The orgasm of meditation – Meditation for beginners Q&A with Dhyanse & Kristin

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When people have their first meditation practices, the first hours sitting down, they usually talk about some strange experiences happening to them. For example, I sometimes hear that people are talking about some kind of orgasmic feeling which runs through the whole body, well some energy and then they become a little scared and they don’t know what’s going to happen to them. Maybe you can make them feel more comfortable with it. Well if somebody has a orgasmic feeling, I would say there is nothing to be scared about so, I know what you’re referring to. So you’re referring to this rush of energy which you feel in that silence. If you understand what it is, I think that would solve a lot of unclarity about it and you would be less scared if you were. You have to see it like this, that the way our mind is occupied with several things all the time we, you know our energies are totally scattered all over the place we do not think one thing at one time. We are thinking a million things, our mind, our attention, our energies are scattered all over the place. And when you sit down for meditation, when you give yourself that space for that integration to happen inside of yourself, of your mind, of your energies, what happens is suddenly you know you discover all those energies which were wasted and you were not able to even feel them in yourself. So it’s something that is that there is always in you, but you discover it a new, you discover it for the first time. And that in my eyes that should give more confidence to a meditator, that he is on the right path, that his practice is right and he should continue doing that.


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