the fastest way to manifest your desires with guided meditation law of attraction everything that exists is simultaneously
capable of acting and being acted upon in everything that exists even the
smallest particle there are these two principles therefore everything that is
seen in physical form is open to being influenced by motion
and modification the principle of action forms matter into a thing and creates
the character of its qualities the to action and matter pervade and permeate
each other however it’s unlikely that two things that embody different quantum
states will occupy the same space for instance the probability of having two
conflicting thoughts at the same time is very low you may have moments throughout
your day where you think of only success and there may be other moments where
your attention is centered on the lack of success but it’s doubtful that you
ever find yourself focused on both these things at the same time by spending
equal time in both mindsets the two effectively cancel each other out and
this is the reason that many people will see very little change in their outer
circumstances the physical reality that is being experienced will often have the
larger hold regarding attention due to its perceived realness however just the
slightest shift in focusing on success the fastest way to manifest your desires with guided meditation “law of attraction” or so than lack will begin the action of
changing the physical qualities of reality
everything is malleable and everything is subject to the rule sets of the
universe if it’s unlikely that two quantum states or focused attention can
embody the same space then it’s logical to change the state of being to one that
matches what you want as often as possible
your thought is the action that acts upon reality or matter as previously
mentioned there are two components everything can act and everything can be
acted upon the choice for each individual is between acting and shaping
reality or allowing themselves to be molded by what is perceived to be true
to come from a place of reacting or from a place of creating it’s important to
make the conscious decision to be the creator of outward conditions rather
than allowing the self to be created by what seems to be happening once this is
understood and acknowledged it becomes easier to come from a place of belief
that your circumstances are your creations and may be formed to any shape
you wish there’s the ability for either the creator or the creation to carry the
dominant amount of influence and you simply have to claim how much of that
influence you wish to have some of it or all of it for example you cannot have
the relationship you desire while holding on to the thought of being
lonely you won’t be able to have abundance and freedom while telling
everyone how much you struggle how broke you are and how you never get ahead
it will be near impossible to thrive in a career you’re passionate about
while griping about a job and announcing that it makes you miserable in each of
these instances you are at the mercy of the conditions the conditions dictate
the experience because they are shaping “the fastest way to manifest your desires” with guided meditation law of attraction you rather than the other way around if
you’re not owning your role as the Creator you will not create any
energetic room for the things you want to come into your life by holding focus
on current undesirable results as Siemens them into place you can change
this when you change your actions not with strenuous effort but with the
action of concentrated focus everything else flows to you when you make the
decision to be the creator of your life you’re put in the right place at the
right time you’re inspired to do something that you
may have never thought to do before and you’re supported by everyone and
everything around you the desire that you have contains within itself its own
spark of life it is an energetic entity simply waiting for you to shape it as
physical reality in order for a spark to grow into a fire it must have the right
components of energy and a good environment you must nurture that spark
into a flame try the following exercise to begin giving that spark what it needs
to manifest as a physical reality take a few moments to get into your
normal meditative state take a few deep breaths to relax your body and your mind when you’re there begin to see your
desire as an entity with its own life it’s not simply a thought it has its own
energetic and spiritual components it’s the fastest way to manifest your desires with guided meditation law of attraction already alive what does it look like how
does the energy that this desire carries make you feel ask this desire to show
you the spark of life that it has within it this may come to you in the form of
an image a feeling or inner knowing take a few moments to connect with that spark
offer your love and appreciation for this desires presence and realize that
the spark within this desire confirms the life that it has spend a few moments
noticing the quality of life your desire has and the type of energy that it
embodies mentally and spiritually connect with it as deeply as you’re able
to ask this desire what it needs from you
to become a physical reality does it need more room to breathe does it need
more consideration and focus does it simply need more time to grow into a
brilliant flame would it like to have more love and attention what balance of
energy would it like for you to give it to help it grow what would it like for
you to let go of so that it has room to be in your reality what things do you
currently focus on that don’t align with the desire take the time to hear the
responses of your desire and realize the fastest way to manifest your desires with guided meditation law of attraction that the spark within it will grow with
your attention and support listen to what it needs from you so that it may
become a presence in your life now take a few moments to offer gratitude to your
desire appreciate the knowledge given to you in response to your inquiries tell
your desire that you are going to nurture it more in the days to come that
you’ve listened to its needs and will support those things let your desire
know that you love it and that you are excited to spend more time with it
because of the quality of its energy and beauty take as long as you need to fully
connect with your desire in this way in doing so you are giving it the attention
love focus and support that is needed to make its part begin to grow
and by being open enough to realize that this desire is its own entity with its
own needs and wishes you become a better supporter of and host for its arrival
because your desire has a spirit of its own it simply wants you to acknowledge
that and love it as such by greeting life with a smile instead of expending
excess energy fighting what is we use our energy to attract what we want
rather than resisting what is perceived and this is a much more positive and
relaxed way to manifest everything we want for your convenience I’ve created
this exercise as a meditation following is a sample of that meditation if you
would like to download this meditation you can find a link in the description
area or you can visit my website at the science of deliberate creation calm use your imagination to see your desire
as appearing in front of you what does this desire look like the fastest way to manifest your desires with guided meditation “law of attraction” what are its physical qualities you
concentrate and vision this desire as an entity with
its own spark of life expression because you can see it in your
imagination it is not simply just a thought it is alive with its own energetic and
spiritual components notice the energy of your desire what does it look like and how does the energy of the society
feel you know your desires do you feel happy excited free secure take a moment to open up a dialogue with
your desire ask this desire to show you the spark of
life that it has within it their creations this may come to you in the form of an
image a feeling or an inner knowing the fastest way to manifest your desires with guided meditation law of attraction


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    October 8, 2017 3:13 pm

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    This video is being added to my list of favorites! Every time you post a video I'll say "This is my favorite video so far!" Then you go and put another video up that gets me saying it again! Your videos are seriously my favorite on YouTube and I thank you for all the work and love you put into your videos! You are helping so many people! Bless you ❤️🌈

  3. Brian Quinn

    October 9, 2017 7:54 am

    just purchased this one …very cheap ..easy to download and very enjoyable . just hope it has the desired effect . much appreciated

  4. Beth Bartlett

    October 10, 2017 12:06 am

    This is one of the better clips on the subject. Just shared with a group I chair for Victims of Narcissist Abuse.

    Thank you for sharing – Manifest a world with Positive and Empathetic Leaders 🌎

  5. Cosmic Kryptonian

    October 10, 2017 2:16 am

    If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think In terms of frequency, energy and vibrations ~ Tesla

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    But I have sent you a question besides that.

    Thank you again, very much!


  8. Wendi Ellen Farrow

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    This is absolutely incredible! I cannot wait to download this later today and begin listening to this! Thank you all again!

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    Do I have to download these videos to get the best out of it? Its working pretty good from the you tube links… Whats the difference in the two?

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