Stop Setting “Intentions” and instead do this (this changes everything)


this video I’m gonna show you why you
should stop setting intentions and I’m gonna show you a process that is way
more powerful this is something that I’ve recently come to understand and for
me it’s changed everything welcome back to another video my name is
Erin and I help people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m
gonna be sharing with you the power of understanding a paradigm that goes
beyond intention understanding what intention really is the core of what
it’s come from what it comes from and a process that helps make things happen
not even make things happen allow things to happen in a completely new way now
you may have heard of some of my other videos where I say set more intention
set more intention set more attention but the thing is is it depends on how
that intention is set within the realm of consciousness so for example if you
were to set more intentions but what you felt is you felt like a majority of the
time you were in a vibration of feeling angry or feeling jealous of other people
then what happens as you studying more intentions would end up being creating
more resistance and that resistance you create may create manifestations of
things you don’t actually prefer so the factor in this that many people overlook
and even me for a long time was understanding how powerful the energy
behind the intention is what is the intention what is the quality of the
energy behind the intentions that you set for example you have an intention to
get into a relationship because you want to get back at your ex who’s already in
a relationship then the intention behind that isn’t necessarily a high vibration
the key may be to actually instead heal from that experience that maybe negative
relationship so that when you heal from it you’re then in a higher vibration so
that you can go beyond intention with this paradigm I’m going to share with
you in this video because there’s a process that goes beyond that so you see
the key to this is understanding what is the
quality of energy what is the energy behind the manifestation that you have
because that’s going to determine the frequency of it and let me tell you
something when you’re in a higher frequency things happen easier than ever
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to manifest things create things
in my life and I was doing it from the level of taking a lot of action but I
was feeling resistance I was feeling like the present moment wasn’t already
good enough but if I could escape and get to some print some future moment of
when I finally had that which I wanted then I could be happy and what I was
doing is I was trying to escape the present moment that’s coming from Allah
was coming from a level of consciousness of resisting the present moment but then
what I learned is that the more I was able to come at it from the beam level
which is something I’m gonna be talking about today is the more my frequency was
increased and the more things happen easier than ever I remember a long time
trying so hard and I I think that part of the reason that I works I have such a
strong discipline is because I’m always trying to prove myself when I went
through my spiritual awakening a lot of people didn’t understand what I was
going through I hardly understood it I tried explaining it to people some
people think get it and I remember feeling like a lone wolf felt like
people didn’t understand me and one of the reasons the beginning that I wanted
to create a YouTube channel that helped people was because I felt like I wasn’t
understood I knew that there’d be other people that would understood but maybe
part of the reason I had such a drive for success it was because I was trying
to prove myself I was trying to become worthy as if I wasn’t worthy already
maybe it was partially because some people didn’t believe in me
whether it be family members or you know I could see kind of looks on some
people’s faces like friends what I don’t like what are you doing in my call I’m
making it on YouTube but there I go okay we have like 500 you know followers how
you gonna make it on YouTube I’m like huh you know and and it was like I’m
gonna prove I’m gonna prove now there are times that that can translate into
something I’ve been a lot of actually there’s actually been a lot of
successful people in the past that were they didn’t people didn’t
leave in them and that push them to the next level but what I’m saying is what
we can instead do is from watching this video from what I’m about to share with
you instead of doing intention from the level of the ego which the intention is
something that the ego sets it’s a goal it’s a determination that the ego has
and intention is in tension will remain powerful but what I’m saying is there’s
a process more powerful than intention and make sure you’re aware of the
quality of the energy behind your intention because if the intention so
many people reach out to hear my channel go ahead how could I win the lottery how
could I do this I’m like okay well there’s the energy dynamics of that
however here’s the thing that you need to understand when you get all of that
money you might not actually be happy because it’s not actually tied to your
passion the money doesn’t equal happiness we chase these symbols but the
key is understanding the the almost also the salts like journey I know that if I
were to got like 100 million dollars two or three years ago I may have not had a
desire to make videos or be doing what I’m doing have the mission that I have
so it might have actually taken me off my journey of where I am right now and I
would have actually been way less happy to because I absolutely love making
videos like right now so here’s the part that’s important to understand intent is
different than intention intent is different than intention now I got this
idea from the Toltec tradition the Toltec tradition it’s if you’ve ever
read the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz it’s about understanding the
four agreements that we make with ourselves it’s like be impeccable with
your word and there’s there’s four of them total but that’s based on the
Toltec teachings the Toltecs a lot of the content I share is actually rooted I
just now found the Toltec teachings but I’m like whoa there’s so many
correlations here so I really resonate with it but in the Toltec tradition it
talks about intention versus intent and it’s also very much related to another
book that I talk a lot about which is reality Tran surfing there’s something
called inner intention versus outer intention you could say that this outer
intention is all so the intent now let me explain the
difference in tension comes from the ego the attention comes from something that
we want in our life intention many times as well is linked directly to action
that’s why in tension many times is more powerful than desire if you desire
something you may say I want that but it doesn’t mean you’re going to
vibrationally translate that in your reality doesn’t mean you’re gonna I
could say I want to go over there and ground myself in the grass but that’s
very different than me saying I intend to go ground myself in the grass
I’m going to go ground myself in the grass and then doing it even just doing
it that is intention and of itself there is a lot of times people will separate
intention and action they’re the same thing if you intend to do something and
you’re impeccable with your word then you will naturally do it you will follow
through but if you desire something the desire is just there that’s why a lot of
times I tell people to stop chasing things the more you chase it is the more
you say you don’t have and you’re not good enough already
the more you feel this desperate energy and you have your goals on a pedestal
now with this process intention is coming from the level of the ego if
you’re aware of it that’s very powerful intent on the other hand is more of a
divine energy intense comes from source and tent comes from the universal energy
that fuels all of us every single one of us is a high vibrational being dreaming
that we are these ego selves the thing is is sometimes we get caught up in our
ego we come here we forget who we are and with our ego we’re like well I would
like that that would make me feel better and we said intentions from the level of
the ego and we want that we want that we set our intentions now we intend for
that we intend for that but that’s still coming from the perspective of the ego
now the most dramatic change you’ll make in your life is when you start to live
and you start to really merge with your higher calling in life your higher
vibrational self your higher self now when you do this this is connected to
your higher purpose think of it like the universe wants to flow through you
because you are the universe you are the universe dreaming you are immortal ego
man or woman okay you are dreaming that this is who you are now that
is the intent look at what I do when I do might make my videos I allow my I get
into a flow state and I allow this information to flow through it is not
just a little ego err and the little ego Aaron has to get into the in front of
the camera but beyond that this information just flows through and
because I remain that awareness more and more information flows through it’s an
amazing thing anytime someone’s in a flow state the perception of time goes
away and you’re just there and you enjoy it now every single person on this
planet has something that you do that will put you into what it’s called that
flow State or having also that higher purpose now my intention doesn’t mean
everybody needs to be in the service industry of how wanting to help other
people but many times your passion will correlate with adding value to other
people at some way for me I make videos that adds values to people down the
other side of these videos that watch them and because of that good I put out
that good comes back so it’s about understanding that the universe wants to
move through me the more you align yourself this was something that was
talked about in Paramahansa Yogananda x’ book autobiography of a yogi’ he taught
us as well the more you align yourself with the divine is the more that the
divine will flow through you so think of that align your thoughts to the divine
now listen to this you don’t actually even think thoughts the way that you
think you do so that you are generating thoughts the thoughts all exists you are
simply selecting thoughts that already exist and you are generating them
through your vessel through your ego so when we win-win Paramahansa Yogananda
and his books talks about having a higher intent which has to do with
beyond attention i forgot the tea right here
that’s sober things don’t judge me well what happens is when we have our
when we align ourselves to the vine which is what / monster Yogananda talks
about we start to also link up to more and more things in our life that reflect
that divinity back to us is why meditation is so powerful when you
meditate you move up the vibrational scale
and then you are there and then a lot of things in your life will begin to
gravitate upwards we’re going to let go of certain things that don’t serve you
will then start to resonate more with the intent so intent is this energy that
can flow through us it’s more of this higher vibrational energy of who we are
if you know if you remember on this chart you have shame for your guilt then
you have eventually neutrality which is where you learn how to observe your
thoughts and then you have that in reasoning your beliefs create your
reality then you have love joy peace and enlightenment love joy and peace
that’s where intense will be even even that of understanding a higher higher
purpose of reasoning can be there as well
but it must come from a level of authenticity of you doing what you love
you being who you really are you see there’s a difference also think of this
the ego self wants to do something wants to take action because it’s trying to
escape a escape a the present moment a okay when you try to escape a the
present moment a guess what a you don’t really enjoy a the moment a okay now
here’s the thing when you are coming at it from the bean level and you are in a
higher vibration you aren’t trying to escape the present moment you’re
enjoying the present moment the moments already good the way it is you don’t got
to do a lot in order for you to actually be happy because you already come from
there so that’s why it’s about tapping into the divinity within you where you
are okay with the present moment you are having intent because you are allowing
things to flow through you are allowing yourself to be in that high vibrational
state so don’t escape a the moment a instead be a here okay that’s the key
the key is in the higher vision the higher purpose the higher energy and
when we start to understand this everything in our reality is a
reflection of us okay let’s get all trippy here everything in reality is us
this is why the more value that I can provide to people in this reality the
more that comes back because those other people are also me they may not be me
from the ego perspective but they are me from the larger perspective we are all
one are we are not all one this is from the
books the law of one to talk about which are very high vibrational books that
talk about understanding who we really are what we did as spiritual beings is
we had our energy and we put our energy in seven and a half billions bodies on
the planet we’re all playing different roles some people play the villain some
people play the hero some people play the person on the side that is just a
bystandard it in in their reality they are the hero by the way but they are
just playing their role just like we are playing our role but at the end of this
game we realize that we’re all connected we’re all one and that’s why at the end
of our life we have what’s called a life review we feel what we made every other
person in our life feel in that moment so that we can know the repercussions of
what we did if you make people feel good you’re gonna feel good that life review
will be like whoa I really enjoy this but the thing is is most people will
live their whole entire lives and then in the last 5-10 years of the life they
regret things they feel bad for the things they did the things they said the
things that they did from lower levels of consciousness but the key is you and
everyone else here are all connected you’re just dreaming you’re dreaming
that I’m some guy on YouTube at a deeper level I am you I’m dreaming that I’m
making these videos and that other people watch them and other people like
them it’s still a dream and you are actually me so I’m adding value to you
which is adding value to me and you are adding value to me which is that it’s
just a cycle you see but we can continue to play this game of separation we can t
continue to escape a the moment a and try to be a little bit better it’s like
we’re an avatar in this game if if I could just get to the next level then I
could really feel good about myself I just want to get to the next level
because this point right now is it or good enough already I want to escape a
the moment a but here a what I have to say okay here is the key wake up wake up
wake wake up wake up
hello wake up hi you’re an infinite spiritual being
you’re dreaming right now you see this is the thing is you’re
dreaming that you are this separate beam you can set intentions you can get to
the next level but what I want to share with you is you are an infinite beam and
you are powerful and everyone else in your life that you perceive of as
separate is actually within your own consciousness and if you want to change
anything on the outside first off change and realize who you are on the inside
because you are a high vibrational infinite beam anything that you want you
can set from the level of the beam level the beam level is okay with the present
moment the beam level allows the universe to manifest through the beam
level is aware that of that divinity within you and at that beam level you
tap into your true divinity which also influences
everyone else around you so this is the power of today’s video today’s video is
sponsored by my meditation which will help you to raise your vibration and
instead of you studied and tension from the level of ask a pay you can then set
intention from the level of intense intent in a tent ok this is where the
power really is and for that meditation you can download it in the top of the
description box below listen to it for 21 days watch what happens watch how
much your life he gives a change and watch how you start to set intent and
you are okay in the present moment in a very powerful way now here’s a thing
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that’s what YouTube does even if you subscribe they want you to actually hit
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my day I got to edit a video and I got some other stuff to do other than that
as always I love you you are me of course I love you I’ll talk to you later
peace much love and not mistake


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    heyyyyy everyone! here's my meditation for raising your vibrational set-point! enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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    October 15, 2019 12:27 pm

    I am moved by your words yet have a hard time reconciling the "we are one" idea with regard to evil. Intentional child abusers of all types bring forth a blind rage within me and I don't ever want to waste my compassion on them. I am for the defenseless always. According to what you're saying am I destined for a life of lower vibes because I think like this? This is an honest question i have. Peace to you!

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  4. N Williams

    October 15, 2019 3:30 pm

    As usual I liked this video but I loved it you are forever expanding my consciousness by confirming that I am strongly intuitive I have powerful intuition to set my intentions to create my reality that I am truly fully spiritually awakened and now my intention is to truly meet you my true connection so please reply to me to be our true connection so we can truly connect in person with Much Love Peace & forever joy Namaste my Baby

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    Instead of watching Netflix I am watching your videos .

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  9. Jaana Viit

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