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Hello there! I’m Fatima Bin Musaed I present to you short meditation . Why are creative people always frustrated? What does it take to find inspiration? I read a quote last week by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in his book “my story” ; he says: “What leads people to development is not material abundance but ambition, great ambition. We are human beings, inspired by inspiration and ambition more than anything else.” When I read this quote again, I can only think that we all need inspiration to achieve our goals and publish our creativity All we have to do is prepare ourselves to pick it up. To generate this level of creativity and inspiration I will share with you in this video. Where do we get inspiration from? Let Nature Inspire You Because what we often think about is that social media helps us get more inspired. however; it only helps us to become distracted and to mimic others. Instead, I think one way to get inspired is: you break your routine and start doing something new like walking the streets of your city. Let History and Books Inspire You Revisit and learn from art and history, read books and biographies of top leaders, thinkers and writers throughout the ages. Think now. When was the last time you got inspiration from someone? to be around people with different skills sets helps you reach different areas of inspiration. Let Your Ideas Inspire You This is an important idea for you to get inspired and that’s journaling. The truth is that you need to give yourself some time to write daily what your thoughts are and what your feelings and observations about life are; because the more you write about life the more you inspired We all have hundreds of ideas going on in our head but we find it difficult to translate them into words and actions. You should train your mind to enjoy your werewolf and congratulate yourself whenever you accomplish something, albeit simple. If you are worried or afraid that there is no progress, remember that Rome was not built a day. And that’s why they say: “The amateur waits for inspiration, the professional knows that it will come after he starts.” Thank you very much who watched the video. I hope you like today’s video. If you like the video do not forget to share it with your friends Like it and subscribe to the channel and do not forget to comment. bye!


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