SURRENDER | Manifest Meditation | Relaxing Meditation Music | Listen Before You Go To Sleep

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Find a comfortable position close your
eyes and take a deep breath take a moment to reflect upon your day you may notice your mind start to wander as events from your day we play
themselves welcome these thoughts these thoughts are just visitors passing
by take another deep breath and allow these
thoughts to be released imagine yourself immersed in beautiful
white light in the universe around you entering through the crown of your head
down your spine and out through your feet imagine this constant perpetual cycle of
light surrounding your body forming a bubble around you this energy bubble is
your electromagnetic field its purpose to shield you protect you and regenerate
and rejuvenate your body this field is your lifeforce energy
contributed by the universe around you 360 degrees above and below inhale this light through your nose as
it enters your physical being imagine your entire body become one with this
light you are one with the universe and the universe is one with you we can now
focus on surrendering ourselves to the universe just know that the universe has
your back and provides you with all that you need in this lifetime surrender your thoughts their dreams and
your wishes know and trust that everything happens within divine timing take a moment to reflect upon something
you wish to manifest in this lifetime big or small what is it that you need to release to
the universe envision this dream and watch it float away into the other you
have now surrendered your dream to the universe trust and know that the
universe delivers at the right place and the right time everything you were
experiencing in this life at this very moment is a result of both conscious and
subconscious manifestation you have done all the work that you need to do
simply have a dream and surrender that dream to the universe taking positive
steps and actions allow your dreams to become a reality this next step is imperative for
surrendering to the universe it’s time to quiet the mind and release all
thoughts mindfulness is the key to allow your blessings to come to fruition let’s
start with a simple breathing exercise and then I will allow you to be alone
with yourself and the music once the music stops you have completed the
meditation breathe in and out through your nose for four cycles on my calendar inhale one two three four exhale four
three two one inhale one two three four exhale four three two one inhale one two
three four exhale four three two one now allow yourself to breathe naturally
and just be alone with yourself for the next few minutes you


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