The Feeling is the Secret Guided Meditation for Feeling it BEFORE You See it


on this video I’m gonna be sharing with
you the secret to feeling it before you experience it with the law of attraction
and what I’m also going to be doing is putting in a guided meditation that will
allow you to feel whatever you want to experience so that it comes into your
life faster than ever welcome back to another video my name’s Erin and I hope
people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sure you with
you the secret to the feeling before the actual scene of whatever you want to
experience in your life understanding that this is also one of the the
fundamental parts of the weight reality works in general you know many times
people will say oh well when I see it I’ll believe it but it’s also the other
way around you will see it when you believe it so this is about being aware
of that correlation and it’s the same thing when it comes to feeling think
about it in the form of vibrational resonance if we are saying that we will
then feel the emotion once we see it we are prolonging the emotion and creating
the blockages in our life right now when we may be much closer than we think if
we would simply give ourselves permission to feel the satisfaction and
to feel what we want to experience right now in the present moment so as I said a
minute ago there’s going to be a guided meditation on the last half of this
video this is something I recommend you listen to for 21 days to get the best
benefit out of it and I think if you do that you’ll find that you start to
experience more synchronicity in your life you’ll start to embody the emotion
prior which is the whole point of manifestation anyways because anything
we want is because we believe that we will feel better by having it or by
experiencing it it’s an emotion that it breaks it down to maybe sometimes we
desire money but money doesn’t have a meaning other than the meaning we all
agree to or the meaning of what it means to us for me money means freedom for you
money may mean security it may mean being able to be comfortable it may mean
many different things depending on the person but being aware of what emotion
that is and how we can then see it from this point of view so in general there’s
a couple different ways to go about this but the best thing to understand about
this whole process is that the only moment that exists is this moment right
now we haven’t actually experienced the past because when it was the past it was
this moment right now in the past is only something we can imagine or we can
remember using our brain the future is something that we can imagine using our
imagination but it’s a projection of our own mind by the time the future gets
here to be this moment right now the reason I say this is because everything
we experience in our life is about vibrational resonance and if we are
vibrationally not feeling the emotion of what we want to experience then what we
are doing is we are blocking it from our experience subconsciously now here’s a
belief and here’s and understanding that totally changed my own life I instead of
looking to the outside for how I must feel I started to understand that what I
can do is I can feel the emotion of what I want right now by giving myself
permission to feel it now think about how funny this is this is the way that I
used to be this is the way I catch myself every now and then it’s just a
simple idea of when I achieve certain goals it’s like there’s a rule in my
mind there’s a rule that says when you do X Y or Z when you get to a certain
level do a certain number of speaking events or whatever it is then you can
feel happy it’s an if-then type thing and this rule
that’s in my mind is there so that when it does happen then it’s like it happens
and then it’s like I give them flush era tonin and dopamine through my body it’s
like the body just naturally will feel that but is it because that thing is
making me feel that way or is it because there’s a rule in my mind that says when
X Y or Z happens then I can feel that way the reason I say this is because one
of the secrets to feeling it before you see it is to let go of the
rule in your mind that you must have it in reality before you can feel it you
know it’s all relative to because some people there may be somebody for example
that has a goal of making a hundred thousand dollars a year let’s say that’s
their goal and if they would accomplish it they would feel the most ecstasy and
bliss that’s what they might think but there’s someone else that may already
make five hundred thousand dollars a year and if they were to make four
hundred thousand dollars a year because it’s not progress they would feel strong
negative emotion because it’s not to the rule set in their mind it’s not to the
blueprint in their mind so you see it’s all relative it’s not like inherent
within reality if you make a certain amount per year then you will be
aesthetically happy it will depend upon the person and I’ll depend upon that
person’s reference experiences what they have done in the past to what they feel
now so the reason I say all of this is because what we can begin to do is we
begin can begin to give ourselves the rule in our own mind or we can let go of
the rules that don’t serve but we can set the rule that we will feel happy
because happiness is who we are we will feel loved because love is who we are
it’s a natural part of existence of who we are when we get rid of these rules we
can be happy in the present moment and the paradox is that by being happy in
the present moment by getting rid of the rule all of a sudden we increase our
state of being when we increase our state of being we then have more
manifestation ability and we resonate with things in our life in a very
powerful way think of feeling it before you experience it as mainly
understanding how you can be in this state you prefer and as you just focus
on your state of being in general you will eventually attract what you want on
the quote outside because here’s the thing the outside reflection everything
in our reality is a reflection of our internal state of being and what we
believe to be true in the same way we would not
go over to a mirror look into a mirror and say alright buddy as soon as you the
reflection changes your expression on your face then I will change my own
reflection we know that sounds ridiculous because
that’s not how it works in the same way what we do in reality is we look to the
outside reflection and say when you change then I’ll change but the key is
knowing that that’s not the way it works the way it really works is the outside
is a reflection of the inside so what we can begin to see is we can give
ourselves permission right now to feel the happiness we want to feel the
gratitude we want knowing that it exists right now anyways within us the only
reason we would not be feeling the emotions we want is because we have a
rule in our mind and that rule says hey when X Y or Z happens then it’s an
if-then type thing and instead just be that what you want to be now the last
part before we go into meditation is understanding this about visualization
many times when we visualize what we do is we assume that the visualization
itself that whatever we visualize in our mind needs to come to fruition however
that’s not the purpose of visualization what we think of as the purpose of
visualization is much different than we think
we normally think of visualization I’m going to visualize because that is going
to get me here instead reframe visualization visualization is a way for
creating a reference experience in your mind prior to experience but
visualization itself is something we do because it is a means in itself we
normally think of it is it’s a means to an end
think of visualization as it gets you to a certain state of being and in that
state of being that’s how you prefer to be in when you are visualizing yourself
are to visualize myself speaking in front of thousands of people which is
one of my visualizations you could say if I imagined that I could say well I’m
going to map because that’s gonna become my reality
but from a deeper level what I’m saying is something even more powerful is
visualize that I’m visualizing it just because it makes me feel a certain
emotion in my heart and because it makes me feel that emotion that is allowing me
to then feel it before I see it don’t need the external to feel that way
visualization is something we can do in the comfort of our own home and as far
as our imagination goes we can feel any emotion we want the secret to feeling it
before you experience it is reframing what visualization is and then
visualizing more often for the sake of visualization the key to this whole
video is doing things for the sake of just doing them not doing them because
they get you anywhere else we are not visualizing because it gets
us here we are not feeling it because it’ll give us to the end result we’re
feeling it because that is who we are we are visualizing because that’s what we
prefer to feel and as we switch things around in this way reality will prove
itself anyways this is the paradox because we say when I do with this and
when I feel this then I’ll experience is if we just feel that way anyways with no
attachment to how things happen the paradox as things will come to fruition
anyways things happen amazing anyways it’s about trusting the process it’s
about looking at this whole new way this whole new way of looking at it and
feeling and knowing that it is who we are focus on your state of being that is
the most important thing not what it will get you because if we prime
ourselves to be happy in the future even when we get that thing we won’t feel
completely happy this is why gratitude is so important because when you feel
gratitude you feel like you already have it because you’re focused on what you
already do have as well you’re getting into the vibrational state and you’re
practicing happiness now this is the secret to feeling it before you
experience it the emotion is within you right now get
rid of the rules understand you can do these for the sake of doing them focus
on your state of being and you will begin to shift more powerfully to what
you want to experience so with that let’s now move into the feeling is the
secret meditation I recommend you listen to this meditation like I said for 21
days I think it can absolutely change your life what I’m gonna do is we’re
gonna do a quick exercise before the meditation or as we’re moving into it
and what I recommend you do is listen to this with headphones you can either lay
down you can sit and what I recommend is you go deep within yourself and I’m
gonna guide you through the whole entire process what I’m gonna ask you to do is
to pinpoint right now one emotion that you want to feel right now think of what
every goal is whatever your manifestation is that you’re saying okay
I want to I want to feel it before I see it well what is that that you want to
even see what is it that you want to feel you must first become aware of what
it is maybe it’s the feeling of freedom so if you said oh I want more money then
money actually means freedom if you say I want a relationship the relationship
means compassion love connection whatever it is that you want if it’s
here I want health okay you want energy you want to feel
vital you want to feel passionate so pick and choose one of the emotions that
you want and what we do is we’re gonna focus on that for this meditation and
what you can do is you can always switch up which emotion you focus on but do
this meditation for each one of those and you can switch it around but what
you want to do now is I’m gonna ask you to think of two things in your past of
when you felt that emotion at some level you say well I’ve never had an abundance
of money there’s been a time in your past when you felt freedom when you felt
the freedom to do what you want or you felt maybe you money – you mean security
when you felt sick here think of when you were a kid or you you were in some
type of comfortable place if it’s you know a relationship and you’re thinking
of actually think of a time in your past
when you felt compassionate when you felt connected to maybe a family member
it doesn’t have to be romantic focus on the emotion of two times in your past of
when you experienced it when it was a positive memory and then before we go
into the meditation right now think of one instance in the future one scenario
that would represent to you that that has come to fruition maybe to imagine
yourself in the perfect relationship doing exactly what you want to be doing
with that person maybe to imagine living the lifestyle you want with the kind of
abundance you want so think just have those in the background noise I think
about them too much right now but we’re gonna eventually call upon
those memories and what we’re gonna do we’re going to amplify the vibrational
frequency of them within us this is gonna allow you to feel the emotion
right now and this is gonna be something very powerful for you so now what I
encourage you to do is to take a deep breath in and deep breath out with me
and with every breath we take we’re gonna feel our about body relax more and
more let’s take a deep breath in as you breathe out feel your body
relaxed more and more what I’m going to ask you to do now is to put your hands
over your heart and understand that when you put your hands over your heart what
you do is you grow the electromagnetic energy around your body the heart math
Institute has shown that the electromagnetic energy of the heart is
thousands of times more powerful than that of the head and this is where we
tap into the feeling the more attention we put in our heart center and in our
hands over our heart the more we will feel this energy let’s take another deep
breath in deep breath out as you breathe out feel your body
relaxed more and more and now with every breath you take you will feel your body
sinking into more and more deep relaxation feeling things loosen up and
feeling yourself drift off to an amazing feeling of relaxation now close your
eyes if you like and then put the awareness in your head
feel the sensation behind your eyes your eyelids feel them loosen up your the
sensation your forehead loosen up feel relaxed feel a little warmth in your jaw feel
your jaw hang loose relax more and more feel a tingling sensation in your neck
moving down to your left arm your left hand your left fingers imagine a wave of
relaxation flowing through letting go of what doesn’t sir
now put the sensation in your right hand your right arm your right fingers and
imagine it loosening up put the awareness in your chest and feel inside
of your heart with your hands over your heart feel the sensation this tingling
sensation is beginning to grow and more you can feel it now you can feel that
sensation beginning to grow this is the electromagnetic energy of your heart
I’ll start off small but it’ll begin to grow more and more imagine a ball of
energy any color that you like inside of your heart center and imagining it
spinning clockwise and the faster it spins the more you
feel this love in your hearts you can feel it now beginning to grow in
intensity you can feel this love feel this compassion this connection this
warm feeling imagine it’s spinning faster and faster this is who you are I
feel this sensation in your stomach your abdomen imagine a wave of relaxation
flowing through letting go of what doesn’t stir but the awareness in your
left leg your left foot your left toes and imagine energy leaving your left
foot going through the heels of your food
now put the awareness in your right foot your right toes your right leg imagine
the energy leaving through the heels of your feet now you are feeling more and more
relaxed with every breath that you take feel yourself drifting off is if you’re
drifting off onto a boat through a river downstream drifting down the river more
and more passing trees feeling this lightness more and more relaxed now
imagine the energy flowing through your whole body and leaving through your
heels put the awareness in your heels of your feet and imagine you are letting go
of any energy that does not serve you and as you let go of this energy you
feel this relief you feel this relaxation beyond anything you have ever
felt before now as you’re on this boat laying on it
you are drifting down this river the further down this river you go the more
you feel relaxation as you look up at the sky notice how beautiful the sky is
you could see some clouds into the distance you see a bird fly through
you notice the tree branches that are in front of you to the sides as you go you
just feel so serene so peaceful now what I’m going to do is I’m going to
count down from ten to one with every number I count you’re gonna feel this
love vibration in your heart to grow more and more and you’re gonna feel more
connected to your heart than ever before so feel yourself now on this boat going
down this river ten feel yourself as you move quickly down this river you can
feel yourself sinking more into your heart center nine feeling the increase
of energy in your hearts eight feeling so love so much peace increase through
your body six five four
feel it doubling with every number I count doubling the amount of love the
amount of relaxation in your heart three two one
feel this energy flow through you knowing this is who you are soak in this energy soak in this love
feeling now as you look up at the sky feeling
the gratitude for this moment feeling the gratitude for being able to be
connected to your heart in such a powerful way begin to ponder and
remember a time in your past a memory in your past of when you felt the emotion
that you want to feel a positive emotion knowing that as you
focus on this memory you’re bringing that emotion into the present moment
whatever it is imagine a scenario of your past of when you felt that emotion you really imagine as if you were there
relived that experience as you lay on this boat drifting down the river it’s
easy for you to recall this memory it’s easy for you to imagine you are there
imagine you’re in this memory and imagine as you look around the colors
become brighter and brighter much more vivid imagine that as you’re in this
memory you can also feel the sound becoming louder and louder much more
real most importantly what did it feel like to be in that scenario what was the
feeling in your heart now what I’m going to do is I’m gonna
count down from five to one with every number I count you’re gonna feel double
the amount of relaxation double the amount of whatever emotion that is flow
through your body and increase more and more five feel that energy in your body
begin to increase for feeling a surge of energy pulse through your body three
double the amount of that emotion in your body to feeling it increase now
even more and one soak in that vibration soak in that feeling you can feel this emotion whenever you
want anytime you remember this meditation you
can feel that emotion now you’re still drifting down this
river feeling relaxed feeling this love soar through your body
now think of another moment in time in your past where you experienced whatever
emotion you want to feel imagine you were there in that memory in
that scenario what did it look like imagine the colors becoming much more
vivid much more clear what did it sound like what could you hear imagine those sounds becoming louder and
louder and what did it feel like to be in this experience imagine the feeling
becoming more and more powerful this emotion you can feel in your body
whenever you want it is within you right now I’m gonna count down from five to
one every number I count you’re gonna feel an increase of this vibration flow
through your body and as you feel it you’re gonna know you are in that
libratory frequency you are resonating with what you want five feel this now
once again begin to surge through your body for feeling as if you were there
now feeling that emotion three increased feeling inside of your body to double
the amount of that emotion and one let that emotion surge through your body now imagine as you float down this river
fill yourself once again feeling it’s soaking and more and more of this love
vibration and finally imagine a scenario in your future of you experiencing what
you want that represent this emotion something happening that would represent
your goal coming to fruition begin to imagine that you are there now what
would you see imagine those colors and whatever you’d
see becoming more clear more vibrant what would you hear imagine those sounds becoming louder and
louder what would you feel in your heart imagine that feeling becoming more and
more powerful and now I’m going to count down from five to one with every number
I count you are going to feel an increase of vibration inside of your
body and you’re going to feel as if you are there now experiencing what you want
five feel this energy surge through your body four with every number I count
double the amount of this emotion inside of your body increasing more and more
three more and more of this love now to double the amount of feeling and one
feel this energy flow through your body you know that this is who you are deal how much gratitude there is feel empowering it is to know that you
can feel that emotion whenever you want now anytime you want to remember this
experience all you have to do is remember and imagine yourself floating
down a river on a boat looking up at the skies and you know that you can feel
this emotion right now whenever you want the more you feel this emotion the more
this becomes a part of your reality you can feel any emotion you want right now
by simply choosing to and by simply focusing on it now I’m gonna count down
from five to one with every number I count you’re gonna feel more alert more
present to the moment knowing that you’re going to experience it profound
shift in your life before the end of the day today set the intention that you see
a sign that you have shifted that you have experienced more of the reality you
want 5 feel yourself become more alert more present for feel the energy flow
through your body 3 begin to move around to wiggle your toes wiggle your fingers
and one you can open up your eyes now knowing that you have just wired in and
anchored the feeling of what you want to experience this is something that with
time you will notice your reality changing because you are embodying the
vibrational frequency of what you want you can feel this whenever you like I
recommend you listen to this meditation for 21 days to get the maximum benefit
out of it maybe longer it’s totally up to you if you want listen to it with
certain intentions for certain emotions and then you can always switch the
different emotions so you could do it for a week of just out of relationships
create some momentum you could do that with money and finance you do that with
health whatever you want then what you can do is begin to build that momentum
now I specifically sent that anchor for you to make it so much easier for you
anytime you remember yourself floating down a river you’d think of
this meditation you can I’ll just bring through that emotion whenever you want
you can start to feel it just by remembering it that’s why I said that
it’s considered an anchor so from this point going forward I think you’ll find
it much easier to feel the emotion you want and I hope you enjoyed this
meditation if you’d like me to do more meditations like this let me know in the
comments below and I will do more and other than that also I have and we’ll be
doing more live q and A’s on Instagram so if you want to follow me on Instagram
if you want I also post daily content over there as well but if you want to
interact with me and ask me questions I’ll go and post Instagram right here
and other than that I hope you enjoyed this video feel free to like this video
if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already hit the little notification gear
on the subscribe button so you can see the daily vids that I do the way YouTube
does things now is you actually have to hit that button to see the daily vids I
got a lot more meditation videos coming and other than that as always peace much
love and namaste


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    July 21, 2019 4:15 pm

    I absolutely LOVED this video! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿ’› this is by far the BEST video I have seen on feeling what you want into reality.
    Itโ€™s really beautifully simplified so anyone can understand it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿฆ‹ Thank you so much!
    I listen to this meditation everyday now… itโ€™s become my staple! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  32. Lorraine Potter

    July 28, 2019 7:46 am

    Thank you for a beautiful meditation Aaron. Have been trying to work on my vibrations and emotional feelings, this helps so much to understand.

  33. Charliee Weber

    August 6, 2019 9:15 pm

    Love that you've included Abraham Hicks. I've followed AH for years. Great explanation of the "Vortex"!

  34. Wendy Johnston

    August 11, 2019 11:40 pm

    went to overwhelming sadness… ouch … didn't expect to go there… thought I was heading for joy! Hmmm. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  35. Hermann Weinzierl

    August 15, 2019 4:11 am

    21 days are done. will see what will happen. the sign, I did set, I could see twice during my normal days. so I'm very curious about the things, which will come.


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