The best Reality Transurfing Techniques. Amalgam, target slide. Correct visualization, manifestation

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Hi guys !This is Lisa, welcome to my channel Today I’m going to continue talking about the reality
transurfing, the metaphysical knowledge, created by Vadim Zeland. I’ve already shot two videos about the
main principles of reality transurfing , and I suggest you to watch them first So, in the first videos, we learned that our
world is a dual mirror and has some properties that explain the cause-effect relationship
of events in our lives. Today I will review the best basic techniques
of reality transurfing, with the help of which the very magic of managing reality happens,
the manifestation of everything that we want to bring to life. Honestly, I don’t especially practice these
techniques a lot in my life, shame on me, or rather I don’t practice them consciously,
systematically, I hardly manage not to forget about the main principles of our world in order
to keep awareness and not be influenced by pendulums. Here I want to stop a little bit, because maybe the
last time I did not explain in detail what pendulums are. Pendulums are the energy-informational entities
that fight for adherents to get their energy. The largest of them are the pendulums of the
mass media, TV, religions, clubs of sports fans and music fans, the alcohol pendulum,
political parties and many others. And we must understand that being a supporter
of these pendulums, we are giving them our energy and time. So more often we have no energy to create
our own business pendulum for example, because we are becoming just consumers. Also, Pendulums often oppose each other, start
a war, during which first of all suffer who? – its adherents, who literally losing control and
ready to kill so called enemy. The best example is the ordinary war. So I advise you to choose at least positive
pendulums – pendulums of sport, health, self-development. Because in the modern world it is almost impossible
to live independently of any pendulums. Ok. And now let’s move to the techniques of
transurfing. The first technique that I will talk about
is called reality AMALGAM. Amalgam is a platform, a positive statement
about everything we want in our lives. The basic principles of the AMALGAM:
1) You need to desire responsibly: what does it mean – AMALGAM should concern only you
personally – your actions, feelings, achievements. This is the main condition. You can not interfere in the lives of other
people. 2) Also AMALGAM should be concentrated, reflecting
the essence of your desires 3) In addition, AMALGAM must be emotionally
rich and comprehensive, visible, audible, tangible so you need to see yourself in it
as if from the outside 4) You need to desire what you want wisely
and not mentioning what you DO NOT want. AMALGAM is composed ONLY of positive statements
(verbs without a particle NOT), and sentences are composed as a fait accompli (affirmative
verbs of the present tense) 5) AMALGAM should cause a feeling of joy,
peace and absolute knowledge that everything will be absolutely fulfilled by the world
6) Do not deny yourself anything, while making up Amalgam. Let your dreams seem unrealistic to you even
unrealizable … At the same time, you should remember the statement: a person in life has
exactly those things on which his thoughts are directed …
7) AMALGAM should not cause doubt, distrust, discomfort, unnaturalness of the pronounced
statement For example, you can repeat “I am rich”,
but if this is not so, then saying this, a person will not believe it sincerely, and
this will not bring any results …To avoid internal contradictions, it is better to formulate
like this: “my wealth is constantly growing, the amount of money I have earned is increasing
8) Pronounce your AMALGAM when it ‘s really comfortable to do this Take your time, have fun with AMALGAMS. Expand it. Add details .
The best examples of amalgams should sound similar to the following sentences:
My world takes care of me I do my job brilliantly
I have a powerful intellect I am a genius – brilliant ideas and thoughts
come to my mind I easily solve any problem Probably I invented my own method of pronouncing
amalgams. I wrote all my amalgams on a4 sheet and read
them each morning while I was doing the planche exercise, resting on my hands and feet for
5 minutes. And some things from this list have already
come true. I feel that while I’m doing sports the
powerful energy which accumulates is transforming into the external intention and materializes
my wishes. By the way I need to return to this technique. The second TECHNIQUE FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION
OF THE INTENTION is called “GLASS OF WATER” Write down the amalgam on a piece of paper. For example: “I am a very charming person. The inner light of charm, love and sex are
coming out of me. I am a luminous being. I attract men. My man finds me. ”
Then put a glass of water on this piece of paper. Rub your palms, move them harmoniously, imagine
a dense clot like a balloon between your palms. This is your energy. Place the glass between your palms without
touching it. Speak consciously and convincingly this thought
form, if possible presenting its meaning in the imagination. Then drink this water .Perform this procedure
in the morning, after waking up, and in the evening before going to bed. Your intention will be realized. Vadim Zeland pays a special attention to water
in his books, he claims that this substance, with the right approach, can create miracles,
heal, and thought forms pronounced above water are fixed in its molecules and are implemented
much faster. Another basic technique FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION
OF THE INTENTION is called a “TARGET SLIDE” SLIDE – our image of ourselves and the world
around us is often far from the truth because Distortion is made by our subjective slides. For example, you are worried about some of
your shortcomings, and because of this you feel a sense of inferiority, because you think
that others also do not like it and they do not accept it. Then, communicating with people, you insert
a slide of the inferiority complex into your “projector” and see everything in a distorted
light. SLIDE is a distorted picture of reality in
your head. A negati ve slide, as a rule, gives rise to
the unity of the soul and mind, and therefore is embodied in reality. So that our worst expectations come true. But negative slides can be converted into positive
slides and may work for themselves. The TARGET SLIDE. If you intentionally create a positive slide,
it is capable of transforming the layer of your world suprisingly. TARGET SLIDE – This is an imaginary picture of the world,
of what would be if the goal has been already achieved. Systematic visualization of the slide leads
to the materialization of the corresponding sector of space. For me, the target slide is that layer of
reality where exists everything that is important to me in life and is necessary in order to
feel comfortable, calm and prosperous. So, First, decide what you want. Let’s suppose this is some kind of object
X. We need this object to be found in the space
of options and be on our lifeline. External intention at the right time materializes
the sector of the space of options in which it exists, especially if we tell him what
exactly we want. Here comes the rule: the more global and
inaccessible the object is, the more time will be required for its material realization. Please note that I did not say a word about
the impossibility of such an implementation. I am only talking about the time frame in
which this implementation is possible. Now that we know what exactly we need, let’s
remember what is needed to implement this technique. The bricks that make up the “foundation” of
the slide are: 1) Static slide (Many people begin to imagine
their slide from this very starting point. That is, at first a general static picture
of visualization appears in their mind. But other people do not have this stage. They immediately start from the next point);
2) Dynamic slide (Here already the static picture of the slide comes to life. It is filled with life, movement appears in
it, changes begin to occur); 3) And the following component is emotions (This is a very
important point. If you have not received a proper result from
the technique of slides, then check out whether this item was included in the production of
the slide or not. The emotional component refers to a feeling
of joy, calmness, satisfaction, happiness, unity, triumph and etc.);
4) Sensory perception (Add to the slide the sensations of touching an object, things … Touch
it. What do you feel? What is it made of? Wood? Metal? Or glass? What is its surface if you’re touching it? Imagine that you touch something, stroke it,
examine from different angles, or maybe you ordered a yacht for yourself? Then feel the splashes of waves on yourself
when you cut through the surface of the sea (ocean), feel the wind blowing around your
face and etc.); 5) The last point here is an additional components. Perhaps this item you wish, has a specific smell? Feel it. It must be unique for you. So you would recognize it from hundreds of
others. Or maybe it makes some sounds? Hear them! If you want a dog, then try to hear how a
little puppy whines, or an adult dog barks, protecting you from other dogs and people. Try to consider as many points as possible
when drawing up your slide. Such slides are much more effective than those
that contain only one item. The thing is that, as I said above, all people
are different. There are visuals that make it easier to work
with pictures, for some people it’s more comfortable listening to sounds while working
with a slide, also there are kinesthetics who perfectly feel “virtual” touches,
also there are those that have a tendency to contain several types at once. Another important point in the technique of
slides is the exact frequency of using this technique. If you have already started using this technique,
then practice it constantly, because the effect does not appear immediately. It starts from the very beginning, but it
is so small that it is extremely difficult to notice it. What I simply adore about transurfing and
what seems really absurd to me sometimes is that we imagine something, but we don’t
even have a clue how we will get it! For example, you wanted
to buy an expensive lipstick of a certain shade and then you find it, brand new on the
street or your friend gives it to you on your birthday! You simply don’t even notice how you wanted
something, it appeared in your life and you do not take it as a miracle, but as a matter
of course. Remember and share in the comments below those
cases when you wanted something and it suddenly came to life. You should remember what were you feeling
and doing to receive it? Maybe be it’s the key to the most effective
technique for your own! I have a bunch of examples. For instance, last year I really wanted to
find the composer to write an album with. All the musicians who were around me could
not satisfy my dream – someone just did not want to write music, someone offered to write
an arrangement for money. And what have I done. I went to rest at sea for couple of weeks,
began to compose songs to nowhere, without instrumental accompaniment. I was going to the sea early in the morning
and sang each day, writing lyrics, constantly visualized the slide, that I was sitting in
the studio and there were people playing different instruments and we were recording a song. And what do you think? About a month later I met such a person – it
happened where I didn’t expect it – at the vocal classes where you can meet mostly vocalists
as you might guess. And together with this man we composed 21
song in a month! This is just fantastic! But since our reality has really inert structure
like resin, everything happens with a delay, and while we are waiting, we forget that we
actually ordered something from the universe and this long-awaited package is about to
be delivered to us. The main thing here is not to wish too much,
not to panic that the courier is still not going. And calmly and confidently go about your business. Al right, I think today we have a long enough
video, I don’t want to overload you, I hope you liked it and it didn’t seem too complicated
for you. After all, everything is easier than you think,
just start practicing transurfing. Next time I will cover up how to formulate
your goals correctly – setting goals is the most important thing, also I will give some
advices how to make transurfing work super fast! So stay with me, let your dreams come true! Like and subscribe! Also welcome to my instagram and patreon. That’s all for today – Stay true and kind
the rest things nevermind


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