The Difference Between Positive Thinking and Glossing Over Negative Thinking – Teal Swan

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OVER NEGATIVE THOUGHTS? The question we received this week which I thought was really good is a question about the difference
between positive focus and glossing over one’s negative emotions with positive focus. So, I want talk to you guys about this for a bit, because we are not in the business of trying to convince
ourselves we are somewhere other than where we are. It is true that you are going to find a lot of people who talk about creating your own reality who don’t believe in focusing on anything that does not hold a positive vibration. The reason they have for this is, is that anything you focus on is going to intensify which is true. Anytime you give your attention, anything you strengthen the vibration. However, humans are a mix of vibrations, where we have vibrations about every single subject in our lives. What this really should look like is, when you find yourself in a situation where you are feeling a lot of negative energy, often we would refer to this is a shadow cell for shadow vibration. I think personally, it is of most benefit to shine a light so to speak on those vibrations. Because when you are standing in the standpoint of awareness of a vibration, you are instantly out of the belief of that vibration. So even in the awareness and the objective view of something, you are standing in a different vibration than inside the actual belief, so, your point of attraction has changed. People use affirmations inappropriately with reference to this, because quite often they try to convince themselves that they are somewhere that they are not, and so they run smack dab into their own sense of intelligence. So let’s say that you are going to use an affirmation like somebody who doesn’t love themselves.
Right now you are standing in a standpoint where you don’t love yourself. If you were to then bring an affirmation into your life like “I love myself”,
instead of that making you feel love, it would make you feel negative because in the moment that you are saying “I love myself”, you are more acutely aware of how much you don’t love yourself. So, you are more acutely aware of this gap between where you are and where you want to be. So, what we want to do when we find a vibration like that is, say: “I am where I am.”
“I am in the space where I don’t love myself right now.” “Where do I want to be.” And from there you want to pick thoughts to think that you actually emotionally line up with. What I mean is when you are saying an affirmation that is supposed to work for you, or focusing on something that you want to be, your reality, you want that to feel good. You don’t want it to feel like where you aren’t. So, if you are not standing in the place of self-love, you want to pick something that you actually can line up with which is on your way to self-love. So somebody who doesn’t love themselves might say: “But I love my tenacity.”
“I may not love myself right now, but I love the fact that I am _____ (fill in the blank).” And if you actually emotionally line up with that, if it feels good for you to think that, then that means you are improving your vibration on the way up this scale. You want to focus on your shadow vibrations because they are still a vibration which feed a point of attraction for the universe. You will find people get quite frustrated with trying to create their own reality because they are not really truly aware of what they are vibrating. That is why you would call this a subconscious or shadow vibration.
That is because even though it is still operating you are not acutely aware of it, consciously aware of it. So, in order to become consciously aware of it, you need to look in that direction and once you do that, you find quite often that this vibration is soften enough to not be such a strong point of attraction for your
future experience That is my opinion.
Yes, it is a very fine line we walk between glossing over your negative vibrations and really truly having pure positive focus. But, if you are acutely tuned in to the way you feel, because that is your indication of what your true vibration is, then it is impossible for you to really lose touch with whether what you are thinking
is a glossing over or whether it is a genuine positive focus.


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