the psychological
and spiritual point of view you will understand that
there are no spiritual path, there is only one spiritual path
and that is the life of a being, of a human being. And that is,
that we call Sadhana. And in it Sadhana
there are stages. The first stage of Sadhana,
and I want to talk about these stages I want to talk about the entire duration
of the path, the first stage is the stage of
acquiring power. Sounds good, ha?
Mastering the power is called
shakti stage. And when you move on the path
of shakti you become shakta. Okay, what is the point? There is this conciosness
and there is energy. Every object consists of conciousness
and consists of energy. In theory there are two
but in pactice there are one. Just like fire and
its burning capacity. Theoretically,
maybe you can distinguish but in reality is the one thing. So conciousness is also the same thing. For example, take an example of a stone.
If you look deeper into the stone you will find out that
there are atoms, molecules. If you go deeper into the atom,
you will find what, you will find electrons,
you will find the nucleus. If you go deeper into that nucleus
you will find what? Eventually, you will find that
there is nothing, there is emptyness and waves. So there are waves in the emptiness. That emptiness it would be more properly
called conciousness. It is not actually
the emptiness,

it is not actually the void,
it is the conciousness. So in that conciousness
there is vibration. So conciousness
is being vibrated and energy is something
which is vibrating. That is conciousness
is being vibrated and energy that which is
causing that vibration. So that is the relations berween
conciousness and energy. Shiva and Shakti
Shiva Shakti atmakam Brahma Absolut is the combination,
Supreme conciousness
is the combination of two – conciousness and energy. So every object, my body,
this carpet, this air I breathe, is the combination of these two factors
one is conciousness that which is vibrated
and another one that whish is vibrating, the energy. The crudeness and the subtleness
of the object is defined by the relationship between these.
In the stone energy is strongly
the vibration is strongly manifested and the conciousness is almost nil. The stone doesn’t understand,
“Oh, I am a stone, I’m lying here for a very long time” There is no such understanding there. But in me as in human being
the conciousness in expressed more. The vibration is less,
the peacefullness is more. And the control of the conciousness
of energy is more. There is interesting relationship. In one hand the conciousness
controls energy. I order myself: “This hand, contract!”,
the hand does. So conciousness is giving an order,
but this order is carried on through energy.
So energy is obedient
to conciousness. But in this conciousness,
how this desire came to do like this? Because the energy is vibrating
the conciousness creating this impulse
for the action. So there is very interesting constant unity and struggle
between this two factors between energy and conciousness. And the path of evolution
is the such a process such actions which makes the vibrations
of the mind subtler reducing the domination of nature,
reducing the domination of energy withing the conciousness. And retardation, degeneration is such
actions, such processes which increas the domination of energy
and bind the conciousness in the mind. And when the mind becomes cruder
the conciousness becomes cruder. So the first stage of Sdhana is Shakti.
Shakta. I’m trying to get rid of the domination
of the nature, the nature is dominating. If I am an animal, animals they have
very simple life, they are in paradise because they don’t have to strugle. Their each expression is guided
by the force of nature. There is no concious decisions,
they are just following their instincts. Human beings at the initial stage
is also living like an animal simply following an urge,
following an instinct. What is comfort?
Comfort is the environment where my desires
are easily expressed. And then what is Sadhana?
Sadhana is not a comfort because Sadhana means choosing
between different desires, different actions. Sadhana,
inintial stage of Sadhana
where you receive
this system of dos and don’ts. Do – take bath, do Sadhana,
do meditation, do asanas, physical exercises,
follow certain diet. All those actions will elevate your mind
will make the vibrations
in the mind subtler. In this way,
they will increase your power, they will increase the freedom
of the concience from the energy. Don’t – don’t do this, don’t still,
don’t lie, don’t hurt others, don’t harm others because those
actions will make the vibrations of your mind more restless,
more crude and you will slowly lose
your control of energy and you will come completely under
domination and the control of the energy. Yes, there is interesting this. And in another video
I’ll explain about this two paths. One path is to rule of energy
and that is the dark path and another path is to liberate yourself
from the influence of energy and resist the temptation
to rule the energy. Anyway, that is a big topic
isn’t for another half an hour of a video but is very fascinating. So Shakta Sadhana is because
I’m still I’m evolving from the crudest
edges. So to say “good bye” to those
crude expressions of life it’s a little bit sad I feel, oh, it was a kind of nice
these crude things but I have to let go
of the past I have to let go of the primitive
expressions of the mind. And that is the path of evolution. The spirituality is two things:
one is to forget something whish is crude something which makes me cruder
because there is this low
“as you think so you become”. So if you think of crude things
the mind becomes crude and if you think of this subtle
subtle most the mind becomes subtle. So that is the process:
forget the crude,
meditate on the subtle. But it starts with forgetting the crude
because if you not forgetting the crude then how you can meditate
on the subtle. The mind is busy,
mind is occupied. Let’s say if there is this, you know,
landing, like when the airplane is landing
if this route, what you call it, the lane is busy is occupied
the airplane cannot land. So if your mind is preoccupied
with money, with this, with that of the products
the processes of the world how can mind direct itself to the supreme? That’s why the first stage of Sadhana
is overcoming the bandages of the world. And it is mostly done through
Pratyahara yoga. This is one sanskrit term. Pratyāhāra means to withdraw
the mind from the pabula or from the food of the mind,
from the objects of the mind. In meditation, especialy in the personal
lessons of meditation this process is very eleborately told. At first, spiritual seeker
have to take the mind out of the external environment. Once the world is gone, once I’m not thinking
about the world secondly I have to take the mind
out of my body. Once the body is gone,
once the body is no more then I have to withdraw my mind
from the mental expressions, from the thoughts. And when the mind
is getting suspended then I’m ready
for the higher spirituality. So this suspending of the mind
suspending of this attachment of the mind to the objects
is called Pratyahara yoga. So in meditation I have seen
this miraculous effect of meditation because like people myself, I had so many bad habits,
smoking, drinking, and when I started to meditate
half a year I was doing this process and something was invisibly
changing whithin myself. And then at one moment
I just felt I don’t need it anymore I want to leave it,
I want to quit it. And in one stroke I stop all those
bad habbits. Never I’ve felt any attraction to
those bad habbits. This is such a powerfull
process of Pratyahara. You do Pratyahara and slowly, slowly
your temptation, your fascination with the material
existence diminishes. And you find subtler expresions
in life which is much more which bring you much more happiness,
much more joy, this is one thing. Another thing of the Pratyahara, so one thing is to do meditation,
even the basic maditation that you do there is a simple process of Pratyahara
there is well and if you do it everyday you will see
that how much your life is changing. Whithin one year,
I guarantee you,
there are many beautiful changes
will happen to your life. Another process of Pratyahara
is in day-to-day life. For example,
there is a food on a plate and that food is a crude vibration. If I let go my greedyness and I eat it
I will go down in my vibration, my mind will become crude. So I have to meditate that this food
is not food but it is the expression
of the supreme conciousness. The divine conciousness has become
embodied in this food and then now I’m consuming it. So this thought deludes the greed
it elevates the mind, it channels
the propensities of the mind. Instead of greed
I’m feeling the divine touch and I’m eating
in a very calm state of mind I’m eating
in a very inspired state of mind and in this way my mind
doesn’t become crude my mind rather gets elevated. Also I meet someone
I talk to someone and especialy since
I’m doing meditation my mind suppose to be subtle,
but if the person is not doing meditation I come in touch and my mind
goes to the same level. So now I have to meditate that divinity
is in that person and I am communicating with that divinity,
not with the form, not with the shape, but with that divinity. So this process is called Madhu-vidya
or sweet knowledge. Madhu-vidya Such knowledge that makes every
action sweet. Sweet knowledge. There is another process of Pratyahara
it is called Varnargya Dan or Guru puja. In sweet knowledge you ascribe
the idea of divinity to the object and then you take that object. You ascribe the idea of divinity
to your food and then you eat. But in Guru puja the attempt is made
to let go of the object and don’t take it. You offer that object at the feet
of the supreme conciousness, poeticaly speaking. You offer to the supreme concience
and leave it there. Don’t have any claim over
the object again. I let it go.
And that is the big portion of Sadhana. So many things are detrimental
to our life. We have different desires. And if we would,
there is this joke that the best way for God to punish us
is to allow for all our desires to be fulfilled. If God allows us to fulfill
what is inside of our mind then this is the biggest punishment
because those desires will throw us in the deepest crudeness. That is why some desires
I have to renounce. I have to renounce some of the desires.
But how to renounce? For example this smoking habit,
drinking habit. How to renounce? One way is to do meditation.
If your mind is high you just don’t feel you don’t feel attraction
to the crude things. Another one is called Guru puja
or Varnargya Dan. It is a concious effort
to renounce the object. This is very, very, very interesting.
I find it very interesting. I find that this renouncing
is a subtle change in heart. You attach to something. Why you not stopping smoking? Because you don’t want.
You wnat to continue smoking. So to stop smoking
you need to want it. You need to want to quit the smoking. And not simply want intellectualy
somewhere at the surface of your mind but you have to want it
from the core of your heart. And that desire to change
to really, trully change from the core of your heart
is the mother of all changes. So instead of quiting the smoking
you work on that readiness you become ready for that
and then it will happen. Then you will make a little effort
and you will get rid of this bandage. For that you need also divine help.
I find that is very heplfull to ask and to pray the supreme, “Help me to become ready!
Hepl me, please, help me to become ready to change myself” Because it is also through divine grace
this change in the heart happens in you. There is this song. I find there is a very
deep spiritual meaning TOMÁRE BHÁLOBESE
In loving you, in trying to atteing you,
in trying to achieve you I’m ready for hundreds of obstacles.
So this is this song sing
one hundred times and try to imagine I’m realy on the path of spirituality
I’m atteining this absolute entity and I’m not only on that path
but I am also ready to change myself. I know that to attein that
I have to change I have to become something different. And that change
is the painfull one sometimes because you’re having
the sparrow in your hand some habbits, some little things
that gives happines to you so you have to let it go. You have to let it go and then catch
a big bird in the sky but this letting go of the sparrow
it’s a little sad thing,
I love this sparrow. Why cannot I have this one
and that one together? But life is such your mind is only one
either it is crude or it is subtle.
It can not be both at the same time. It cannot be crude and subtle. It is either subtle or crude. So first you let go the crudeness,
then catch the subtleness and that is Pratyahara yoga
liberating yourself
from the bandages of crudeness. Yeah. So three processes are there.
One is you meditate. You perform a very specific technic
where you liberate your mind from the external world,
liberate the mind from the body, libarate the mind from the thoughts.
It is one. Another one in day-today life
you impose the idea of divinity on the object with which you deal.
This may be sound very complicated,
but actually once you learn the personal lessons of meditation
it all becomes very clear. And another one is letting go.
Is the process of Varnargya Dan is the process of Guru puja. I will make a video explaining
eleborating this process. You are trying to renounce the desire
You are trying to let go of the desire. And that is not a simple supression
“Oh, I will not take it anymore” You want to eat that cake.
Accept it! Yes, I want to eat that cake.
Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t say
that I don’t want to eat this cake. Yes, I want to eat that cake. But I want not to want.
And I really want not to want. And I am cultivating this readiness
within me. I am ready to let it go this sparrow. Let it fly.
And I am catching the big one. So that requires some courage
until you catch the big one. And you will be so happy
that you let go of this small thing. So this Shakta Sadhana is the part
of spiritual path where you liberate yourself
from the influence of energy. Energy is trying to tempt you.
Eat this, drink that, accociate with that but you say no, I am not interested,
I am letting it go. I am letting it go.
I am letting it go. In that process you become
the master of energy and energy cannot influence you. And when this have been accoplished
you have become a perfect shakta. I will explain there is another video
it requires to explain the path the stages of this Shakta Sadhana. And I will talk about power.
The power. We love power so much.
The power is there. We’re human beings. We always like to aquire power
and there is a path of aquisition of power but it is a dark one
that path leads to darkness. So I will talk about power,
I will talk about love. I will talk about love for power
and the power of love, about the dark path
and the path of light and how we should move. You will make your own conclusions. Thank you very much. I will appreciate
if you write in the comments is it interesting this topic,
what you think also. And if it is clear or not
if you understood it or not because it’s a little is a bit deep philosophical, yeah. But I like this topic very much
and I find it helps my understanding on the spiritual path
and it motivates me properly. It makes me sober also. But this topic will take some more
videos to understand completely. Yeah.
Thank you. Namaskar


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