Stop Wanting And Needing and instead do this…

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this video I’m gonna show you how to
stop wanting how to stop kneading and exactly what to do instead and I’m gonna
show you how to have the things you want want you welcome back to another video
my name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness now in this
video I’m gonna be sharing with you how to go beyond wanting how to go beyond
needing how when you say I really really want something you are actually saying I
really really don’t currently have it and I’m gonna show you exactly what to
do instead because the key to this changes everything and for me to explain
this from your first off say that back in the day you read old school books
like taking Grow Rich have a right to hot burning desire you must really
really really want it well the thing is is when you really really want something
sometimes it can really really make you really really take action so it can move
you up this ladder to where you go from the wanting of this energy you’re
putting out to then you taking action and dissipating that wanting and then
moving into a different state however the key is not in the wanting the key is
not in the wanting unless it if it moves you to take action moves you and gives
yourself permission to move from one state to another then it can be powerful
but what I’m saying in this video I’m gonna share with you there’s a powerful
process there’s a process even more power a lot of peace there’s a process
even more powerful than that and that comes from a higher level of
consciousness that when you begin to raise your level of consciousness you
see that this things happen easy reality is meant to be magical reality is just a
reflection of our internal state of being when you look out right now
everything around you is a reflection of what you believe you deserve okay you
might see a certain type of relationship you’re in maybe somebody talks down to
you if that’s the case then it means at a certain level you may believe that’s
what you deserve and if and what you can do is realize that you maybe don’t you
have a bigger boundary you don’t allow that to happen but you see everything
around you is a reflection that’s all the outer reality is
now this is the key most people they are chasing things which implies those
things are running if you want something you are putting out a vibration I think
of these as separate vibrations the vibration of wanting something I really
really want it I really really hope it happens and that would be so cool
what does that vibrationally mean I don’t currently got it I don’t got it
and I want it I want it I got it okay but now let’s move it over here the
vibration of having it the vibration of having it I naturally have what I want I
naturally am able to create what I want and it’s like this is what it’s like it
it feels like this and I’m happy and this is how I feel that’s how natural it
is this vibration – I want it I got it totally different vibration well I mean
that would be like I want it I got it but that’s a song anyways this idea is
about understanding these are two different vibrations the vibration of
wanting something the vibration of having it are different so what is the
key to this process to uniting with this well the key to this more powerful than
really wanting something needing something or chasing something it’s
mentally uniting with that thing that you want in your life you must mentally
unite for it unite think of it like this let me use
an example so and first of an analogy reality is simply a reflection so if you
want something you must mentally unite with it and the way you first mentally
unite with something is you unite with it on the inside you unite with it
internally this is actually what I did to be in this house so here’s the thing
this house I’m in right now it’s pretty cool I really like it it’s a one-story
house here in Las Vegas which is where I was born and raised and the cool thing
what I love about it is certain little characteristics of it now let me share
the little story because there was a time when I really really wanted this
house and I really really even told myself I need this house but
I wouldn’t be in this house right now if I didn’t make this switch that I’m gonna
share with you so originally what happened was is back in August 2008 II
I’m actually gonna move out of this house in the next like three weeks to a
month because I’m gonna be traveling the world so I’m kind of sad but at the same
time I’m happy because I’m traveling the world but this is what happened
August 2018 I’m like yeah I gotta get my own place
I was living through Mesa I gotta get my own place this is I gotta need my own
camera set up and leave it up don’t gotta worry about nobody took my camera
stuff and all that so what I said is I said okay so I go look at a couple
houses I guess I mean it’s I don’t know how I forget how I got some real estate
person but anyways they were showing me some houses they show me one house like
in the oh the paint I like the vibe the light is not good I saw another house
it’s all nether house was close to where my buddy’s is like cool but the house
wasn’t that nice and by the fourth or fifth house I saw this house okay
I’ll walk into this house first off it’s in a location that I like to close it’s
actually kind of close to where the high school I went to and stuff and so I’m
very familiar with the area now what happen was I come into this house as a
gated neighborhood I was like which I like to I’ve come into this house and
it’s his big open house like like it’s an actual just very open floor plan and
I come in and it’s got a really good vibe but really vast vibe the way that
they had the furniture set up was really nice really kind of similar to the way I
would have it there’s the advanced this is very rare in Vegas we don’t got much
grass in the backyards most of the the backyards in Vegas are just dirt that’s
it so how you supposed to ground yourself
in dirt well you could do it but it’s really a hard dirt so the backyard here
caught grass over there I got grass over there I got grass from
the front yard there’s a lot of grass here I have to have someone mow the
grass but I’d rather have the grass so I’m like well this is really cool I have
a pool right here I’ve used it a couple times it’s pretty cool I have a peach
tree weight and then I have a lemon tree right behind or in the corner over there
there’s a certain parts of this house is like whoa this is the perfect house
houses were going very quick however there’s the guy there’s he’s cleaning
that yard right there he’s a the guys getting a little long so he’s gonna trim
that but anyways I I find out there’s five other there’s
three or four other people that if I was one of like four or five people that had
applications in on this house so there I am like one of my chances like one in
five so I was realizing I really really want this house I don’t even want it I
need this house that was the perception I had but then no way I had this
realization I said I like like this this part of me was like Aaron was like
talked to myself was like Aaron you were not gonna get this house if you were
that desperately need E and chasing it and wanting it that much like that
you’re putting out that energy cuz there’s a desperate energy I was like I
really want this house I really need this house it’s close to the airport I
need to be doing a lot of traveling which I have done a lot of traveling
this last year so this is what happened I said okay I got a mentally internally
unite with this house so what I did is when I would go to bed at night I would
relax and I would understand that what I could do is visualize it be natural for
me to live here the other aspect of this – I’ll talk about but the vibration of
wanting the vibration of having I was in mentally the vibrational of having this
house of being in it of knowing that I could make amazing videos that would
help people in here of knowing that I could have this you know I have there’s
many different aspects in this house that I knew I would enjoy and I imagined
myself and join in how natural that felt and how you know like a lot of times
what people really want something or need something they put it on a
vibrational pedestal I saw it as natural for me I started to visualize myself
here and every night I go to bed up until I found out that I got the
house which took about a week so was a week of me like doing this and I was
feeling into it I knew it was natural I imagined this is kind of sound kind of
weird try this with your manifestations I imagined that the house wanted me here
that almost like the house had some sort of consciousness or something I was like
Aaron I want you here because you’re gonna hug the trees every night there
are three trees in the backyard so I sound kinda weird I hugged him every
night okay I just I just touched them and I’m like I don’t have you and then I
got a bit okay I don’t know why I do that I just like to grab myself I
barefoot in the grass every single night before I go to bed it’s the way I grab
myself because I have a lot of energy and that’s what I do but I imagined that
the house actually wanted me to you know everything I believe everything has a as
a certain energy and you can be incompatible with it and by having that
mentality you can then see that maybe things want you you know everyone’s
focused on I want to attract that person into my life but what if instead you
imagine that that person also wanted you because of the value you provided
because of the the person you are how funny you are you see it’s a different
energy dynamic so the key to everything I’m sharing here stop wanting
stop needing stop chasey and stop and plying that you need to be in the
vibration of I want it but you really want it and you really
got it it’s a different see what what she means
what ariana grande means in that song but she says I want it I got it and
she’s like I did want it but then I moved into the vibration of having it
and since I got so much money boom got it okay so she didn’t reset I won I won
I won I want it I desperately really wanted if I really had it I’d be really
happy but I really about it I didn’t want I really wanted to know she moved
into the vibration up I got it I got it so she went from I want it I got it
pretty frickin quick okay same thing for you instead of I love it
oh why oh why you move into got it okay in that vibration I got it I’ve mentally
you not with it my story on the inside is showing the story on the outside and
my story is I already got it see that when I did that with this house there’s
no question my mind I got this house there’s four other people three other
people that have applied for this house I got it
what if I was like I want it I don’t want it I want it I don’t want it I want
it I would not already have it you see what I mean hope I’m getting the point
you know the thing about to it’s like I really really really want you in my life
right now if you like trying to attract a relationship or something but imagine
instead what you do is you realize that you can move into this vibration of
just being have this be natural I saw it as natural for me to live in this house
you know so the key to everything I’m sharing with you right now is linked up
your self-image and here’s another key change the story you tell yourself the
story you tell yourself if you have a story that says well anytime I’ve tried
to do something in the past where I’m trying to you know poke up compete with
other people like put in an application I want them to choose me any time I’ve
done something like that in the past school project I wanted to win some
competition I never went that’s my story I never really won and then we carry
that story into the present moment and we say well I probably won’t win that’s
cuz I didn’t land that’s back in eighth grade you see what I mean well those are
different that’s a story that we’re telling ourselves on the inside that may
eventually well that may have a certain reflection on the outside as well so the
key to what I’m sharing here is to move from that of the the story on the inside
make sure the story on the inside you are mentally aligning and vibrationally
aligning with the reality of you having and being in that vibration of what you
want so for me I realized that part of my story is I don’t need the ego to do
everything I have certain intentions I have certain visions but then what I do
is I allow things to come to me that’s a store maybe it’s story time ago maybe
that’s the way it works I don’t know but I know that so what I did with this
whole house when I wanted it and I really really wanted it what I did is I
vibrationally moved into mentally viewing it in picturing as if I was
already living there and then imagine the house wanted me live here the other
thing I did is I knew that the owners here that lived here before they wanted
pictures of the current house I was living in to see if I was a clean person
so I knew that they valued that it’s very a very rare thing to say hey we
want each of the applicants to send pictures of their current house that
they’re living in what it looks like and luckily I was living in a model house I
was living in some friends at the time but the house that I was living in had
it was like a model it came with the furniture they bought they bought the
house my friends and they bought it with the
furniture in it and it was like really beautifully setup so I just took
pictures of this perfect house but then what I did is I sent them a letter that
said listen I work from home I travel a lot and I don’t you know I don’t party
like crazy or anything like that I really appreciate your house and think
that I would love to live there I would love to take care of it I would really
value it and you’d have nothing to worry about
and I don’t I knew that they also didn’t want pets you know that they wanted they
would allow like one really small dog but they work I could tell they’re kind
of reluctant on that because they had all these stipulations with it so I have
no pets whatsoever I got no kids the house could be in great shape so I
tapped into something that’s called outer intention but it also was tapping
into their intention as well and then because I was appealing to that aspect
of themselves they said yes you see so I wrote them a little letter that said hey
Bubba blah blah and I tapped into that but in general I wasn’t needy in that
leather I was in that letter I was like I really really need this I really
really want this blah blah blah it was more so just explaining how I felt so
that they knew that I would take pride in whatever we’re living here which I
have and they’ve really liked me as a tenant I’ll tell you that
and this is about being aware of that so the reason I’m sharing all this with you
is so that you can start to mentally unite your own story of seeing things as
natural for you have it a part of your self-image what is your self-image and
how do you see yourself and is it natural for you to accomplish what you
want you see because if you put your goals of what you want what you need
what you chase on a pedestal they are vibrationally separated from
you and you can’t actually experience it the key is knowing it’s a part of your
net it’s a part of who I am to live in a house where there’s grass in the
backyard where I have an open floor plan where I create videos every single day
that’s natural for me same thing when I started going daily on YouTube it was
hard at first because I was changing my self image but I tell people even more
powerfully than me making daily videos and having that YouTube algorithm go
crazy and all that stuff to grow it changed my identity for seeing myself as
I used to see myself as somebody that was lazy to see myself as somebody
that’s passionate loves what I do and it’s easy for me to
take action it changed my self-image so this is the key it’s mentally uniting
with what you want but visualization visualization is one of the most
powerful ideas behind this that I think can change your life and decrease in
importance is another extreme extraordinarily powerful thing if
there’s someone you like like I really really like you and it’s put on a
pedestal it’s immediately separated from you but if you see it as natural for you
to talk to that person as natural for them to like you to because you realize
that you add value you’re funny whatever it is then it’s more of an energetic
thing so instead of I want it I want it I want it I want it move to I got it I
got it I got it cuz it’s Who I am it’s natural for me and by doing that you’ll
find that then things in your life begin to shift in a very powerful way now
something else I have as well is I have that of a meditation below on reality
Tran surfing that will show you how to decrease importance it’s some people
told me it’s one of the most powerful meditations I’ve made actually my
assistant who is pretty cool is names Austin he says that his favorite
meditation of all that I’m I made he listens to he’s listened to a lot of
them is this one called decrease in importance because in in it you walk
around your dream house and you see it as natural for you it’s a metaphor but
it’s in the top description box below listed for 21 days I think I’ll change
your life the lawnmower is about to get very loud so what I’m gonna do is ask
you one more thing one more thing I really really want I would really really
like you to please smash the like button please oh my god make me feel so good if
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always peace much love and day


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