The Garden of Your Mind – Law of Attraction GUIDED MEDITATION (Plant the Seeds for WHAT YOU WANT!)


the garden of your mind law of attraction guided meditation plant the seeds for what you want to create there’s a popular quote by William
Wordsworth that reads your mind is a garden your thoughts are the seeds the
harvest can be either flowers or weeds when you compare your mind to fertile
ground of a garden you can realize that it works in much the same way as nature
itself your subconscious mind can be likened to the soil in a garden it is
the perfect foundation to spring forth life this ideal environment does not
discriminate it creates and supports life of all kinds whatever seeds be
placed in the soil is the life form that will come to be our seeds are planted by
the thoughts in our conscious mind a thought that reoccurs often will reach
into the depths of the soil in the subconscious mind when these seeds are
planted they always grow into the life form that corresponds with the seed
thoughts of a negative nature spring forth more negative things to think
about and more negative experiences where as thoughts of a positive nature
will bring to life more positive thoughts and experiences our seeds require attention and the
occasional D weeding if something attempts to enter the garden of our mind
and choke out the new life we are planting it must be removed to begin
reaching out into reality our seeds need brightness to pull them from the soil
they require nurturing and attentiveness to become the crop that we choose to
become a Master Gardener of your seeds take a day or two to write down the
thoughts seeds that you notice the garden of your mind “law of attraction” guided meditation plant the seeds for what you want to create throughout your routine these thoughts
seeds are the ones that come to the surface most often they’re the ones that
seem habitual in nature they may be positive or negative don’t judge these thoughts simply write
them down so you can begin to distinguish them with the thought seeds
that are creating positive experiences for you see yourself planting more of
these seeds imagine watering them and envision them reaching for the Sun but
the negative thoughts eats that you notice take a few moments to visualize
yourself removing these plants gently as if you’re pulling weeds from your garden
there’s no need to be angry with these plans they’re just little weeds that
have attempted to creep in and you have the power to remove them from the garden
of your mind each time you notice one of these weeds just see yourself disposing
of it until it no longer comes back I’ve created the following meditation
with Jess Shepard of rising higher meditation this meditation is something
that I’ve personally used as a visualization for many years and it
always produces miracles in my life especially if I feel stuck in a specific
area in this meditation you will enter into the garden of your mind and meet
your master gardener which can be likened to your higher self from this
position you have complete control to change and nurture anything about the
garden of your mind I asked just to read the script for me because I find her
voice to be perfect for guiding others deep within themselves for healing and
permanent change relax and use headphones for the best results the garden of your mind law of attraction “guided meditation” plant the seeds for what you want to create take a few moments to relax by breathing
in a few deep breaths notice the sensation of your body filling and
emptying itself with air as you begin to relax close your eyes
and just allow any thoughts that come to you to drift away continue to focus on
your breathing and the sensation that each cell in your body is being renewed
through your breath simply inhale and exhale now imagine yourself stepping
into a shower of white light allow all your cares and stresses of the day to be
gently washed away by this magnificent light feel how it moves from the top of your
head down into your shoulders and out your hands and then down your chest into
your abdomen down into your legs and now to your feet the garden of your mind law of attraction guided “meditation” plant the seeds for what you want to create cleansing clearing refreshing every part
of you just continue to enjoy this shower of light and feel how calm and
peaceful it makes you feel now notice how this light that is
showering over you awakens the light inside of your body begin to see how you’re filling up with
this healing loving light this light relaxes you in every way and
you begin to feel lighter and lighter as every cell in your body is infused with
the most beautiful light you can imagine just enjoy this experience of peace
clarity blindness and ears now as the being of light that you are
float up out of your body and into the garden that is nearby this is the garden
of your life in it you’ll find every aspect of yourself as a reflection when
you are ready wander around your garden and observe its qualities how does this garden appear to you is it
large or small “the garden of your mind” law of attraction guided meditation plant the seeds for what you want to create is this garden well manicured or does it
appear to have some areas that are overgrown is there anything you can see here that
draws your attention toward while you are in this garden of your
life you are free to make any changes to things that are outdated as with any
garden it will occasionally need some tidying up take your time to move
through this garden freely and trim back any areas that need pruning these areas are representative of things
that you have outgrown or no longer need anything in the garden you don’t like
can go just like a weed it can be removed from your garden if you don’t
want it there take as long as you wish to prune this garden so that it is fresh
and delightful to you now that you’ve created space by
eliminating what you’ve moved past you the garden of your mind law of attraction guided meditation plant the seeds for what you want to create have made room for new growth plant new
things particularly in areas of your life where you would like to experience
changes see yourself planting these new seeds for things that you would like to
manifest seeds can relate to your career
abundance good health relationships spirituality overall happiness or
anything else you choose to have in your garden find the parts of your garden
that represent each of the things they may be all together or in different
places move gently into the areas that need
your attention and love and feel the soil in your hands the warmth of the Sun
as you plant your seeds of intention to grow speak kind words to these seeds as
if they were your children and offer them the love they required to blossom
and spring to life once you have finished planting find a spot in this
garden that is comfortable so you can simply be in this space it may be a
lounge chair or a shady area under a beautiful tree notice if the air is still or if there
is a gentle breeze the garden of your mind law of attraction guided meditation plant the seeds for what you want to create sink into this comfortable place and
inhale the relaxation and peace that it offers you once you are in this space
totally relaxed simply take a few moments to just observe the things you
love about this garden are there any animals or people there many people experience others in their
garden unlike the outer world the animals and plants can talk with you and
express themselves just as humans do listen to anything they have to say and
offer them gratitude and love for their messages if you notice something in your garden
that you don’t understand simply ask it why it is there and what message it has
for you if at any time during your stay in the
garden you feel like you’re just making up the answers it’s working perfectly now you may notice that there is a
gardener here that keeps the grounds tidy for you this isn’t just any
gardener this is your master gardener and he or she has the utmost respect and
love for you and your garden the garden of your mind law of attraction guided meditation plant the seeds for what you want to create the Master Gardener isn’t aspect of
yourself it is the wise spiritual part of you
that wants you to experience peace and love in every moment and it will go to
any lengths to make sure that happens for you this gardener is someone you can go to
for counsel inspiration assistance and understanding and they can appear in any
form you choose you will know your Master Gardener by
the way you feel in their presence it is a peaceful and loving feeling that
consumes you you can confide in this gardener and ask anything you wish ask
your gardener what you need to do to make both your garden and your life the
ideal version of what you would like it to be inquire about anything you don’t
understand simply enjoy your moments with this gardener and soak in the peace
and love that has offered to you during this visit take as much time as you need with your
gardener and listen to the answers and messages given to you if there is
anything you need assistance with hand it over to your gardener and ask him or
her to heal it for you after you have met with your master
gardener take as long as you choose to simply enjoy this space you may appoint
those in your garden with certain tasks such as caring for new seeds or removing
any weeds that pop up the garden of your mind law of attraction guided meditation plant the seeds for what you want to create know that the time you spend here to
make changes will be reflected in your life and you can visit this space in nee
time you wish as you cultivate your garden you will
find it a more and more peaceful and rejuvenating place to visit in fact
there may be many times when you choose to come here to just be rather than do when you have explored and enjoyed your
garden fully leave any final instructions with your Master Gardener
for changes you would like to be made before your next visit as you are preparing to depart say a
silent thank you to your garden and send love to every part of it to see yourself floating back down into
your body and imagine stepping onto an energizing
beam of light and feeling your body being filled with positive loving energy you can now open your eyes and ease your
way back into the world the garden of your mind law of attraction guided meditation plant the seeds for what you want to create


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  1. Your Youniverse

    February 18, 2018 4:14 pm

    Recommended Video: This How to START Your Day! Law of Attraction Morning ROUTINE to MANIFEST MORE of What YOU WANT!

  2. kayla faolin

    February 18, 2018 4:18 pm

    Like my ancestor Jesus Christ said about a man who grew mustard seed he's talks about the thoughts of man boo that parable

  3. leonard ngugi

    February 20, 2018 3:09 am

    Am removing all the weeds in my mind everytime it comes up thank you Jessica 😚😚😚😚

  4. Connect to Soul

    March 10, 2018 7:33 am

    Thank you for all your endless wisdom, influence not to mention understanding to sustain my mission to turning into more consciously awake and consequently spiritually connected.

  5. soraya Medina

    April 14, 2018 12:59 pm

    I did the meditation yesterday but i saw my field as i was cleaning to prepare to plant seeds not harvening yet what that's means?

  6. ZoeRico

    May 31, 2019 8:47 am

    How lovely is Jess's voice! What a beautiful meditation. Longer spaces after each instruction would be very helpful. I found myself just forming a question or image when Jess's beautiful voice would interrupt my train of thought with another instruction or suggestion making it very difficult to fully enter in. πŸ˜”


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