TAURUS: Soul Mate Coming In Soon! + Healing Needed – Spirit Guide Messages December 2019

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Hi Taurus, welcome to your December spirit
guide messages reading. My name is Shae and I help people expand their consciousness and
live their best life using tarot and my spiritual gifts. So, whenever you come across this message,
I just wanted to say, there’s probably a message in here for you. You were probably
guided here to this message. Even if it’s a year later. So they’re having me start
with the moonology deck for some reason. Oh, have faith in your dreams. Waxing crescent
moon. Yeah, so have faith in your dreams, Taurus. This is a beautiful card. So, yeah,
they had me look down at this message and it’s says a time to give rather than take.
This is beautiful. So be sure to give – open your heart. This is really talking about opening
your heart. So if you haven’t tried binaural beats, I really recommend checking that out.
I’ve been using that recently and they’re guiding me to share that with you. My heart
chakra is so much more open than before. I’ve been through a lot of stuff, and I guess my
heart chakra was closed and this is saying for you guys to open your heart chakra as
well and maybe to use binaural beats. Also journaling. But really this is a time to give
rather than take. If you’ve been through a lot of trauma and have been shutting down
or like just like chastised or ridiculed or teased where for your kindness or for being
a good person, or thought of as your kindness as being weak, and you haven’t been acting
on your true nature. This is saying – your spirit guides are like saying to reconnect
with your true nature, to be yourself, to be that giving, loving person that you are
and not somebody that you’re not. They’re not saying don’t ever receive. Just to reconnect
with your nature which is giving and loving, Taurus. And have faith in your dreams. There’s
something from this moon from the way it’s shaped, there’s something you need to accept.
Maybe it’s something about the amount of work you need to put in, or the amount of
self-discipline you need to have to pursue your dreams to make it a reality, or there’s
something about the past you need to let go of. They also wanted me to use this energy
oracle deck, let’s see what messages they have for you here. What messages do you have
for this group of Taurus? Oh, sacral chakra. Going back to that binaural beats, there’s
also this sacral chakra healing, you just go on YouTube and search for whatever chakra,
in this case, the sacral chakra, and put healing music. And it’s not a guided meditation,
you want just the music. There’s all different kinds, they’re really good, it really works.
You might feel like a tingling or pressure in that chakra. Yeah, this is really a time
for healing, Taurus. Healing and reconnecting with that giving, loving nature that you have.
Tauruses I’ve heard Pretty Boss TV and Consciousness Evolution Journal talk about how Tauruses
are like the most loving, caring of the zodiac. Well, if you’re not a Taurus, well, I don’t
know why you would be watching this. Maybe you’re like a cross watcher or a Taurus
moon or a Taurus rising, but or some other Taurus placements in your chart. But they
were talking about how Tauruses are like the most giving and loving of the zodiac, and
like loyal, and that’s actually what I’m getting here, and from this, and that other
card, a time to give rather than take. Oops, sorry about my hair. Let’s put this on the
table. Under that, I see this card, nothing will come out of the situation. This is going
back to the something that needs to go. This is the something that needs to go: negative
thinking that your effort is wasted, that nothing will come out of the situation if
it’s a work thing. Or this is saying that if you’re in a relationship, let’s see,
yeah, what do you need to release? If you’re in a relationship right now and having difficulties
and things like that, really check in with your intuition cause I’m pretty sure it
will tell you that nothing will come out of this situation. That you’re in a relationship
that um um isn’t right for you. And that like either is like going to naturally come
to an end or you need to end it. Yeah so we have this healer of the ages. So as I was
saying, this is like a really sacred, powerful time for healing. I’m getting… I don’t
know if you believe in Jesus, maybe you think of him as an ascended master rather than like
um the Lord. But like he wants to help you. He wants to help heal you. I’m also getting
that you might want to do some sort of reiki healing. There’s also all kinds of free
reiki distance healing online [on YouTube]. You can go to whoever, whatever one your called
to, but this woman called the Lune Innate, she’s pretty good. She does talk during
her readings. From her comments, I gather that some people don’t like that. but um
I’m getting he’s saying to do some raking. I mean, reiki. Or raking, maybe you need to
clean up the leaves. This is fall, no this is December, this is winter. Maybe there’s
still…no…I don’t..i haven’t lived on the mainland for a while now. I think the
trees are like barren by now. But um if you live on the other side of the world, was is
it? Like spring? I’m not sure. But there’s something about raking. There’s something
you need to clean up. This probably goes back to the healing stuff that you need to clean
up. Then there’s the angel of balance. Things are coming into balance for you. There’s
a lot of healing energies that are being sent your way, Taurus. That is going to balance
things for you. You might have a connection to ancient Egypt, I’m just seeing that for
some of you. It’s really strong for some of you. Like, Kemmit, for some reason. I know
Infinite Waters talks about how he had a past life in Kemmit as a prince, but um some of
you could relate to that. I don’t know if you were royalty but there’s something about
Kemmit and ancient Egypt. You guys also might want to also look at the Kyballion. And then,
yeah, action. You really need to take action um, like massive action towards your dreams.
Like the time is now. No more waiting, Taurus. Have faith in your dreams. Going back to this
card, overcome this like nihilistic thinking. This defeatist thinking. What is it you need
to release? Negative thinking, Taurus. Work through your fear, or fears. Alright. So let’s
see what they have to say with the tarot. Oh, yeah, I got this, I’m a Taurus too.
But I got this in my personal reading about how to develop my spiritual gifts more. And
it was talking about working with my third eye chakra, with clairvoyance and things like
that. strengthening that. And um I’m getting this is the same for you guys. You really
need to work on opening or strengthening your third eye. Really listening to your intuition.
Really trusting yourself, trusting your intuition. You can always call on Archangel Metatron
as well. And um the number 40 might be significant to you. I look that up recently, in the past
week or so and I can’t remember what it said but I thought that was interesting I’ve
never heard or never seen number 40 as being significant but um I guess I need to look
it up as well or again. But you guys also might want to look up the number 40, and I’m
also getting the number 17. So yeah, going back to all this healing stuff, there’s
something that you have a heart, a broken heart about, and I think that also ties in
with this message for those of you Tauruses who are in relationships, it can be any kind
of relationship. It doesn’t have to be a romantic one. This could also be dealing with
family or friends or acquaintances. Um. But it’s like saying to heal your heart and
really work on your sense of worthiness. That this person kind of really took out of you.
This person I’m just getting like is kind of really negative, even if they might mean
well, they might be coming from a good place…they bring you down. The things they say, it brings
you down, and I’m getting that some of you might have internalized that. But yeah, they’re
really wanting you to…besides wanting you to work with the moon cycles, moon phases
for manifesting, they’re also really wanting you to bring in this good karma. You have
a lot of good karma coming in. I’m getting that you’ve passed a lot of tests. Oh my
god. Two of cups. 6 of cups. Yeah this um…ok, let me ask why this is here. This is a separate
message. Um, you have a past life, soul mate connection coming in, Taurus. That’s going
to be like equally balanced. Like equal give and take. Really harmonious. He or she is
going to be really good to you. They’re going to be an empath. I’m getting a master
empath, so that means a healthy empath. They’ll know boundaries, they wont be codependent
or they’ll be recovering from that as well as like the people pleasing. They’ll have
strong boundaries and strong sense of worthiness. And that means you need to have that too Taurus,
so you need to work on that before this is coming in. And this will be like heavy motivation
for some of you guys, though others of you might be afraid of it. This is saying don’t
be afraid. He or she is a really good guy or girl. So I think I’m going to end the
reading here. 13 minutes. But I’m feeling that’s that’s the message. Thanks for
watching Taurus, and I’ll see you next time. Please like, subscribe, and do all that great
stuff. And thank you so much if you’ve already been doing that. Bye!


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