The importance of trusting yourself while proceeding in your meditation journey

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Trust I think is a very much important factor in meditation for your journey because I can feel that a lot of people are actually probably in the beginning once they go a little bit further in their meditation practice they are confronted with a kind of a fear what is going to happen, when they really go deeper and that fear of, can I really let it go? what is going to happen with me? Will I fly away somewhere? And I think there is trust as an important attribute. Maybe you can talk a little bit about trust? Yes trust is the very fundamental requirement for meditation unless you trust yourself, unless you trust whosoever is teaching you or showing you the way, unless you trust this existence, unless you trust everything, basically you will never be able to really go beyond a certain point and that point is your own mind and you will never be able to move beyond your mind. So you will not be able to taste what meditation can really offer you. So trust is the essential foundation for meditation. And as you mentioned some fears and exactly overcoming these fears will happen and for that you need to trust in yourself or you need to trust in your practice or you need to trust in existence; in existence; and in whatever I mean basically you need to have that quality in your in your life. And that’s going to form the basis of you really experiencing what meditation offers. Yes and a lot of times it happens or to a lot of people that happens in the Western world that they don’t have this trust in born. They you know yeah I don’t know, you know better different in the in the Eastern world but I feel that everyone is very much constrained in their the non trusting ways securing everything they can possibly secure. And so my thought is um I mean if you don’t have this trust in born, if you if you didn’t get it while growing up if you don’t have it you have other ways? how can you trust? Yeah that’s a very very good question and something that almost I would say the whole humanity be it east or west is lacking, it does appear that in Eastern societies, in India or other parts of Asia there is the concept of trust,. is more inbuilt than here. But I see it is a bit different I think that’s more belief what they have than trust and belief is something again not so helpful in this journey as much as trust. What’s the differene? Trust is an entirely different dimension of your being of your of your understanding of life and belief is something when you don’t know, you just you create a version of it and you assume that, that’s it and you have as if you have almost answered that for yourself. So if you, if you believe that there is God then you have actually answered that for yourself that there is God, if you believe there is not there is no God then you have again answered this this thought this question this query in yourself that there is. And there is no proceeding any further so you are you’re closed you are;But when i believe it I don’t know it yet right? Yes you don’t know it yet and you have assumed something. So i’m assuming? yeah that’s that’s what I I see what belief isn’t and it is one of the reasons why people who do not see life and reality the way it is because they too soon fall for beliefs and just do not question and have the courage to explore without having to already believe and moving on to trust. Trust is something that as I said is a completely different quality of being and it’s both in its missing in the East as well it’s missing in the West as well and like in my personal experience I can tell you that this quality can be nurtured when you’re small when you’re when you’re a child and when you get the right love from your parents from surroundings, when you are, when you are not facing any unusual fears then there is a certain sprout of trust in you, arises in everything around you. And when you did not get that? how to build the trust later? Yeah that’s tricky because it’s not something that is straightforward and you start saying to yourself that I will trust and Trust will happen. So it’s something you’ll have to, it’s an understanding and as you as you are older as you are more mature you can reach there by understanding what it is really, you can meditate over it. in fact you can just simply introspect what is it? why? what is the quality of it what is the nature of this trust? and once you go into that introspection it it will come to you sooner or later. You just need to stick to it, you just need to hang on and keep on asking yourself what is it and why do you not have it? So all the things that are in between you and trust you will see them and you will see them be able to move them. Yeah that’s true and I think what would really help in invading distrust at least from my experience is to just look around on where you are on this earth you see with the sky, you see trees, you see birds, you see all this existence and you can actually not explain how that works and what brought you here and what is all this? So you can actually not really grasp that and this is and in order you know seeing all that and you know experiencing this existence it’s so much bigger than you are and that , that being bigger that being you not being able to explain it, am i right? There arises a certain trust. Yes exactly and this is the right starting point. I mean what I was referring to probably should happen as a second step and what you are saying should definitely be the first step where you just look around and you say you know you ask yourself, what is this existence all around me and is it is it something that is trust trustable or not and and and what is your relation to existence? are you fearing the existence? or are you happy to be in this existence? and I think once you go through that sort of questioning and that sort of introspection when you look around towards this existence you would then eventually come easier to trust and then you can go deep in yourself and then ask an introspect why are you not trusting yourself? if not, and if yes, then what is it and so on. So actually you can come via an intellectual inquiry, you can come to a state of more letting go, into existence and trusting? Yes, because we, the way we grow up we have to start with an intellectual inquiry because we don’t learn an inquiry any other way. So it starts with the intellectual aspects but it very soon moves on to another space.


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