Stream Meditation

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[FLOWING WATER] So I want you just to get
comfortable in your chair. Close your eyes
and clear your mind by taking three deep
breaths into your diaphragm. In through your nose,
out through your mouth. Count to four if it
helps to clear your mind. One, two, three, four. Exhale one, two, three, four. One more breath. One two, three, four. Exhale one, two, three, four. As you continue to breathe, I
want you to picture a stream. Picture a stream with water
just lazily floating by you. As you look more
closely at the water, notice that there are
leaves floating towards you. And watch the leaves as
they just come towards you. They meet you, and then
they just float right by. Now you see twigs in the water. The twigs are just
floating towards you. And just let them
float right by. I want you to notice that the
sun is shining on the water, and it’s sparkling. As you notice now tiny
fish in the water. These tiny fish just
float towards you. You see them right
next to you, and then they just float right by. Now as you picture
yourself at the stream, watching anything you
imagine to float towards you, I want you to change your
focus to your thoughts. I want you see those
thoughts coming towards you. They’re just thoughts. See them as they are as
they approach you, but now just watch them as they
just float right by. Just let them float
by downstream. Now you see maybe
some of your feelings. Feelings that are disturbing,
that are inside you. But we see them in the river. I want you to notice
those feelings as they come down stream. Just watch them come,
and watch them go. And then focus back
on anything else that may be coming
down that stream. Maybe it’s something
that’s coming up this week that you are anxious about. Maybe it’s something that’s
happening in your life that you need to just
try to be free from. Watch whatever it may
be float towards you as it comes down that
stream and it comes closer. Then just watch it come, and
then watch it just go right by. Continue to breathe. Continue to notice
anything in the river that comes down your way. Try not to attach
yourself to it, and try not to push it away. Just notice it. It’s OK. Let it be, and let it
just go downstream. Continue to feel this feeling
of sitting with the river, and taking it all in. And if you can, try to
work up to five minutes. And when you are finished with
your flowing stream meditation, slowly open your eyes and
bring your attention back into your room.


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