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Tabby’s star. The Mysterious star, in the constellation of cygnus This is world Mantra and you are listening to Sourabh Pramod KIC 8462852, tabby’s star or Boyoyan’s star Is an F3 Main sequence star located in the constellation of Cygnus It is 1470 light years away Unusual light fluctuations were discovered upto 22% of dimming in light were recorded using kepler space telescope The exact location of the star Is at Cygnus constellation roughly halfway between the bright stars : DENEB AND DELTA It cannot be seen with naked eye It can be viewed only by a 5 inch telescope (130mm) 130mm telescope In a dark sky with little light pollution The theories of these dimming in brighness are as follows It can be an artificial megastructure Or usually known as : DYSON SPHERE A hypothetical structure that an advanced civilistaion might build around a star, to consume most of its energy, for their energy needs. Another theory that follows is A PLANET, that orbits the tabbys star Modern scientists are trying to solve the mystery of tabby’s star using a method of Transit when a planet moves around the star The light dims It Remains a mystery You Think you can solve it? Subscribe to world mantra for new freshly brewed content like this. Comment your views below And Like, Share and subscribe. Thanking You Its Sourabh Pramod Signing Off


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