The Daily Examen – A Guided Journey Through Reflective Prayer & Meditation


Begin by settling into this moment, releasing
other distractions and demands and bringing your attention to right now. Rest your hands, rest your eyes, and rest
your mind. Take a deep breath in and hold … Exhale slowly. Take another deep breath in and hold … Exhale slowly. Take a third deep breath in and hold … Exhale slowly. Ask the Divine to open your soul to the events
of your day. Let the moments drift by like a movie in your
mind. Replay each scene. Listening. Feeling. Notice the experiences that are most vivid,
most full of energy and emotion and fall into them again. Now, look for a moment when you felt most
alive. Vivid and joyful. What are you doing? What sights and sounds surround you? What are the textures of that space? Who is there? Let your soul fill with gratitude for this
moment. Hold it in thankfulness. Now, look for a moment of frustration, discouragement. What were you doing? Were you with anyone? Is your body still carrying the stress of
that experience? Is there anything to repair or resolve? Hold your hand to your chest in understanding,
allowing your soul to acknowledge and accept this difficult moment. And as you hold your hand to your chest, feel
the Divine presence and compassion surrounding you The same warmth that is with you now was also
there, in that difficult moment. And now, with your hands open, hold these
moments of your day ever so lightly, without attachment or emotion, as experiences that
pass through the fingers like sand. Let them sift and fall away. Weightless. Momentary. And let your shoulders and body relax into
the lightness of right now. Now look ahead. Turn your mind to the day before you, with
hope and surrender. What moment are you most anticipating? What persons or experiences are on the horizon
as Divine opportunities and gifts? What intention might you set for the day? Let that intention fill your hand and keep
it with you as you bring your attention back to this moment and embrace what is to come
with gratitude.


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