STIM Machines for Muscle Exercise and Relaxation | Kegel8 Expert Advice

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The other function of a STIM machine what does that do? So the one way the machine works is to act as a muscle exerciser. You’ll feel your muscles actually exercising, because of what the machine’s doing. But there are some settings on the muscle stimulation machines that work in a very different way, though it can feel to you similar. So it’s a completely different setting programme, a bit like changing the channel on your radio, and it runs a current that will predominantly excite all your sensory nerves. Particularly the ones that we hope feed the bladder. Some bladders develop a condition called overactive bladder, or it can colloquially be called irritable bladder. This is where instead of the bladder sitting calmly, and filling up and just waiting until you want a wee. You can be just minding your own business and suddenly, the bladder does some extra jumps and twitches of its own. It shouldn’t be doing that and we don’t really understand why it does that, but it’s called an overactive bladder. Now what this other setting can do is they think that by sending lots of sensory nerves to the bladder in some way it seems to calm this jumpiness down. We don’t really understand the science behind it fully yet, but in my mind, the way I think of it is that if I touch you, you might jump as you’re a bit oversensitive, but if I continue to touch you, in a very low-key way, you might get used to that idea that you don’t need to be so jumpy. When we’re running that programme, it doesn’t feel like anything’s happening at all, except this strange tapping thudding kind-of feeling. We run it continuously and you don’t have to do anything, you can just sit back and read your book. But under the bonnet, it’s called neuromodulation and in some way it seems to have a calming effect on bladders. But we know it’s something to do with nerves because they have also found that for people that can’t let their bladders go, this could actually work for them as well and help the bladder to regulate itself better. So it’s a bit of a strange one, but it has got some promising trials behind it and some promising results from people who use it.


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