The 17 seconds Law of Attraction Manifestation Technique


How fast can I manifest my desire? Is the 17 seconds technique for real? Let’s find out! The 17 second technique
implies that any thought attracts a similar thought. Whatever you think about positive or
negative you are responsible for the next thought that pops up into your mind how long does it take to attract
something that I want are 17 seconds enough for me to manifest happily the
answer is no now imagine yourself thinking worrisome thoughts for more
than 17 seconds most of us do that consistently without even noticing when
you continue to think that thought for 70 seconds and another 17 seconds by the
time for past 68 seconds the law of attraction brings more thoughts and also
circumstances that match your vibration you may ask but how can I hold one
thought for more than one minute when I have so much on my mind it’s easy if at
the beginning of this technique your thoughts are general as more stats come
if you can easily go toward the specifics of your desire visualises think about why you wanted
imagine the touch of it the smell whatever relates to your desire as you
continue to feel your desire every day the attraction power increases more and
more and you move rapidly in the right direction if you catch yourself thinking worrisome
thoughts or doubting that your desire is coming you can slow down the process and
it will take longer for you to manifest continue to stay on the right path and
you will feel inspired to do things that have the potential to bring you
satisfaction it will be easier and easier to do so are 17 seconds enough to
manifest no but it’s like heading to the door when leaving your house to your
destination you move in the direction of it as days go by you’ll feel better and
better and you will feel this positive momentum that started with one thought how fast can you manifest it depends
only on you it depends how consistently you can stay on your path to your


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  1. Andrea Roman

    April 3, 2019 3:56 pm

    Check out my other videos Use Negative Emotion in Your Advantage – Law of Attraction

  2. Timberwolf Powler

    April 5, 2019 5:15 pm

    This works for cancer very well. Both my wife and I manifested our own outcomes without what everyone else does. Explore, study, discover, do and LIVE! Nothing can stand in your way once you DECIDE it cannot exist within you. We are built to self-heal. This is my TRUTH.


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