The Benefits of Kundalini Meditation: 10 Minutes to Peace, Clarity, and Focus


The Benefits of Kundalini Meditation: 10 Minutes
to Peace, Clarity, and Focus Do you feel overwhelmed at times? Or slightly lost? Do you struggle with anger, anxiety, or low
self-esteem? Are you left with a mind that doesn’t seem
to want to slow down? If the answer is yes, rest assured that you
are not the only one. There are many who feel the same way. Overwhelming, worrisome thoughts and feelings
would arise, and you wouldn’t know what to do with them. You may be very critical of you at this time. You feel frustrated, stressed, and often,
very low, with fear constantly knocking at the door. You start wondering, “Am I the only one
feeling like this? Why do I feel this way? What’s going on?” Society had taught us that once you achieved
what you wanted, you would be eternally happy. But you meet people who had achieved their
goals and amassed great wealth, and were still hugely stressed and unhappy. How could this be? Books don’t help you. You need to take a step back and stop being
busy. Put your priorities straight. Feeling sorry for yourself isn’t the right
path; that happiness is actually closer than you may have thought. Being your journey of consciousness… An Inner Win to a Greater Outer Win You can overcome your negative thoughts and
feelings and deal with all of your challenges with a greater understanding and a sense of
ease. The secret is that first we must feel centered
within (our thoughts, feelings, and emotions), and then we can move to what our outer purpose
is. This enables us to deal with challenges from
a place of inner calm. If the mind and body are working together,
we have a much greater chance of knowing what we want and how to face it, rather than constantly
trying to fill the void within with external gratification. You deserve to live an amazing life. You deserve to be inspired. You deserve to be free and to live a life
on your terms. And you can do all these things. Transformation starts with ourselves, so in
order for us to move into a happier state of being, we first need to be kind to ourselves,
and to have a little bit of discipline and the willingness to awaken our greatest selves. Now what if I told you that you don’t even
have to go into the angry thought? You can simply watch it and let it play, like
you would at the cinema or the theater. You simply see it, with little judgment, and
let it pass. The seeing of the thought is the beginning
of liberation. This is one of the first major steps toward
a healthier, happier mind. By simply seeing the thought, we begin to
disassociate with it, leaving space for it to pass while we continue with our day. Simplified Kundalini Meditation helps in the
day-to-day seeing of the mind, called “awareness”. It increases your mindfulness, we see our
thoughts and let them come and go like scenes in a show. By simply seeing the thought, we are then
left with a choice: to let it go or hold onto it. We then need to ask ourselves, do I want to
react angrily, or do I want to let it go and deal with the situation constructively? Meditation is training for situations like
these. This can simply be a ten-minute space in your
day where you may sit, or a part of the day where your attention is focused entirely on
what you are doing. Your brain easily moves into the Alpha level
of calm state with SKY meditation. SKY Meditation can add significant value to
your life. SKY Meditation can help to Analyse your thoughts
Develop positive thinking Eliminate negativity Moralise desires
Achieve harmless dreams Fulfill useful ambition Neutralize anger
Avoid anger Prevent anger Eradicate Worries
Get rid of stress Overcome fears Realize Self
Who am I? SKY Meditation helps in many ways: 1. It lowers your stress level and improves your
focus and attention. 2. It reduces worry, anxiety, and impulsivity. 3. It increases empathy and helps you develop
positive relationships. 4. It can improve your information processing
and decision-making skills. 5. It increases positive emotions. 6. It improves your memory. 7. It enhances your ability to set aside mental
chatter. 8. It decreases feelings of loneliness and helps
reduce social isolation. 9. It increases feelings of compassion. 10. It increases grey matter in keys areas of
the brain associated with compassion and awareness. Visit
Awaken your Kundalini Find Peace Within Be Blessed by the Divine,
Krish Murali Eswar.


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  1. Avijit Mustafi

    August 22, 2017 4:28 pm

    Sir I want to join your classes. I am from Rourkela Odisha. Kindly guide where is the nearby training centre.

  2. Ashok Dewan

    August 22, 2017 5:06 pm

    Thank you so much sir. I live in Delhi. How can I attend your classes for kundalini awaken. I have one question, Since last 8 months I can hear one internal noise from my ears speacially from right ear most of the time. but now that sound is loud at night time due to silence. In day time I can also hear if I focus on it.
    I searched on the internet some says it is tinnitus or anahata sound.
    I don't know what is that, before I was deciding to see a doctor. but When got to know about anahata sound then I thought to wait and consult with some yoga or meditation teacher.


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