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this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
a feeling is the secret guided meditation that will help you to achieve
your goals I believe if you listen to this meditation for the next twenty-one
days it will totally transform your life welcome back to another video my name is
Aaron and I help people to expand their consciousness now in this video I’m
gonna be explaining to you the power of what it’s called the feeling is the
secret book by Neville Godard I’m gonna be sharing with you a meditation at the
end that you can listen to every single night that will help you to achieve your
goals now that’s gonna be actually a majority
of this video but for the first couple of minutes what I wanted to do is to
share with you how to use it and what the idea is behind the teaching of
neville goddard and how it works with the feeling is the secret now this is a
book that i originally read about five or six years ago it’s a short book it’s
about 60 pages long and when I read it I started to really become aware of this
window of time before I go to bed at night and it’s the same for everyone as
you’re going to bed at night what is happening is your brainwaves are going
from that of more of an alpha beta state which is the more awake States into the
deeper levels of consciousness so you’re going from Alpha and Beta into more of a
theta state and as you’re moving more into theta Delta State Delta’s more of
the sleep state theta is more of the really relaxed meditation state what
we’re doing is we have this ability to influence our subconscious mind in a
very powerful way and we do that with feeling the language that the
subconscious mind speaks in is the feeling and that’s why the feeling is
the secret most people are intending to change their subconscious mind using
logical thoughts but that doesn’t work because that’s not the language that the
subconscious mind speaks in so many times we can sit there all we want and
say something like I am abundant I am abundant I am abundant but if we don’t
feel the abundance underneath that that’s when we
move that into what it’s called an incantation when sometimes we can even
use our body to change our physiology or to change how we feel
well we begin to do is we begin to then influence that part of our brain which
then begins to influence our life now understand our subconscious mind runs
over 90 percent of our life experience so when we get to the core of our
subconscious mind and we learn how to influence it everything in our life can
change and if you look at it like this as well when we grow up up until about
the ages of 8 to 12 years old we’re in predominantly a theta state
which means as we’re growing up we’re literally absorbing the environment we
are attributing meaning to certain things and we’re doing that all
subconsciously we’re not even aware of it that’s why a lot of times when you
see people going through transformation type work you may see someone like Tony
Robbins that ask someone what was your relationship with your dad like what was
your relationship with their mom like because the relationship with the
parents is the first relationship we normally have and we have derived so
many meanings and associations from them that subconsciously that’s what runs our
life so even 3040 years later that person may be still running on that same
subconscious type patterning now here’s the thing up until about the age of 8 to
12 years old we’re in that data state so what happens is right around that time
we start to move more into the alpha state we start to move more from the
subconscious mind into the conscious mind and we start to then have this
thought process where we can have like this barrier between what we think and
what we experience now what happens is then we get set on our ways for most of
our life experience so the key and the power is hacking our mind by knowing
there are certain times of a day when our brain is going into more of a theta
state when it is drifting into the deeper brainwave state to win then we
can influence it with emotion so the way we do this is the twenty minutes when we
wake up in the morning and twenty minutes before we go to bed at night
because that’s the window of time so what I do and what I recommend you do is
you visualize what you want to experience as if you already have it as
if it’s already something that’s real for you and you feel that and you put
yourself in the visual visualization right before you go to bed at night and
right when you wake up in the morning there’s a couple hacks I’m gonna be
sharing with you in this meditation this meditation that you are about to listen
to is going to be one that you can listen to right when you wake up in the
morning and right before you go to bed at night I have recommend you listen to
it twice a day in order to get the maximum benefit out of it and this will
help you to then start to create a more empowered self-concept a self-concept as
a self image we will always be and consistent to the self image we have we
always do that subconsciously so as we have a thermometer on our wall maybe
what you’ll do is you’ll see that it’s set at 75 degrees if it gets hotter or
colder the AC or the heater work will kick on to put it back to that set point
we may try to change but not change our setpoint so what will happen is we’ll
try it we’ll start gaining success for example but if our thermometer is set of
75 and we start to get success it’ll kind of pump on and be like yo that’s
not who you are come back let’s stop let me sabotage you real quick so that you
come back to what’s comfortable so it’s about being aware of what that is but
this meditation will help you to bypass all of that so this is why I recommend
you listen to it for at least 21 days right when you wake up in the morning
right when you go to bed and you put in a similar visualization each time you do
it for things to really become something that we experience it takes repetition
that’s why I recommend with this meditation some of my other meditations
you can maybe switch what you think about because then you still get a
powerful effect this one’s a little bit different you want to imagine a similar
thing but you need to make it more about the focus of the feeling but make it
something that’s a similar outcome because what manifestation is the power
of it it’s a combination of an increased emotion which is the feeling we’re going
to be generating with an increased intention these two things make for what
we want to experience in our life but that intention you want to think I
intend dot dot dot you want to think intention be something that’s clear
something that is specific something that you can see every single time you
this meditation inattention is like a declaration of a desire that’s the
difference between desire and intention desire says I I want something but an
intention says I intend it for that it’s declaring it into the universe is
the way you can think about it so what I’m going to ask you to do right now is
to take in a deep breath in a deep breath out and to feel yourself relax
what I’m gonna do in a minute it’s cue the music and then we’re gonna
move deeper and deeper into relaxation and I’m gonna guide you along this
process of feeling more inside of your heart center and then what we’re gonna
do is move into our actual visual visualizations and feeling as if it is
happening now so let’s go ahead and take in a deep breath in and a deep breath
out I recommend you listen to this headphone this meditation with
headphones if you can so let’s take a deep breath in and a deep breath out as you breathe out feel your body
relaxed more and more now let’s take another deep breath in deep breath out
and as you breathe out put your awareness in your hands over your heart
the heart math Institute has shown that the more attention we put on our heart
center the more we grow that electromagnetic energy around our body
that the power of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that mat of
the head so let’s taking another deep breath in deep breath out now put the
awareness over your hearts and begin to feel inside of your heart
center feel the warmth of your hands into your heart and feel free to close
your eyes now if you wish and know that with every breath you take you are
shifting deeper and deeper into relaxation you are feeling your body
relaxed more and more now put the awareness in your head feel the
sensation in your forehead put the awareness behind your eyelids feel your
eye sockets relaxed put the awareness in your jaw imagine
your jaw relaxing let it be loose relax the tongue feel the awareness in your
neck put on your left arm your left and imagine a wave of relaxation flowing
through your head now imagine this wave of relaxation flowing through your right
hand your right arm feeling it relax put the awareness in your chest and your
heart and imagine there’s a ball of energy inside of your heart any color
that you like and imagine with every breath that you take this energy is
becoming more and more powerful you are feeling it increase imagine that this
ball of energy is spinning in the clockwise position and the faster it
spins the more you feel this love imagine it spinning faster and faster I’ll put the awareness in your stomach imagine relaxing your hips your left leg
and foot wave of relaxation right leg and foot
wave of relaxation flowing through your whole body now imagine that any excess
energy in your body or any energy that’s not serving you is flowing through the
heels of your feet imagine that energy flowing through your
body and leaving through the heels of your feet feel relaxed now imagine yourself in a very relaxing
place this could be a place that’s at the beach it could be a place that’s in
inside a room you feel very comfortable and could be outside in nature wherever
you want imagine that you are in this place as you look around what do you see what kind of sounds do you hear imagine those sounds
becoming louder and louder pay attention to how relaxed you feel now notice at about 15 or 20 feet away
you notice a chair and this chair is one that you can sit
in anytime you want to increase the feeling inside your body of you
experiencing what you want now we’re gonna take ten steps towards this chair
and with every step we take we’re gonna feel that as we get closer to the chair
we feel an increased emotion inside of our heart center we’re gonna feel more
love in our heart than ever before I’m gonna count down from ten to one with
every number I count imagine that the energy in your heart is increasing
you’re feeling elevated emotion more warmth and more love take a step towards
this chair ten feeling your body now begin to move in that direction nine
with every number I count you feel double the amount of love inside of your
body double the amount of relaxation eight getting closer to the chair now
seven feeling yourself feel relaxed and comfortable six feeling this energy in
your heart increase even more five four getting closer three deeper into this
feeling of love to an increase in your heart now and one now you are standing
at this chair and you can feel the energy in your body increasing more and
more now pay attention to how this chair
looks and then notice and become aware that
you can sit in this chair and do this meditation anytime you want and that
when you sit in this chair you always feel relief you always feel an increase
in the emotion you want to experience in your life it’s very easy and natural for
you to do now go ahead turn around sit in this chair and notice that as soon as
you sit in this chair you can feel how relaxed you feel how much love you feel there’s something about this chair to
you that is so easy to feel the emotions you want to experience in this chair your feelings are much
more sensitive and you can feel positive emotions more easily than ever before now imagine some things that you want to
experience in your life certain goals you have and imagine them as if you are
experiencing them now not as if in the future you will but as if you are
experiencing them now imagine what it would look like through
the eyes of that version of you imagine what you would see achieving a certain
financial goal a relationship goal whatever your goals are imagine a
scenario where that is happening what do you see in this scenario
and it’s experience imagine the colors becoming brighter and
brighter what can you hear in this experience imagine those sounds becoming louder and
louder right now you are feeling as if this is
happening soak in this feeling notice how natural it is for this
version of you these experiences you’re in are a part
of who you are now imagine another scenario of you
achieving your goal of you experiencing something you’ve always wanted to and
imagine it as if you’re looking through the eyes of this version of you now what do you see imagine those colors whatever you see
becoming brighter and brighter much more vivid what are you here imagine those sounds becoming louder and
louder what do you feel how does it feel to be
the best version of you imagine the feeling in your body
increasing more and more and move to one more experience that
would represent you living the lifestyle you want one more outcome one more goal
declare it right now say I intended for this to happen whatever this is imagine you’re in this scenario what do
you see imagine those colors
becoming brighter and brighter much more vivid what are you here imagine those sounds becoming louder and
louder what do you feel feel it as if it’s happening right now now notice that on the right side of
this chair you see a dial and on this dial it is marked
the intensity of feeling well we are gonna do is we are going to
move the dial from one to ten ten being the max where
you’re gonna feel this emotion through your heart like never before you’re
gonna feel as if you’ve achieved your goals you’re gonna feel the love and
happiness beyond what you can imagine and this
will influence your subconscious mind in a very powerful way now imagine yourself putting your hand
on this dial right now it’s marked at one with every number that I count up
you’re gonna feel an increase in your heart center increase of love increase
of feeling one fill your hand touch the dial two as you move the knotch you can
feel an increase a surge of love go through your body 3 feeling more of it
now for doubling the amount of sensation with every number that I count 5 6 an
increase of energy in your hearts 7 double the amount of love 8 feeling it
more than ever before 9 10 feel this flow through your body
allow yourself to soak in this love feeling the feeling is the secret and this is what you’re feeling now this is what it feels like to achieve
your goals soak in that feeling this is where the power is this is what influences your
subconscious mind set the intention that before the end of
the day you get a reflection of this change that you made from within
you will start to see evidence in your life of what you want happening because
you have shifted your feeling and that is influencing your sub-conscious mind now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna count
down from five to one every number I count you’re gonna feel yourself becoming more alert more present feeling great
five through yourself I’ll be coming alert feeling amazing for doubled the
amount of relaxation in your body three present at the moment two one you can
either open your eyes or leave them closed it’s up to you know that from
this point going forward everything has changed in your life because you have
shifted your feeling listen to this for 21 days right when you wake up in the
morning right before you go to bed and you will start to experience a profound
shift in your life so with that being said I will see you on the next video
peace much love and namaste


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    I love your meditations. On this occasion I had a really vivid disturbing dream. Full of rage – it wasn't pleasant but feel I may have benifited in my waking life. I'm a little concerned as that was not the intention of this meditation. My mind must have drifted and its definitely not what I want to attract in my life. Any tips?

  2. Danielle Mickelsen

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    Aaron, this meditation is wonderful… However, I lack the ability to really picture things in my mind, is this going to create problems in the meditation itself?

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    Aaron: OMG…so about the chair! Ok so I Intend for a romantic relationship, and to me the color of that would be pink. About a month ago I had a cool, but drab chair reupholstered to pink! (Wish I could send a picture, it’s tooo cool) so I will be doing my twice daily meditations in this chair!

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    Ok, so I never ever leave any comments on YouTube videos but this time I have to.
    I tried doing this meditation around 7 times now, and everytime I get to my chair I fall asleep cause the next day when I wake up I can only remember getting to the chair, it's all blank after that. One time I even got as far as the dial 🤦and then blank again.
    Today was the first time I actually got to finish the meditation 🙏 I'm so happy about it, I feel so good! The moment I started to move the dial, around 4/5 I felt this imense feeling of love, happiness or joy, I don't know exactly, but I started crying, literally, tears where running down my face. I don't know if that's normal or not, but I feel amazing after that. So thank you for this amazing video! I wish I could've done it sooner but I guess it's better late than never 🙏❤️

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