The Inside and Outside of Meditation


[piano music] welcome now might be a good time to
settle for a time to just rest and restore the balance the calm it’s nice
to think of all of the cares and concerns in the world to be out there
it’s some distance all the events that are of concern the questions that need
to be answered just out there for a time later we can pick those up if we want to
but they’re out there for a time maybe you enjoy a sense of calm by turning the
attention to the muscles and allowing the muscles to relax shoulders to drop
hip joints to let go all the little muscles around the face even behind the
eyes relaxing letting go maybe the first inclination for calm is to turn to the
breath taking a full large breath into the belly to stretch the muscles taking
a full large breath into the ribcage to stretch the muscles to get the the
capacity back that’s it and then just breathing a full natural
breath in and out slowing because the breath is so full
now no need to count just breathing maybe you enjoy calm by turning the
attention to the mind seeing the thoughts that crossed the mind seeing a
thought rise linger for a while don’t push it away or pull it don’t get
attached to it but just let the thought go calming the mind just let the thought
fade away thoughts always fade away a way of unhooking disconnecting from the
cares and concerns in the mind then there’s this ability to have the aware
observer the truer self become present and to say oh I’m here again I’m
here and this aware observer inside to be able to see all of this happening and then just continue this balance
continue this calm continue the observation why not it feels better than
it did before before we started feels good inside you know I get confused
about the inside and the outside sometimes I started this little
exercise I guess by saying push all the things outside a way that the cares and
concerns away for a time you know space and time the physical world and then at
the end of the exercise we’re unhooking from the thoughts I suppose when we push the cares and concerns away outside it’s really the inner thoughts that we’re
letting go of for a time not something outside I get confused about the inside
and the outside sometimes I know outside I have outer senses I see and I hear but
I also have inner senses of inner sense of seeing inner sense of hearing
we call it imagining I remember time when I was a very young child oh how old
still so young I couldn’t see on the top of the kitchen counters so before I was
growing up in my dream I would see a toy that I really liked and so I I tried to
take that toy to grab it and bring it back with me into the physic
world because I noticed that I see the toy in the dream and then when I wake up
I don’t have the toy it’s gone somewhere so I remember trying several nights in a
row different ways of holding on to this toy this dream toy and and hanging on to
it so that I could bring it back into the physical world with me I remember
one time I wrapped my arms and legs around the toy in the dream and when I
woke up I thought I had it but I looked and it was nowhere to be found I think
that was my early lesson in what’s happening inside and versus what’s
happening outside you know all the physical objects and things that we deal
with in the day all of those happened in the imagination first a table a chair a
doorknob they were all imagined first and then only after that they came into
physical reality I often have said that healing begins in the imagination
first so how does this work we have some sort of discomfort some sort of desire
inside and then we make a physical object that’s on the outside and once
that physical object is there then we feel much better on the inside again
what’s that all about again being in something I really love
being in nature I love stepping into nature and feeling that aliveness all
around the trees the stones water flowing the warm Sun overhead the fresh
air the tree and the stones and the water they were all there long before I
was so it’s not my imagination that’s bringing those objects into being I wonder who is the imaginer of the
natural world the trees and the stones the oceans and the sky who imagined all
of that into being I I love the earth have great respect and care for the
earth as it is the creation of the imaginer I honor the imaginer by loving
the earth yes


3 Responses

  1. David Dark

    December 9, 2017 11:46 am

    Loved the childhood memory of trying to pull a toy out of a dream. When I was little I recall a briefly recurring dream where I spotted a candy bar that I really wanted. When I reached for it, it would float into the air and out of reach. On certain levels, I used to wonder if this dream was some form of early metaphorical foreshadowing for future life events, lol.

  2. qbert911

    December 11, 2017 2:37 am

    I enjoyed this episode very much. By telling a personal story there is a subtle invitation to the listener to summon a similar experience from their own life. In this way the author is able to concretize ideas that would otherwise be abstract and more difficult to communicate. I am excited to experience the second chapter. ☯️🙏

  3. John Murphy

    August 22, 2019 9:29 am

    I’ve literally seen inside my physical body, My consciousness went inside myself, and looked around. I Saw my heart pumping, lungs breathing, peristaltic motions of my digestive track. ect. ect.ect. This was a fantastic voyage, acompanied by a beautiful vision and sense of belonging to something bigger than myself.

    Jack 👁🕉👁Murphy


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