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November 14 2019 welcome to this is only a test the official podcast of tested
dot-com hello and welcome to a brave new world
we are now in the middle of the streaming wars the streaming wars have
really begun or have they mmm Wow I think so yeah yeah yeah well let’s
talk about that we’re gonna talk about that of course well I’m norm here and we
got the full team Jeremy Williams what up the sky what’s the proper response to
that what do people say when what up you know what up back you just say what up
mmm what up yo yo yo and cushaw hurry I’m I’m on the whitest podcast ever made
right now what’s happening over there it’s so true so true and we’re here of
course today not talking not only talk about technology news VR pop culture but
also baby birthdays no how was your weekend uh I was away I was in Berlin oh
that’s why we didn’t see you yes I was there getting a birthday present for
Avery would you like a piece of the Berlin Wall be interested in such thing
no no yeah I was there for a conference and it was the 30th anniversary of the
fall of the Berlin Wall hmm and it was amazing there are all
these exhibits around town and art installations and talks and all of this
kinds of stuff the exhibition’s were particularly
moving there’s one that was these like intimate close-up videos of people on
different sides of walls around the world talking about their experience huh
I thought it was really meaningful and that the conference I was at one of the
organizers at the end talked about the role like many u.s. presidents have had
in in speeches of the Berlin Wall and sent our president a piece one of the
last large pieces of the Berlin Wall with a message edged on it and I mean
all the politics aside what was funny it’s like he did a presentation about it
and it was like it was there packing up the Covenant the ARCA that coming in and
like shipping it to the US where they packed it up on stage they showed no
he’s and they had like a slideshow of it being hacked up and it got sent to this
government facility and I’m like holy shit the arca that come that’s where the
Ark of the Covenant is it’s pretty cool is it easy to get a piece these days I
remember you get little bees yeah they said they sent like a full slab like a
full section of the wall how do you get a little piece of the wall weather gift
shop every store in Berlin sells a little piece of the wall what are the
odds it’s real no no yeah I mean it’s all just concrete right okay
yeah and asbestos I think it’s probably oh they’re you know my my – other side
it gives every a beast yeah it was awesome very cool city do you have any
good food no yes no I did but nothing like I had some authentic German food
but nothing nothing worth talking about that’s coming through I’m gonna take
your toy away to me audio you heard is a 3d print that Jeremy had gifted to shore
right before we started the podcast took a Woodyard son here’s a fidget toy toy
during the podcast it’s not fidgeting Celyn Jeremy how was your weekend okay
it was good it was good I have a new game at home for the Nintendo switch and
I have been waiting to talk about it Luigi’s Mansion no do you have that yet
yeah okay here that’s very good to know it’s it’s this it’s a fitness game
called rink fit oh my god you have you know madness this is the the ring yeah
this this is the the Wii Fit from them switch the shake wait for the switch
right so it’s apparently there’s something those thighs there’s
everything called work one tie independent what are you talking about
there’s only one ring you can’t work both that’s how it works so apparently
there’s something called Pilates okay tell me more and would you like to know
more and they use a ring for a lot of the exercises and Nintendo took this
ring which is a like a foot and a half in diameter so we’re not talking about a
hula hoop style big ring this is literally like discs of Tron style
that’s like frisbee this is bigger than that little butt yeah but it’s not solid
it is a hoop yes and you attach one of the joy cons to the top of it and then
you attach the other one to a little strap that goes on your thigh and then
the game senses how much you’re pressing compressing this ring and how far you’re
stretching it apart based on what pressures I have not actually
investigated that because I’m curious I thought maybe it was using the IR thing
to like measure how much yeah it sees is the ring passive or I think it might be
active I think that it might have like some sort of resistor sensor and well
you know how with some VR hand controllers like math merit mad SVR they
put been sent exactly and so them and those things exist a ship’s relatively
cheap that it can detect how much been force yes and I think those work on
resistance and that might be how it’s working cuz it’s quite accurate and the
other one is on your leg so it can tell how much you’re bending your knees or
whether you’re sitting or not and okay if you’re Benny and then you basically
play these games where it’s you know a really stripped down role-playing game
we were running through the world and you’re physically running and then
you’re using the hoop to vacuum up coins and eventually fight bad guys and my
kids I have a nine and a third and a 12 year old he’s almost 13 and they’re
crazy about it yeah I mean you gotta understand my kids don’t come home and
want to exercise like that is not on their radar don’t want to play
pistol-whip but they want to play this game like every day what are the
minigames like are they party game style minigames are they more fitness or two
there are minigames but the adventure of rank fit adventure is more of just like
you’re going from one set of bad guys to the next you know there’s a boss
suitcase you’re suggesting it’s actually a good game the game whatever it’s got
the mechanics that kids like these days which is a leveling system
microtransaction hats and yeah basically like minecraft light role-playing like I
don’t even know if there’s collectibles in this game like that and they’re still
in boxes I’m blown away by calorie drops how successful this game is my wife is
also plated it even takes your pulse using the IR sensor
Oh enlighten you put your thumb up on it and it can get away from oh yeah that’s
using it all over the place it’s super it’s super great I mean I’m really happy
to see everyone using it I’m the only one who hasn’t used it yet like this
seems exactly that and when we make the analogy of likeness which is all mostly
weird Kickstarter idea like this seems like a weird Kickstarter product except
it’s built into the functionality of one of the most successful video game
consoles of this generation yeah right and the the switch who could have
imagined when they originally designed the switch with the idea being okay you
could play it as a handheld or go play as a TV that was the selling point a
dual function game console now also works for VR lights also works with
cardboard accessories also works with Fitness that’s ingenious it doesn’t work
with the new one though does it because the new one oh the switch light it
doesn’t have the controllers to come off of it yeah interesting you know it looks
like a steering wheel yes thing they should make it like
adaptable Demario card – oh and then you can play on like aggressive drift or
tilt by a compressed but thanks again yeah but then there’s like resistance to
it so you feel the effects of going around those I mean this is why it
should be a little more of an open platform but it’s not Nintendo I’m open
for work it’s insulting it’s interesting because I less than a month ago I
tweeted an interest in workout video games and your ellipticals or treadmills
that are attached to video games yeah yeah and I got a couple suggestions but
nobody mentioned this and here it is it’s great I mean it only came out this
month or last month but it’s a it’s a solid solid experience do you feel like
it’s worth it cuz it’s expensive it’s like 80 bucks or something right yeah I
mean if it’s you know people spend a lot more than that and workout equipment oh
you know if it’s something to do at home and it seems to be it seems to have a
hook perfectly time for a holiday release yeah could be one of those gifts
for people both kids who have switches or they have Nintendo switches
themselves how about you norm what did you do this weekend well I put on a
birthday party for the baby Jeremy you were there and you were there sure you
weren’t there sorry that was a whole thing I didn’t
realize how important a kid’s first birthday would
not to the kid the kid doesn’t care he was asleep for half of it yeah but for
the parents and for the parents friends and family it became a whole thing
sleepless nights leading up to it we was a couple all-nighters on Danica’s part
till here for that party Wow yeah you were there you saw how much how much did
you corn decoration yes there was and we hosted about 45 people created her own
cake pops that was a huge success she may designed it made her own cake pop so
we found on Amazon a cake pops tan that was honestly could be improved I think
there’s a bar code out there for people that laser cut their own cake pop stands
and Salman that see definitely a small market there and the big huge success
was we had two entertainment areas for other children so people brought their
kids you brought your kid yeah they’ll be a little older but a lot of cute you
know they’re six-year-olds or they’re infants and you know we have a playpen
because we need to corral baby Avery but we filled one playpen with but a ball
pit so we had a small ball pit and kids love ball pits yeah turns out you can
buy like 400 balls on Amazon for like 25 bucks and filled the thousand balls in
this ball pit and kids just these it’s like a sauna no it’s a it’s a hot tub
for four children leave it out that’s how yeah yeah yeah that’s how you should
be watching TV like inside of a ball pit and we didn’t you know where it’s not
like a the ball pits massive right it all needs to be is like a four foot by
four foot you know area and filled up to maybe knee height kids were jumping in
there and like burying themselves underneath the balls that we edit next
to our 1up arcade stand up cabinet and they were playing the arcade standing up
while still in the ball pit yeah yeah that’s the life oh my god that’s like
hot it’s like is this like adult in a hot tub watching a movie at playing a
game console this is the k2 equivalent of that they didn’t want to leave the
ball pit they leaned up and we’re playing millipede on the arcade cabinet
now what luxury and then the other thing is that because we had balloons we also
had our big playpen area you know more of a 12 foot by 12 foot area and that
was filled with inflatable balloons and kids love
yeah that’s how I went over Avery was with the balloons
oh I arrived and he wouldn’t let me hold him well that became a whole thing so
will and Gina arrived and we talked about in the podcast last week or two
weeks ago where there was a whole tragic encounter did not get remedy so we’ll
also failed to hold the baby his wife no problem and then you came and we tried
giving the baby to you no it didn’t work either not initially immediately frown
face although later on that day we gave the baby to York your son and your son
was able to hold the baby no problem but he’s got the kid energy yeah Avery
looked at him he’s like okay we’re one mm-hmm but then you successfully won
over the baby he’s like this kids been working out with a ring fit and then he
can hang and then we did keep it up which is one of the great all-time great
balloon games well you just keep keep it up oh you mean like just kind of like
volleyball yeah the rules are in the title yeah up
in the air yet you balloon inflated yeah a couple balloons pop but you know that
that’s that’s how it was you got a photo of your your son home yep on the baby
that’s delightful we’re really really we just wanted people to hold the baby to
get us the sense that so they could get a sense of how heavy is I’m telling you
that’s a one-year-old that’s a big baby yeah it’s a giant baby yeah yeah he’s
like almost 30 pounds he’s not walking yet is he no okay does he which sucks
because we’re beholdin the whole time so thanks everyone who came we of course
did this thing which is attrition in America I don’t you haven’t heard of it
the cake smash I wasn’t aware of it until you know kind of this I guess I
guess I knew about with wills kid right when when wills kidding and Gary’s kid
turned one they also had cake smashes but it apparently it’s a whole tradition
in the states where when you have your your kid turns one you give them sugar
for the first time you give him a cake and you let them go wild and and smash
the cake and put the sugar in the mouth and it’s adorable and lots of pictures
and so a lot of the birthday party was building up to this cake smash and he
didn’t really deliver he was kind of shy a little furtive with the cake he can
put his finger in the frost like this him but didn’t really smash
and so we did a second cake smash without the pressure of an audience and
we filmed that last night took pictures not only filmed it with our phones but
also filmed it in VR and got a couple he borrowed the camera from the office that
we used to film the test in VR series and filmed him smashing the cake maybe
it’ll be in tested VR version 2.0 it’s Easter Egg got a click the special part
of Adams cave to reveal the cake smash bit saying he didn’t delivers a little
harsh for a one-year-old I’m gonna say maybe maybe we didn’t deliver a calm
environment for him in order to feel confident on the cake yeah all right
yeah yeah I did everyone’s responsible all right
the happy birthday to the baby and and and that’s all I’m just say about that
oh I want to give a shout out I was gonna talk about this in vitam do I
forget this weekend there is a Gundam convention small little convention in
San Francisco so if you’re in this area it’s gonna be the Westfield it’s being
run by a local Gundam shop called new-type HQ and I believe it’s at the
Westfield Mall on the second floor one of their party spaces you got a new-type
HQ and find out but I’ll be there on Saturday there’s a building bill there’s
nobody a whole competition and workshops for applying decals for weathering for
building dioramas and so if you’re interested in that type of model kit
building you’re in San Francisco you have looking at you on Saturday Sunday
head on over to the Westfield Shopping Mall top story this week what could it be
Oh Apple right unlikely unlikely okay the streaming wars that’s our top story
this week not only to Apple TV plus launched November 1st yeah but now it’s
past November 12th so we have the second big new player Disney Plus is live not
without some technical problems on launch day but those seems you’ve been
worked out I got some bugs on the Apple TV app for sure like a scrolling around
the menus can get a little wonky I actually had two versions of the video
playing at the same time a second apart at one point what do you mean like there
was the effect was an echo o on one device yeah Wow on Apple TV so yeah it’s
definitely some bugs okay but now we have a good sense of the menu interface
and in fact it is not only on you know your Roku’s and your apples that’s also
native on Samsung TVs and your LG TV and are you gonna load up the that is that
HDMI no no it’s a native app no I boo my native app boom have it queued up
to Star Wars but uh it’s it really is exactly how they sold it right the big
pillars of Disney Plus our Disney content Pixar Marvel Star Wars and Nat
Geo NatGeo which is a company everyone was in that year oh that’s where all the
technical problems from the load management I’m really surprised Simpsons
is not a pillar here because there are 30 seasons of The Simpsons it’s on the
banner scrolling up top but there you go yeah yeah so this is the same interface
for all the devices it’s there’s been a couple stories out about how well there
is this new streaming war right now because all these services and you have
HBO max coming out next year CBS all access re out with increasing content
you know how which of these are supposed to really be competing against each
other or which of these are really I mean they’re all Committee for your
dollar and your time time primarily right because some of these cost more
than others and some people are more happy to you know subscribe to multiple
ones but really is like what is even be watching on a day-to-day basis
and when you spend that hour two hours every night putting on something on TV
what service are you going to I’m not sure that Apple TV I’m sorry that Disney
Plus is a direct competitor to HBO or Apple TV or even Netflix because it’s
not original content it’s not there’s not a lot of original content it’s all
stuff you’ve seen it’s like the stuff you’ve seen is some of the best stuff
ever created for film and television like this seems less like going to the
movie theater when I think of subscribing to HBO and and even some
extent Netflix it’s like going to the movie theater and enjoying something new
and premium this is like a library pass to read going to the vault and watching
the classics but it also has to do with the demographics of your family oh yeah
I bet the people with young kids are more likely to subscribe to Disney Plus
just because it has this library of you know safe content incredible library of
all all the old Mickey Mouse cartoons Disney jr. all that stuff I think we
also say that now six months from now are we gonna be seeing a slightly
different tune when you know mandalorian is already finished and like two of the
the Marvel shows are are in motion the original library is just gonna get
bigger and bigger well but it’s gonna be spaced out all that stuff when the
Marvel you know phase 4 which includes the the Disney Plus MCU shows I mean the
first one is still in production Falcon and Winter Soldier and that won’t be
until end of next year so it’s gonna be a slow rollout it’s not gonna be Netflix
style here’s ten original shows I can’t keep up it’s gonna be manageable and
it’s certainly not going to be like Netflix where you’re like surprise
here’s the thing yeah all those big marketing campaigns big build ups big
comic-con products presences d23 all that jazz oh all I’m being saying I was
shocked when I opened this and saw Star Wars in 4k
I wasn’t expecting 4k you mean there’s you yeah
tobe vision 4k HDR yeah I wasn’t aware you couldn’t buy it in 4k you know on
blu-ray for cake I have bought a blu-ray 4k it’s just so I
assumed that they were out but that apparently that’s one of the great new
things about the service I didn’t know that so back catalog of course we’ve
talked about this there was Star Wars stuff all the Clone Wars all the movies
there’s Disney biggest bucket so hang on once I get I was surprised last Jedi’s
not on here yet I think that’s just the captain Marvel’s not on here there is
some exclusivity with Captain Marvel is here but there’s some exclusivity with
Netflix exactly oh that hasn’t expired yet yeah so force awakens is the newest
Star Wars they had an eleventh-hour deal with stars in order to get a lot of
these things right and there that’s why there will be an ad while this is
primarily an ad-free experience there will be an ad for stars as a separate
add-on packet that’s how we got an endgame on there yeah yeah right
seven bucks month so new content I’m on the originals you for watching the video
right now like in terms of our audience you and I Mandalorian really is the big
flagship thing it’s not really High School Musical
the there a couple documentary series Pixar has their spark shorts this is the
the short films that aren’t in front of the films but the ones that they’ve kind
of worked with internal teams and can foster directorial talent within Pixar
to tell short stories they have a four key series you know four key asks a
question a bunch of like little mini documentaries around the Disney like
Universal it really feels have made for Disney fans there’s this one called the
Imagineering story which is directed by the same director who did the Pixar
story and it’s a ongoing series I watched about half of the first episode
good Jeremy did you watch it too I’ve watched in its entirety five of the
things on the screen holy so Imagineering story it’s excellent it
is really good it’s absolutely one of the best things on Disney plus and it’s
the first in a series yes it is a it is a full-fledged documentary right and the
first one is all about basically the life of Walt Disney through and they’re
basically beginning at Disneyland to when he died and let’s be clear these
are elaborate marketing material that you’re you’re
watching but again it’s what Disney fans want right the one that it was does the
exact same thing I didn’t feel like I was being sold go to Disneyland in
watching this experience like that freeform documentary that was about
galaxy’s edge that came out that was literally like people turning in camera
being like this is awesome it’s not TV special right but it is all in service
of the Disney mythos yes it’s also on Disney Plus you and exactly and there’s
gonna be one about employees who work in the Disney family ecosystem whether it’s
in visiting land or in broadcasting it’s called Dana life you do get to go inside
the Matterhorn and it answers the age-old question is there basketball
court yes does answer that don’t spoil won’t spoil but it’s good that one I’m
very looking forward to and I guess the lead I’ve buried is that I have not seen
anything here so sorry we had a like a long thread this weekend ball everyone
watched the mandalorian as soon as it drops I watched it like 10 o’clock that
night Monday night norm didn’t get to it we’ve now agreed that we’re gonna spoil
it in its entirety my punishment I I’m my excuse is that I am in solidarity
with our UK brethren oh yeah do not have access to c-plus oh good the u.s. lon
okay so no I’m gonna wait good next week they don’t get next week either it was a
busy week yeah feel free talk about if it were a movie I would say maybe we
should give it a week but this is TV series the second episode comes out
Friday yeah and it’s only an episode yeah uh so
let’s be fair though yeah there are a lot of people who might be in the same
boat who have not watched many I don’t think we spoil it any of the content
pieces cuz they’re like hooks and and storylines I give you a five minutes
spoiler window when I mean like why don’t we talk about just initial
reactions what do you think Jeremy I liked it I saw it twice I watched it
once by myself once with my son in the evening and it’s it’s it’s what you
expected I mean it’s what I expected it’s a TV series that which means the
pacing is a little slower but it’s set in the Star Wars universe and it’s like
the in that I remember and I turned to my to my
son right before it started and I said this takes place right after Jedi and he
said the last Jedi and I realized for the first time and he shook your head
for a while I still it wasn’t in in like dismay like I completely understand
that’s a perfectly valid thing for him to ask I realized that we can’t say
Jenna anymore and it assumed that everyone knows what
we mean mm-hmm so anyway I don’t know I I didn’t like it I loved it I thought it
was so good it was all the call it was the callback to the space Western yeah
that a new hope really delivered and I know we were expecting that from the
trailer but it delivered it in spades just like it was watching John Wayne in
the Star Wars universe and what what I also loved about it is that it didn’t
explain stuff there like key characters that we meet that I don’t know the names
of them yet mm-hmm and they were like on screen for a while and talking and I was
like and I don’t care like and that’s what I remember about New Hope is like I
don’t think I know like all the names of like characters from a new hope still
you like you know them from like the toys and all the stuff afterwards that
like doesn’t fill in all of these details so you’re following the story of
the Mandalorian and it just is like it drops you into the story it doesn’t give
you all this exposition like he’s a Mandalorian that’s trying to survive
that none of that it’s just like here it is and you’re just figuring it out as it
goes along there are all these kind of like mysterious elements that come up
but they feel natural and not just sort of place there I I don’t think we I
can’t talk about this without spoiling a little bit are we are we okay with that
Oh ask one more question before the spoilers yeah does this feel like a more
mature show or a show not for not necessarily for kids it’s TV PG okay
which is not to say there isn’t killing there’s definitely Star Wars laser
blasts killing mm-hmm yeah I would say I the first episode is fine for kids like
no no no doubt if you’re fine with the laser blasting it does the the mood of
it does not indicate that it’s gonna be kid-friendly it’s not Poe Dameron making
who’s on first joke no there is not a single laugh in this or maybe there’s
like a half laugh okay this is not a delightful thing this is like watching
an Old West I get a western-type me feel so much
better I haven’t evacuated since the solstice
that’s a funny line it was it was yeah but I mean I wouldn’t say this is like
full of humor or something no okay now we’re gonna for next five minutes going
a little bit of spoilers so sure can you can you turn the light on the back and
and for those of you watching the video we’re gonna change the change this I’m
gonna change it to what to what I don’t know it’s Amanda Mauryan I’m not sure
okay we’ve gone red did it spoilers for those
of you listening that’s not even a frame it’s I don’t think that’s in frame
anymore the kiss Roberts gonna change change the other light for the next five
minutes you’re listening the audio we will be talking light spoilers Jeremy
like it’s a forty minute show okay well yeah so you only got five minutes okay
all right okay here we go so first of all the robot who is clearly a part of
the show oh you’re just jumping in yeah late into the show yes so that the robot
shows up he’s the biggest badass of the show he’s the biggest droid badass we’ve
met yes yes eight USO is gonna be like holy shit this is it’s like a droid you
know how you you wish you kind of saw k2s Oh before he was converted like this
is this is what is he an 88 i 88 you know GTA was the bounty hunter that was
shown in Empire but this is not that is the same model to model he’s referring
to fasten a g88 model or igg a model i think ID 11 okay
well mandalorian says to him IG model hold down you know and then he gets shot
and you know cuz he didn’t realize he was in the in the guild so also it
creates this whole it expands the mythos of the bounty hunters now they have a
guild man loins inside of it and it’s
explained that like people who want to put out bounties don’t necessarily want
to hire the guild anymore because it’s a little more expensive they don’t mind it
getting a little messy so that they’re setting this up is like there are
official bounty hunters and then there’s kind of so much much like in battle
Angelita you know register ok registered as a
bounty hunter so certainly claim the b.i.g model is also a member of the
guild and so he and Mandalorian had that in common there’s a question for
spoilers yeah this this presumably takes place between Episode six and seven yeah
so it seems like it’s been maybe four or five years since returning the Jedi
something like that he won’t accept Imperial or Empire credits for instance
at the beginning of the movie because Empire yes yes yes these economies of
the galaxy are in disarray exactly exactly so he meets up with this with
this awesome Android who just kicks so much ass it’s so much fun to watch my
slight disappointment there is because there is gonna be a k2s Oh
what’s-his-name from rogue one TV show prequel to rogue one but that’s set
between episodes three and four and so there’s no opportunity for in a universe
meet up yeah but this is annoyed this isn’t a sassy robot like k2s oh okay
it’s just badass yeah it’s super badass and like he’s like he’s almost Vulcan in
his in his like efficiency and the way that he speaks with with the Mandalorian
I think you’ll really like this this droid even he’s one of my favorite
droids that I think in the Star Wars universe alright I won’t spoil the very
ending you know that is worth like I will give that to you as a gift thank
you okay whoa but what but definitely that is it is a great ending neither
Peter or I saw it coming and that leads to so many more questions and that’s the
great thing about this first episode is that it just it poses questions I I
think the the pacing of it as a Western still caught me off guard like he’s just
walking through the universe with this kind of methodical pace yo entire there
are scenes where you almost hear like oh yeah you know it’s like it really is
like you could play a an old spare a western
on the Metra on that point though the music is very different from any Star
Wars that’s right for its it’s got electronic components to it but it’s
really well done it’s definitely a science-fiction vibe I would say the
mythos around the Mandalorians themselves as a as a race is beautifully
hinted at and teased yeah in this way that’s very inviting I think really yeah
yeah very much so oh I mean we’re somebody that had very
much armor in his styling and color uh Nick Nolte plays one of the characters
yeah and he don’t know his name he’s probably not say it on-screen
he might be my favorite non droid character in this in the in the episode
I liked him a lot he has this phrase that he says over and
over which is I have spoken which is the way he punctuates whatever he just said
like and so maybe it was already said and so it’s done yes it kind of means
conversations over god I do what I said and I love it so it that’s a house
Werner Herzog Verna her talk is great oh my god so good he’s Verner Hertog but
it’s um there’s nothing more than what we saw in that early teaser like that
that’s what you get and you want more you know every like every phrase he
speaks is creepy it’s wonderful I’ll guess I will say we don’t meet a lot of
people that are have been teased will be in the show even like the promo stuff
has a female character yeah who probably isn’t the one who gives him the the
armor because she has her helmet off Mandalorian has yet to take his helmet
off and it’s even I don’t in the show doesn’t for a long time he’s asked by
one of his bounties is it true you never take your helmet off so that’s a thing
which is it’s funny right they hire such an a-list actor yeah let’s go yeah and
then having to not show him tonight bold move it’s very vader s thing to do it’s
it’s excellent and I know I’m raising expectations but it just it feels like a
return stylistically to a new hope and I know some of the filmmakers are trying
to do that too and yeah and to their credit there’s a lot of practical
effects and in all the Star Wars films but this is so
they take moments they the camera like settles on some of the practical stuff
they’re doing there’s a Scalia’s scrum is that wasn’t crumb delicious crumb
character watching another one being cooked and he just kind of watch him and
it’s all you know puppeted and you got the voice
at one point you hear well they try to take off the mantle or nips tries to
take off and you get that whirring sound effect from the Falcon when it breaks
down and it won’t go to Lightspeed and it’s like it’s just feels like our Star
Wars it’s really good no I mean and I don’t want to be too brush’s about it
it’s we got elements of that in force awakens two on jakku where it was like
kind of like a broken-down universe mhm it and I just think the the Western
really plays I think it’s gonna be hard to keep up that Western aesthetic
through like ten episodes so I think they’re gonna have to quicken the pace a
little bit but as a scene setter top-notch alright let’s turn the light
back to non-spoiler mode and anything else you want to say about Disney Plus
yeah sure you got anything else yeah so Star Wars Star Wars in the 4k of course
the new controversy because it’s always controversy around Star Wars is that
it’s yet another edit of Episode four of a new hope in that the famous Han Solo
Greedo seen they have revised that yet again apparently Lucas did it hey before
it was apparently a stipulation before he would sell to Disney is that the
future whatever release of Star Wars were not would be a step back from Han
shooting first or a grito shooting first wouldn’t be Han shooting first but now
they shoot at same times is ambiguous that’s horrible you still got Hans head
like move to the side digitally it looks absolutely stupid and takes you out of
the movie entirely Greedo should never have touched this blaster he was clearly
gonna shoot Han I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time
he says over my dead body blah blah blah we know that he’s gonna shoot Han I was
acting in self-defense yeah he’s shot Greedo first end of story
that’s the way it being that will always I will never
understand this argument I will never understand the argument and like like as
if we change the order of operation that changes anything about the character no
is it does it does not it’s a digital like manipulation of the note I think
there’s no no I get the manipulation is unnecessary right there two two
arguments against this revision about the original shoud messing with it
where’s well yeah special edition special edition and that’s a longer
story but one is the the technical acumen of however they did the the move
right it yes ugly right Hans should be saying that the pacing is off nothing
that really works from a cinematic standpoint second is the character point
I think that’s the point the Star Wars fans have a bigger issue with the idea
that when George Lucas revised it so that Guido shoots first it would it made
Han less of a scoundrel it put him more it revised his backstory now no I
doesn’t I don’t agree with that what why not because like it like I understand
the point they’re trying to make mmm-hmm but it’s like the the Star Wars universe
is messy and ugly and like they like exactly which is why a hero like Han
Solo is justified in shooting first it’s and then yeah but it was also fine if he
doesn’t shoot first but we’re talking about where that scene is placed in the
movie for someone watching a new hope for the first time when you’re gonna
show your kids and you hopefully throw something you’re introduced to the
character of Han Solo that is literally like a second or third scene he’s in
after he you know you get the swagger you get all his boasting about
outrunning the Imperials and that is one of the things that is a character
defining trait that for a new kid watching Star Wars then gets a sense of
the morality of the character regard they’re not gonna have seen solo or read
the books or have know where Han comes from and all that stuff and I think
that’s important that you show Han shooting first because it then it does
show this is a grey world it’s not just black and white and III but my point a
moment ago was he was going to be shot by Greedo
and my fence and that is there a point I think smart
kids get that and so you don’t and then goes the poor that you don’t need to
show are the Credo shooting first yes or the yeah it doesn’t matter because he
was do undoing his holster the whole time he’s gonna shoot him a boy I’m glad
we discussed this because no one’s ever bothered hey it’s in 4k and then you got
the whole Java scene afterwards which is unfortunate oh yeah right by the Falcon
alright so that’s probably it is special edition so this was a Disney’s chance to
come and do like a one of the original cuts but I’d never do that I disagree I
think it’s one day they’re gonna want to make more money and there it is it’s
there are other ways something an additional judo if you spent an
additional dollar a month on shoots first how much is it worth it to you I
love it that’s a real Java move I love it so you asked more on this yes we
mentioned that documentary there’s also and you took the menu away but there’s a
Marvel there’s an original series about Marvel kids mmm if you’re a parent do
not watch it or you will cry your eyes out it’s it’s quite good but be careful
okay it’s it’s a that’s a good series I look forward to seeing how that evolves
the Jeff Goldblum thing is just as weird as you expect it is that’s Jeff Goldblum
like just riffing on the first episode is about sneakers and you meet a lot of
people in the sneaker world I’m not sure I want to be a part of it so a lot of
this ghost of what makes the show special like would these shows have
existed on Disney Channel on Netflix on Netflix and why like why is it that they
are now kind of premium shows relegated to a subscription service and not on
freeform or Disney XD I don’t know I mean it’s all related to Disney products
Disney Marvel but so were those shows that were on on the Disney Channel no
that’s true that’s true yeah so I haven’t had cable in 12 years so I don’t
have I mean I guess I could have used an app to get this new channel mmm is that
true I don’t know but uh yeah yeah so all this news
it definitely feels like you’re on a Disney cruise where it’s like all the
content Disney related to Disney but you know I know I made fun of NatGeo off the
top I did watch free solo again last night I still haven’t watched that is so
good and then if you haven’t watched science fair before excellent
documentary and so there’s a good slate of documentaries like you’ll be missing
the David Attenborough type stuff but there’s some there’s some really good
content there and most of it is is the documentary stuff and not kind of the
wonky shows that have been on now to you let’s also talk about other complaints
Simpsons is in sixteen by nine this is odd the crappy crop versions is that new
it’s what it’s being has been broadcast on FX and that you lea musician you lose
a top bottom you lose visual gags yeah so there’s a point where they go to the
Duff brewery and there’s a gag they show Duff Duff dry into flight and it’s all
coming out of the same pipe that’s the joke yeah you don’t see it that’s
horrible I mean it’s crap this way it’s a lot of
regardless of gags a lot of animation that’s being cut off the screen so the
question is whether they had the original you know four by three version
in this quality that they just chose made the decision we want to dumb it
down and give you the 69 so people don’t see the black bars on the side or is it
a question of like a technology isn’t there for them to show the 4×3 I didn’t
click an option to fullscreen it and do the pan and scan yeah not even true pan
and scan they’re not even like actually gonna scan this did the series
officially switch over to sixteen by nine at some season one to HD
yeah which was when you know season 21 yeah it’s something like eight or nine
years ago alright what by the way let’s just say for argument’s sake that I’d
never watched The Simpsons I now have a family we might enjoy doing
that together what’s a good season to jump in and is it has it been
consistently good okay so everyone in the family knows the characters familiar
up though I would just go in with a treehouse of horror like get your feet
wet no I’ll do a monkey paw did a toaster
the 14 we like jumping it with to season to to choose to early go would go about
three and a half that appreciates some of the where Santa’s Little Helper comes
we gotta start with like a Lisa on ice you got to get to like the the
Stonecutters you gotta get yeah you got to get into some of those classics
that’s like in a three for three get get me a cape for your Sideshow Bob
all day long are you a Pirates of Penzance fans season three and you’re
saying it kind of fizzles out or 10 or 12 yeah 12 to 14 probably the last good
season okay I mean technically if we’re being hardcore about it eight is last
season’s but Wow take good good info thank you they’re
all good it’s all worth watching there’s so much so many episodes that I feel
like there’s miss opportunities for them to do custom playlists so one sip since
was on cable TV on FXX they did a really good job of theming okay you’re not
gonna do a marathon of all the simpsons but here’s a marathon of all the Krusty
episodes here’s a marathon of all the episodes where they go to alternate
futures you do that playlist like that or letting you know people share
playlists or a random play a random episode of The Simpsons between seasons
two and ten button like somebody like that would be really welcome and get you
into the content and not just crippled by indecision playing menu hero for
hours I want to apologize on behalf the fans the correct answer I should have
given his whacking day that’s where you should start that episode what is that
okay what season is that probably five you don’t run they’re not Boy alright
this wacky day all right um protip on Disney plus I wanted to see a
chronological listing of Disney stuff and it’s in there you just have to know
where to find it you have to go to search and then there’s a Disney through
the years category and that will take you to the chronological listing of all
the Disney’s most all the 30s cartoon yeah you just sort it sorts everything
in order of age that’s correct yeah love it like things are missing the
Walt Disney Animation shorts yeah I saw Steamboat Willy’s on there
but we don’t get modern stuff yeah yeah I mean a modern Paperman feast
oh you mean yeah I let those shorts yeah the equivalent of the Pixar shorts but
for the Walt Disney Animation Studios yeah
is that coming or is it I must be just a mission so Disney Plus out there of
Verizon unlimited subscribers or fire subscribers can get a free year just
rising up calm slash Disney Plus so I’m pretty happy with doing the three-year
commitment even though it’s not everything I want it to be right now you
know if you’re a subscriber you can add extra year yeah so four years for for
the press to essentially can we rely on you to have seen mandalorian one and two
next year all right thank you yes we I’m confident I can yes yes yes the answer
is yes did you watch Watchmen episode four and not Mandalorian that’s I did
priorities misplaced I’ll bet if it was Picard we wouldn’t have this problem no
we probably wouldn’t have if if he did that I would be drinking a Chateau
Picard in front of his face to rub it in all right get through pop culture a bit quickly
because there’s a lot of stuff talking about in tech first of all the fans have
won the voices were heard sonic the hedgehog has been redesigned and there
was a new trailer to show off Sonic yeah this is the James Marcin Jim Carrey as
dr. Robotnik live-action Sonic film kind in the vein of Detective Pikachu and of
course when the trailer first came out a couple months ago fans online fans out
internet trolls really voice their opinions strongly against the design it
there weren’t just rolls I mean it was pretty much the Internet at large yeah
I’m of two minds about this I think that I agree that the reason is better
because you’re a Content producer that’s why you’re too much but I also empathy
for the creative vision and creative team that’s one thing and and I don’t
necessarily I think feedback is good but the way it wasn’t about it the kind of
there was a little bit toxicity in the way that people Mima fied and also just
harass the yeah the creative team in I agree it looks
much better now yeah probably wasn’t their original vision I don’t know how
much extra work or money they had to put in this but they did it and it does a
better I just don’t think it sets a great precedent going forward that
people without having seen the full context of the movie and what they were
going for can make it can can force a production company to make a dramatic
change you are a lone voice here my friend like everything I again I think
this looks better from the trailer I get it but I think the precedent of well
you’ve you’ve only seen two minutes of something you’re taking Oh we’ll never
know perspective on this like oh yeah as if like the original film might have
been excellent or they should know it’s more the bending to fan pressure yeah
and we I think we’ve seen we we’ve seen evidence of where that can get out of
hand no question but this I felt like they I liked how they listened to the
criticism of how Sonics face looked which was the number one which is the
problem it was the faith proportions everything it looks definitely looks a
little more cartoony I also think the CG for him looks worse now
yeah well in rendering really not little as realistic or lifelike that’s true
yeah I think that that song not even like their art design the actual like
the way the fur and the light bounce off the fur it’s just it looks a little bit
I think we like that I mean okay what are we talking this seriously about a
sonic movie this is gonna be bad right it’s a Sonic the Hedgehog movie how is
this gonna be good why do you think it’s not that go fast because it’s a Sonic
the Hedgehog movie I don’t know like there’s no there’s no there there and he
like you can just see Jim Carrey overacting today but we have to the
nineteen we haven’t had Jim Carrey and ages like he’s finally doing his schtick
again and that that that was always pretty funny I wonder I don’t know I’m
it’s not something I’m racing out to the theater to see unless my kids want to
and then in case I’ll do it but I’ll watch it at home alright I I hope to be
proven wrong but I don’t have we shouldn’t have high expectations for
this movie I the thing is they have gotten they I don’t know if they’ve
gotten the free publicity out of this change that is worth the amount they
spent to make it no but that probably will have better in terms of the box
office results yeah because be more people willing to
give it a chance yes that’s what they care about right yeah well I don’t know
who doesn’t look doesn’t look all that bad looks like a fun little film I just
I’m glad that they made the changes and they kept the teeth that was interesting
because that was one of the criticisms like Oh sonic that doesn’t have teeth
they kept the teeth but they made it adorable bigger teeth more cartoon
bigger eyes yeah definitely being around bigger head different proportions right
well done and this does this is like the crowd was right this is like this is
that’s the fear is that well now we have an example of the crowd being right and
all this and positive praise now about I don’t think the crowd is necessarily
right there crowd got what they wanted if the crowd if this crowd existed when
they made the original Super Mario Brothers movie and they kind of changed
the oh she’s look or something to make it more cartoony it still wouldn’t have
been a great movie but it would have been so different I love the Mario
Brothers movie for what it is now because it is such a weird absurdist
surreal vision of that world that is not anything like what we know of Mario but
exists on its own compromise its vision however however
misguided that’s not in the studio’s best interest though that’s that’s why
not that’s in the cult fan basis interest yeah yeah that’s not a money
thing no yeah and there’s all about the money it’s also all about the toys and
something we’ve been very excited about its return of the Netflix docu-series
the toys that made us season threes coming out guess what this Friday
you know I’ll watch it but I’m starting to feel like they’ve used up all my toys
yeah well tease me the toys that are coming out in season three I believe
Power Rangers is one of them this is and I’m hoping that they dive into not only
the American power and of course the source material for the power engine a
lot of like with the first two seasons the history of not just toys but also
those franchises and children’s entertainment as we grew up with them so
where’s the Power Rangers yep Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Power rings yeah
there goes then we get some TMNT we get that bear excited about that yeah the
turtle van get that is a pretty good toy it was well then I think the two that
I’m actually the most excited about because of the pop culture connection
right right this is about context my little pony oh if they go brony they
will they have to have to yeah they probably will I think they’ll be really
interesting and the wrestling figures which have made a massive comeback mmm I
think can be really interesting also because of the sets they made like all
the WrestleMania sets and the ring and like all that kind of the flamboyant
characters and they have all those goofy ads with like Macho Man Randy Savage
with like holding himself and like I think that will actually be a really fun
episode I mean this is it’s all cultural archeology and diving not only into the
merchandising that moves the money of children’s entertainment but the idea of
what is children’s entertainment and the difference between children the 80s and
the 90s and the arts and what gets kids excited about watching what type of
content and storytelling they like but I do think Jeremy’s right like we’re
nearing the end of this show because we’re running out of toys
men I am like I’m a child of the 80s and this is getting deeper into the 80s and
into the 90s I never watched a single Power Rangers cartoon or a show it
wasn’t even a cartoon it was live-action but but I know that Norm did and I know
that there are people out there that did so I hope that this resonates with with
that generation now what what could be next
do they ever do like a nerf I don’t think so
yeah no that’s not really a like a toy in the same vein they did Lego so why
wouldn’t they do nerve I’d love to see it yeah yeah super soakers and nerf
comparing them just like the the action sports toy world totally there’s right
there’s ripe fodder laser tag oh yeah the original laser tag yeah yeah yeah
Rubik’s Cube yeah dude okay detectors I was in to see you know or what what they
really need to move into it is video games because that is a human eye that’s
his own separate then the gold moves that made us not absolutes that made
fine yes good night you should give me the games that made us I think I think
that greats a great because I know I think maybe we just like manifested it
into our universe we’ve shifted yes realities into the one where the games
that made us are in production well something we all grew up with and I
definitely have the toys too or Ghostbusters and we had a little bit of
Ghostbusters news hype dan Aykroyd talking about in the new film saying
that it’s gonna have a lot of heart yeah there’s not much to this other than he’s
read the script and apparently he and Bill Murray are both in it to some
extent hmm and that’s all we know he likes the film he thinks that it carries
the heart of the original to through the years and and it maintains that spirit
that’s totally good so is that the term you were looking for I wasn’t looking
for heart I was looking for more like comedy like especially from Dan Aykroyd
of the word I was looking for is it carries the the laughter or absurdity or
something wasn’t looking for Dan Aykroyd in my card he called it beautiful and
heartfelt so I don’t know I mean those are good words about a movie heavy uh
you know I’m a huge I love Dan Aykroyd’s films from the 80s but have you have you
seen him recently he’s he’s a different kind of guy now
like I don’t know if he’s saunas sona’s vodka I eat that Joe Rogan interview no
I’ll check it out he’s he’s definitely he’s he’s turned conspiracy theorist
into like a mainstream kind of thing why yeah I had no idea yeah all right
he’s got an interesting night it got a lot of interesting ideas so it’s
directed by written directed by Jason Reitman of course son of Ivan Reitman
he also wrote directed up in the air thank you for smoking director Juno so
this no definitely good chops as the director it’s it’s something we’re all
looking forward to I think generally I still really enjoy the last Ghostbusters
film the away from it but they are of separate universes it’s just a shared
name I never saw the one from a couple years ago you should is it good really
enjoy yeah okay yeah but that is from the same universe no no no completely
different really it’s a completely different universe
no cameos from all of the original surviving Ghostbusters in that one but
they don’t play them the character is that you know hmm I mean it’s still it
still doesn’t hold a candle to the original yeah like as long as you don’t
pretend like well even I don’t think too even held us in the same two is awful I
wanna I want a radio call-in contest to attend to for free and I got the
soundtrack and some slime for free nice booze yeah not a Ray Parker jr.
soundtrack I did he did it the second one I don’t know I thought so
I was I when the movie time came around I forgot about it and we were late my
mom drove us and we were late but I still got the slime in the soundtrack so
you didn’t see the movie I didn’t even give you like a hi-c ecto cooler
six-pack no a trailer just dropped something we’re all looking forward to
is Pixar’s next film this is from Pete docter and it is called soul
so we previous talked a little about this the idea that it’s about much like
inside out it’s kind of a metaphysical story about a protagonist and
kind of with his soul I’ll tell you exactly what it’s about
oh yeah give me about a jazz musician what oh well the kids why fuck
tell me I’m moving at a kid’s gonna love it’s about a jazz musicians notes you
don’t hear Jeremy in this film yeah I like it
there it’s about a jazz musician who falls out of love with the music and
finds himself his soul thought falls out of his body in the trailer we see him
falling into a manhole and then his soul appears so maybe that’s why maybe he’s
in a coma I don’t know but his soul comes out of his body and it’s up to his
soul and the soul of a child above a little girl to find their way back
the real friends were there or they’re friends with the souls you met along the
way I can tell you just judging from this
from this trailer there’s the artistry is top is I mean you can expect that
from Pixar but there are some character designs in here that are absolutely
beautiful yeah I also think the music is gonna be fantastic for sure in this
movie and honestly we haven’t had like a really musically centered knocks our
film before that’s true and so I think them going in this direction is is
pretty exciting it may not be as much for the kids but all Pixar friends yeah
great music for everybody Jiki no score and memorable they’re all
scored but it doesn’t get into the culture of music that’s right and HoCo
to some extent oh yeah no you’re right and that is one of the films that they
chose to say this is from the studio who brought you abroad oh yeah it was the
last two Pete docter films it was up and inside out and coke Oh perfect yeah that
tells you exactly what type of film ya missing and I cry every time I hear that
song so like please give me remember me yeah it’s it’s ruin the internet for me
every time I go to enter my password and there’s a remember me box to check I
always hear that song every time yeah but going back to Pete doctor’s first
movie monsters ink that it opened with a jazz song and so I think he’s probably a
fan this is probably you know comes directly from from him very good last
couple things with streaming services the Stargate streaming service yes there
was a Stargate streaming service is shutting down what what is Stargate why
Oh Stargate was a 1990 during 3d film by
Roland my no but the film and so based on that film it was spun off to do a TV
show called Stargate sg-1 which I believe was a Showtime original show
starring Richard Dean Anderson playing the role that Kurt Russell played yeah
and it was continuation of the show it became its own had its own cult
following came a little more lighthearted and tone almost akin to the
Buffyverse in some Joss Whedon style shows but it was about traveling to
other worlds and had big mythology of where the the the gods of the human
world came from whether it was Norse gods or Egyptian gods they’re all aliens
spoilers and then spun off to spin-offs not only asked me on there was a start
getting lantus which was a big show one of the first big roles for for Jason
Momoa call what yeah I played he played him one of the aliens who he played the
the the the heavy on that show the stoic heavy and then Stargate Universe was a
short-lived sci-fi channel show I didn’t care for Universal yeah so Stargate
command which was a subscription-based streaming service to give you all access
to these shows as well as some original content they don’t show called Dowling
home and recon what there was a service just for stargates to us for stargates
even the movies you get the movies TV show my god there’s no content comic
books and and all the fan forums that is going away huh shutting down the end of
this year summer thirty first people get refunds and the original content a lot
of that will live then on YouTube I mean I can see it for Star Trek but Stargate
I mean it’s all about fandoms it’s all about like yeah but Buffyverse has a
fandom Doctor Who imagine a doctor who’s shrooming service I fit in a bunch of
people which it doesn’t need to be the scale of Disney Plus and Apple TV plus
just needs to be sustain itself and create enough content but I was hoping
they would get kind of bought up or kind of you know I mean what’s hard is for
the consumer just the constant fracturing yeah yeah
yeah well that’s the a la carte model we all want to cart right turns out they
put a lot of things on the cart including a new series from the Russo
brothers it’s a docu-series on the streaming service chibi key be qui be
qui be have you heard of this have you heard of qui be qu I bi no it’s from
Jeff Jeffrey Katzenberg Lee K and DreamWorks SKG you know former Disney
execs and founder and gmarks animation but it is a mobile subscription service
for very short bits of content so the whole idea is that you subscribe you
watch it on your mobile devices and it’s an all short-form content and the Russo
brothers are making a docu-series about the rivalry between Marvel and DC oh wow
yeah that’s a big one how are you gonna but is it like little bits so yeah 10
minute or less since the the cui B model ok 10 minute videos are they’re making
YouTube videos essentially you pay five or eight dollars a month for yeah but
this series will be it several ten minutes yes right yes yes you have to
make one ten minute story about Marvel vs. DC it’s not an ongoing thing the
service doesn’t launch till April next year which would would test it excel at
something like this I feel maybe I think their model is more for Millennials who
want quick snap check like instant content but also the content they’re
making generates a lot of discussion so if this is why it’s something like
Marvel vs. DC which there’s a lot of fan fervor for and it’s a very hot topic on
other platforms whether it’s YouTube other forums it would they want people
engage with the content and then you know have their chat threads on their
service as opposed to on Twitter or Facebook no look to see how this goes
Rock we be not a millennial so I’m a male but you don’t know you guys I know
I missed it but in a 7 or 8 years huh not for you that all right before we
move on to our next segment I’ll let you know that this is only a test this week
is also made possible by Netgear is your Wi-Fi feeling old does it buffer a while
streaming that’s connecting the new devices slow it down
ok handle gaming video calls large file transfers all
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big hardware drop from Apple again we have the air pods Pro earlier and now we
have the new MacBook Pro 16 boom I don’t love them calling it a 16 when it’s the
same as the 15 it’s bigger screen it’s a silicon screen
but it’s not they’re like they’re making it sound like Oh totally like it’s that
much bigger it’s not that much bigger I was confused too
so the confusion is that it is not a big new line it is a replacement for the
MacBook Pro 15 inch yeah and they shrunk the bezel to make
the screen bigger it’s only physically it’s the same size it’s the same class
but it is a little thicker it is a little bit you know heavier by a third
of a pound and I think dimensions are like a millimeter thicker and a little
bit wider so it is actually it wouldn’t fit in a perfect clamshell that you had
for the macro Pro 15 but it is a replacement for a 15 with now a 16 inch
screen I don’t think they could have got away with calling it the 15 though no I
mean I understand but I think for like if you’re just looking at this as a a
kind of not hardcore consumer you’d be like Oh they’ve made like a
different model than the 15 and it’s like this is what the 15 was it’s an
iteration but the problem is the naming convention of 13 and 15 they shouldn’t
have it called MacBook Pro 13 MacBook Pro 15 should be MacBook MacBook Pro and
you buy the smaller one in the bigger one much like you do on the MacBook Air
right you buy the MacBook Air and it’s yeah but that one’s only one screen but
previously two different screens so it not only has a bigger screen it also has
a completely revamped keyboard gone are the butter fire switches they are now
back to scissor switches also returning is the Escape key and also the arrow
buttons are now back to this inverted T which a lot of people wanted oh yeah
that’s good yeah I did they I’m curious what the experience is gonna be with the
touch bar now that the Escape key is back I wonder
if that I think that’s gonna make a big difference for I mean how people feel
about the touch bar sure that was one of the big complaints you don’t use it
anymore it just it’s just there no but I mean you can focus the touch bar and
what you want it to do its stuff like control volume tracer like brightening
trace loves it because he found you know yeah that third part of utility that
makes it useful so it also surprisingly is launching at the same price so
approved previously if yesterday you were at Apple store looking for a
MacBook Pro 15 inch you could now get a MacBook Pro 16 for essentially the the
same price and they’ve bumped up the base specs also kind of surprising for
for Apple so starts off with I believe a 256 excuse or certain price is 2,400
dollars so it is a very very high-end high-end laptop and it is base model $21
you get until ninth gen so it’s exactly same CPU as the MacBook Pro 15 that you
could have bought yesterday they haven’t put in a whole new processor it’s 16
gigs of ram oh sorry the base model is 512 gigabyte PCIe
basse SSD which previously the base model opened 256 that’s actually really
good I mean it’s so expensive it’s a twenty
four hundred dollar laptop let’s hope it comes with 512 so it they’ve the yeah I
still bad for her from the bottom Apple pro I guess six months ago return that
pay the restocking fee and get the new one the upgraded model is same processor
same processor clasp it goes up to eight cores was a six core so for what is it
twenty four hundred four four hundred dollars more you get the eight core
Intel and you also get same on a ram but a faster GPU so it’s all AMD Radeon you
go from the 5300 M to 5500 M both have four gigs of video RAM and and then you
get one terabyte of solid-state you do you buy some of the pitches they’re
making of this is powerful enough for video editors for even game developers
to be using the laptop I can’t speak for game developers I think it for video
editors if you’re using Final Cut then yes premier is mostly still single
thread and so it’s gonna be about to the clock speed and yeah they do turbo boost
up to four one five on the entry level and 4.8 gigahertz on the high end but I
think a lot of people are also waiting for the tenth Gen Intel 45 watt each
class CPUs I don’t like the proportions as a keyboard on this larger one that’s
what always hold me back if they could find a way to put a numeric keypad in
there I’d be much more tempted to get it yeah
usually you want the keyboard off-center I don’t know I wouldn’t mind that at all
yeah but that’s not a very Apple way Apple ace its symmetry oh really and you
want a numpad on the far right and like you would find on a razor laptop you
couldn’t get away with that on 13-inch but you think about 15 inches numpad
yeah I think not enough people make use of numpad I love Annabeth I don’t love
her number I’ll tell you that dude I on my PC I don’t think it’s necessary on a
laptop what what makes a laptop any different from a PC I don’t know I just
I I don’t find myself using it like my main complaint is the keyboard I on the
MacBook Pro they fix that feel oh you have a problem
with the keyboard yeah you it’s so butterfly switches yeah so it’s a very
my e double tight so really yeah it is upgradeable up to 8 terabytes of storage
a maxout model will be six thousand dollars eight terabyte SSD yeah terabyte
SSD on your on your MacBook Pro and they’ve increased a battery capacity up
to the travel carry-on limit of a hundred watt hour battery so also big
six speaker stereo system with Dolby Atmos three microphone array they call
it studio quality but the no-face ID and the front-facing camera apparently seems
the same camera so a lot people aren’t necessarily happy with that force touch
trackpad as always and bluetooth 5.0 up to six four gigs of ram if you want to
max it out okay new laptop not not for you but for
creative professionals you know who will make their money video editing i need to
be on the go yep and don’t wanna buy that mac pro yeah this might be for them
I’m in the market for potentially a new editing computer and mobile in computer
I mean looking at and a PC well yeah idea well that’s a build yeah
I think this year will be by PC build and next year I look at a laptop so
would you wait on a surface pro and try to get the ARM architecture and just
wait for them to sort out some of the side yeah no I’m not gonna get served
I’m the big question is for next year is Apple gonna go move the arm or will they
stick with Intel Intel I think the big jump in mobile processor won’t be 10th
General probably 11th gen for the mobile side in terms of efficiencies but by
then we could also be talking about completely arm on on Mac OS something
but you can go arm right now on the surface pro X buggy yeah I’m not happy
with that compatibility there and I need something that has higher clock speed
good number of cores a lot of RAM touchscreen is the big Yap I the
deciding factor and I didn’t can’t imagine Apple’s gonna give that to you
for another on a Mac OS two years that could be their big thing right like for
forearm like if they moved and they’re like the battery life is gonna be
bonkers I bet for an ARM based laptop from Apple compatibility won’t be good
at lunch they’ll have essential apps but it’ll be not a lot of backward
compatibility which people are feeling now with 64-bit only on Catalina but
they’ll say like oh now we had a touch screen and that will get people who are
on the fence to to move and adopt arm will there be a whole I Oh s layer where
you’ll run every iOS app hmm no why not it’s touch screen I don’t know that
would be that would be killer no-one’s done it well and Roy doesn’t done it
well putting enjoy to ask Microsoft hasn’t
done it well yeah it’s a different user forum like the way people use it a
complete different camber like hold the screen the same way yeah you can’t rely
on accelerometer yeah yeah yeah III my gut says no okay a speaking of two years
out from now for Apple the new report on the Apple a our glasses rumor remember
recently we had the the the rumor that Apple hasn’t released their error had
said next year I’m very skeptical about but now the new updated this apparently
leaked from an internal presentation is that Apple’s AR headset
would not come out until 2022 so over two years from now and that wouldn’t be
their error glasses the interesting things that were talking about two
different form factors one which would be more an AR /vr style headset bulkier
and then maybe in 2023 you’d have the more glasses like form factor that you
could wear it’s socially acceptable outdoors okay we’ll see about that yeah
they did describe the 2022 headset as being like a slimmed-down quest right so
more headset like something that you could also do VR on which might lead
some credence to the rumor that Apple is tapping with valve perhaps two ports DVR
over that would be a more reasonable time frame – if that were yeah case yeah
2022 I can’t imagine what that you’re what the world looks like in
for three years in terms of Technology alipio like I hate following stories
like this but did you see the patent that they filed that’s associated in the
story they file they had a patent approved like a week ago that has the
opacity layer of the glasses change and so can go from AR to VR just by almost
like an instant tinting yeah and essentially it’s like UV
controlled in some way which is not dissimilar to how like photochromic
lenses work the sunglass option that cost $99 yeah but that way you can like
actually then change your experience but what the field of view be expanded
probably not well this is just one patent right it’s probably not giving
you the full picture of everything what are they up to I’m making money printing
money yeah taking your money but I like the idea of it being adjustable it
actually entertains some interesting things yeah that it’s not a you have to
use it in this one situation it’s probably the hardest problem for them to
solve out of any technology problem they currently have I mean they could
abandoned it completely like they seem to have with cars you know spend money
on that on that project and putting people on that team to work on an Apple
car and it really felt like the technology wasn’t ready or the market
wasn’t ready and because Apple can’t put it something
out and sell million units they need to put something out and sell tens of
millions I think they’re they’re overly confident in the in how quickly they’ll
overcome some of the social barriers to this I think everyone is underestimated
that aspect of the world google us proved that to be the case and I think
we’ve we’ve all made the assumption that the first Apple era glasses would not be
anything you wear outside the home like that you get around that problem by
designing the killer apps to be on the couch in the living room at your office
tethered to something maybe tether the chair MacBook may be tethered it’s your
phone but really for indoor use and then
slowly creep up just like earpods did you make it the fashion item you make it
desirable and then it becomes socially acceptable just like staring at your
fried on a walk in sidewalk I don’t know if you sell tens of millions of units
with that approach it could be a hobby they could call it a
hog would be a hobby let’s just much like the Apple TV Ivana hug even three
years from now yeah still call it a hobby okay uh next story
Amazon hey they’re opening a full-size grocery store it’s not a go in Los
Angeles it’s not a Whole Foods it’s a brand new thing and do you know how big
this will be so let’s talk about what out Amazon currently has they own Whole
Foods it was exist as pretty big grocery
stores Whole Foods are as big as targets right no no they’re not what are you
talking about small targets I’m thinking like the stone counter okay that’s not
multiple for Super Target I’m glad you clarified that for our
audience thank you that you meant the stones down the one I go it’s right it’s
very it’s my biased location biased geographical bias but you know they’re
they’re big big stores and grocery stores and they also have the go which
is their pop up AI machine learning store where you going you can grab stuff
and literally walk out there’s like no staff members like you just go in it
knows it has a thousand cameras on the ceiling that track you and what you’re
taking off the shelf and you pay for what you walk out of the store with
right now presumably like I’d like to think that’s what this grocery store
will incorporate will use because that’s the magic of the go experience and I
think that’s what people want from a shopping spree it changes the pain point
of going grocery shopping so what is this check out talking to people I think
the lines checkout line yes lies the paper so this story is rumored to be
although like people haven’t nailed down the address specifically but they think
it might be in the former Toys R Us building in Woodland Hills Los
angeles-area California so large so this will be a stand alongside of Whole Foods
but be maybe a little less high-end than a whole food yeah I think your your
trigger Joe’s Lucky’s Safeway yeah I mean I think that’s the only way this
makes any sense will there be place for you to buy echo
oh sure there’ll be vertical equation yeah yeah but the go stores are very
small they’re more like 7-eleven size yeah that’s right that’s right physical
process maybe in the back they’ll have a distribution center for
prime on prime now delivery yeah honestly I don’t totally get it because
when you have so much infrastructure and Whole Foods is it just easier to change
the brand of Whole Foods to be more accessible and you lose so much what you
bought the bottle Whole Foods of it just being sort of inaccessible and expensive
well it also or for your normal people before people want to pay that high-end
premium lettuce and orange slices that a millennial cut for you maybe we also
don’t know what the requirements are for this system you know and Whole Foods may
not be designed to be incompatible with it and I’m just speculating that they’re
gonna you know that Whole Foods brand is not conducive to cameras watching you
necessarily it’s not I don’t think that’s what they’re going with like the
organic kind of earthy experience you get in that store yeah let’s move on to
video games there’s a video out on YouTube how does the ESRB rating some
experience make not just a video on YouTube my friend this is the latest
noclip oh yeah okay so they for the first time ever the ESRB to open their
doors to a documentary yeah and Danny has shot what I think is a pretty
balanced episode of no clip no clip if you don’t know we talked about it before
it’s been around for a few years now its patreon backed documentaries about the
games industry yeah wonderful documentaries they’re excellent and it’s
like impeccably named I can’t get get over how good no clip is it is the best
name you’ve got the branding sold you day one
let’s work on behind the walls exactly go into the gray span you got that
double entendre with like film clips that’s just great anyway this
documentary series take goes into the ESRB the ratings board for the games
industry and what I took away from watching it is one first of all I think
they’re doing by and large the best that they can but they move a little slowly
and in more ways than one it kind of reminds me of the DMV for the games
industry oh like the decor in the office is lots of blank white walls it’s a
bunch of people who aren’t terribly excited about just about to be there you
know they’ve decorated their deaths but there they’re also you know very well
dressed and they present themselves well maybe it’s not olive well dressed but
you get my eat at my drift it just it feels like a slower pace of
life inside the ESRB and I think that they have not grappled with some recent
issues of surrounding loop boxes very well but by and large through the ages
they tend to do their best they’re just a little behind and they have to catch
up it’s worth watching because you get to see what what the process is for
raiding a game which I never knew they don’t even play them they are they
receive basically a document that describes all of the pertinent content
in the game and then also a 45-minute – maybe on the outside for our video so
it’s on the developers and the publishers submit exactly it’s certified
and potentially audited and the rating itself is done by what who they call
Raiders who are completely anonymous we’re not allowed to film them are never
allowed to talk to the press they spend a day watching this content deliberating
with themselves there’s a foreman there’s at least three of them for every
game they’re the foreman produces the document that proposes the rating it
goes to the rest of the management the entire process takes about a week Wow
alright and there’s a lot of games there’s so much yeah just about every
game yeah how like it this is fascinating I’m curious how influential
do you think the rating systems are now I think when they initially came out
they had a lot more power some people they seem to be waning right
a little going in the brick-and-mortar stores and looking at box covers it’s
like buying a capo paranoid main choice commies code Authority right it doesn’t
matter if a game now is not rated by the ESRB or or is a store policy in places
like Steam and epics store to mandate that these games they’re not right
people can put green light games out there and ya don’t have never go through
this process incredible amounts of success at least at one point if your
game was not stocked at Walmart you weren’t gonna be
a success and Walmart insisted on certain ratings as well as having
readings mm-hm and so yeah it was I think it was probably more of an issue
and now they’ve had to evolve to incorporate down downloadable only
content right not just like add-ons for store boxes but digital only actual
digital only content and then also if some of those are successful moving to a
box version they actually have to be rear aided even though even if the
content doesn’t change it seems all very archaic sound like the MPAA and there’s
a wonderful documentary on the MPAA process for the movie world and I see a
lot of similarities here yeah apparently they started with the movie ratings and
then they have changed them but it’s it’s worth watching is I don’t believe
it’s an evil establishment they are affiliated with the ESA it does seem
kind of it’s something evil but more outdated well I just mean like it’s it’s
a weird issue to have a ratings board that is a barrier to entry to being on
store shelves and have fees associated with that and have them sort of you have
to you’re required to go through them by the industry but they’re they only exist
because the government pushed for it like the government wanted an
independent rate or a ratings board to take a look at these games before they
go on the shelves and and that’s that’s why it happened mid-90s 94 I think was
when they started anyway interesting documentary we recommend checking it out
yeah go subscriber noclip as well yeah for sure
I wonder this next game we’re talking about it’s gonna be raided this is a new
game from the folks behind Desert Bus and it’s called airplane mode it’s
actually made by AMC yes that AMC as an AMC channel and yeah you get to go in
our white simulator in the truest sense you get to go on a real time middle seat
it’s VE experienced on an airplane I believe
it’s window seat this is a window I think it’s window seat oh is this a game
I don’t understand so you know much like desert bus is a game in the loosest
sense and there the spectrum of what defines a game this is a simulator this
is a airplane passenger simulator where you take like
cash or said a real-time flight and it’s an exploration on the meditation on life
between destination can I get this now no 2020 now you can add it your seem
wishlist okay not gonna be in VR which i think is a massively missed opportunity
yeah by the way that’s something the ESRB is
not equipped to – right yeah at all totally if they’re watching a video if
you are interaction to have absolutely but it’s called airplane mode and you
can interact with the entertainment console in front of you I am CIF see it
made the in-flight safety visit video you can your on the coach yours class
yep there’s in air Wi-Fi show you have like a premium version of the game
that’s were great the first class first class simulator that’s that that’s gonna
be a DLC yeah in-game purchase required huh
and see preggers team is just some crossword puzzles and could read the air
Airlines travel magazine although it’s not a very packed flight from the
trailer they see it looks fairly empty which is not the coach experience
typically typically it’s very very packed and there’ll be your delays
turbulence crying babies all that type of wonderful stimuli so maybe it’s an
endurance test much like the desert bus is endurance test speak rating I’d love
to do this in VR airplane mode comes out in 2020 great name as well this would be
perfect for October cast in VR totally totally yeah oh wow you can look out the
window that’s pretty cool next story comes up from Nvidia Nvidia is
experimenting with AI in all sorts of different ways and one of their new
experiments is it’s an AI that tells you what your pet would look like if it was
different species of dog what are you talking about how what do you mean an AI
that does this you know take a picture that you upload of an animal it has to
be sort of like face on yeah I don’t know how to say that with a pet but
essentially like you need a high quality shot of their face and then it will
apply some of the face those features and it looks like it
takes like the AIA distance mm-hmm and applies them the chart and the
personality of what makes your dog your dog the puppy eyes that you know so well
and apply it to a different breed of dog or even a different story all together
yeah a different animal to get human no no but like I’m gonna see how your ear
you can see what your dog was I’m so conflicted you can see what your dog
would look like as a cat okay there’s it has to be a dog that you start with know
how long you can start with a cat okay and see what it looked like as a dog I
don’t have access to a dog I do have access to a cat
thank you can imagine you’d show your family hey if if snowball here was a dog
look how cute she would be let’s see a dog all right and this is a you just go
to a website I think they’re presenting this the paper at a imaging computer
vision conference also I can’t do it yeah you can’t do it yeah well oh you
can they have an AI playground oh yeah they previously did a similar tool that
took crude like children’s sketch and turn into a photorealistic image so a
child’s drawing of a waterfall it would use computer vision to recognize that is
supposed to be a waterfall with these features this height of mountain and
then graphed in photo elements from a library database of imagery then make it
look photo room we’re gonna get the holding all defy apps now for pets and
all sorts of fun yeah yeah other computer vision experiments were also
presented at this past weeks Adobe MAX conference they always do fun kind of
computer vision and computer computational photography demos that
some may or may not become real products but this latest tool is basically a
smart lasso that they called it’s part of those sneaks problem our sneaks
project and it can you basically tap a figure and then it automatically selects
the entire image based the person knowing that that is a person and these
are their body parts so not just based by color and or detection yeah exactly
exactly oh that’s cool yeah that’s
time-saving mm-hmm yeah and there’s a whole listing of these they’ve done this
thing called a project about-face where it’s a face aware tool that that then
kind of changes your your face project sweet-talked was it animated videos out
of static drawing it’s a lot of like they sit in the similar veins taking
databases and using AI to take things that you intend and then kind of infer
what you want do with it and change it up Google we talked about how they with
the announcement of the pixel for they retired daydream and all there were kind
of public VR efforts well one good news come out of that is Google cardboard
which was at one point where the most widespread kind of VR light you know a
user accessible display tool is now going open-source so Google cardboard
anyone can take the the information they’ve learned the research front from
lensing terms of how they’ve made apps and physical designs and do whatever
they want with it maybe we thought if they want bad for VR
and it should just go away no I think releasing his open-source is totally
appropriate it’s good for I mean it is the infinity video realistic way to make
something essentially go away but Norman putting somebody in 180 video yes is
exactly the opposite of what we should be doing for people to show them what
the possibilities for be artists it’s all step up do that labo is essentially
a fancy Google cardboard and I think it’s good it’s good for VR its immersion
it gives people the sense that VR causes motion sickness all the time these
things should not be mutual exclusive one you should absolutely put people in
you know in real vr6 off headsets yes but I think if only option if you’re
traveling and you don’t have your quest with you and you have you know a Google
cardboard equivalent and you have could view our video I think it’s really
compelling and may get people interested as long as you take the next step to to
show them also the six off stuff I think it’s dangerous in this early
days in these early days because if it’s somebody’s first impression now for you
or me or people who are familiar with VR we know that what the limitations are we
expecting when we understand them and someday everybody will and you’re right
in the long run fine and it’s also naming don’t call VR you
can call it call it stereo okay call it a viewmaster last bit of tech news let’s
go to the we’re gonna eat on shower but let’s talk about Tesla the long-awaited
Tesla pickup truck which no one knows Oh what it looks like was it released no
they’re announcing it they’re showing it unveiled the cyber truck yeah on
November 21st well first our IP that they’re not calling it truck la but
second he’s really like leaning into this like cyberpunk aesthetic even
tweeted out a link to the opening credits of Blade Runner underneath the
announcement of the event happening on November 21st I mean it’s kind of an odd
that they’re doing the announcement in LA and it’s November 2019 so that’s all
the Blade Runner stuff there I are you excited I’m definitely curious I’m
curious not a car for me oh I think this is an like in terms of like the game
changer this could be the game changer because you get so much more torque and
power but it’s not gonna game changer if people who currently spend by Ford
f-150s aren’t interested in the same time
Ford is gonna show their F SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show
so all-electric all-electric its first mass-market basically no I’m just saying
like the electric truck when you’re looking for power and torque that’s
things electric can it deliver all right but it’s not about the capability it’s
about the social acceptance I don’t know anyone who is in the market for an f-150
who’d be enticed by I guess I think that’s a generalization how many people
true in the market for an f-150 who is the extended family isn’t causing orders
and Midwesterners isn’t it one of the most best-selling vehicles in the
country yes 100% and so I think if you demonstrate its
it has the power it can haul it can do everything that the gas powered truck
will I don’t know I buy this social acceptance is gonna be as big of a
barrier I think the price will be but that’s different norms absolutely right
that there’s gonna be a social resistance resistance to it social
resistance on the toe since it is such an important popular vehicle I think
there’s gonna be a percentage two three four five percent people slow who say
I’ll buy in on that and they’ll get it and all of their truck buddies are gonna
see what it can do and see how sexy it is gonna key their car and laugh at them
when they can’t well charge it to the battery and gang call no yes I don’t
agree with that I I think like in Ford f-150 is in a cheap car by the way it’s
like you know 20 30 40 grand this so what is this gonna be 67 yeah something
like that but I think I’m really curious because I
you know those cars get like 10 miles a gallon
yeah and so if it’s money saved and but I don’t think the infrastructure the
network is there for people who use those on a regular basis I think if
you’re a contractor and you’re working in in a city we definitely have easy
access to set up your own charging station and then how much are you
actually driving are you driving more than a hundred miles 200 miles probably
not you just have to haul a bunch of crap so it has to demonstrate all of
that I’m very curious about it’s definitely curious I’m not so optimistic
about the marketplace for it and the man for it other Tesla news there’s a big
software update for now they do one pedal driving hold driving mode they
call it so when you let go of the accelerator you go to a full stop and
park essentially so four stop signs they did that with software yeah huh yeah
it’s like my car now yep yeah one pedal driving and also a 5% power increase I
love that mode that’s how I Drive in the city all the time and work up hills mmm
well I have you know of course it works up hills like I can come to a complete
stop going up hills but then it down you know applying a force when you’re going
uphill it’s applying no recognize the angle you’re at in the resistance
because it needs lowdown approach it’s what they call
he’ll assist I think it actually gauges the brakes if you come to a stop and
then let go of the accelerator it will or brake it will just keep the brake on
yeah going downhill so it will not stop your car no no you’ll be you’ll continue
to coast at least in the case of the bolt so you have to use the brake then
but that’s one of the modes that regenerative braking that retains your
brake pads I mean I brake pads on TVs is what is they don’t you know to replace
those hardly forever yeah yeah and you and you get a little bit of power back
yeah which is useful freakin yeah I’ll actually I’ll go to a safe way that’s up
the hill from my house yeah when I arrive home I’ll have more range than
when I left Safeway because of the regen braking but you used up that range
exactly but it’s going downhill all the way home gives me more range by the time
I get home that when I left Safeway that’s not what I’m not kidding no yes
that doesn’t make sense why not because you use that power going
uphill I regenerated so much power but you know I mean generate as that’s not
how physics works the amount of energy you expend getting your car up that hill
no no not when I left home when it’s safe way Oh got it yeah okay yes I was
like no you don’t come home with more power no just I go in a safe way hey no
up and down the hill but yes yes coming down the hill you would end up that’s
not how physical dynamics Jeremy it’s a law I mean that’s the Simpsons episode
you should watch in this house Lisa we obey the second law of thermodynamic who
says that that’s a Homer Simpson line classic
Homer Simpson we’ll all right all right before we move on to our next segment I
wanna let you know that this is only a test is also made possible this week
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by Lutron’s Smart Switches learn more about casada at Lutron comm slash test
again that’s lu t ro n dot com slash test the VR minute virtual reality this
week so much to say so much to say well last week we need a chance to talk about
pistol-whip and your thoughts on it Jeremy right you’d played it I hadn’t
have you played it mm-hmm I think it’s a good game I think
it was a little over hype for my taste it you know game of show from oc6 kind
of kind of talk and I have a problem I think I have a problem that I’ve
discovered with rhythm-action games that are shooting based where I’m not
physically hitting something or pressing a button as when how you described there
being a finish line is that something crosses this thing where there’s a clear
you know moment when I’m supposed to activate a switch you want that you
cancel about it yes so that so what I found out from talking
to will actually at your son’s birthday party is I think I’m being am being too
anal about it like I he is enjoying the game a lot and he doesn’t even care
about the score he’s just trying to get through the levels mm-hmm you know as
like as a shooting game I do that as well I try to get to it through the
levels cuz it’s not easy it’s hard to get through the channels but I also try
to groove the beat a little bit how I feel like it right I’m enjoying the
music with the beat and it may not be the perfect like I mean I might not get
so as play at times where I feel like it’s a good feeling for me too
use this moment and this beat drop to shoot this group of enemies and make it
like very low score but I’m okay with it that’s a weird situation to be in I I
think that music hasn’t hit me as much as the music for beat saber halves as
like enjoyable like willingness to listen it’s more intense than beat saber
so I wish they’d like dial down the difficulty a little bit where you can
still like tap into harder modes because I get I’ve been getting frustrated not
completing levels and that makes me not want to keep playing and so if I’m
treating it like beat saber beat saber basically lets me finish like all the
levels for the most part I get a good amount of gameplay and getting less in
this and because it’s more intense I’m playing for a less amount of time yeah I
also I’m not also not a huge fan of the songs I have I know that that’s the
subjective thing but now I do I do get into some electronic music I mean beat
saber pretty much across the board I find enjoyable so yeah I wish that there
was not even necessarily different genres in be in a pistol-whip I just
wish that the songs were a little more interesting
I mean all that said though they pull I’ve only played it on quest
I think they pulled off a pretty decent trick making such a good looking game
and an enjoyable you know play experience on quest it’s a it’s a game
I’d recommend it’s just not the next beat saber
i I think it’s understated how important the mechanic of you just going at a
constant speed through there is I mean I know I know you made a big deal of it in
the video and everyone’s talking about it I think there was room for a lot of
games to use that mechanic just be comfortable it was yeah I’m even we’ve
talked about it maybe not you going through the world but the world coming
at you famed if you’re on a platform exactly well the floors we’re not moving
but I’ve always wanted this type of kind of shooting gallery like contra style
where you’re in a hallway and you know enemies were coming at you or the room
is you’re on a platform moving through I’m having a lot of fun with it I think
it’s amazing on the index at 144 Hertz and then wider field of view and the
sound system especially people already kind of hacked their way into
the song like just the song justice songs and of course the enemies don’t
match up so you have to find basically songs that match the length and beat
right then BPM BPM and but if you do find and I don’t know if there’s a
there’s a database out there but then again if you’re playing like will and
you don’t care about know the score necessarily you’re hitting the beat yeah
maybe oh you keep you can’t have songs that miss the beat though you need in
this yeah it has a hit and you know right point right it’s not just the beat
that their court that they’re I think it’s so funny you’re gonna have to write
its it would still be fun to play like if you muted it and put your own
soundtrack on yeah and and and enjoy whatever you know the matrix soundtrack
and play level of pistol-whip that I still find fun I would love that to be
an option short of a whole new customer UGC platform I finally booted up synth
riders on the quest which came out a couple weeks ago and just because I
wanted to sort of compare a couple rhythm action games and I I liked it a
lot more than I did when it came out on PC and I don’t know if that’s because I
had just played pistol-whip and I was looking for I think the music and since
riders is more to my taste other big game out this week and we can talk about
it now a review will go up hopefully tomorrow
is storm land that’s right insomniacs storm land oh boy what do you want to
say about this well it’s I guess we should describe the game in a sentence
or two I you know it’s funny cuz whenever we would interview the
developers and I would say so it’s a roguelike they would hedge a
little bit but it’s a roguelike it’s a roguelike lights yeah you basically are
it’s a sci-fi futuristic space you are on a planet you’re a robot
everyone around you is a robot the humans have vanished and you ascend to a
cloud realm and there are islands on this cloud room and you can sort of surf
on the cloud between the islands kind of that’s how makes it open world yeah and
the islands are randomly placed and the chosen from I think pre-designed Islands
probably that randomly placed around on a grid system
and then you have various objectives you have to go from island island looking
for beacons or keys and eventually you can destroy you know the the big tower
at the end of the Citadel yeah and then you progress to the next
tier of violence and the enemies get harder and harder the whole time you’re
fighting bad robots you’re a good robot and you’re fighting the bad robots and
you’re it has a massive upgrade system lots of weapons lots of different arms
you are kind of you can rip off your left arm and replace it with a different
type of arm that does a special thing the locomotion is it’s probably that I
would say the most interesting I wouldn’t even say intense because I
never felt any sense of nausea I mean but it is a lot of fun oh that happening
it’s it’s like I would have said like lone echo echo arena would have been the
most interesting locomotion until this game but this is almost like that plus
gravity so it’s a lot of money this is gravity loon echoes interior where
you’re climbing right you can grappling on while you this is pure exterior yeah
yeah either like some buildings you go inside and but you’re really moving and
grabbing every rock hill tree structure yeah in the world to vault yourself
throughout it’s a breath of the wild approach to climb above worlds you can
climb everything and that’s one of the things you can upgrade you can make
yourself fling more powerfully while you’re climbing you can make yourself
jump higher you can do all these different things and so there’s you can
approach these combat situations from many different vantage points you
can try to sneak around and come up from above you can fly you because you can
also do that you coast through this through the air down onto the clouds and
from a large platform down into a smaller one and it’s it’s a it’s a fun
fun game that’s I would say relatively small and in the the scope of the loop
of the gameplay loop like you are you are that was the thing that surprised me
this is like insani I put a ton of resources in building the systems in
place from amazing animation and weapon
systems to locomotion in both surfing on the clouds and climbing the world and
they even talked about publicly how the original gameplay designs is very clear
you can see not everything was supposed to be climb aboard eros Urton you’d have
to fault yourself via the clouds to get to a higher place and part of it would
be the challenge of discovering how to get to the highest point of this island
and how to walk around and and then and then find these panels that you could
like portal you the the the color-coded panels that you could actually grapple
and and climb and then they decided hey let’s just let people climb everywhere
and it’s very freeing but in the same vein it makes it a lot easier and so I
didn’t find it particularly challenging and while the systems are incredibly
polished the character animations are beautiful the character design the
graphic fidelity is I think one of the most beautiful VR games that a so much
production value it seems like they built this to be more of a roguelike and
so the narrative was much shorter than I anticipated
we finished the main single-player story which almost isn’t an expanded tutorial
that’s exactly what it is in about two and a half hours maybe three hours yeah
and then you go into the first gameplay loop which loops every week and that
took maybe about three hours to get through more than that because usually I
jumped in yeah middle of your game so yeah so there’s four tiers to the
outside world and then I think there’s the fifth which is like the boss level
and you have to progress from one to the next and another player can join your
game and I think that that multiplayer capability is one of the hugest selling
points of this game now playing with somebody else particularly somebody you
know it’s just just automatically takes it to another level and it’s it’s very
well done there’s a couple bugs a lot of them at least in the beta the one of the
players would always sort of be in a tipos animations when walking right but
that seems like a solvable problem okay so they’ll fix that but just whoever
joins they joined the other player at the point in the game that they are
and so you can you know progress and if you share objectives shared resources
the enemies while at some points could get challenging and I died plenty of
times I think you died more falling into the cloud or yes they did in shootout
yeah I never felt that type of tactical like decision like wire we need to think
this through exactly never felt like we had to think any encounter through we
were just gonna jump in and go guns blazing even every time at the final
levels in the boss levels and that may have been cuz we were playing co-op
maybe they don’t amp up the difficulty more or at least enough or could be
level design in the could be the fact that they design it they even grapple
anywhere because the fact that you could go and and the only they could have
designed enemy encounters to be more open than than they were yeah like it’s
very clear in some places where enemies were designed to go to funnel through a
focus point where you would be encountering them maybe one or two
entrances but the fact that you can jump in behind them or underneath them or
coming from any angle as long as you’re well enough equipped yesung’s you have
the ammo it just made it not that difficult
yeah there were definitely times when I would run out of ammo and I would rely
on you to solve a problem and vice versa so that I think there were moments that
were close to that and after you B go through a full level and you beat the
end and there’s not really a boss it’s more of just like you you know you
destroy the tower it’s it restarts and it there’s some thing on your home base
that says like escalation level yeah new game+ that was always zero so I feel
like it’s possible that if we play it more then that will escalate and it
would get harder I just wish it was harder already yeah yeah yeah it isn’t
this a good sign though like when you rewind to road to nowhere which was our
edge of nowhere where was almost all narrative and not that many mechanics
and the narrative in that game was very good it was very scary and now you’re
seeing like an iteration and mechanics do you think like insomniac is just
gonna put it all together and when their upcoming titles I would say that would
be excusable if we didn’t live in a as guards wrath world where you have both
mechanics and a 4050 our campaign yeah with an
incredible amount of scripting and story content and I didn’t expect a 50 hour
campaign here I expected a you know maybe 10 hour campaign and didn’t get
that yeah I would say it graphically its second to asgard wrath as well like
that’s probably the only game that clearly just looks better to me
oh my opinion storming looks better great maybe because of the animations
the oceans certainly uh that’s good I just think
there’s a lot more variety in as God’s wrath cuz you’re going to these
different realms and everything but as God’s wrath just from a pure brute force
development like assets standpoint there’s so much more to the character
development and the you know textures and geometry and all this stuff that you
get for your for your dollar but it doesn’t have multiplayer and that is a
huge huge benefit of human huge I think they it’s also a time commitment like as
where it’s wrath you jump in there and you have to sit through the exposition
whereas with storm Land you can jump in there by yourself and
just you know go through a couple islands and then jump back out and that
gameplay that loop of combat and upgrading your systems that’s addictive
like I enjoyed that and you can also take your time which I suppose that’s
true of most games but pastrana in particular you’re doing so much resource
collection you’re going around picking fruit and you’re finding you know rocks
to destroy and crates to explode you can just take your time doing that and
traversing the world is just enjoyable and relaxing in and of itself and the
roguelike aspect really comes into play when you have different facets of your
chassis and leveling up to to explore so you can play one week yeah you can go
full-on traversal upgrades and go crazy amounts of locomotion to a point where
it’s like what was that other that jet island jet island right we got that feel
from it or we can go guns blazing and go nothing but enemy encounters and shields
and weapon upgrades and so weeks we can play it differently we’ve only been
don’t play it for one week so we’re gonna dive in hopefully tonight and do a
little bit of the reset world to see exactly how has changed the seed that
gets sent out to all the players is the same week’s week so every all the play
we’ll have experience a new version of the game together together in the same
way yeah in your point you’re sure about this story and whether or not
insomniac will incorporate more explain more there’s a lot of mystery in this
game I think on purpose there’s clearly the humans have gone somewhere and
there’s remnants of them really beautiful ones
you know big structures that you’ll happen upon if you scan them you kind of
get bonus points for that and it’s that ambiguity or mystery that
pervades this whole experience for me that I actually like I actually I
couldn’t there’s a lot of points in the game where I wasn’t sure if I was
supposed to understand what was going on or not I feel almost like and like I
have amnesia and I’ve been dropped in this other world and it’s very strange
and there’s surfing on clouds and there’s these robots who have very human
characteristics and if it has this kind of like I remember the game like out of
this world yeah yeah yeah it feels like that kind of thing where it’s just like
a living breathing space that isn’t fully explained and I I kind of liked
that I liked it because it feels realized even if it’s not spoon fed to
you I feel I was interesting the way they design these islands to be dropped
in you know there’s some crafting I’m on a crafting with the the infrastructure
on those islands the different types of environments the foliage the buildings
themselves or a place that you uncover and the fact they are placed I feel like
they could’ve put a higher density of islands the the storm writing itself
I felt like sort of a purpose by never found it super enjoyable yeah it’s kind
of a Wind Waker experience right yeah sometimes I just want to get to the
other yeah but at the same time you can upgrade your systems to allow you to do
that more quickly yeah and you know if you have a buddy you’re playing with you
comes warp to them and that’s what I would do I was like okay I’m falling
through the cloud hole too many times you go there and I’ll warp to you and
we’ll fight these guys and would never I mean this may be depending on difficulty
if we do get those escalation levels and have more difficult enemy encounters but
I never never even felt as fun as like the rec room quests where we would have
to stop and talk about the we’d approach each encounter yeah like
we never felt like I’m not I think that is so important to a multiplayer
cooperative single player you know in the narrative game typical of roguelikes
oh yeah you usually can’t finish them yeah until you as unreal lights
especially until you die several times and upgrade your systems yeah so it
could be harder yes yeah that’s the takeaway make it harder make it more
challenging you don’t hear that too often in reviews
so that’s storm land it is out I believe today 13th yeah yeah it’s about time by
the time you listen this it’ll be out and we’ll be showing footage and talking
more in depth in a later episode a bunch of other VR updates
Angry Birds VR sure well that’s it’s just an update that’s gonna allow for a
level generator or a level creation gravel creation user level creation so
you’ll be able to design your own great puzzles perfect for kids Yeah right get
more content and people love shooting those birds at those blocks and in the
physics it’s a physics game mm-hmm yes it’s perfect for that kind of thing
virtual desktop got a new update finally it came out of beta like this is if you
played the Bert the virtual desktop steamvr compatibility thing that hit
what six months ago and then was immediately taken off the store and then
you had to sideload it it’s still the case but if you tried it back then as I
did and thought well this is a nice this is actually a remarkable achievement
still too much latency the visual quality isn’t there try it now because I
was I’m really impressed I mean it’s there in court the guy who may who makes
made the app has incorporated bovi ated rendering yep
and another technology I forget what it is is it sliced rendering in any case
these for corporate of new technologies and it improves the latency and the
visual quality tremendously it’s it’s great I mean it’s really is fantastic
you should try it it’s a he says it’s about 41 milliseconds of lag wirelessly
if you’re playing steamvr games to your quest on a 5g on if you’re yeah
best-case scenario your PC is Ethernet Gigabit to around or 5g to your
Qwest that is three frames that’s not bad
I mean it’s wireless it’s not gonna be link level latency but I think it’s an
it’s reached the point where fewer people will experience any kind of
motion effects mmm try it out all right cool
also we got a trailer and release date for bone works this is the upcoming game
from stress level zero the folks who did the duck hunting game and also hover
Junkers this is kind of their physics based single-player shooter in the vein
of almost half-life and half-life 2 actually even though graphics or look
good it has a lot of half-life 1 feel to it they’re friends with the Steam guys
yeah yeah yeah yeah there’s definitely some influence there right you’re in
aperture labs inspired and that you’re going through this kind of warehouse
facility and discovering you know finding the tools and fighting this
invasion everything’s a physics object yes yeah so excited to play that
November December 10th yeah yeah just in a month months time and then also echo
echo combat postponed quest postponed until 2020 which is funny I don’t know
if you noticed but they just launched their advertising campaign for it I saw
on the last ball game like a mixed reality campaign for oculus where people
are in Echo Arena and then they’re in quest headsets yeah actually it’s part
of the reality yeah defy reality yeah campaign so that’s that’s unfortunate
because I’m sure they would have loved just synched up with that ad but I write
choice get it right get it right yes what is
Miyamoto said like a bad game released is always bad you know a delayed game is
potentially good it’s a theory that’s develop it I wanted to add one more
thing about virtual desktop because I didn’t realize this one of the options
in there is to an enable cloud services so it works from cloud services and
there are people doing this it’s a very small number of people and it’s not
ideal but it’s possible you can get a cloud PC you throw I pay Amazon or pay
only you know sure to have a slice that you exactly
like easier turnkey things like shadow PC you sign up and you get a Windows PC
in the cloud and you can access it to your phone or
Chromebook or whatever you have you can install whatever you want on that it’s
your PC you install steamvr you install virtual desktop streamer and oculus and
then you like you can play games stream it from the cloud VR from the cloud Oh
how’s that lanes whoo you’re a quest you can have your own desktop there you can
use your desktop for productivity I mean this is this is the future this is what
people are doing now that is just very tip of the iceberg cloud-based existence
hey that would make a headset very light what if you do need have to compute in
there oh if you if it’s truly just the terminal yeah yeah and you can still do
the hand tracking Wi-Fi whether that locally yeah and and have that not be
laggy and then run run everything else on the cloud yeah I don’t I don’t know
if latency is gonna make that possible I’m sure the resolution doesn’t make it
practical either but I’m saying as we get better and better and better
compression I wouldn’t be surprised Han with if I one day I don’t own a PC you
know I’m the I’m the last person to to just don’t say that Jeremy I know I
don’t thinks I will not be a stadia customer I’m not a streaming person I
like local processing but that I see people doing this and it’s so much less
expensive are gonna warm your room up I would call in the winter I wouldn’t be
surprised given like gigabit connections if can things continue to evolve if one
day we’re just there and I don’t want to see compression yeah I never want to see
compression you should try this new streamer it’s I don’t see any
compression and it’s when you played like a Tetris effect on I did on yeah
which is super noisy yeah alright I think that does it for VR news and the
podcast this week I promise to watch Mandalorian 2 episodes next week as
we’ll be able to talk about that and what else is doing the site well if
you’re in town Saturday we’re doing the last starfighter screening with Gary at
the Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco and then on Monday we’re doing closing
counters which there was a world episode about right recently it’s very fun Bom
Bom and then and then a week later we’re doing it on Ford versus Ferrari the new
movie on the 24 Hours of LeMans hmm you’re doing it a whole science series
on that I mean the science night really Wow I haven’t seen the movie yet but I
think we’ll figure it out we have a one-day build with Adam on the site
hopefully by the time you listen this it’s not later in the day and it is
potentially VR related that’s all I’ll say there’s also a wonderful
conversation in studio visit we did with a pop-up book designer who that video is
awesome I watched it this morning he really all the engineering paper
engineering for the Star Wars Papa books as well as the Game of Thrones one which
was one of my favorite pop-up books and a Harry Potter one that came out last
year so super interesting see how that type of paper crafting is done and once
again I’ll be at the Gundam and the new type HQ Gundam convention in San
Francisco at the Westfield Mall this Saturday over there please say hi Jeremy
anything from you you know no how about a outro
okay we’ll hawk its back with data conundrum X number of years from now however many
years from now you could go to store and and CBS will put out a collection of
every Star Trek episode ever looks like a nice this is the only copy of of Superman
Returns drop shatter I play a game of pistol whip with that music we’ll see
you next week


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    Jeremy, the problem is… even if we achieve LIGHT SPEED connections, streaming will always have lag. Literally the SPEED OF LIGHT still isn't fast enough to not have some latency, and there is no way for human beings to overcome the speed of light.
    There is some attempt at "prediction" responses to have the A.I. predict what you are GOING to do milliseconds prior to you inputting it, and processing it locally, but we'll see how that goes.

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    People are waxing lyrical about the music in the Mandalorian but I wasn't convinced. The soundtrack seemed a bit all over the place. I liked every piece of music on it's own, the pipes, the western film style music, then the electronic modern sounding stuff was cool, and then there was music that sounded like Pink Floyd. On their own all those bits sounded awesome but when they were all in one episode it all sounded a bit to jagged and disjointed to me.

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    Apple Touch Screen: Personally Apple is so far behind in desktop technology it is not funny. I've waited for a Apple touch screen for YEARS because of my disability.
    Pet Morphagraphy: Last time I heard you all had access to a dog(s). Doesn't Adam Savage have pair of dogs …. ?
    Lasso Cut and Paste: What about objects … Plants??
    Games Design (Stormland): I have actually had it with game companies that make their games SO HARD you CAN'T advance. Don't make them harder; make them adaptable to ones skill level so that it is still progressive, but enjoyable.

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