The Importance of Spiritual Mentorship – Podcast Ep. 1


– [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree]
Jai Siddhatma, everyone, this is Sadhvi Siddhali Shree here with living Enlightened Master Acharya Shree Yogeesh. Acharya Shree is an amazing teacher that has helped thousands
of souls find truth and totally transform, and so this is our first episode for Acharya Shree’s podcast. This way, we can share his wisdom, his guidance and his love
and light with all of you. This way, you can grow
on your spiritual path. So, Acharya Shree, welcome
to your first podcast. – Thank you. So, first thing I think
what’s really important for truth-seekers to know is why is spiritual
mentorship so important? Why is it important to
have someone to guide them on this spiritual path? – It is very necessary to have a mentor, spiritual mentorships, actually, because without guidance, you might go on the wrong path, and once you are on the wrong path, there is no way that you
can be on track again. It’s very difficult to be on track, and spiritual guide or mentorship will always tell you what to do, which way to go, what to follow, and how to be always on the real path. Spiritual mentorship also know, always, that where the student is standing. Actually, that student is a real student or not real student. – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree]
So the question, actually, is not to know if the
teacher is real or not. First question is, is
the student real or not? We don’t think about it that way. – Yeah, it can be both. But sooner or later, if a
spiritual guide is not real, you will find out. It cannot be years and years. It can be, you can find
out, after a few months. If the spiritual mentor is teaching around the world, and if something is wrong, it’s not real, people will find out. But it is not supposed to be that way, but it seems like teachings
are not impressive not transforming the life of the student, so they will find out, because as soon as people sit with the spiritual guide, they feel something special. They feel something inside of them, a real peace. And when, also I have seen with the spiritual guide, people are around that person, they feel some kind of
goosebumps in their body, and their body is like into some kind of that mood, that it begin to suck the real information automatically. Fake teachers, or fake spiritual guides, will not last long. Sooner or later, things will come out, and they will disappear. The fake spiritual mentorships are like, in the rainy season, a lot of rain. You will see a lot of frogs begin to grow. And as soon as the rain goes away, and they disappear, too. So the spiritual mentorship, for me, they are eternal. They’re not just for a while. They just, somebody gets popular in one day. Next month, next year, nobody will know them. So it happened in the past. Lot of spiritual mentors, they claim they are, but after a while, people came to know they were not real. So the spiritual guide works with the student, that’s what I use word real student. Real student is, when a real student is really ready, spiritual guide will appear, and it will be real for them. But if the student is not ready, even spiritual mentorship is there, cannot guide the student. First thing, student has to be ready. I think sometimes the enlightened people, they are always around you. Maybe not in the physical body, maybe in the soul level, maybe in the other kind of dimension, but you cannot feel it unless you are ready. That’s what it is saying,
very popular saying, student is ready, master will appear. Student is ready, that is the way the master will knock
the door of the student, hey what are you doing here? Let’s go. Have a little bit more fun, more something, blessings, more some kind of bliss. Sitting here, like you are sitting in the corner, where it’s dark, and the spiritual guide will
bring you the light. That is sure. This whole
universe is lacking the student, not the spiritual guide. Masters are always available. Students need to be ready. – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Acharya Shree, you’ve come across so many students, both that are ready
and that are not ready. From your experience, for
those that are not ready, why is it that they are not
ready to receive the guidance or your wisdom, or your teachings, is it expectations? Is the soul not ready? Is it their karma blocking them? Why is it, you know… – Yeah, there are many factors, first of all, that is a good way, in that karma blocks it. Karma always blocks the person, because if the karma is on the way, person wants to do something, but they cannot do it. It’s like the sun wants to shine, but on the way is very
thick and heavy clouds, and very black cloud. They can block the sunshine. Same way, the karma blocks the people. They want to do something for the moment, and next moment, they don’t want to do it. So it shows their ability, that there is something going
on in that person’s life, but that somehow somebody’s blocking them, and the blockage is the karma, actually. And I always tell people that people misunderstood the concept of karma. They think it is one word, karma, no. It includes your illusion, your hallucination, your ignorance, your anger, your ego, your negativities, hate, jealousy. Everything is included in karma, in one word, we call it karma. So til they will be there, there will not be clarity. So the student will
not be clear-cut ready. It will be ready momentarily, it will go away. So somehow the master has to enter into their consciousness to make it a little more clarity into their consciousness. If they stick around to the master, those students, even they are not ready, but they stick around, so they have a chance,
they have possibility that their soul can be a
little bit more awakened and karma will begin to burn. Karma will begin to go away. That is the way. Actually, the best thing I can tell you. The people who seem to be ready, but they are not ready because of karma. Their karma blocks them, and the most difficult karma is mohaniya karma. Mohaniya karma, the attachment. Even the people, they are
ready to do something, but attachment blocks them. Mohaniya karma is very strong. And then they want to learn real thing, then darshanavarniya
karma comes on the way, and it blocks their vision fully, totally. They become blind. Even they want to do something,
but they cannot do it. So there are many categories of karma I can explain, but one word you say, it is a blockage. And when it is block, it will
take time to clear that block. It might take. Because anything ripes before time. A baby born before time is not perfect. Same thing is person who is not yet ready to be walk on the path, on the real path, what we call samyaktva, or the right path, or the
right, on right track, so you can give many names. But that’s the way it happened. They can’t do it. Darshanavarniya is going to block them. And maybe many people,
they hear this word, darshanavarniya, what
is this darshanavarniya? Mohaniya, they understand
attachment, right? But darshanavarniya, they
will not understand it. Darshanavarniya, the main
symptom of darshanavarniya is if a teacher is present, they are delivering a lecture. If darshanavarniya karma is very strong, those people, they will fall asleep. Because darshanavarniya karma, those are the symptoms, because
they cannot hear things. Their karma is blocking them. Darshanavarniya karma. And if darshanavarniya karma is very strong in person’s life, it blocks so much. They will laugh all the time, laughing, laughing, laughing. But everything will go
through the laughing. They will not learn. If even a master says one word, something, they will take it, oh, it is funny, and it is gone. It will not go, it will not
pierce in their heart at all. And when the word doesn’t
go into the heart, it will not transform your life. So that’s why I consider always that karma is the main problem. Karma is a darkness, block, is cloud, dusts, curtain, block,
whatever you name it. So it is all karma. And masters, they try to destroy it, the karma first. And master try to enter,
or fully penetrating to their consciousness, so that way this dark is little bit go away, and they begin to see themselves. – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] With so
many spiritual seekers out there, thousands, millions, how can you help them awaken if their karma is blocking them from receiving spiritual guidance? – Yeah, they can still
receive the guidance, but they will not be
right away on the path. Sometimes many spiritual people, they consider themselves
very spiritual, millions of them, I am talking. Because of the karma, it blocks
them, the real teachings. They might get trapped into
the fake teacher’s teachings. The teacher will say, “Hey, I can give you
samadhi in two minutes.” How? Have this ayahuasca. I have this drug. I have this LSD. Like what many psychologists I talk about, one psychologist, very popular, his name. He was from Russia, right? He used to give people LSD. And LSD makes you, puts you in that situation that it creates big illusion
in front of your mind, in front of you. So people think, oh,
they’re beginning to see millions of stars and these, and they went to the other world, and this is all hallucination. So it doesn’t help them. And any substance they give to them, alcohol, drug, smoking pot, anything, hashish, opium, anything, it will create more illusion. And that’s what I tell people, that be away from those kind of people who is giving you substance. And those substance
can create big illusion and can harm your life. The best thing is you find the
teacher who is really pure. And, also, is anti all of these things. When the teacher is anti
all of those things, that teacher can help you, at least. If teacher is not even yet on that level of that consciousness that he doesn’t even feel
compassion for animal, suppose. And that teacher is still eating animals, like they are not even vegetarian yet. How their consciousness can explore? Their consciousness will be so down. But millions of people can get trapped into that kind of teaching, because they are also
eating meat. They are also taking drugs. They are also taking alcohol. And that’s why it is easy,
because it is kind of, oh, this is like-minded person. I do this, he does too. Let’s go there. And millions of people, they got trapped into it. We need in this world again a person like Mahavira, a person like Parshvanath, a person like Adinath, they were totally against
this kind of thing. And they are never going to
harm, hurt, or kill any animals, forget eating is very far away. But they will not even harm them. So we need those kind of people again. And it is lacking, unfortunately. That’s why it is easy
to get trapped into the which is not real, and reality sometimes
it is in front of you, you cannot see it. It happened. It happened with many people. With Buddha, his chief disciple
Ananda was always leaving. But he was always jealous to him, because he was his maybe cousin? Relative? And he wanted to be popular. He wanted to kill Buddha. Like, he’s living with him, and he still couldn’t learn. Sometimes people are so blind, they cannot see the teacher. They get so much
mesmerized by other things. Like if a teacher’s giving a lecture and constantly crying, people think, oh, very
compassionate teacher. And it happened in the United States, and they proved to be very fake teacher. They got big scandal, they were collecting millions of dollars by crying, I’m talking. And people were so mesmerized, even Christian people. They couldn’t see the reality. And sooner or later, they found out, that collapsed fully. So, which is not real, sooner or later is going to collapse. The real truth, truth always stays. It is eternal. So is the spiritual mentorship, which is real. It will stay. It will guide, No matter he or she will speak with the person or not, and it can still lift their consciousness by meditating. If nobody comes to them. Sometimes, they are
sitting on the Himalayas. Nobody shows there. But they can still lift
their consciousness. How? Because they are in that
kind of level, high level. So the people can be affected by, within the thousands of miles circle, their aura is so strong. That’s what we need to do. We need to find out. These are discoveries, they are research. Spiritual mentorship is a discovery if we can find it. The real spiritual guide
should happen once, your life is totally transformed. – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Acharya Shree, what do you hope to
achieve with this podcast, and sharing your teachings, your knowledge and wisdom. What’s your goal for the truth-seeker? What’s your hope? – Actually, I don’t have hope. But I always tell people, if I will talk something, this talk will benefit a lot of people. Even the people who are not ready yet, they might be ready for after ten years. But even they will hear even one word. The people who are ready, they will grasp it fully. When they grasp it fully, they will learn, same time. But to this podcast, I see that people can learn forever. Even I am physically not here, one day, but my words will be here, and it can give generation
to generation guidance. And I think once it is there, the message is there, many people can get benefit out of it. So I decided to have this podcast for the benefit of the majority. And a lot of people sometimes, that’s what I tell people, even one word can change your life. If they’re hearing me, suppose 20 minutes, 30 minutes, they even one word can
strike to their heart, just one, it is enough. So even though in the real sense, I don’t want to talk, but I talk because you just
tell me maybe my compassion, I want people to be awakened, and they can learn even by a few words, it might change their life. That’s why I decided to do this. – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Well,
we’re all so grateful to you for sharing your guidance,
sharing your teachings. Thousands of people around the world have benefited from you. I’ve benefited from you. You’ve changed my life
since I was 20 years old. I was so honored and humbled
to become a monk under you when I turned 24, and since then, you have changed my life, transformed my life in so many ways. So your teachings are proven, it works, if you’re open to receiving that guidance. And I’m sure everyone’s going
to be super grateful for you for this podcast, as you continue to share
your knowledge and energy and wisdom throughout the world. So we’re grateful, and so for those who are beginning to follow this podcast, you can find us on Facebook
@AcharyaShreeYogeesh, or on Youtube, you can
also follow us there, or on iTunes, just type in
Acharya Shree Yogeesh podcast, and you’ll be able to sign up, subscribe, and continue
listening to these episodes, because again, like
Acharya Shree mentioned, when you receive the guidance, even one word can change your life. So take advantage of learning from a living enlightened master. The masters are so rare in this world. And if you’re ready, you’re ready. If you’re not, still be ready, because it’s your time to change. Mathen Vandami, Acharya Shree. – Thank you very much, and I want to tell you last word. I’m not here to teach anyone, and I don’t want to teach anyone. I am here to share. And I will share, continue sharing. Jai Siddhatma.


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  1. Colakat22

    February 21, 2019 9:31 pm

    I disagree for now at least, you don't need a mentor a lot of these emotional reactions are just subjective fantasies concerning gurus, and you must not follow them rather discover for yourself why your mind should be in focus rather than compulsive, see if the senses and the intellect are truly inadequate, find out if the psychic drama has an alternate clear awareness that is a big unknown, Take what you can understand for them but don't be a servant to them, nothing is more wonderful than coming upon something you didn't know.

  2. Anita V

    August 4, 2019 5:26 am

    Thank you teacher. Just one thing. Buddha's cousin who tried to kill him was not Ananda, but Devadatta. Ananda was loyal to Buddha till his death, and Ananda achieved enlightenment after Buddha's death. Ananda is the main contributor of Buddhist text. <3

  3. Angela Molnar/Pemberton

    October 3, 2019 12:41 am

    I am very grateful for all that you are sharing with the world. Thank you so very much for doing these podcasts. ❤️

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    You are amazing ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


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