The Pain That Started Pathways: The Pain Relief App

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Repetitive strain injury, I’d heard about
it, but little did I know that it would soon take over and change my life forever. It’s 2010, and just like any other day, I’m
hard at work typing away at the computer, when all of sudden I feel pain running up
from my right hand and throughout my forearm. I think, “Hey, that’s strange. Maybe I overdid it at the gym.” But in reality, this was the first sign of
RSI, and the pain would soon intensify. I lasted a few more weeks, powering through
my work and through the pain, knowing that I had deadlines to meet and I couldn’t afford
to take a break. That’s until the pain spread to both my arms,
and got so bad that each keystroke caused a ripple of pain. And it wasn’t just work that I was missing
out on, I couldn’t drive, type a message, or even flick the page on a book. I believed that any fine use of the muscles
and nerves in my hands and arms would cause pain, and that’s exactly what happened. Then, followed years of desperate treatment. I tried resting for months, I spent a lot
of time and money on massage, acupuncture, diet changes, stretching, yoga, decreasing
and increasing sports activity, and finally, two invasive surgeries as a highly credential
doctor believed it would solve the issue. Once I recovered from the trauma of surgery,
to my horror, the pain returned in the exact same way and with the same intensity as before
surgery. I felt like I had exhausted all options. I reluctantly went to see what I thought would
be the last doctor I’d visit. After a couple of examinations, the doctor
explained that there was nothing wrong with my arms, mechanically they were fine. But, due to years of desperate treatment and
anxiety, my pain system had become overactive and oversensitive. My brain was now in the habit of creating
pain whenever I feared and expected it to come on. She explained how the brain can sometimes
create pain, with little to no stimuli, like in the case of phantom limb pain where someone
will feel 100% real pain in a limb that isn’t there. I went home and digested all the pain sites
that I could, knowing that if there’s a chance I could influence the pain, I’d do it. Within two months I was 100% pain free. Life changing, and still something that amazes
me to this day. I now realize how many people suffer from
chronic pain that will not find permanent relief unless they perform brain retraining
techniques. This is the case for all types of pain that
outlasts the normal healing period, which for almost every major injury is a maximum
of six months, from back pain, to shoulder and neck pain, and other joint pain. It’s also the case for conditions such as
migraines and Fibromyalgia, when there’s pain but no injury. Brain retraining techniques could offer massive
pain relief, like it did with me. All the techniques that desensitize your pain
system and response to pain, could take you from experiencing a horrible pain day, to
being able to continue doing the things you love. The brain retraining techniques don’t make
you immune to chronic pain. Every so often I’ll have a minor flare up,
and feel pain in my arms, or it might migrate to other areas that I’ve injured in the past. But, I can always link this back to stress
and anxiety, and once I address that, I’m back to normal within minutes. Research shows that some people are more prone
to having stress and anxiety manifest as real physical pain, I’m one of those people. Chronic pain is the biggest global health
burden. There are billions of people around the world
living with pain when they don’t need to. That needs to change, and I created Pathways,
a chronic pain therapy app alongside Pain Patients, and with the influence of some of
the most respected pain scientists in the world. The Pathways app, uses scientifically proven
techniques to reduce, or in some cases, eliminate chronic pain. If you are someone you know suffers from chronic
pain, download the Pathways app for free. Truly understanding pain science and practicing
our techniques, could change your life.


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