The Pranic Path (Diet transition, Breatharian Process, Genetics & Body changes, Meditation)


hi and welcome in this video today we’re going to talk about the pranic journey for those of you who don’t know what the pranic journey is it’s actually the journey where you naturally go into refining in quality and quantity your food intake your diet we’re going to explain this more into details straight in this video I am MaryÂm for those of you who don’t know me I have been working in the field of pranic living since 2011 co-creating pranic projects events and over a hundred interviews together with Freedom Generation that are available actually right there on the TV channel FreedÔm Generation TV and this video today is all about the pranic journey but before we go any further let us hang out the laundry because I think the washing machine is ready so the reason why I’m making this video is actually not to encourage anyone to do anything it’s not to criticize anything is not to sell anything or encourage people to go and follow any specific path in life and the reason I really share this is because it makes me happy to share my experience about the pranic journey and if that experience can actually benefit you in any way that’s even greater this being said in this video I will share four different parts the first part being my own pranic journey the second part being doing a process versus not doing a process and why I believe doing a process is not the best idea and I don’t actually encourage people doing a process and I would say why then the next point will be the body changes on a pranic path which is something that very few people talk about and it’s actually I believe very very important and then the last part maybe I will talk about it actually before is about DNA and genetics and how DNA and genetics play such an important role in our lifestyle and of course on a pranic journey even more ok so let’s get started with the first part the first part is about a pranic journey especially my pranic journey it’s actually very important to ask ourselves what is a pranic journey to me what is the definition of being a pranic being and why do I want to become one some people encountered in their life breatharian people who basically breatharian people are people who have the capacity to live without food or eat a little bit on none at all according to people’s definition from my own perspective and my own vision I like to have a very clear definition of what a breatharian is to me and I believe a breatharian to me is someone who doesn’t need to eat or drink at all and who doesn’t do so except in very very very exceptional occasions which I believe we don’t find ourselves in once we are established on that path and I’m going to share why later on in that video sorry if my English is kind of awkward I’m actually French so English is not my mother tongue so if there’s some words that you don’t really understand hopefully they will be the automatic translation underneath you know like under the video so that you can see and read the English better if this is what you need so yes some people get to encounter other breatharians in their life on their path and as a consequence to this meeting someone who doesn’t eat at all or eat just a little bit of food they decide to go on the journey and become breatharians themselves we can call these people with breatharians or we can call them pranic people or we can call them I guess that’s it I think there’s other names but yeah non eaters or whatever you choose anyway I in this video will probably use the terms breatharian or pranic people when our decision is based on the person that we met or the people that we met or the information that we got in the first place about this lifestyle we could call it a lifestyle it’s very very key especially in this case to ask ourselves I believe why we want to go on that path because questioning ourselves and questioning our decision is a very very key that will actually kind of design the entire journey that will follow for example if you ask yourself the question why do I want to follow this path and the answer is because I want to be like him or her or the answer is because I want to gain those powers or because I want to heal that from my body or because I want to become like this or like that then you probably will question that again all along the journey because if it doesn’t come from a place of becoming a better version of yourself through authenticity and through discovering yourself more a bit like a meditation then I would say it’s probably not the best reason to go on that path this path is way too challenging way too long way too deep and intense way too important way too compromising way too difficult way too dangerous actually for one person for one human being to decide on taking it based on outside circumstances outside fantasies and outside dreams that are not coming from a place of true feeling inside of us inside of our guts inside of our heart and I think if it really is coming from a place of you know your own self and your inner voice then naturally you would have been on that path way before you meet a person who is so called to be or said to be on that path or called a breatharian if you really look at your life and your past experiences you probably were already on that path before you actually met someone who was just then a confirmation that you were already following that path but less consciously less consciously this is the actual word that is taking me to sharing about my own journey on this pranic path because I started not knowing anything about breatharians not knowing anything about pranic living simply following my own heart and my own intuition and it started very early in my childhood when I say pranic path I actually mean that’s very important to say beginning a pranic path means that you actually decide to change your diet to refine your diet in quality and quantity and this may go on and on and on until you go to naturally eating less and less food not because you starve yourself but because you feel so nourished in your life by anything anything that you do maybe your work anything really you feel so nourished by anything that you do in life that you no longer need food or you’re just having food for other reasons than feeding yourself and so for me I naturally decided to go vegetarian first and foremost coming out of a omnivore diet I decided to become a vegetarian in 2000 and it went overnight I was a child at that time I didn’t have no idea about the vitamins and the proteins and the minerals and any nutrition fact that you get from a diet I think no children really care about that anyway I just went vegetarian naturally because that was a call I guess also the reason I think that impacted me very much and impacted my choice at that time very much is my mom started meditation and started a very strong and powerful meditation which is called the inner light and sound meditation which I will speak about later again in this video and when she started this meditation I naturally benefited from it and she became vegetarian herself and I followed naturally not because she did that but because I felt that I no longer wanted to eat animals and also because I had such a bond with animals we had so many animals in our house and it was just magical and all those cats and birds and ducks and any kind of animals we had I had such a bond and a beautiful relationship with them that that was just natural for me not to eat my friends in other words so this was the first major transition I became a vegetarian overnight in 2000 at that time it was a transition that had no purpose to evolve shall I say or change I had no intention to evolve in this transition afterwards the only thing I knew is that I was living in the present as a vegetarian and that was my commitment for life the big challenges at that time was that because I was so young and at school nobody was a vegetarian this wasn’t even something that people would go for or was speaking about yet so at school I would always feel rejected because my peers and the grown-ups were always constantly questioning me and wondering why I was a vegetarian when really nobody was and there was no reason to be one three years after that in 2003 I started my first raw vegan transition again it wasn’t based on evolving or anything in that diet it wasn’t even based on health or or ethics or none of that I just felt a desire for a change and for a whole year I went into eating only raw fruits and vegetables most of the time which is 80% of my diet yeah about 80% of my diet was based on raw food and raw fruits that was all I was having and even though at that time it was kind of hard on my body physically because I was really pushing myself and again I had I made no transition overnight I decided to go raw you know I didn’t I wasn’t even calling it raw vegan I was just basically knowing I wanted fruits and vegetables and their raw form and that’s what I was having I was just starting high school at that time and I wasn’t feeling rejected this time by anyone it was just I was very strong-minded and I knew this is what it was gonna be what I wanted this was gonna be followed through and for a whole year this is what I went through I experienced so many beautiful changes even though I was so harsh on myself at that time and I had the potential to love my body and love the way I was doing things more but that’s what it was at that time and so I experienced tremendous amount of energy clarity very good focus I was waking up in the morning super bright 5:00 a.m. super energetic and I always had this tremendous amount of energy and vitality and beauty I had a perfect body shape that I had always dreamed of no fat nothing I mean that was my ideal at that time so I felt blessed being able to achieve such a goal as having a body shape that was exactly matching my dream at that time after going through this live and raw period for a year I decided to fast for the first time of my life several days again I was still a teenager and never done fasting never heard about that at all never educated myself on what you do what not to do I basically I was literally following my intuition the whole way through in that period between 2000 and 2011 so I fasted several days like that having only water and I was feeling again very energetic and everything was fine never thought about being sick or dying or none of that I was so confident that I was just doing the right thing that I never questioned any impact on that and then came the year 2012 so just before that I went to Australia so I basically grew up in France I lived abroad several times without my parents and the first experience was in the UK when I was 19 and the second experience was in Australia when I was 21 so when I was in Australia I went on a quest which led me to wanting to learn about meditation and the meditation practice I picked up very funnily enough was actually the meditation practice that my mum was on but I didn’t know about it until I actually got initiated into that practice into the inner light and sound meditation practice and I want to talk about this because this is a practice that really really empowered my life so much I think through this practice anything else came to me like blessings raining onto my life and I’m not saying it was only positive in the form and the appearance but I strongly believe today that the first and most important element of your foundation on this path and I’ll talk about that later again is meditation and not just like guided meditation not a meditation that requires all the tools and equipments and people to be there for you it has to be a meditation where you alone can go from evolve from and work with through your inner forces and the inner forces that we all have is two forces the light and the sound we all are made of those forces which are light and sound everything is made of light and sound and when we are able to see and feel our own inner light and our own inner sound we can actually see it anywhere as a reflection of ourselves and this is so key because when you can see your inner light and hear your inner sound anywhere you go on the planet you can actually see the same thing anywhere you can actually understand and you can actually know when you are on your path because the colors of the light that you see and the sound that you hear from one side or from the other side are all the indicators of whether you are aligned or not so aligned to your path and this is very very clear there’s nothing see because when you don’t do this type of meditation you don’t know where you are you don’t know where you go and you don’t know how to measure your evolution how to measure your state of energy and with the light and the sound you are able to do that constantly you are able to have the indicators through the lights the colors of the light and the sound the level of the sound if it’s low or high and if it resonates on one side rather than the other side you are able to know exactly where you are at and what you should do and what you should not do and this this is very key on a path because you no longer feel lost or not only feel like you don’t know you actually know everything all the time about what you should be doing if this is enough you know if this is clear enough I highly suggest for people who don’t know which meditation to choose or who don’t feel like their meditation is strong enough as a foundation to go and learn about inner light and sound meditation I learned this technique through Supreme Master Ching Hai she has a big association she is doing such an enormous amount of work in this planet and I believe she is the human being who is the most advanced in this area in meditation and the reason I say that is because I’ve encountered so many people into meditation when I went to India I met so many other masters as well but there was no one as close to meditation as her no one as powerful enough as her no one as self-realized as her I could say I know it sounds really weird to say that maybe for you to hear that but this is real and if you listen to her speech and if you read her books and if you watch her TV channel which is called Supreme Master TV she actually has broadcast it she was the first to broadcast interviews about pranic people and this lifestyle pranic lifestyle and if you really pay attention to all the teachings that she has and the way she speaks and the way she explains things you can actually feel what I’m talking about so for me that is the best practice that exists on this planet taught by a living being if that make sense so when I started to learn about this meditation practice realize that I grew up all my life and my childhood through having a mom who was practicing this I understood why I went through this path less consciously through this pranic path less consciously because that was all meant to be it was already there it was in my life I just didn’t know about it and so from then on from this year 2012 I continued this path this pranic path consciously knowing that this existed they were there was this possibility to just evolve as a human being being able to be nourished by everything with you in life and without having the need to eat food for surviving out of survival the year 2012 was super strong and intense as it was for everybody in this planet because I believe this year 2012 was very very a very important year and so for me it meant many changes in 2012 I let me just check my notes so in 2012 I learned about light and sound meditation I went vegan officially and committing myself to be a vegan for my entire life I committed myself to meditate 10% of my day every single day of my life which is about at least two and a half hours a day I committed to always only say the truth and never lie I committed to a bunch of other things as well and I started a full-time permanent job in Paris City I bought my first place through a mortgage so I became an owner of my place of a living place if I can call it this way in Paris City I learned about solar technologies through Sunyogi Umasankar who taught me about Sunyoga which was a wonderful experience as well I enrolled for a master degree in business management and the number nine I did a pranic process I won’t say which pranic process I won’t say how long because as I told you already in this presentation I don’t recommend doing a pranic process I don’t think it’s a good idea and I don’t think it is a the best way to go on this path I didn’t know at that time so I just did that because one of my friends suggested we could do it together so I said why not and so I did that in year 2012 so all these things that I’ve just listed to you happen in that same year 2012 for me doing a pranic process was great but I had expectations I did this wanting to become a breatharian in other words wanting to become a person who doesn’t eat I wasn’t thinking about the drinking aspect at that time but my expectations were really high I expected to come out of this process being a breatharian this is something that we should never ever expect actually having goals in this path isn’t a good idea because when you have goals and you plan yourself to stop eating these stop eating that becoming or reaching such a level at that stage that’s exactly where you’re gonna be we are going to be disappointed life will be throwing our way experiences so that we just realize how much we should remain humble and patient and not making any plans on the food aspect this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a vision but I believe we should have a vision and live in the present moment every single day being grateful for what is there and working on bettering ourselves working on being a better human being that is the goal there that is the main focus being a better human being growing our human qualities serving humanity and the world better making this place a better paradise or a place that is more enjoyable to live for everyone every living beings that I believe is should be our main focus rather than the food aspect so the pranic process that I did went really well during the process the after process wasn’t so great and the reason is I found myself not able to sustain a state where my body was already accustomed and used to on my daily on a day to day basis basically I was working full-time remember I had commitments financially and also in terms of studies I was committed to do a master degree in terms of working schedule I committed myself to work full-time and I had this mortgage to pay which was a major responsibility for me at that time so working full-time and trying to sustain a diet where I really didn’t need any more food and I just was happy drinking juices at that time was very challenging because when I was working I felt like I needed to eat because I was so bored in my work and unhappy not that the work itself wasn’t good but having to think about refining my diet while working full-time everyday in a place where I had to be sited because I was an assistant at that time in an office with no external light no access to the outside I basically was going to work in the morning it was dark and I was coming back from work it was dark so I never got to really see the daylight and to enjoy the outside in the nature I was basically going from one box office to another box which was my tiny little flat I call it a flat but really it was so so tiny that it wasn’t even healthy for a human being to live in such a tiny place anyway that’s not part of the subject here but just to say that for me working full-time and sustaining a breatharian lifestyle or at least a liquidarian lifestyle which is what I was at that time was way too challenging and so I was trying and trying and I noticed that I needed to eat because I wasn’t feeling mentally happy and this is very key because a pranic process is about two things or rather the pranic living is about the physical state and the mental state to my experience I believe you can have the physical state tuned to a pranic state but the mental not tuned and if the mental state isn’t tuned then there will be imbalance in other words you have to be physically and mentally pranic before you can actually leave a pranic state fully permanently and so if one is ready but not the other you still have to work on the other and care for all the areas of your life where challenges arise that make you feel like you are not yet set to be a pranic being, if that makes sense I’m not sure if this is very making sense … anyway … so in other words my physical body was ready for prana for a breatharian state but my mental body the mental side of me wasn’t ready the emotional state is actually part of your mental state because your emotions are the consequence of how you feel mentally so emotionally / mentally I wasn’t ready and I wasn’t at a stage where I could sustain myself and feel nourished from the life I was living so I found myself needing to eat so that my mind was happy okay but when I was doing that my body wasn’t happy in other words I was literally getting sick what happened after that pranic process is that I was getting more sick and sick and sick to a point that I had to quit my job I just no longer could work full-time in that job yeah I remember that time I was actually calling a taxi driver to drive me back home because I was so sick at work it was so horrible I told myself never again it was a nightmare I was literally just vomiting all along in the taxi i came back home I thought I was gonna die not joking so this is why I don’t recommend a process because I believe it’s so radical for your body and your mind that even if it’s gentle during the process or people tell you it’s actually a gentle process whatever they say you your body going through that it’s too radical for it as long as you don’t follow the stages and natural stages of food refinement in quality and quantity it’s gonna be radical for your body whether you admit it or not that’s how it is and the reason are number one your DNA isn’t set to a pranic lifestyle because your DNA hasn’t gone through refinements through all the stages of food refinements example when you go from omnivore to vegetarian the genetics in your body changes over the years when you go from vegetarian to vegan the genetics in your body changes change over the years after several years of vegetarian after several years of vegan your body your genetics aren’t the same anymore the information of your cells aren’t the same anymore this is why if you go on and if you’ve been a vegan for so many years and you go back to eating meat that can actually kill you it’s actually dangerous I’m talking about a purely physical aspect of course I’m not talking about the energetic aspect or so-called the blessing that you can receive in life that allows you to be at a stage where energetically even if you get poisoned through the food you can actually survive I’m not talking about that because I believe this isn’t actually a pranic state directly it comes from the wisdom that you receive through the meditation practice that you go through and you have in your foundation that leads you to receiving the blessing and like that allows you to survive any kind of poisoning all right that’s another subject but it’s a bit linked but anyway I’m talking purely physical here if your body is set in its genetics – vegan or to live and raw food and you’re trying to go backward you will experience serious disease and sickness purely physically and mentally as well so this is why a pranic process I believe isn’t a good idea simply because it’s too radical for your body in terms of diet change meaning that it actually creates a trauma in your body and most people coming out of a pranic process go through binge eating go into eating disorders and don’t understand and feel guilty when really it’s not their fault I mean it’s a natural process that occurs because of too radical a change in a lifestyle and number two as I said the DNA you have to set your DNA step by step so that you can be ready genetically to pranic living and for you to be able to do that two elements are key and two elements are important number one is the meditation the meditation practice and I’m talking about the light and sound meditation practice here because I don’t know about the other ones I just know about this one I mean I know about the other ones that have been through which are way less powerful that this one in terms of DNA update you can actually change your DNA through the practice of inner light and sound meditation if you practice it daily at least 10% of your day so this is a way and the other way that goes together with the meditation is the mindset you have to reprogram your mindset and you have to learn cognitive thinking and this is very uneasy to do alone actually I myself had a mentor who taught me day and night 24/7 for three years how to see the blind spots in myself that I couldn’t see how to see the patterns in myself and the programming that I had that I wasn’t able to see and it’s all the same for us we get on this planet we get born with a certain programming with certain patterns with certain mindset with certain informations in ourselves that lead us to certain actions and if we’re not able to see those cycles and those programming and those patterns that we have we can’t change them and for us to be able to see them we need someone to show us until we are able to do it by ourselves and this can take many years this is what people call awakening okay but doing that alone is really really uneasy it’s like trying to I don’t know how could I say that it’s like trying to be an athlete without a coach it’s like trying to learn to drive without someone to teach you or it’s like trying to learn a new language with anyone to teach you so you like it’s possible but it’s way less easy than if you had someone so I encourage you if you want to go on that path and if you want to change reprogram your DNA and update your genetics so that you can be aligned with a pranic lifestyle I strongly encourage you to first meditate ideally the light & sound meditation and I will link down below underneath this video where you can get the information for that it’s actually free or maybe they now charge 1€ I think they’re like yeah I think they charge 1 euro or $1 for people to commit into this which I understand but these are things that are free ok and if you want to learn about cognitive thinking and about how to reprogram your mindset and be able because here is the key you need to be able to see past this addicted mindset that we have past the addicted mind that we all have until are able to see it and change it and it’s very uneasy because what we all think is right isn’t what we think is right if we believe our mind and what we think is actually good for us is actually the right way but it isn’t because the way we think is based on a programming and it’s based on our mind trying working on saving us from going too far or too much out of our comfort zone that’s how it works so the mind is actually programmed to show you the negative things of life the negative side of things and if you don’t learn to see it constantly you get trapped and you can’t grow beyond that it’s not very easy to explain oh my god where did I put myself into making this video but if you really pray hard and meditate you will find either someone who will be able to mentor you like I had for myself for three years or find there will be a solution if you really really really wish to grow yourself and it comes from a place of true love and true good intention I’d say you’ll find someone who will be there for you to show you I believe we all need someone to show us to awaken us in that specific stage because that’s very uneasy to see the blind spots for ourselves Oh socializing is good way because when you socialize people are able to see to be to be like a feedback for you and to tell you oh look you’re doing this this way that’s a bit strange and that’s like exactly what you need you need feedbacks from people who can tell you the patterns that you have and you can change and once you’re able to change those patterns your DNA will be changing and set to another level your mind will be changing and basically your life will be changing so for me the two most beautiful blessings I got in my life was to get to be initiated into the light and sound meditation and to have a mentor with me 24/7 for three years who really really got me to a level where today I am able to see the patterns or see when I do something that is not so aligned with the best version of myself that is such a blessing such a blessing so yes I believe a pranic process isn’t the best way as I said because it’s too radical your DNA needs to be changed anyway before you become a pranic or before you can sustain a pranic lifestyle the reason number three I believe a pranic process isn’t useful is because on a pranic path there’s something you must remember a very important rule you can’t go back you can’t go back to who you were before you can’t go back to the diet you had before you can’t go back without experiencing hard consequences or without experiencing disharmony without experiencing consequences that can be less positive for your life and I’m very very clear on that and people won’t tell you people would actually tell you most of the Breatharian gurus out there they tell you you can choose to eat whatever you want you can be free to do whatever you want but this is so far from the truth once you are on that path you’re working at a level of energy where you have to go forward all the time but you can’t go back if you go back you’ll be sick or you may be depressed you may go through burnout and that’s actually my entire experience for the past six years that I’m telling you right now I mean you can go through financial trouble you can go through when you start going on that path it’s a path where you can’t go backward without experiencing damaging consequences if you do I want to be very honest and clear with you if you start not saying the truth if you start not being authentic if you start eating things that your body doesn’t want to eat if you start doing things that are not at that level of energy where you are after a process you will experience disharmony you will experience sickness you will experience unhappiness depression all kind of things that you don’t want to experience and I know because that’s not only my experience but the experience of dozens and probably hundreds of people I don’t know about the hundreds but I can say about the dozens of people out there who went through a pranic process remember the rule you can’t go backward you can only go forward and the last reason why I think a pranic process isn’t a good idea is because your body goes through changes and I’m going to speak about that in the next chapter or the next part of this video your body goes through changes structural changes okay and once your body has changed its structure you can’t go back again and you can’t do things that you used to do if you eat like example if you eat meat after 20 years of vegetarianism your body doesn’t produce anymore those chemicals to digest meat if supposedly meat is digestible this doesn’t happen anymore in your body so your body is working in a way that is no longer aligned to a certain lifestyle that you previously had maybe your body isn’t aligned no more to a previous lifestyle that you had and when you do a pranic process because of the energy that is there because of this very strong and powerful energy of the other people being there of the people teaching you there is very strong and powerful and high and because of that the changes happen very fast but if you can’t sustain the changes okay that have happened in your body you will be going again backwards and you will be trying to eat things that you were eating maybe before thinking it’s okay but in your body because the chemicals aren’t there no more because the structure has changed that’s going to be a less positive experience and this is leading me to the last part of this video the part number four which is about body changes once you go on this breatharian path your body does change physically chemically energetically basically I’m gonna give you one example physically your stomach and your organs shrink when you go on a path where you refine your food intake in quality and quantity over time your stomach doesn’t stay as it is today it shrinks and you need to understand that to be able to actually understand that you can’t eat the same amount of food you were eating before you can’t eat the same quality of food you were eating before you just can’t eat the same food you were eating before because your body the organs of your body are just not the same okay so some people may say yes you can eat a lot of food and bla bla bla but okay fine but if you try and do that I’m telling you you can actually die you can literally die if you do that so when people say going through a pranic path is dangerous being a breatharian is dangerous because you can kill yourself this is real and you need to understand that and you can actually see it in countries where people are so-called starving or in starvation and if you give them too much food after some times where they haven’t had enough food or much food for a long period of time they can literally die that’s why you have to be so so careful especially after a process when you want to eat again because your body will start changing and if you spend long period of time eating very small amount of food or not at all there’s no reason why you should go back and eating because your organs will have shrunk your body will have changed to a place where really it becomes dangerous and damaging to eat food again I’m talking purely physically there of course there are I could say there are exceptions but those exceptions shouldn’t be your focus those exceptions are there because of other elements linked with meditation wisdom and blessings so called the Babaji state and all these terms that I won’t be explaining today because it’s it’s just to dense and too much information okay so number one your body changes physically and your organs basically shrink so you can’t eat here and there when you want with the freedom you think you may have really you don’t have the freedom you have is actually to commit to being disciplined on this path number two chemically the chemicals of your body changes it and I want to be more precise there the production of chemicals in your body change your body won’t be producing certain chemicals that it used to be producing for example when we are on a meat diet meaning that we eat meat the body produces chemicals in order to digest that meat when we stay a long period of time or enough time without eating meat the body no longer produces that those chemicals that are helpful to digest the meat and actually a necessity I’m not a scientist so I’m not going to go into the name of the chemicals of those things I’m talking about purely about my experience and the experience of other people I came in contact with but if you want more details maybe seek the knowledge or get the education through educating yourself through scientific explanation that I don’t have today to share with you or I don’t specifically want to share with you I’m just sharing it my way basically what I want to say is when you change diet for a long period for enough time your body changes the chemical production that it was into just like a hormone cycle your body chemically changes itself so if you think you can eat anything or you have the freedom to go back to eating this and that after a process or after a breatharian transition that is to me very far from the truth you actually can’t go back once again you can’t go back to eating what you used to eat and you can only stick to refining more and more your diet in quality and quantity and this is why you should take your time at every stage I’ll come back to the stages in a minute you should take all the time you need and that your body wants to because you have to know you can’t go back and then the last point about the body changes is the energetic change and energetic shift that your body does when you spend some time without eating certain foods and if you want to eat those food again here is what may happen especially after a pranic process you eat the food and you feel like being under drug or you feel like having a hangover or you feel like if you were an alcoholic this is very much of my experience I really know what I’m talking about here every time I do eat cooked food today my heart and this is what can happen my heart start beating very fast like tachycardia I think that will be the word in English tachycardia when basically your heart beat goes faster than its normal rhythm which is actually dangerous so this may start to happen for you too because energetically your body is tuned at a level where when you eat food that doesn’t align to that level basically your energetic level drops and when it drops you feel like a zombie okay you need to sleep your heartbeat goes faster you start sweating a lot for me I know it basically takes for me at the moment I’m speaking at the level I am in my life on my pranic journey right now it takes for me about 15 hours to evacuate I mean not just in the toilet but to evacuate when I eat cooked food simply because and the night I spend after having eaten the cooked food is just terrible I sweat so much so I know that the blankets and the duvet will be really very wet again my heart goes very fast my throat gets super dry I need to drink loads and tons of water my brain can’t think normally you know I need to sleep need to sleep hours and this is my experience again if you have another experience great for you but remember that energetically your body changes and as long as you put things that make your body energy drop you will feel like a zombie and it can be dangerous because that’s when other lower energies can catch you and get into your life whether it is like lower sexual energies lower energies in your relationships lower energies in your work lower energies in your environment that’s where you have to be really really careful because you can attract anything that is lower to your normal state simply because you have allowed yourself to be at a lower stage even if it’s temporarily so yes at that level anything you put into your body may be like a drug and I want to be very clear on that you have to consider we have to consider ourselves I will talk and include myself in this sentence we have to consider ourselves like drug addicts when we are on a pranic path and I remember Genisis Sunfire used to say it this way see someone who is addicted to cocaine and want to stop having cocaine okay he will probably have to go through a rehab center to get the help needed to go through this transition that will be very intense very hard to go through and will take its time until this cocaine addict may become free from the use of cocaine and once this cocaine addict is free from the use of cocaine he can live his life without having cocaine and if he surrounds himself with people eating cocaine and if he accept to have a little bit of cocaine here and there guess what he will just go back into it and you know what chances are people going back on drugs when they stop chances are very high for them to literally die when going back to that track because they no longer know how much quantity to have because their body is basically free from that but you have to consider yourself just like this cocaine addict when you’re trying to free yourself from food because food will be just like cocaine for you on that path I’m not saying food is bad and I’m not saying you should hate food and not at all actually I think a cocaine addict love the cocaine even when he’s stopped having it it’s the same for us we love food I love food I love eating pizzas and burgers and I mean vegan ones I don’t really like and never really liked the taste of meat but I love cooked food big times but I love my health more I love my happiness more I love my being in a level of energy where I can really embody the best version I know I can be I love when I am active and in vitality in health and and vibrant I love that feeling way more than the feeling I have when I eat nice food if we consider ourselves being on a path where we are freeing ourselves from the use of drugs and we are very honest with ourselves that we need the help because this is such a huge transition and we are surrounded by people who like basically take drugs every single day around us and we have to be there and we have to look at the shops where they sell the drugs everywhere we are we can actually understand that it is not just a simple path it’s actually way more challenging than anything we’ve been thinking previously and anything that people may tell you or how simple it may be because it’s not simple and even when you reach that state where you actually live and understand and experience that you don’t need the food anymore because you’re so nourished by everything that surrounds you you feel so vibrant and so full of energy even there you have to be so careful because even a drop of cooked food can drive you back to your previous stages and that’s where it can be dangerous that’s where you can get sick I know that from my experience that’s where you can be unsettled and depressed oh I didn’t talk about the depression part but maybe I’ll make another video about that about depression and burnouts because that’s also part of my experience after that pranic process I’m not saying again this is the fault of the process or this is because of the process I did it’s only because it’s like a box that you open where everything you have to heal and change and update comes out of the surface and when you have all that at the same time it’s just it can be overwhelming so this to say instead of doing a pranic process for those of you who want to be on a pranic path and start or continue that pranic journey I would suggest to simply follow the stages follow the stages and have a strong foundation so what are the stages the stages are the natural stages of food refinement in quality and quantity basically from omnivore you go vegetarian once you are set and tuned and aligned with vegetarian like vegetarianism is your life you go and move on to vegan once you are set and aligned and in love with this lifestyle just like this lifestyle is there for your life you move on to raw vegan and once you have been for long enough you feel happy in that stage happy in that diet and you’re ready to move on to the next stage you go fruitarian and once you are happy again and once you live that lifestyle like it’s your entire life you go liquidarian and maybe at some point you’ll go breatharian if this is what your body and you want and this is meant to be for you but you follow the stages and now in every stage you have a transition period you probably don’t go overnight from vegetarian to vegan you can but it’s kind of exceptional the transition may take six months a year two years who knows and every stage may take ten years or maybe five or maybe twenty who knows but you don’t become an athlete overnight you don’t become an athlete after a few weeks you don’t become an athlete after even a few months it takes years of dedication and daily practice you don’t become a pianist overnight you don’t become a pianist over weeks or even over month it takes years of dedication and practice it’s the same for a pranic lifestyle it takes years of dedication and practice and instead of wanting to be at that level where you don’t do this and do that or where you have such powers maybe again I’m coming back to what I said at the beginning of this video maybe remember the reason you take on that path what is the reason and make it very clear make it a vision make it a goal an objective a purpose in your life that allows you to embody the best version of yourself allows you to be a better human being allows you to better serve humanity and every living beings because if this isn’t the core or the reason why you are taking on that journey you will reap the consequences of that reason of intentions that are not so pure in other words so that’s very important the reason why we do things right and so along with the stages along with refining your food intake in quality and quantity going through all the stages of refinement until you maybe one day become a breatharian after god knows how many years of blessed experiences in your life rather than radical experiences and pushing yourself and going through whichever challenges because it’s harmful to your body to go too fast again follow the natural homeostasis of your body with those stages of refinement you work on growing your foundation and this is so so key and people miss out this point completely on this panic journey most people I’ve met your foundation isn’t tools there are tools tools are like a bell on your bike okay well when you ride a bike having your bell is great it’s great to let people know that you’re riding a bike it’s great to protect you in case of danger around it’s great to let people know that you’re around and riding your bike but a bell on your bike won’t make you able to actually ride your bike better it won’t actually allow you to ride a bike it’s just a tool okay you have to actually see the same thing on a breatharian path some things are tools and some other things are your foundation your foundation is three things I believe from my experience number one meditation again I won’t repeat that enough meditation is the key and the strongest part of your foundation is meditation if there was only one thing that would be the meditation but three things are important though because meditation I believe wasn’t enough for me to go on that path and really sustain myself long-term so meditation and I would suggest light and sound meditation as a foundation if you do guided meditation this is great but this is tools tools is not foundation tools is nice tools make you feel better temporarily but tools aren’t elements that are sustaining yourself permanently in that path if you get me if you get what I mean so guided meditation is great but it’s a tool it’s not a foundation if you really want a foundation find a way to meditate by yourself get the teaching get the initiation get the tools that you need until you are at that level where you can do it by yourself elements number two of your foundation the mindset fundamental find someone who can show you your blind spot find someone who can show you how to transform your past experiences transform your programming and basically change your DNA that’s very very key once you are able to do that by yourself then you can just do it by yourself and this is great again all this can be free or very very low priced you don’t need to pay amount of price to do that and number three and this is very key super super key and people most people just omit that in the pranic path work out work out every single day not just like yoga or Qigong or Tai Chi these are great but they’re not enough you need to work out in a way that pumps make your heart pumps you need to workout in a way that raises your cardio level that you feel vibrant in yourself like the blood gets sent all over your body in your neurons and your brain everywhere so that you really feel energetic on a daily basis and this workout has to be daily and has to be hours of work out not just fifteen thirty an hour it has to be hours of work out every day when you work your ass off to get the workout done and to really go beyond your limits that’s how you get the lion out of you and you need this lion to remain healthy on that path otherwise the zombie will take over it’s one or the other the zombie mode or the lion mode and the zombie mode can be very well hidden and that’s actually like when people talk about this path like a love and light and beautiful easy path where you just live out of love you hug everyone you like like people say that and some of them just smoke weed I’m not talking bad there but this is a reality and this is not what you want you want to be a lion on that path as well as someone very aligned to your peace state and basically very aware and peaceful but you need to have this workout every single day those three elements are really key for me they are the foundation of a healthy pranic path and if you include those three elements in your life every single day meditation ideally light and sound meditation 10% of your day minimum plus workout at least 10% of your day minimum plus the mindset that’s actually conscious living all the time every moment of the day you guaranteed to succeed on that path being happy and healthy so that’s it there’s no other secret there’s no other techniques everything else is a tool for me breathing techniques are great but they are tools tools aren’t foundation we don’t become breatharian out of breathing techniques they are great you feel good at a moment they’re great you feel good temporarily they’re great tools when we need them but they’re not foundation again guided meditation is great tool not foundation solar technology sunyoga solar practices I love them myself but they are tools not foundation you don’t need the solar practices to be on a pranic path happy and healthy you don’t amaroli or shivambu great tools not foundation basically anything that requires an equipment or someone to do it for you tools not foundation you can use tools along with your foundation on this pranic journey but remember it’s a tool not a foundation and remember that the tool you can let go anytime and still remain on this path happy and healthy as long as you keep your foundation I believe that’s it for this video I shared what I wanted to share if you want to know more I will probably make another video let me know in the comments below underneath this video if so and I wish you a wonderful pranic path I wish you all the best in your life if what I said spoke to you or got you a few lights and ideas and inspirations that’s great I’m very happy if so if not I’m still happy because I just wanted to share this video again for myself have a good day bye now so what I want to say is that my physical body was ready and was on a pranic path so what I want to say that my physical so in other words so what I want to what I’m trying to say what I want to say is that you call on this on this path on pranic living path this ominous and harmonious and home or without experiences


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  1. jason sisolak

    September 14, 2018 8:27 pm

    Good points about doing Process. I did the process a couple of years ago and wasn't prepared for what was to follow. Parts of my body and parts of my mind were not in coherence and a battle of sorts was to follow. I used the process though to my advantage and took it as a long detox program. I understood after I allowed for the juicing detox (5 months) I decreed that I was done with the conflict and went back to eating, in gentle stages. I've never been healthier and I feel that I am a stronger and more sensitive man as a result. My point is that the outcome may have more to do with expectations, beliefs and ego than anything else. I know of two women who were terribly torn apart by the process though and feel it has more to do with trying to maintain a body image rather than approaching the process from a more holistic place, at least in their cases. We are all different and will be affected differently by the challenge. It takes something to come out of the Process a better person rather a disturbed one that's for certain.
    Thank you for sharing this us MaryAm, it's the truth!

  2. The Fruit Addict Ⓥ

    September 15, 2018 3:25 pm

    Daily intermittent fasting, where you eat a single meal each day, is very health promoting. The idea that some people don't eat at all, is silly.

  3. Aldo Rossetti

    September 16, 2018 11:12 am

    Bravo, super Video avec des informations très importantes et utiles! J'ai pas trouvé des Infos sur la technique de cette Meditation puissante avec Sound and light sur le site indiqué. Cafe m'interesse beaucoup, donc où exactement puis je le trouver? Merci beaucoup!!!

  4. Raw Change Israel

    September 17, 2018 8:42 am

    Hello MaryAm. Thank you for the effort of making this video – it's one of the best videos on pranic transformation I've ever seen. I especially like that it's motivating, informative and practical at the same time. I have a few questions please:
    1. Where are you now on your pranic journey? Do you still eat every day? If so, what foods etc. I know it's very personal, but for ne it's really important to learn from actual experience of people and I know I can receive from you an honest answer.
    2. Was his mentor that taught you about your shortcomings etc, a real person in the body, or a spiritual being? If it was a real person, how come he was near you 24/7? Could you please elaborate on that?
    3. Could you please post a link to the specific guidance about Light and Sound Meditation? The one you recommend?
    Thank a lot for the workings of light you're doing in the world:)

  5. Catgirl1800

    September 23, 2018 3:49 pm

    Breatharianism somehow really resonates with me. I hear this calling to do the transition process for i want to reach my higher potential during this lifetime. I have been vegan for my whole 18yr old life and raw vegan for 2 years, but after that i was left with many digestive problems and these days I can only eat a few foods,(not raw though) like teff and some other gluten free grains, coconut milk and small amounts of berries and greens. It seems that my body reacts to so many foods, pretty much everything. Fruits and fruit sugar is atm a definite no no. And after eating i often feel depressed like my energy is so low.. And intaking food affects my consciousness a lot. I want to start doing a slow transition to breatharianism and i was actually thinking of doing a 10-day process next summer. Your video really made me think again, though, and i really wanna be ready for it. I wish i could go raw again and do the transition, but i get crazy bloating of all raw foods and even fruit juices. How do you recommend me to apply the slow transition, for it seems so difficult to do it the raw path? I see myself getting more and more into fasting and omad style of eating, and then eventually reducing solid food intake and leaning towards being liquidarian. I want to prepare well before doing the initiation..

  6. Gudule Jermish

    October 11, 2018 10:33 pm

    Bonsoir Maryam, Heureuse de te retrouver là… Je vais revenir t'écouter encore…
    Je ressens comme tu es centrée, claire, énergique et posée à la fois. A bientôt, Love, G.J.

  7. Alejandra Gonzalez

    October 20, 2018 4:32 am

    Hola Maryam. Gracias por tan valiosa información. Quisiera preguntarte dónde buscar ayuda para mindset que necesitamos. Bendiciones 🙏

  8. Samuel

    January 12, 2019 5:34 pm

    I learned some great things from this video. Having done a process last year my self I can relate to some things. The process was helpful though in showing me that it is possible to go beyond the limits I had in my mind of what my body needs. I have been a vegetarian for several years now and find my self almost vegan. It's been a slow natural process that my body has led me on. I have also been closing my food intake window. It is a transition that is to be taken gently and slowly while staying fully nourished. I feel my next step is to add meditation into my life. Thank you for sharing <3 Namaste

  9. Arun Goel

    January 18, 2019 3:47 pm

    It has been a great watching your video on Pranic Process and its consequences. I have been practicing daily the Chi-Gong Meditation as taught by the Breatharian and Master of ChiGong Meditation Elitom Elamin and have experienced wonderful moments during and after the practices. I also practice Kundalini Meditation and few other physical exercises before the ChiGong Meditation. Could you please MaryAm guide me if there is anything I must take care of in the ChiGong Meditation practices. The total time is about 50 minutes each day for these practices. I will truly appreciate your response. Be Blessed always.

  10. kamlesh taank

    January 20, 2019 1:32 pm

    You are the only breatherian/Pranic person, who sounds to me authentic, real and senseable, I love your video and encourage you to make make more, I am so grateful for your video, efforts to make this Video it is very helpful guidence for me. Thank alot .. love and blessings 💗🙇💞💟🙏🙏😇😇💫💕

  11. Alexandra Rodriguez

    February 4, 2019 7:50 pm

    Namaste. Thank you MaryAm for taking the time and energy to share your experience with us. For me, it has helped temper what I've learned so far about the pranic path. The way you have explained it makes sense and very natural holistic process that will be different for every person. I also appreciate the time you took to explain that your mind and body need to be ready for transitioning and not just one. For me as of now, I feel my mind is more ready than my body and I am working on that.

    I heard of the term "breatharian" many years ago but never looked into it and thought it was bogus.There was a time in my life a little before 2012 where I was having an awakening but then I went backwards and fell into darkness and chaos. Since January of 2018, I was brought back into the light and have been guided step by step bit by bit moving upward with the pure intention of being the best me I can be and serving others and the Earth to help them as well. For me it is the ultimate way to purify the body, mind, and spirit.

    About two weeks ago I felt this sudden urge to no longer eat meat. There was this compassion in my heart that was awakened and I just did not want to eat the animals anymore. Then I started to hear within myself this term "breathairian" which I ignored but it didn't go way until I researched it and was surprised to find any information on the subject. I knew that I was being called to this pranic lifestyle. Within two days my body was rejecting dairy and eggs also. I was getting sick. So I went Vegan with no difficulty. Then a few days ago, my body is now rejecting cooked food so now I eat Raw and once per day and have begun fasting with water, wheat-grass juice powder and drinking bentonite clay water one day per week which feels very natural and good. During this time I have been doing a lot of microcosmic meditation, chi gong, sitting/silent (kriya) meditation and kundalini yoga all outside in nature for about 1.5-2 hours per day.

    This really has been almost effortless and I think it has to do with a couple of things you mentioned and something else. 1.) The purity of your intention and remaining humble. 2.) Not forcing the process. 3.) The transition that the planet is going through. The third reason you did not mention but I think it is worth mentioning. As these vibrational shifts get higher those who are awakening to their true purpose are able to more easily transition to a more holistic and positive lifestyle where others who don't will continue to suffer.

    Thank you again for this video. Now I know I will take it at my body's natural pace which I have been doing but was anxious about making the transition (4 day dry fast). I guess I will dry fast when I feel ready and maybe I will still go to a retreat (Elitom) just to be with others on the path. I looked up The Supreme Master Quan Yin and her Light and Sound Meditation. I will be contacting someone in my area. This is great because I was going to and still going to get a singing bowl for my meditation because it felt natural to have the sound with the light as well. Many blessings to you MaryAm.

  12. Jose S

    March 1, 2019 5:16 pm

    Wow, this was very deep information, kind of scary but, it was nothing but the truth. Thank you. 🙂

  13. Stéphanie Bonamarte

    March 7, 2019 11:35 am

    Bonjour MaryÂm, merci beaucoup pour cette vidéo:) J'ai une question et je ne trouve la réponse nulle part : Est ce qu'on continue à être réglé (avoir nos règles) quand on est sur la voie Pranic?

  14. Dharia Maria Lurie

    March 13, 2019 3:17 pm

    Greetings dear person, please take a moment to read this important message:
    Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) is a spiritual cultivation practice for mind and
    body that is widely spreading in the world, it is based on the
    principles of the Universe:
    真 Truthfulness
    善 Compassion
    忍 Forbearance
    It includes gentle exercises and meditation. It helped millions of people
    to regain health, peace of mind and obtain spiritual fulfillment. Since
    1999 this peaceful practice has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in
    Mainland China. People are being killed, tortured, put into labor camps
    and have organs harvested from live people, simply because of their
    belief. Millions Falun Gong practitioners have died from torture at the
    hands of CCP in the past 17 years. More than 100 million people around
    the world practice Falun Gong.

    People ask how can they help; Just spreading awareness is a big help. Let your
    family and friends know about the persecution. Many people invest money
    in China without being aware what it is used for. Many products that
    are coming from China are made by prisoners in the most pitiable

  15. Fran Naturista

    March 20, 2019 9:53 am

    Hello MaryAm, I saw you with Elitom weeks ago. Also he was in my beach's house 10 days 2 years ago also. I did the iniciation with Suprem Master and begin this kind of meditation in Spain, Valencia. We go to Madrid to see the Master about year 2000 more o less. But words are one thing and fact other. The meditation is uncontroversially a way of mental silence, maximum peace, rest… and it has the fundattion for the healing, because silence, stillness is no waste of energy and for that this gifted energy goes to take care of the body disfunction. Because the first law of life is the preservation of life ordered by creator. Really because this silence, like sleeping you can have or receive information of other dimention. There is not nothing miracoulouse in this is a matter of universal laws. I studied all the people pranic on the web of Suprem Master, thanks her. But she and her followers are basically vegetarians, only, and this is not suffycient for the big an mysterious purpouse of life for that we were created. I am in this line. Thanks, I take note of your experience. Love for you, you are in very good line. Sorry my english

  16. sabri casa

    April 2, 2019 2:20 pm

    ONE OF the most sincere video and useful i saw about pranic living. merci … and well done… keep the good work

  17. cole k

    April 6, 2019 1:28 am

    Thank you. Wonderful video. Love your honesty. Good instructions. I was going to do the 10 days but now I see/feel it’s a slow process. Makes sense what u r saying.

    Your colors are stunning

  18. Nitr

    May 1, 2019 1:04 pm

    I think you said a few times that there's no going back if you start the process.
    How does it feel like if your body is rejecting food? Do you eat a little bit and get full really quick? Or can you still eat but you just don't feel the satiation associated with food? It's like your teeth are grinding the food but the old feeling of eating (until you're full) is gone?
    Whenever I go fruitarian, I get really fine-tuned to my body. I naturally lean towards dry fasting and eating less. And I realize that I only eat because of the detox, adrenals and not wanting to feel weak, or I have something scheduled.

    I had energetic transformation last year and I think my light body was activated. I'm still making sense whether I'm living on more prana now. I go through these periods where my energy is high and in those times the food won't bring my consciousness down energetically. It's not a permanent thing, I have weak days as well or days where I lean towards the norm.

  19. missdescade 1980

    May 16, 2019 9:02 pm

    This video was very informative. Never knew about breatharians until reading a spiritual book. Everything you said was very true. Also where did you purchase your tigers eye necklace?

  20. Iridessa Ivy

    May 25, 2019 2:37 am

    Are there any New Zealanders on this path? Or looking to start? Please comment below and I will give my email. We must connect and support and love one another in unity xo


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