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Gelong: Morning. Together: Morning. Gelong: I’m so happy to be here. And thank you so much, Vishen, for inviting
me to be part of this. So my talk is about meditation. My talk is about pain, and my talk is about
compassion. So I wanna tie together these three areas. So as you heard in the introduction, I do
quite a lot of courses. I give a lot of classes and courses in meditation. And one of the things I’ve noticed, which
I’m sure you’ve noticed too, is that many people have a view about meditation that it’s
like shutting yourself down. A lot of people struggle when they meditate
because they try to clear their mind. And that phrase clear your mind is sort of
thrown around a lot, clear your mind, clear your mind, clear your mind. And of course you’re sitting there trying
to clear the mind and the mind is screaming. And so people are struggling to clear their
mind, to switch off their thoughts. I think people are struggling because the
whole concept is not helpful. Trying to sort of go into a blank state is
more like trying to become unconscious. It’s like being in a coma or unconscious. And so I think meditation has nothing to do
with clearing the mind. It has nothing to do with switching off. It’s about switching on. It’s about waking up. And so the thoughts and the emotions, and
particularly our pain are very powerful catalysts in the practice if you can learn how to work
with them in a creative way. So when we talk about meditation and we talk
about consciousness and we talk about expanding our consciousness, which is obviously the
theme here, what we’re talking about is realizing that our mind is bigger than our thoughts. And some of the metaphors used for this in
the texts, the ancient texts on meditation are metaphors such as the sky or the ocean. Okay, so imagine you’re flying in an airplane
and the airplane is coming down to land. You look out of the window and it’s all blue
sky, and then you look down below you and there’s this blanket of clouds. It’s like cotton wool, and it looks very solid. The plane is coming down to land. Of course we know that the plane is gonna
come down through the clouds and land. But if you didn’t know that, maybe if you’re
a small child or somebody who just doesn’t know how these things work, you might think
that the plane is gonna crash into the clouds because they look very solid. So in the metaphor, obviously the sky is our
mind. The clouds are our thoughts and emotions. And this is what happens to us is that when
we are experiencing our thoughts and emotions, especially if they’re difficult, painful thoughts
and emotions, we tense up because we think we’re gonna crash. But of course if you understand that your
mind is just like that sky and the airplane is your awareness and you’re able to just
move through those thoughts and emotions without grabbing onto them and without pushing them
away, then that’s meditation. So another example is the ocean. The ocean has its natural flow, the waves. The waves are coming, the waves are going,
the waves aren’t separate from the ocean. They’re just the natural expression of the
ocean. So because of that non-separation the ocean
doesn’t need to push away its waves or grab onto its waves. The ocean has no problem with its waves. So similarly the mind doesn’t need to have
any problem with its thoughts and emotions if it learns just to accept. So I wanna talk about very a simple meditation
technique, which I’m sure you’ve all practiced, but I want to talk about it in this context. And that’s when we meditate by focusing on
our own breathing. I mean that’s a very basic, very classical
meditation technique. And I wanna talk about how this helps us to
enhance our awareness. So when we’re focusing on our breathing, we
all know how quickly the plan fails because we sit down with the plan that we’re gonna
meditate and we’re gonna focus on our breathing, and then within a few seconds we’re thinking
about what’s for lunch, or the mind is, you know, going here and going there. That is where the training now kicks in because
here we now have the chance to notice that our mind got lost and bring our attention
back to the breathing. So we’re not trying to remove the thoughts,
we’re just bouncing back to the present moment. So we’re just leaving the thought alone. We’re not blocking it, we’re not chasing it,
we’re just letting it be and returning. So every time we return to the breath we’re
strengthening our awareness, we’re building a relationship with our awareness. We are being that awareness. So we’re being the sky instead of the clouds. And we do that again and again and again. And obviously we’re gonna get stronger at
it and more able to come back to the present moment more swiftly. But we’re not looking for anything. We’re not searching for anything. So this is often the problem is that we’re
searching. So myself, as you heard, I became a monk 24
years ago. I was 21. I was incredibly tormented, tormented by stress,
tormented by unhappiness, pain, physical pain, emotional pain. And I came to the monastery to learn meditation
to get rid of my pain. And what happened was I started to become
kind of addicted to meditation. I was meditating in quite a sort of addictive
way, and I was doing all these sessions of meditation and I started to get more and more
depressed. I started to feel this incredible heaviness
in my heart area, like a kinda sinking feeling, like a disappointment, depression. And I went to my teacher, Tibetan Lama, and
I said, “You know, I’m doing all this stuff and it’s making me depressed.” And he said, “No, it’s not making you depressed.” He said, “You’re meditating like somebody
who’s taking drugs. You’re looking for a high, you’re looking
for bliss, you’re searching, you’re pushing, you’re trying to feel something.” And I realized he was right and this completely
changed my attitude to meditation because I started to realize that in our life we’re
always searching something. And our culture is very much a culture of
exaggeration of the senses. Feel good, feel high, feel buzzy, get something,
kinda ramping up our senses, or the media that we all view, the Internet, the movies,
it’s all very snappy, very kind of exciting. So we want that lift. Even the food we eat is laced with E numbers
and additives and buzzy chemicals to make us feel something. So then we start meditating and the same thing
happens. We’re looking for that feeling. We’re looking for an experience. And the problem with that I find is that when
we’re searching for that experience, we’re telling ourself we don’t have it. So at the same time as looking for happiness
and looking to feel good, we’re creating a deficiency. We’re creating a sense of lack, a feeling
that we don’t have it. So in a way, we’re denigrating, we’re denigrating
our present experience by saying happiness is over there, and that’s how we’ve lived. That’s how we’ve lived in our society. Happiness is over there. If you’re thin enough, rich enough, beautiful
enough, whatever enough, then you’ll be happy. So then we meditate and we say, if I’m blissed
enough, if I’m high enough, if I’m…then I’ll be happy. So the same cycle starts up again. So I think if we learn to let go of that desire
and discover that happiness and joy are in this moment now, then we can start to progress. I mean, something else I can share with you
from my own story is after being a monk for 12 years, I went into retreat. In our tradition, we do these really sort
of extreme retreats of four years where you’re kinda locked away for four years. There’s no interaction with the outside world. There’s no computers, no news, nothing, and
you’re just in retreat for four years. We were on a Scottish island so you can’t
even get off the island. And there’s a small courtyard where you can
walk for fresh air, but there’s a wall around it and you can’t go out. It’s voluntary, okay? You heard I worked in prisons. It’s not that kind of thing. So I spent the first two years in tears. I spent the first two years of that retreat
incredibly depressed. And what happened when I went into the retreat
was I had a lot of arrogance because I’d been a monk for 12 years, I was kind of a bit more
senior than the other people in retreat. I thought, you know, I’ll be fine. There was a kinda pride there, a kinda arrogance. I’ll do this, I’m okay. And I crashed. I crashed into a very, very severe depression
and anxiety. And I remember being unable to even meditate. I remember feeling like I was falling through
space with nothing to hold me. And it was such a bizarre combination of like
lying at the bottom of a well and also extreme anxiety. And the overriding sensation was like a knife
twisting here in my heart. And I hated it and I cried and I pushed. I was pushing, pushing it away. And who would wanna feel like that? Of course you’re pushing it away. And I really hit rock bottom. And of course when you hit rock bottom, the
only way is up. So something changed in the last half of the
retreat where I started to learn how to make friends with that feeling. It was a massive breakthrough for me because
I learned how to…instead of push away that feeling, I learned how to move closer to it. And almost that you expand your awareness,
you expand your awareness around the feeling, and you completely embrace it. You’re opening, you’re melting into that feeling. And the key is you have to drop the storyline
because there was a story with the feeling. There was my past, there was this happened,
that happened. Those are the storylines that we tell ourselves,
which actually distract us from the essence of what is going on in this moment. So when I learned how to not get caught in
the story and instead relate with compassion to the feeling, it started to change, it started
to melt into a feeling of love. The practice is unconditional kindness. The practice is unconditional love. So you’re becoming one with your feeling. Until that point, there’s always two things. There’s the difficult feeling and there’s
me being bothered by it. There’s the subject and object. I am bothered by that. If you become one with it, who’s bothering
who? How can it hurt you if you are it and it is
you? If there’s a oneness. And that’s what compassion is, compassion
is oneness. I don’t like the word compassion. We don’t have a word in English that really
sums up what is expressed in the teachings on meditation. We use the word compassion, but it’s not enough
because it sounds like a separation. I am looking down on you. You are sad. I am feeling sorry for you. That’s not it. It’s oneness. And it’s trained through this interaction
with your own mind, this interaction of non-separation and learning that the discomfort that we experience
is the key to happiness and the key to compassion. So this feeling started to shift. And the second half of my retreat was completely
opposite to the first half. The first half of my retreat, the overriding
image was I felt like I was inside a metal box, inside a metal ball with spikes on the
inside digging into me, and any move I made mentally or physically, the ball would roll
and the spikes would dig into me. The second half of the retreat was like sinking
into a comfortable bed. You are in the comfort of your own mind because
you start to make friends with yourself. So this was enormously helpful for me. And something I’m still learning about and
still trying to share with others are on how to make peace with your mind. And so I think when we’re trying to…going
back to my initial point, when we’re trying to clear our mind, that’s like annihilation. That’s a very aggressive, you know, very aggressive
sort of violent thing to do to try and empty your mind. And then when you are trying to push for a
bliss or a high or a special feeling, again, that’s a very aggressive…to me it feels
very aggressive because I’m telling myself, “This is boring. I don’t like this. I wanna go over there.” So to me that’s a kind of aggression. And then to go back to what I was saying about
this very simple technique of when you’re focusing on your breathing, so you’re focusing
on your breathing, your mind wanders, and then there’s a moment where you notice your
mind has wandered. How many of you get tensed with that…when
that happens? That’s totally normal, isn’t it? We feel like a failure. The mind wandered and we think, “Ugh, I’ve
blown it,” and we kind of pull it back. So that’s the kind of aggression. Again, I would suggest a different approach. I would suggest that when your mind wanders,
you realize that that is what aids you in coming back to the breath. So your thoughts are your friend, not your
enemy. They’re like weights in a gym. If you go to the gym, you don’t wanna lift
feathers, you wanna lift weights. So if your mind is wandering a lot, that’s
good because it gives you a chance to return. And that moment of recognition that your mind
has got lost, that moment is key. For many people that’s a moment of failure. Like I asked you, do you get tensed? That’s like you failed. But if you can learn to see that moment as
a moment of success because you were lost and now you’re found and you’re back in the
conscious awareness, then you’re making peace with your thoughts. This is self-forgiveness. This is self-acceptance, this is compassion. And only through resolving that internal conflict
can we become a more compassionate person in our external world. So I think it’s very much about the journey
of friendship, friendship with your mind. So as you heard in the introduction, I was
involved in the film “Doctor Strange” and I noticed all of you put your hand up, you’ve
all seen it. And to me that’s a very interesting metaphor
for what I’m talking about. Of course it’s a Disney Marvel movie. It has to be bells and whistles, big effects. That’s part of the deal. But I wonder how many people got the true
message of it. I wonder how many people thought, “Great,
if you meditate, you can fly.” I got a few emails afterwards saying, you
know, “Is that how it works?” If you meditate, you can open portals to another
universe. That’s not the point. Actually, all those scenes where Benedict
was flying through space with kind of colors and psychedelic goings on and hands reaching
for him, kind of demonic forces, it’s all a symbol. It’s a symbol for the loss of self because
the film starts with this very arrogant doctor who is all puffed up and he goes to the ancient
one and she says, “It’s not about you. It’s not about you.” It’s not that he has to remove his ego or
destroy it. He has to transcend it. And so when he’s experiencing all of that
wormhole in space and going through all that, those experiences, that’s what I’ve been talking
about. It’s a symbol for embracing the shadow, embracing
the darkness. It’s not about flying up there. It’s about flying in here. If you wanna fly up there just catch a plane,
it’s easy. So I think that’s the important message about
meditation that I wanted to share with you is that it’s about compassion. And now I want to say a few more things about
compassion. I think that there’s a lot of people who meditate
understandably to reduce their stress. That’s fine. That’s okay. But there comes a point where you wanna kinda
go further than that. There comes a point where it’s kinda beyond
just relaxing, and that’s what my workshop this afternoon will be about. We’ll expand more on that in that session. And I think that point is where you start
thinking about compassion and the idea that your practice of meditation is an act of compassion
and you are practicing in order to benefit others, not just yourself. And this is how you expand your practice. You know how when we do a session of meditation,
maybe, I don’t know, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and our mind is just wandering the whole time
and we finish our 10 minutes and we think, “Well, what was that about? Was it worth it?” It feels like a drop in the ocean, doesn’t
it? But if you motivate that practice as compassion,
you’re doing it for compassion, then you’re taking that drop and you’re putting it in
the ocean. The drop in the ocean becomes the ocean, it
becomes limitless. What is the ocean? The ocean is simply the total of all the drops. So when we do our meditation and we start
each session by creating a very profound intention of compassion, we want to benefit all beings
and we’re meditating out of love for all beings. And then at the end of the session, having
a moment of dedicating the practice to all beings. A moment where you think, “I give this to
all beings.” What you’ve done is you’ve turned your 5 or
10-minute meditation into a compassion practice. In one of the Buddhist texts it says, “If
you have a drop of water and it’s just lying on the palm of your hand and you just leave
it there, the drop of water just dries up. If you want to make that drop of water last
forever, you take that drop and you put it in the ocean and it becomes part of the ocean.” So similarly with our practice, if our practice
of meditation is very self-motivated, it’s like the drop of water on the hand. It just dries up. If it’s compassion motivated, it’s like putting
the drop of water in the ocean, it becomes limitless. What do I mean by self-motivated practice? I mean when we’re just trying to get something
out of it for ourself because the problem there is that the self is insatiable, ourself
is…it’s like working for a boss who’s never happy with anything you do. Whatever you do the boss says, “That’s not
good enough. I want more. You didn’t do it right.” The nagging voice of our ego is constantly
telling us, “You gotta be better. You gotta be bigger. You’ve gotta be stronger. You’ve gotta be more this, more that.” Because the mechanism of self is all around
pushing for something and pushing away something, wanting more, wanting to get away from something
else, grasping after pleasure, pushing away discomfort. And this is like running on a wheel, like
a hamster on a wheel, you know, running, running, running, but not moving, running towards pleasure,
running away from pain. That’s the sort of mechanics of ego. And so when that becomes the energy of our
meditation practice, the same problem happens. The meditation practice actually feels like
it’s like a drop of water that’s just dried up. It doesn’t seem to… There’s no juice, you know, it’s just dry. And the practice becomes very unsatisfying. Well, you could experience what I experienced
where I was having that sort of heaviness in my heart because I was feeling I wasn’t
getting anything from it. It’s kinda ego based practice. Compassion based practice is where you’re
practicing for the benefit of others, which includes you. I’m not saying you are just this doormat and
you’re gonna become this kinda Marta and help everybody and you’re going to be miserable. I don’t mean that. Compassion is incredibly enriching. And according to Buddhist philosophy, compassion
is the natural state of our mind. Compassion is the natural state of our mind. And I’m very interested in the links between
Buddhism and neuroscience. And when we talked with neuroscientists, they
talk about the natural chemistry of the body, which a baby experiences. Oxytocin. You know, oxytocin is the chemical that a
baby experiences when the mother and child…when she’s breastfeeding the child, mother and
baby go into a state of oxytocin. This is also default state, chemically. Oxytocin is the chemistry of love, the chemistry
of unconditional love. You know, when it’s love that needs something
like a validation it’s more like dopamine, the druggy love. When it’s a love that’s expanded and doesn’t
want anything in return it’s oxytocin. So that to me suggests that we are hardwired
for love on a chemical level. In Buddhist philosophy it’s been talked about
for centuries, but it’s exciting to see how science is catching up with Buddhism, 2,500
years a bit late but anyway. So according to this knowledge, compassion
is our natural state. So the quality of our consciousness is love. The nature of our consciousness is love, unconditional
love, not love that needs validation, but unconditional love. So if we are meditating with that in mind
and we’re having that sense of compassion, that giving in our practice, then we’re on
the right track. And as I said earlier, how you relate to your
own discomfort is the key. It is absolutely the key. And what I try to work with myself and what
I try to share with others is those tiny moments, those tiny moments of discomfort throughout
the day, I find those very interesting, those tiny moments of physical and emotional discomfort. That’s the practice. So when you’re standing in a queue or when
you’re stuck in traffic, even when you are in like the hotel here and you’re pressing
the button at the lift, the elevator and you’re waiting for the lift. There’s a moment of waiting, isn’t there? There’s a moment where the body tenses up. “When’s the lift gonna come?” We see all these moments of waiting, being
stuck, stuck in traffic, standing in a queue, whatever. We see these as moments of discomfort, moments
of time stolen. For a meditator these are moments of time
given because if you can learn how to in that moment completely surrender, you’re reprogramming
your brain, you’re reprogramming your heart, you’re learning to meet discomfort as a friend. So it doesn’t have to be a big huge thing
like sitting in a four-year retreat and having a knife twisting in your heart like I was
describing. It can be a very subtle moment during the
day where you feel that discomfort and instead of seeking another something to get rid of
it, you meet it with love, you meet it with acceptance. These tiny micro sensations are very exciting
when you learn how to work with them, micro sensations in the body, micro sensations of
tension in your shoulders, in your belly, in your hands. Don’t even try to relax them because trying
to relax is another kind of aggression. I’m tense. I need to relax. What I mean is you just meet it with awareness. This whole thing is around awareness. This whole thing is around conscious awareness,
being the sky instead of the clouds. The sky encompasses the clouds. So normally when we have sensations of tension
in our body, we push them away. We hate them. But if you can relax with them and just be
compassionate and be in that moment with awareness, you’re making friends with reality. This is how to increase joy without looking
for joy. It’s a paradox. You know how people fall in love when they
stop looking for Mrs. Right or Mr. Right? It’s the same with meditation. One of my teachers once said, “We’re mentally
very rich when we desire nothing.” We’re mentally very rich when we desire nothing. I think that’s a very powerful statement. We’re mentally very rich when we desire nothing. So what I’m saying here is that if you’re
trying to push yourself into a state of joy, you’re just focusing on the absence of joy. You’re focusing on lack. If on the other hand, you meet pain with joy,
you’re programming yourself, you’re teaching yourself that you can be present. And in this moment, everything is there. Everything you always wanted is there. And what this exercise does is a very clever
thing. You know, the exercise of learning to be mindful
or aware or present in traffic jams or queues or when your phone slows down, any of these
kinda waiting situations. It’s very clever because next time you’re
stuck in traffic, you’re gonna think, “Oh great, I can try that thing now. I can do that thing I learned from that monk. I’m gonna do it.” So you’re almost saying, “Bring it on. Bring it on. Bring on the pain because this is my training.” So then your relationships change. That person you find uncomfortable becomes
your friend. Because instead of mentally shutting down
and feeling, “Oh, this pain, I want it to go away,” you’re opening to it. Your consciousness is expanding to just be
with what is and not push anything away. So you have a kinda oneness, like a unity. And that means anytime anything goes wrong
in your life, you could kinda get excited about it. You could think, “I’m gonna rewire my neurons. I’m gonna change my brain chemistry.” It’s counterintuitive, isn’t it? Because normally we wanna feel good, but feeling
bad. It doesn’t have to be feeling bad. It’s a subjective experience. It’s a matter of opinion. So I’d like to just end this session with
a short meditation. I know some of you are gonna come to the longer
session I’m doing this afternoon, but I’d love to meditate with you guys together now
if you like. You know, a lot of people like to close their
eyes when they meditate. I do the opposite. I keep my eyes open. That’s how I was taught. And the reason for that is it’s about being
in this moment rather than shutting down this moment or changing this moment. And the meditation I’d like to share with
you, which is really easy to do here, maybe not in this room, but here is to look at the
ocean, to look at the ocean or look at the sky. So in this room I’d like to ask you to visualize
the ocean or the sky, but I’d like to also encourage you later to go and do this on the
beach where you’re literally looking into the horizon. You’re looking into the where the ocean and
the sky meet and you’re looking out many miles in front of you in a straight line. Blink whenever you need to. Don’t sit there with your eyes watering. And what you’re doing is you’re mixing your
mind with space. Your mind is expanding. Your mind is becoming one with the sky. You’re not kind of hemmed in, you’re completely
open, and all the distractions are just like waves in the ocean or clouds in the sky. And you’re just almost looking through them,
looking beyond them, and you’re not grasping after them and going into a whole journey
and you’re not pushing them down. Let’s try a little session like that, but
it’s got three steps. It’s what I call a compassion sandwich. You’re gonna start with compassion, you’re
gonna do the practice, and then end with compassion. Compassion’s either side of the technique. So let’s sit up nice and straight. [00:33:53] [Silence] [00:34:10] You can close your eyes to start with if you
want, and we’re gonna take three deep breaths. We’re gonna breathe in deeply through our
nose. We’re gonna breathe out deeply through our
mouth just to settle. Breathe in deep. Breathe out deep. Feel yourselves waking up. Breathe in deep. Breathe out deep. Feel yourselves dancing. Breathe in deep. Breathe out deep. Feel yourself singing. Open your eyes. Let’s spend a moment generating the intention
that you wish to benefit others. Generating the intention that you wish to
bring peace to this world. Generating the intention of love, unconditional
love, love towards the enemy as well as the friend. Generating the wish that we may practice to
wake up and wake everybody else up. Now just look straight in front of you and
feel or imagine that you’re looking into space, into the sky, into the sea. Your mind goes on for miles. There’s no edge, no boundary. You are that space. Space can encompass everything. The pain, the pleasure, the distraction, the
angry thoughts, the idle thoughts, the, what’s for lunch thoughts, the, when is he gonna
finish thoughts. It’s all there, but you are space. You’re looking into that horizon where the
ocean and the sky meet. Later on you can do this for real on the beach. Now we’re doing this in our mind. [00:37:26] [Silence] [00:38:15] Your mind will get distracted. Just try to look through those distractions
like clouds or waves. They’re just natural. They’re not to be rejected and you don’t even
need to follow them. Following them is like trying to change them. Rejecting them is like trying to change them. Don’t try to change yourself. You’re fine like you are. [00:38:39] [Silence] [00:39:11] Okay, now to finish the session, become aware
of your body. Just to ground yourself, feel the chair underneath
you. Feel all the points of contact between your
bottom and the seat, your back and the back of the chair. You can close your eyes if you want to. Just feel the body where it’s present, touching
the chair. Feel the ground under your feet. Feel the contact between your feet and the
floor. And then we end with a moment of compassion
again. Make a strong intention or a prayer or a commitment
in your heart to bring peace to the world, to bring compassion to others. Your practice is the path to compassion. And stop there. It’s great to talk to you. Thank you. Thank you.


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    7:27 – One view does not make truth. People take entheogens in order to alter their chemistry and their mind. ONLY if there is no long term change is the experience not worth it. The saying 'fake it till you make it', is to stretch yourself in the direction you want to go. There are poles/polarities of action and repose. If you choose only one of these, you can set yourself up for unhappiness. All things may be done in moderation (so long as they do not intentionally hurt others). Entheogens are a valid path and ally. In fact, with few exceptions of Tibetan monks who really have 'it', there are NO other spiritual teachers in the West that I know of who have NOT had experience with Entheogens. The perceptions of spiritual realization can come from both valid traditions/lineages who understand sound, energy, the body, AND from plant teachers who help you heal and reduce the amount of time in the illusion.

  17. Tom Ato

    May 25, 2019 10:22 pm

    The problem with gurus that they never can agree with each others programs and are deeply fragmented
    in the pursuit of Truth. Their perception has retreated into the darkness of novelty and are unable to view
    life from above, the Crown chakra, thinking that the 3rd eye chakra is ''the seat of the soul''. The real facts
    of meditation point to the entire being instead of only one area. It's becoming one with the One True Now!

  18. Edith Gold

    May 26, 2019 1:40 am

    Let United with all humanity
    In peace and share for all
    Military soldiers.they to want
    To live & see the family growing like all off us
    Peace ☮️ ❤️

  19. System Buster

    May 26, 2019 5:40 pm

    No one has a choice of the nature this manipulated reality presents to us. Meditation is not about programming your mind to accept dysfunctional human behavior and how is forced upon us. Meditation is about connecting with your soul and it's true nature as God. This is how you create your happiness that progressively changes the world into what you seek to create.LOVE!!

  20. John Nowakowski

    May 27, 2019 4:48 am

    Meditation is a commitment to a spiritual act which is connecting you to your source, where the price of that connection must be the willingness to give up some concept of yourself where what you gain exceeds what you lose. This is the paradox of clearing the lines to that spiritual connection. This is why compassion is both a precursor and result of meditation because they are mutually compatible as to their unconditional nature…

  21. garius Jarfar

    May 27, 2019 4:58 am

    Not accepting reality, looking for someone else to plot your coarse is pain, abrogating you consciousness to a guru is pain.

  22. garius Jarfar

    May 27, 2019 5:00 am

    Meditation is to attempt escape from what is real. One does not need to meditate on the killer in front of you.

  23. garius Jarfar

    May 27, 2019 5:08 am

    Trust me, dealing with creation is more technical than accepting a path from another. This creation is solid, not imaginary. It has geometry and intersections of math, one creation, one reality. Religion, philosophy and false realism has been playing forever. What really lies below.

  24. garius Jarfar

    May 27, 2019 5:15 am

    As hard as it's been, as unsuccessful as it's been, we must try harder to really see what lies below, what code is reality creating reality, for sure it's not faith or mystery, it's hard, it has shape and it has math.

  25. garius Jarfar

    May 27, 2019 5:18 am

    It's not necessary to imagine something hitting you in the face, something you are surrounded in. There is one creation, one reality and it hurts. No escape.

  26. garius Jarfar

    May 27, 2019 5:24 am

    Bulgar me, all I have to do in a plane crash is to meditate. I was sure kissing my arse goodby was the reality. It's not the fall that kills, it's those peaky atoms refusing to part.

  27. garius Jarfar

    May 27, 2019 5:30 am

    The creation is one and alive, we don't need failed philosophy to explain that, All mas is part of the whole, the whole is one, no need to go into past failure for a better explanation. Get off your arse and find the code that lies below space/time.

  28. garius Jarfar

    May 27, 2019 5:35 am

    This teaching says one thing. It takes more than one lifetime, indeed many to grasp, then there is nirvana. Rubbish, take the bull by it's horns and crash through the code!!

  29. garius Jarfar

    May 27, 2019 5:43 am

    When the guru goes home he is surrounded by the sacrifice of others and kept in comfort.

  30. Anthony Hinds

    May 27, 2019 5:50 pm


  31. Antoinette Patou

    May 27, 2019 7:16 pm

    SO GRATEFUL to you for reminding me, I shall no longer seek or search. Bliss is now!

  32. Trish Ratanagiri

    May 28, 2019 7:59 am

    Thankyou, peace to all beings, may all beings be free from suffering. Your video is a lovely true expression of loving kindness, practicing meta to others.

  33. Gary A

    May 29, 2019 11:59 am

    That's absolutely beautiful, when we practice meditation we are practicing compassion and sending it out to all – like a drop of water in the ocean. "I am doing this for myself, I am doing this for the earth, I am doing this for all of humanity " Gurdjieff.

  34. holy crab

    May 29, 2019 2:10 pm

    the watch on your wrist looks bizarre strange stupid.. the talk is very WISE NICE CLEAR… you smell like almost master.. you didnt tell them that:
    1. the thoughts are coming from demons
    2. about hui yin point.. crucial stuff
    3.Earth is going throught ASCENSION PROCESS and chakras are opening.. so meditation is helping with c hakra clearing and releasing back pains..
    4. to feel dan tien as the destination of air and feel pulsing inside.. . this is ESSENCE
    5. word ENLIGHTENMENT SEEMS TO BE MISSED ALL THE TIME.. at the end of times 🙂
    6. PRANIC TUBE.. keep breathing 🙂

  35. MRJ

    May 29, 2019 8:17 pm

    This gentleman hasn't encountered the depths of what lies within. When no attention, thought doesn't float by. There is no thought. And while I endorse his propogating meditation, it's off by a bit.

  36. William Wilson

    June 1, 2019 10:02 am

    This helped me jump over a hurdle with meditation and trying to just BREATH… Myself with COPD it has been more on focussing on the fact of trying to breath… I find if I don't focus on the breath so much as focussing on getting into my heart space… although mentally still find it hard to get in this space when I sadi to myself to DO instead of just BE and watch and let go …. forget looking for the high…. it will come over time when we stop looking – This is just me…. I don't know about anyone else – most times I end up I sleep.. and these times it is a case of let the body do it's thing.. don't fight it . This was something at one time of becoming a monk… although was a monk / warrior in a past life . . going with the flow can be very hard , but can be overcome – in time <3 Blessings and Thank you for this 🙏🐺💜

  37. Max Joseph

    June 1, 2019 11:01 am

    another Mindvalley Journalistic loose presentation… commercial… Shallow effect…. just wasting desperate peoples time! the blatant truth of the digital age shreds apart the ritualistic Mambo-jumbo wrapped in any cultic apparel or words into the history Dumpster!

  38. mariali santander

    June 7, 2019 3:35 am

    listening and looking in his eyes one feel the ingenuity and sincerity of his heart, and if I were there I would ask a question that assault me when he said…."to make friend with reality"…how to make friend with the reality of war happening now in Middle east and threatening of more dangerous confrontation in Iran, Venezuela, "n goes on and on…how we can deal with all that, and not suffering the oneness that we are? iam not implied to be an enemy of reality or ignoring reality…but how to be friend of horrible realities that are destroying humankind?

  39. beligalle dhammajoti

    June 7, 2019 8:06 am

    Simple explanations. I highly appreciate the talk as a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk. The world badly need today this type of explanations. It gives us mental happiness. Wish you happiness! May you live long!

  40. Lavender Violet

    June 8, 2019 10:59 pm

    "If it is a desire of yours to meet a soul mate / twin flame, it means you have one
    because you couldn't have that desire if you weren't meant to achieve that desire.

    You couldn't desire to have a soulmate / twin flame unless there was one out there for you.

    So have fun, aligning with yourself and finding approval for yourself to such a degree

    that they come into your experience." -Teal Swan 🙂

  41. Jalaluddin Ahmad Shaharudin

    June 9, 2019 8:11 am

    This is the most useful tip for me. I was born a psychic and already had kundalini awakening at 11. By the 17 (1970),I learnt to meditate from Richard Hitleman book, but living in a Moslem household, I received a lot of reprisal from my mom. Going to college did not improve matters. By then I discovered that I intuitively know things that I could pass my exams without going to class or even read books. However ever since a child I had entities attachment as a result from black magic that impedes any spiritual and worldly progression. Now at the age of 65, I become a sponge that absorb negative vibes from people and just sleep it off, as living among the Moslem community made me stopped meditating 30 years ago! The last time I meditate regularly was in New York back in 1989, when I acquired the ability to remember past lives and communicating with higher selves, plants and animals. I have forgotten how to ground and transmute negative energy. Thanks for the kind reminder!

  42. Senzi Zwane

    June 11, 2019 9:35 am

    We are distracted by the ego mindset. In any given moment everything is okay all the time.

  43. C.R. Hall

    June 13, 2019 11:44 pm

    Do you think we can teach very young children, animals, and the planet to be wealthy, and free from the emotions stemming from abuse and neglect? Or, is our responsibility to say, 'Everything is as it should be', and expect that somehow a universal force/God will right all that, while trusting that officials, entrepreneurs continue to put on a good show and supply convenient distractions to front corruption and 'modern' slavery? After all, it is physical, substance and monetary wealth that most every adult human being seems to seek as comfort and a remedy for 'their own' pain, is it not? For instance, where is yogic education for those who are most in need and isolation, by those who are most able to teach; as long as yogic teachers want paying for that service to humanity??

  44. C.R. Hall

    June 14, 2019 1:11 am

    Thank you for sharing this wisdom. The very best meditation I ever experienced was being in my own space in a field, sat by a chosen tree, meditating on drifting clouds, and on another occasion I meditated on a blade of grass. I did this for what felt like an expansive period of time (actually, probably about 30-60 minutes), and I felt an inner peace and completeness which I have never gained, been able to experience, with anything else!

  45. nazaretd

    June 15, 2019 7:37 pm

    The more I watch youtube videos about enlightenment, the more I am convinced, anyone can become a guru and make shit loads of money, cause we humans have lost our way…If I was young, this would be a career opportunity. If ONLY we could all understand, OUR LIVES UNFOLD IN OUR MIND AND WE NEED TO BE COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF IT! VIA MEDITATION!- we can listen to this as a reinforcement and not be slaves …..How difficult is it to take ultimate responsibility of our lives? If you can sit back and ask yourself this question – honestly-then life is a cup cake! if you like cupcakes…

  46. Karen Escalera

    June 21, 2019 2:31 pm

    Thank you it’s been difficult for me in how to relate to others in how to become self. Thank you for your descriptions and calm presentation. Food and responsible actions for me to implement as well as tools for others hopeful enlightenment. Blessings.

  47. Your College Course

    June 21, 2019 11:44 pm

    What culture is he from? I’d like to know so I can relate. I’m American. When he says “our culture” is he British representing English culture or some Indonesian Religious order? His culture is really exotic to me. Americans don’t even wear Buddhist colors in drapes. Our culture of America sees that clothing as different from our culture, but we can’t put our finger on this guy’s culture. Anybody know? What is his culture. It’s not American that’s for sure.

  48. Miss Heidi

    June 22, 2019 7:41 pm

    I truly enjoyed this vid, the message and the calm composure of Gelong is very soothing. I got away with a good practice to allowing in events and not fight it and this does keeps me in the moment. THANK YOU for that 🙂

  49. Bren Hampton

    June 22, 2019 11:24 pm

    I love drowning in the sea of meditative bliss! My continued meditative journey will be interesting with what I've learned from you!

  50. Oonagh ORegan

    June 28, 2019 6:17 pm

    They call this "selling a soul to the devil"

    This is an emergency. I am begging for help.

    Scientology disconnected me from my life. Murdered me out of my life. All of my friends, family are in the previous universe/dimension. They tried to drag me to a parallel universe, where my family and friends are copies, that are against me. I am living a nightmare.

    They have had me attached to things to keep me in that scientology run parallel universe. Really bad data to try to keep me in that universe and so I produce "loosch" for their satanic system. I am over the red belt. I am begging for help.

  51. Crush king

    July 1, 2019 1:52 pm

    why is he laughing about if you want to fly catch a plane….no…you meditate you DO fly….he is lying…you DO..go to other universes…you DO have families in other realms not just here…he downplayed meditation like it is COMPLETELY USLESS..AND IT IS NOT…we are omnipresent beings and can go into animals here in this realm etc…

  52. thao taylor

    July 3, 2019 1:48 pm

    Very good video, I like the bit he explain about discomfort by stuck in traffic or waiting in the queue, any way the people in front of you has NO compassion they just taking so so f—- ing long. I have no patience, I don't mediate and yes the mind does wanders, I guess lots of people don't mediate either, people just rather fall a sleep.

  53. Istvan Fodor

    July 14, 2019 6:20 am

    you sayed You don~t have a wright word for COMPASSION 🙂 YOU~RE wright! only one nation have it! the last one, we seclers! it`s called EGYUTTERZES 😉 IT MEANS ONELESS! IT IS ONE! JUST 1!

  54. Mahmood Moosa

    July 18, 2019 11:14 am

    Amazing , I really liked it . I think that you are able to explain the perfect meaning of awareness from the holly Quran . I think if you read it , you might be the only one who can pass it to the others .

  55. Jacobite

    July 20, 2019 2:30 pm

    Sorry peeps did we need the strange chair thing going on we do not need any distraction was someone being a hipster. I am finding it hard to ignore the chair. Yes the desire to own that F…….in chair al be happy. A Scottish place a knife twisting yes that sounds about right THE horror THAT happened AND has NEVER BEEN ADDressed till this day.

  56. S. Peters

    July 22, 2019 1:36 am

    Integration. Embracing our entirety. Including, particularly, that which hurts most. Love, from and through the Universe, friends.

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    August 1, 2019 8:10 pm

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  59. Annie Hitch

    August 3, 2019 9:06 am

    I do so love this video too. I have struggled with meditation for 50+ years and now the way seems clear for it to be joyful, for me and all others. And I am sharing it with all my meditating friends, that meditation may be better for them and all they love.

  60. Manjari Shukla

    August 9, 2019 11:01 am

    This is awesome indeed. How beautiful is the entire rendition and each word connects to the soul. From the entire understanding of who we are to the understanding of space.
    Just wow😇
    Thank you Team mind valley🌈


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