The relationship between sleep and insulin sensitivity | David Sinclair


– [Dr. Patrick]: Sleep is really important
for aging as well, particularly the aging brain, you know, so… In fact, I was wearing a continuous glucose
monitor. I’ve been wearing one for a few months now. And my son, like around Thanksgiving time,
started having teething and stuff and he started waking up in the middle of the night and he’d
be up for like an hour and it was like… So I was basically having very fragmented
sleep and my blood glucose levels, like my fasting blood glucose levels and my postprandial
were, like, 15 to 20 units higher. And this was, like, repeatable, very… I was, you know, my diet’s… Pretty much, I eat the same thing, so it wasn’t
like eating anything like a cookie or anything like that. I mean, it was just like… And doing some high-intensity interval training
did help, and there are actually some research on that, but I was astounded by the effect
sleep had or a lack of sleep. – [Dr. Sinclair]: Yeah. If you take a rat and deprive it of sleep,
it will get diabetes within a matter of a month or so. – [Dr. Patrick]: I mean, it’s just like it
was… You know, I’d read the studies. I had Dr. Matt Walker on the podcast, talked
all about it. But when it happens to yourself and you see
the data, I mean, of course, it’s still just an N-of-one for me. But I mean, it was just like, it was very… To me, it made it very real. I was like, “This really is regulating my
insulin level, my insulin sensitivity.” – [Dr. Sinclair]: Right. I could see my age changing when I had young
kids. – [Dr. Patrick]: Oh, absolutely. I’ve aged for sure. I mean, I can see it, like the… You know, especially as a nursing mother in
the early, you know, days of my son being born, it was just so hard. I mean, it was so hard. – [Dr. Sinclair]: Yeah. Just check out photos of me in my 30s and
early 40s when it was lack of sleep and stress and my wife screaming at me for traveling,
that kind of stuff. That wore me out. You can see that I aged rapidly. Since then, I don’t think and others don’t
think that I’ve aged much since then. So it’s sleep and stress. All important.


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  2. knittingdoula

    November 29, 2019 12:52 am

    The link between insulin sensitivity and sleep could provide a compelling reason to offer postpartum doula care to vulnerable mothers as a way of mitigating later diabetes risk. As a pp doula myself, I saw such a link between emotional coping abilities and sleep – it makes sense that there's a profound sequelae associated with sleep in many facets of life. Just wait until perimenopause, ladies; your sleep is profoundly affected by mother nature (though I have to wonder WHY this is advantageous from a biological/evolutionary perspective).


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