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it’s time to simplify the law of
attraction and get better results welcome back to my channel and if you’re
new my name is Mary Kate and I’m a mindset coach and manifesting expert
founder of so as of now my one-on-one coaching is
booked solid for the next six months and my waitlist keeps getting longer and
longer so because I’m so bucked up right now I wanted to find a way to still give
some online coaching so I created this free training for you on how to simplify
the law of attraction and a mindset technique that will seriously give you
great results so I’m so excited to get started and be sure to stay tuned until
the end of the video because I am going to give you your mantra for 2020 and
this is going to unlock your abundance so stay tuned till the end so the law of
attraction everybody makes it out to be this mystical magical thing where you
pray and ask for something and it just appears out of thin air but that is not
have a lot of Attraction works that’s not how manifesting works when you are
manifesting or creating something you’re not creating something that doesn’t
already exist so what I mean by that is everything
that you want everything you desire in this life already exists when you
manifest it all you do is become aligned with it energetically and bring it into
your reality so that car you about that house that want you want that job that
you want everything already exists that car art exists that house already exists
that job already exists I mean maybe the house isn’t built yet or the cars not
built yet but all of the parts exist all of those things exist and when you tap
into the frequency and align with it then it can come into your reality so
when you’re manifesting something and using the law of attraction you’re not
trying to do a magic trick where you say abracadabra and something appears out of
thin air and you manifested it you manifest things whether you like it or
not the law of attraction is always at work whether you realize you’re using it
or not when you are vibrating negative low vibe things if you’re unhappy sad
depressed anxious scared angry fear all of those different things you’re you’re
vibrating at a certain low energy and you’re at that low energy you’re going
to attract things in that energy you’re going to attract more things that cause
you more fear more things that cause you anxiety more things that scare you more
things that upset you more things that make you angry but if you can shift to a
different frequency to a different level you can attract more happiness abundance
joy ease I like to say vibrate at the feeling of ease make everything easy if
you think that money is easy it’s going to be easy if you think that life is
going to be easy it will be easy and obviously things do happen and anytime
something negative happens even when you’re in a high of I’ve stayed it’s
because the universe is trying to show you a lesson
so that you can get to the next level and get what you want I have another
video on this I’ll leave a link down below but I like to say it it’s like a
game so you’re going along what the first level you start the first level
and as you’re going about this level you encounter certain obstacles that you
have to get around in order to get to level 2 and level 2 might be the thing
where you’re trying to manifest so that new car that you want might be a level 2
so you have to get through level 1 go through the obstacles learn what you
need to learn in order to get to level 2 and once you’re at level 2 then you can
get the car the car might be on level 3 level 4 and you might have to go through
a few different levels and a few different obstacles till you learn and
become the version of yourself that you need to be to have what you want okay
sorry that was a lot as a mouthful probably sounded confusing but the
universe will deliver lessons until you learn and evolve and become the person
you need to be to have what it is that you want so it’s not only about
energetically aligning with what you want it’s about learning the lessons and
moving on getting to the next level getting over the lessons so then it’s
time something negative that you perceive as negative something bad
happens or something that scares you or you know something comes up in your life
things will always come up look at what the lesson is don’t get mad don’t get
frustrated if you have like all the sudden this crazy unexpected bill or you
know your car just broke down instead of getting mad and you know blaming it on
everybody else or blaming the universe or just getting you know energetically
misaligned and causing more negative things why don’t you stop pause look at
the lesson ask the universe if you’re not sure ask the universe say what is
the in this what is the lesson in this what
do I need to learn in order to get to the next level get quiet get clear get
through it move on so when you move on you get to the next level trying to find
the lesson in these things though because a lot of the time say you’re
trying to manifest money and you’re trying and try and you can sometimes
manifest money but then you know it all falls apart say you manifested say you
want to manifest $30,000 when to pay off all your debt that’s what your goal is
say you manifest that money but you haven’t learned the lesson you’re
probably just gonna end up repeating it over and over and over and over again so
you might pay off that debt and because you don’t learn your lesson you might
end up getting more debt and you have to pay off again so unless you really truly
understand and learn the lessons you need to learn the universe is going to
keep sending you lessons so that is a huge important thing to understand when
using the law of attraction and manifesting so the first is you’re not
manifesting something out of thin air nothing like that it’s everything you
want already exists and when you think of it from that idea it makes things
more exciting knowing that that car or that job or that house or that
opportunity that you want to create it’s already out there you just have to
energetically align with it and become the right match for it and become the
right person you need to be for it by learning the lessons that you need to
learn does that make sense so I want to get rid of this illusion
that the law of attraction is this mystical experience and that some people
are good at it and some people are bad at it or anything like that it’s
literally a law and they’re just have to understand how to work this law I talked
about one of my other videos also the two cut method video where everything is
not a frequency so like I said before everything that you want is already
there it’s already created or already exists so I like to give the example of
a radio station say the frequency you are living in right now is 101.3 and
you’re living in 101.3 but in this frequency you might not have a job you
like or you might not have the money you want or you might not have the
relationship you want or you’re just not living where you feel like you need to
be you don’t feel like you’re fulfilling your purpose you don’t feel happy to get
up say that’s at 101.3 all of the opposite
exists at one at 1.8 and in order to get that job you want get that house you
want live the life you want feel fulfilled be excited every day you just
need to tap into that frequency and the way you do that is through mindset work
thinking from feeling like acting like the version of yourself that already has
it learning the lessons you need to learn there are a bunch of different
factors that happen when you start consciously creating your life so these
are all factors in that and when it comes to mindset work I want you to
start looking at not only your beliefs about something or your feelings around
them but also your expectations of it because if you don’t expect that you can
earn a certain amount or have a certain amount or you know have a certain job
then you’re never going to have it if you don’t raise your expectations and
believe what you’re worthy of then you really keep won’t ever be able to
manifest that the reason that a lot of people there’s a reason that a lot of
people try and there’s a reason that a lot of people you know learned about the
law of attraction and then they’re like I’m gonna manifest a million dollars I’m
gonna manifest winning a lottery and then they don’t get results there is a
reason behind that and it’s because that they never programmed their mindset they
never raised their expectations to believe they could have that they never
raised the level that they felt they were worthy of so unless you kind of
raised the bar the universe can’t really meet you there because if you only
really truly have expectations of making 30,000 a year or 50,000 a year then how
was the universe going to deliver a million dollars a year it’s just you’re
not aligned with it and you’re not creating that in your reality and
expectations so when I say raise your expectations I want you to do it slowly
because for most people it’s not easy to make a huge jump from you know expecting
you can make 50,000 to 500,000 some people I’m sure you could you know do it
faster than others but for the majority it’s easier to do small little bits so
why don’t you start off by raising your expectations $200 and then when you
reach that how about $400 and then when you reach that six
or start with 1,000 and when you reach that hit mm and when you reach that hit
3000 because when you slowly start raising your expectations you never want
to lower them or go back so when you start making $1000 more or $2,000 more
that’s your new expectation and that’s what you believe you’re capable of
having and that’s what you will end up creating when you’re making right now
say you’re making 30,000 50,000 like I said whatever you’re making right now
you wouldn’t expect all of a sudden this year to earn half of that or a quarter
of that or are none of that because that’s not what you’re expecting and
you’re expecting to continue to get paid a certain amount because that’s where
your expectations are so if you could raise those expectations you’ll just
keep earning more and more and more as long as you’re outlined as long as
you’re tuning in to the right frequency as long as you’re acknowledging the
lessons that you need to learn and becoming the person you need to be to
have what it is that you want like I said this is a free coaching and because
my coaching is so booked up I wanted to give you as much information as possible
so there is a lot of information I’m throwing at you what I really highly
recommend is watching this video more than once watch it a few times watch it
as much as you need to because each time you watch it you’ll probably catch a new
thing or something new will click or you know something that didn’t quite make
sense will get clarity to you because all of this information builds on each
other and when you have this information you really can unlock your manifesting
abilities I like to say I became really good at studying and practicing the law
of attraction because I am stubborn and well being stubborn is not always a
trait that people admire when it comes to the law of attraction stubbornness
will get your results because in the law of attraction when you decide that you
are going to have something and it is yours it happens in your reality so that
kind of stubbornness really boosts your results so why not claim to the universe
I’m going to have this or something better and be stubborn about it if it’s
not happening right away if it’s not happening in it at five months if it’s
not happening in a year continue to be stubborn because the more stubborn you
are the firmer your belief will be in it and it will come to you in time you
can’t control the timing you have to surrender that no matter how stubborn
you are you can’t control the timing so so be stubborn when using the law of
attraction and manifesting say I want this or better and you will get
or better be stubborn because more stubborn you are you can ignore the
outside circumstances and the fact that it hasn’t happened yet in your reality
when you are that determined that is going to happen your reality it will I
can’t stress this enough so many people overcomplicate the law of attraction and
make it out to be so much harder than it is but if I can give you one piece of
advice be stubborn decide what you want is yours
and it will be yours you can’t really control the timing like I said but be
stubborn in your pursuit of having being or doing what you want decide to the
universe I’m going to have this or better and you will get that or better I
can’t even explain to you how simple it is so be stubborn and your efforts hold
your expectations high attract the right frequency vibe at the right frequency
aligned with what it is that you feel like you’re meant to do don’t take no
for an answer be stubborn in your pursuit of what you want and believe
that what you want is yours and learn the lessons you need to learn and be the
person you need to be to have beat or do whatever it is that you want are you
exhausted yet I feel like I’m throwing weeks worth of training at you in one
video so I just wanted to leave you with all of that I’ll let you sit on that
process it like I said watch this video a couple times over to understand and
having new aha moments and have things click for you because the more you
understand all of this information I just threw at you with them work how are
you have it to you consciously create a reality I have some new courses coming
out and some new projects I’m working on that I’m really excited to share with
you so if you haven’t already be sure to sign up on my email list @ MK magic
mindset comm so you can be the first to know when I have coaching spots open or
programs released and everything will be up-to-date there so as promised I will
leave you with your mantra for 2020 this is a good one make sure you say this to
yourself as often as you need I don’t care how it sounds how it looks whatever
but this is your new mantra for 2020 I get everything I want I know how that
sounds bratty I know that sounds self-absorbed I know that sounds
whatever who cares your new mantra for 2020 is I get whatever I want
have whatever I want however you want to say it either way aside but I get
whatever I want be stubborn in your pursuit to have beer
do whatever it is that you want I can have whatever I want I can have whatever
I want and if you want to add on or better that just expands the universe’s
opportunity to deliver you even better results so get selfish about 2020 this
is your year I can have whatever I want that’s your mantra I really hope you
enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up leave me a comment
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got to do this training for you you


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