Tera Kya Hoga Alia – Ep 56 – Full Episode – 12th November, 2019


What happened? You said you have to discuss
something important. I don’t know why bad things happen to good people always? Why? Did anything bad happen
to you.. Ms. Aliya, handle this patiently
just like me. Look at me.
I’ve turned 38 but I have not lost the hope
of marriage yet. You don’t lose hope either.
Everything will be fine. But what’s the matter?
– Ma’am it’s very disheartening. It’s quite dirty, ridiculous
and disappointing but.. Just let it be. I don’t know if this true
or a deception which I witnessed, myself. I swear I will still believe
if someone tells me Taj Mahal is stolen
but Mr. Alok.. No.. Alok? What’s wrong with Alok?
– Alok is in love. What?
– Yes, Ms. Alia. Alok is having an affair.
– Alok is having an affair? Yes, he’s having an affair.
– With who? Shall I tell her?
– Of course. With Ms. Tara.
– What! But how do you know?
– I’ve heard it, myself. Yes, Ms. Alia.
They both love each other. They’re anyway in love. The matter has gone
very far, now. How far? Out of Mr. Bhadoria’s reach.
– What! Till the paradise.
– Paradise? The banquet hall will be booked
in another few days. Ma’am, the wedding
will also take place. Ms. Tara and Mr. Alok
have decided to get married. Really? How much are the potatoes for?
– Rs. 20 per kilogram. Rs. 20! The neighbouring vendor
is selling for Rs. 15 per kilo. Are you going to boil
the potatoes for us? The quality..
– Really? – Excuse me. Well, mister, give me zucchini. Ma’am, this is
a vegetables stall. The garments store is further.
– Right.. – Oh, my God! Zucchini in Hindi.
– ‘Turai’. – ‘Turai!’ Give me a kilogram of ‘Turai’.
– Okay. Oh, my God!
What’s this place? It’s stinking all around.
My God! I need some.. Hey, stop it!
– Ma’am! You can spray the mosquito
repellent in your house. This is a colony. A mosquito repellent? This is an air freshener.
You know what’s air freshener? This is Italian divine which costs Rs. 45,000. You D and G!
– What? D and G!
Dull and gloomy. ‘Turai’.
– Hey, you English lady! How dare you call us
dull and gloomy? You’re wearing a reject piece
from Sunday’s market. Just look at her.
– Well.. I hope you won’t mind
if I ask you something. Okay. So, who lets you free
outside? Who allows you outside?
You should be locked inside your house, right?
– Hey, you western lady! What are you blabbering?
Where are you from? We didn’t see you here before.
– Oh, me? I’m from South Delhi. But I lived in Italy
a month before and before that.. You’re from south Delhi? Our Tara is from South Delhi who’s unlike you, a mannerless.
– Tara? – Yes. – Yes. You will forget English
if you hear her talk. Our Tara was brought up
in London. Our.. I mean, your Tara? Yes..
Our Tara. She’s a teacher at school.
– Oh, my God! She’s quite punctual
and she doesn’t buy these clumsy vegetables. Look at her, she’s saying,
she’s from South Delhi. Excuse me! Tara is not yours. Tara is mine. Tara is my daughter. My beautiful daughter, Tara.
You get that? T-Tara?
– Are you surprised? Don’t you worry. That man is distracted but we..
We will bring him back. We won’t let this marriage
take place! – Right. No. Definitely not.
– That’s strange. Why wouldn’t you?
– Why would we let him? He’s your husband, Ms. Alia.
– So what? That’s normal.
– Really.. Of course.
You guys created suspense out of such a silly matter
from last one hour. Hey, but..
– Hey! My Alok is so good
that any girl will like him. Chill.
– Ms. Alia, you’re saying this? Ms. Alia, your life
will be ruined for their liking for each other.
– No such thing will happen. Have a seat. – But..
– Have a seat. – But Alia.. Nothing will be ruined.
Easy. Have a seat. It’s time to celebrate and
you’re worrying for no reason. Ma’am, how are you going
to accept this? Forget all this.
Just enjoy your tea. Sorry.
I didn’t serve you the tea. I’ll bring it right away.
– No.. We can have tea outside. Ms. Alia.. About this marriage.. What are you talking about? You guys just relax.
I’ll bring sweets for you. Don’t go. Ma’am..
– What’s this? Hey.. – See.
– What? Look at the poor lady. Ms. Alia is hiding her pain
with a smile on her face. Yes, man.
– What, man? Will you really have Laddus
before leaving? No, man.
– Then let’s go. Let’s go.
– Where.. – Let’s go.. You guys.. There.
They are gone. But they gave such a wonderful
news before leaving. Finally, Alok and Tara
are ready to marry. They liked each other. Thank you, Lord.. But what shall I do
to these Laddus now? I shall give these to Rabiya. Is she your daughter?
– No need to be so shocked. Such a beautiful daughter
can only be of such beautiful mother
and no one else. See. She’s Tara’s mother.
Greet her. Mother?
– Greetings, ma’am. Okay..
– My name is Durga Parihar. I live around here
with my son, Alok. Alok?
– Yes. Alok?
– Yes. Alok!
– Do you know Alok? Oh, my God.. Like mother like son!
– What do you mean? Your married son wants
to trap my innocent daughter and wants to marry her!
– What’s this nonsense! Our Alok can never do this! Yes, no matter what Alok does but he can never betray
my daughter. Does Alok have an affair
with your daughter too? Oh, my God!
Horrible! He’s so mean!
How disgusting is that! Ew..
– Hey! Her daughter means
my daughter-in-law. Alok’s wife.
– Alia. Oh.
Alia. Whatever! You both just listen to me
carefully now! I am warning you! Ask your married son
to be happy in one marriage! Ask him to wipe
the dirty thought of second marriage
off his dirty brain! Otherwise, if I become angry then there’ll be a drama. A violent one.
Understood! And ask your dirty son
to stay away from my daughter. Now, excuse me! My money! ‘Alok is destined
to get married twice.’ ‘Alok will definitely
get married twice.’ ‘Your married son wants
to trap my innocent daughter’ ‘and wants to marry her!’ What an insolent woman she is! What was she saying? Why have you become upset? She was talking nonsense
about Alok. Look. Can Alok ever do that?
– He can. What!
– Alok can marry twice, Durga. He’s destined to get
married twice. What! Wow! Hi, Mom. How was your day? Tara, I need to discuss
something very important. Promise that you won’t hide
anything from me and tell me the truth.
– What happened? What’s going on between
you and Mr. Slippers? Mom, he’s Mr. Alok,
not Mr. Slippers.. And what do you mean?
– Listen, Tara. Don’t lie to me.
I’ve got to know everything that you both have an affair. Tara, what is wrong with you! Look at your standard.
Look at your class. And let me tell you one thing. That cheap man
wants to marry you just because of your wealth
and your status. Mom, what are you saying?
– Really? Seriously? Okay. Then what is this?
Tell me. These are your pictures without make-up. Oh, my God!
Forget it. Don’t see.
Just forget it. So, what is this? These are the pictures
of resort. How have you got these?
– Kunal. Can you believe it? He’s not just a boy,
he’s an angel. Oh, my God!
Had he not been here I wouldn’t get to know anything. That means he was stalking me
there also. See, Mom.
He follows me everywhere. Tara, my darling. This is not called following,
it’s called true love. Had your mom been in your place,
she would’ve understood. Why don’t you understand..
– Oh, please! Just shut up!
– Stop fighting, please. Tara, why don’t you
try to understand? Look, how sweet he is.
He’s so genuine. He has such a pure heart and he loves you a lot. You both look so nice
as a couple, right? And that slipper guy..
Mr. Chappal! He looks so weird!
– Right. He looks like an old man. Besides, he’s married.
– Exactly. Were you destined to marry
such a man? Mom, please try to understand.
– Okay. Things are not the way like they
appear in these photographs. I was doing all this only
on Alia’s insistence. Okay. Now, who is this Alia?
Who is Alia? Alia is Mr. Alok’s wife. And she wants me
to marry Mr. Alok. O.. -…M.. – …G! What is happening? There is nothing
between me and Mr. Alok. I promise. See, I know you are
finding it hard to believe. I will get everything
clarified right now. You always keep
talking nonsense! You think he will re-marry
just because you are saying it! Durga,
why would I say such a thing? After all,
he is my son-in-law. But it is also true that
according to his horoscope he will marry twice. It is written even
in my horoscope that my daughter-in-law will
look after me quite well. But that didn’t happen
even for a single day. On the contrary, I have
to serve your daughter. Shut up, Durga! The baba whom I follow himself
has made this prediction. He personally has
studied Alok’s horoscope. You keep visiting him
so many times in a day. Let alone that baba,
even I will tell some nonsense to get rid of you. Our Alok will never
do such a thing. It is not going to make
any difference to you. You might get him
married in the greed that you will get new saris. It is my Alia who will
suffer for the rest of her life. Stop this melodrama! You are talking total rubbish. My Alok can never..
– You both, too, have started to fight regarding
my remarriage now! Yes, Ms. Tara. Now? Okay, I am coming. Come, let’s go. – Where to?
– To Ms. Tara’s house. To discuss about
the marriage. What! So, this is the story till now. I wonder why Alia has
developed this wrong notion seeing the drawing
made by Rohan. That’s why,
she is trying to get us married. So that after her death,
Rohan has a mother. But what do you mean
by she is about to die? We are fed up trying
to convince her that nothing of that
sort is going to happen. But after all, she is Alia! She never listens to anyone. Wonderful! A proper meeting is
taking place here between both the families. Between the groom’s family
and the bride’s family. Now, this looks like a house
where a wedding is happening. Do you see?
I had told you, right? That both have given their
consent for the marriage. Now, the elders will
take this matter further. Very nice! Ma’am, congratulations!
Congratulations! I am Alia. Your future
son-in-law’s first wife. Don’t worry.
I am about to die. Only Tara will be his wife. See, they both make
such a nice couple. Don’t they? Yes. ‘Alia herself will get her
husband remarried.’ ‘She will willingly do that.’ Hey, Alia,
what nonsense are you talking? You have lost your mind! You are trying to get
your husband remarried! Mother-in-law, if a woman
is about to die, she obviously will think about the future
of her family, right? But..
Won’t you say anything? Did you smell a snake or what? OMG! She smells snakes, is it? Disgusting!
Anyway everyone pay
attention to my words. This marriage is
not going to take place. Okay? Exactly!
That’s what even I am saying. Hey!
– Yes. Why are you forbidding for
this marriage being her brother? You should fulfil your
duties as her brother. No, no. I..
I am not her brother. Then shut up and sit down!
– Okay. Mom,
don’t think too much now. I am left with
very little time. You guys distribute the
work amongst yourselves. Okay?
We have a lot of work to do. Engagement, music ceremony,
wedding arrangements catering and a lot
of other things. Alia, who told you that
you are about to die? Why don’t you guys
understand my point? It is necessary that
this marriage happens. Alia, stop this nonsense. No marriage is
going to happen. We all have gathered here
to make you understand that. Stop being adamant now. You guys till now have no idea
how adamant I am. I too will see that
who is going to stop this marriage from happening. Hey! Till the time you both
say yes for the marriage I won’t budge from here. Excuse me! What do you mean by you
won’t budge from here? You will have to leave. Because after half an hour,
it is my meditation time. And I want peace. Ma’am, you won’t
find peace in a house where a wedding
is happening. There will be only music,
dance and all that. You can meditate only
after the wedding now. Alia.. Alia, look at me. Listen carefully. This marriage cannot happen. Got it?
Good. I think now she has understood. Alu, enough is enough.
Let’s go. No. Alu, let’s go.
– I am not coming anywhere. I want to hear
yes from you both. Alia,
we are not going to say yes. No. – Alia, you better
come home with us. Alia! Alia.. – No.
– …heed my words. Alia, come, let’s go.
– Mom, no! Alia, stop being adamant.
Come on, get up. Let’s go.
– Mom, I refused, right? Come, let’s go. – I won’t come
anywhere. – Alia, come on. Alia! Alia! – Alia.
– Alia, open your eyes. Alok has been unfair.
Come on! He has been romancing Ms. Tara
without Ms. Alia’s knowledge. This perverted mindset
is a contribution of Western culture. I would say Western culture is
the culprit of Alok’s behaviour. Heard that? Even a culprit
is involved in this. – What! Mr. Alok is.. I’m referring to his character.
The Western culture.. There’s nothing called character
and culture. – Is it so? One should get freedom.
– Is it so? – Yes. Well, Ms. Alia
is a soft-hearted wife. So, Alok has got freedom. If a man gets freedom, he
can have any number of affairs. My wife belongs
to a particular category. She has curbed my talent. She has crushed me.
– What are you saying, pal? Nothing at all! I’ve been getting crushed
in married life. Just a little freedom and then watch how I set out on the bike and all the girls in Agra will come behind me. Pal, your wife..
– My wife.. How I wish she wasn’t my wife. But she was destined to be wife. Oh, Lord! Let me get freedom
just for once. Then watch my charisma. You want freedom? You want freedom? It’s time for us to leave.
– That would be better. Bye, ma’am.. – Bye, ma’am.
Come on, hurry up. You want to show your charisma?
– No. You want girls
to come behind you? – No. I’ll show you my charisma.
– No. I don’t want to see it! Dad, what happened to mom? She’s not keeping well. So, the doctor has injected her.
She’s sleeping. Rohan, your mom is sleeping.
Let us also sleep. Come.
Bid them goodnight. Good night. – Good night. We are getting a ‘middle-class’
type of smell here, right? You know, Tara?
I can’t tolerate the ‘middle-class’ smell. Excuse me! The smell must be coming from
your dress, not from our house. God knows from which circus
trunk you must have stolen it! Excuse me! I guess, you’ve no knowledge.
This is a designer wear. Mom, relax. – Tell her.
Oh, God! Durga, I hope Alia
isn’t really serious. As it is, Rohan’s drawing
never proves to be wrong. Mother-in-law, even you’ve
started off. No harm will come to Alia. Alok, I feel that someone has
done some black magic on Alia. Oh, God! Durga, I know a Bengali tantric. Let’s call him to ward
off the evil eye. She’ll get healed. OMG! What kind of people are you? Are you those people
who believe in tantrics? Please don’t scare me.
Okay? Excuse me, ma’am!
I feel like getting you hit with the broom. You would get rid
of your Western influence. Mom! You know something? Your daughter
doesn’t need a tantric. She needs a therapist. ‘I guess only a therapist
can heal Alia.’


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