The role of suffering in spiritual life


Namaskar. We are continuing to discuss
the topic of stages of sadhana, of the spiritual path. That is a very very big topic. We can talk about that for one month. But in that vast topic
there is a little pocket, and I will like to discuss that today. I will like to talk about suffering. The role of suffering,
the place of suffering in the life of spirituality. There are three stages of human maturity. We are talking about stages
of sadhana; the spiritual path. And this is also a related topic;
the stages of human maturity. As a soul, you mature. So there are three stages. And the suffering plays different
role in those three stages. The first stage is when a
human is first just born. We are actually……our body is animal body. We are a mammal. And we are very similar to animals. If you observe monkeys,
if you observe dogs, you will find that they are
very very similar to us. They also feel, they have emotions,
they have their attachments they have their liking,
they have their disliking. They also have their thinking process. But the difference is that
animals do not aspire for infinity. But humans do aspire.
And that is the difference. So the first stage of
human is still animalistic. You are human by shape,
but not by your psychology. Not yet. There is no thirst for infinity. The spiritual yearning is not pronounced, is not expressed, is not awakened. You just live for the sake of comforts. Eating, sleeping, entertaining etc. This is the first stage – its called Pashu. And the path at this first
stage is called Pashvacara. Pashvacara, the animal path. Nothing bad. It’s not about bad things It’s about the strategy,
how a person moves when he is in that stage of maturity. At this preliminary stage,
suffering plays crucial role. What is suffering? There is comfort and there is discomfort. So suffering is discomfort. What is discomfort? Discomfort is when you want
something and you do not get it. and when you don’t want
something, but you get it. So this is called discomfort. And comfort is when all
your desires are easily fulfilled. Anukúlavedaniiyaḿ sukham. The congenial feeling
when the environment, suiting your inner needs is happiness. And when the environment
is in dissonance, in disagreement with your inner
feeling is called unhappiness. So, in the beginning of
the spiritual sadhana the person, the human being moves
due to circumstantial pressure. If there is circumstantial pressure,
there will be development. If there won’t be any
circumstantial pressure, the person will not come
out of the state of comfort. Imagine, a person has
everything. Everything is right. Why should he go somewhere
and search for something else? He will continue enjoying that situation. So if the development is to take place, there has to be some push from the external
environment to that person. and due to that push that person will move and will blossom, will develop. So this is the Pashvacara. At the second stage, a person is termed viira. Viira means hero. Why he is a hero? Because he has to be heroic. Because he has to struggle. And that struggle means discomfort. At the heroic stage,
the person has understood, the value of dos and don’ts. He understands that
if I do such actions, if I think such thoughts, my mind will be elevated. And if I think those
thoughts and those actions, my mind will be degenerated. Either my consciousness will be developing or my consciousness will be going down. And I have to make a choice. I want my consciousness to develop, but it is a hard path. Something here needs effort and takes long time before
I start to feel joy from that. And here, there is
something that is so easy, and so habitual, and it will give me happiness right now. But it will degenerate my mind. So there is a struggle, inner struggle. And since the person is in struggle, since the person is in war, he is a hero. So on the stage of hero, it is called viirácára, in Sanskrit. The development is happening
due to two factors, one is circumstantial pressure, and second one is the inner urge. you want, you realise your inner needs. You understand that I am a spiritual being, and aspire for greatness for divinity. So when you realise that, then that is motivating you. Why am I doing meditation? Not because I want to look good. I do meditation because there
is this inner inspiration in me; An aspiration for the greatness. That is why I do. So that is the difference between
animal stage and human stage. So in this Viirabhava …in Viirácára, I am moving ahead but
sometimes I get tired, I get tired and I sort of go to sleep. At that moment life comes
after you gives a kick. And then you awake
and again you move. So in the first stage you sleep. You don’t move anywhere. Then life comes and then ‘Bam’, gives you a nice kick in the back. And then you fly – you
move in that movement, There is Tamoguna, the force of staticity, if you are under that
influence you are sleeping. Then there is Rajoguna,
the force of dynamism, and under that influence
you are moving. And there is Sattvaguna,
the force of goodness the force of beatitude sentient force. Under that influence, you blossom. You experience joy. So when you sleep, the consciousness is sleeping, it is a stage of suffering. Not everyone understands,
but it is suffering. When you actually move,
it less suffering. But subjectively, it is
experienced as more suffering. But when you move, slowly slowly you blossom, that force of goodness within you. It’s just like, let’s say, imagine a flower. There is a seed, when it is in the seed form, it is under the influence
of the force of staticity. It is lying dormant, it is not moving. Then it awakens – it grows
and grows and grows and then finally it blossoms, So when it blossoms, it is under
the dominance of the sentient force, the dominance of the goodness. And when it is growing, it is under the
dominance of the dynamic force. So this movement is very good for us. The circumstantial pressure motivates us to move. And then the final stage, Divyácárá; the circumstantial pressure
does not affect that person. The person moves
only due to internal, urge, And he or she moves so fast, that life is not able to
catch him and give some kick. No need, not necessary because
the development is very very fast. So the suffering at different
stages plays different role. The first stage the most important. In the path of spirituality,
there are very few people who come because of the
authentic spiritual urge. Very very few. “Why did you come to the path?” “I was searching for God,” “I was searching for greatness.” Very few. But there are many people
who come because of suffering. Or, “I got sick and my doctor
told me, you must do yoga”. Or “I am little bit fat and
I want to burn some fat”. “And my cosmetologist, my fitness trainer told me you must do yoga and I do yoga.” Or “I have trouble to
concentrate my mind and my professor told
me you must do yoga”. And so on and so on. There may be different reasons. There is a pain and you
try to resolve that pain, get rid of that pain. And you come on the path of spirituality, that is the Pashvacar –
due to external pressure. Very few people are inborn heros, are born already awakened and they know, “I have my spiritual urge.” “And I want to find something
which will fulfil that urge.” They are Viira. And then you go through struggle, Viirabhávaḿ sadáprápya
kramena devatá bhavet. If you attain a constant heroic ideation, if you are constantly in the state of hero, you become deva, you
become a Divine being. So circumstantial
pressure is necessary. You can take now a
piece of paper and a pen, and write down five ways how to create circumstantial
pressure for you. Because normally we are
at the first and second stages and circumstantial pressure is very necessary. Our spiritual master, our Gurudeva, He was first of all master of
creating pressure on the disciples. So the disciples would find
themselves in such a situation, where they must move,
and they must develop. If they don’t develop, they fail. They cannot not develop. They must develop. So in the physical absence
of such a master, we have to be for ourselves, such an agent that creates this circumstantial pressure. How to create? A few examples, one example, a person says, “Oh! I think I should get a proper job.” “Actually I have money
and I have everything, but like this I am degenerating in my home I don’t find any interest to wake up early, at least if I get a job, I will have to keep myself very fit, because there is pressure.” This is one example. Another is example is to make a deadline; “Ok by such date, I must accomplish this.” There are many ways, so if you write down, if you share in the comments,
I think it will be very interesting. Because circumstantial pressure. Another thing is something called clash. It is an english word, clash of armour, clash of swords it denotes conflict. Two things come and clash. In sanskrit also there is a word klesha. Klesha means a painful situation. So in yogic philosophy it is quite
convenient to use this word clash. Which is I think even
better than klesha in Sanskrit. Because lesh define this conflict. What is this clash? We develop through three factors. One is physical clash. You are in a situation
where you have to survive. the struggle for existence motivates you to develop. The most crude fundamental
struggle for survival is the very important
evolutionary factor. Then the second, when you develop a bit, and when you realise
the necessity of morality, when you realise the dos
and don’ts of life, and you decide to elevate your consciousness, then it is a psychic clash. There is something easy, but not useful for the development of consciousness. And there is something hard
and long and strenuous, but eventually, it will elevate you and will make you the
happiest person in the world. And you have to make a choice; Pleasure now or happiness later. And I am habituated
for this simple enjoyment and not for the spiritual realm. Things of the spiritual realm. So I have to struggle to make a proper choice. If you have seen this movie Star Wars, and there is this dialogue
between Luke Skywalker and master Yoda. And he asks, “So the dark
side of the force is stronger? “No, not stronger, but more
simple and more attractive.” So this is very precise. The dark side is more attractive. Something which is of the previous evolutionary stages, is more attractive. And something which is
ahead of us is not attractive? It is a potentiality, and I must struggle to explore, and open up that potentiality. So that’s why there is a inner conflict, and due to that inner
conflict you become viira. You become the hero. This is clash. And then there is spiritual attraction. You are attracted by
the idea of Greatness. You want to realise the Supreme
wisdom and the Universal love and the divine Bliss. So these three factors,
they develop you. Sometimes it is very often you will hear from the
sadhaka, the spiritual seeker, “You look a little bit sad, how are you?” “Oh! I have a clash.” So person will say, “I have a clash”,
means I am suffering, I suffer. But not all suffering qualifies as clash. And I want to be very crystal clear here. Sometimes we suffer because
of our negative thinking. I am thinking, “Oh! there is no money”. Then, “All people around are bad.” And, “Due to this circumstances this thing happened.” “Those people, that government.” Etc. And if you want, you can
make a list of 100 items, to define why your life is hell. If you train your mind to see, negative things, you will be able to see. But likewise if you train
your mind to see positive, you will also make list of 500 items of positivity. So if you are just suffering, it is a result of karma, the result of samskara; the consequences of past actions. Sometimes in the past I have done
the action which is not harmonious. I bear in mind an imprint of that action. That imprint is expressing
now and I am suffering. Due to the imprint I see
the world the way I see it. I have created this world. Due to that imprint I cannot
see the opportunities, I cannot see the possibilities. And due that I suffer. Is there any use of that suffering? Yes it is useful, because when you suffer, you consume the consequences of the past actions. But if you simply suffer, the poison creates poison. If you are painful inside
you will throw that pain out. And you will create pain outside also. So you will reap this consequences of the past. You will consume the
consequences of the past But at the same time,
you will create a new cause for the future affects. So this the wheel of samsara; Always creating a similar
existence for yourself. But what is the way out? The way out is to be in the present. At this present moment, I will overcome the consequences of the past. The negativity clouds my mind, propels me to primitive actions, to the primitive desires. But I will not simply give up. I will put my army forward my soldiers my inner soldiers. My inner force of light will oppose that army of darkness. If I am negative – I will think positive. If I am thinking I am unable, I will think I be able to. I am thinking inferiority complexes, then I will think I am son of God, I am a son of God,
I am a daughter of God. I can do anything and everything. So with the positive idea, if feel greedy, I will think generous. I want to feed entire world. I want to give the physical prosperity
for every being in this planet. If I am jealous, I will think he is my friend, she is my friend. I want her to prosper,
I want him to prosper. So with the positive idea,
you counteract negative ideas. And that qualifies as clash. Before that it is simply
suffering, it’s not clash. Clash is when you counteract negative with the positive. And the best way to create clash is to repeat Mantra. Because the Mantra is
the highest, the ultimate, form of spiritual vibration. And when that ultimate, subtle most vibration
comes in touch with your vibration of the entire state of your mind, it will conflict, it will clash. And it will elevate your state of being. And that is the most positive clash. Repeating Mantra internally, singing the universal mantra externally, this is the subtle most form of clash. So, when people say, “I feel clash.” You have to ask, “Are you really feeling clash?” “Or are you just suffering?” “Are you letting your
negativity overcome you?” “Or are you fighting with your negativity? You have to understand that. If you do, then you will shine. you will become… Viirabhávaḿ sadáprápya. What is Viirabhava? Viirabhava means the heroic state, where you take that fight. That is heroism. You fight with the Inner negativity,
with the inner positivity. That is the viirabhava. Viirabhávaḿ sadáprápya. When you attain the
constant state of Viirabhava. When you don’t give up to suffering, When you don’t give up to darkness, but always counteract darkness with light, then you become Kramena devatá bhavet. He becomes Divine. He becomes Divine. Or she becomes Divine. So it is about suffering. I hope it was clear, because many times I hear from the
spiritual seekers this word clash. “So much clash, so much clash.” What clash? You don’t understand what is clash. Clash is something very very very positive. Are you experiencing clash? Or are you just simply suffering? So let us have really authentic clash, real clash, not…. just surrendering to the darkness. I will appreciate and it is very interesting
for me to read your comments. I don’t always have time to reply to your comments, But I do sometimes. But it is very interesting to read. What are you thinking? How do you understand? And what are your ways
to create pressure for yourself? What are your ways
to overcome suffering? What are your mental tricks, your psychic tricks to
improve your vibration? Thank you, Namaskar.


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  1. Sarthak Kulkarni

    May 1, 2019 6:13 pm

    Pain is a good teacher and a strong motivator and only for our highest interest

  2. Rosi Szanyi

    May 1, 2019 6:13 pm

    🌱💜🙏💜🙏🌱🌱😲I’m very suffering right now because lots off conflict off the mind!I see how Crazy my thinking mind is!I wish I can be with out a lot off thinking about Negativ things,like to stay longer in Thankfullnes!My Animal is cut in 1% only,but I accept it,it’s there a part off me,but my Compashion is more,there!I know everyone gos true suffering,because off there Ego!Bye me it is suffering and bliss on and off,I recognizing to be in blissfull Moments I’m more aware!You should do this,not that!Whats better for developing,stay an truck!I jest want it to shut ab 😩or stop🙏This can’t be me,the Thinking Mind so much nonsense thinking?So much Business!My jernig is tremendes for waking up!I trye to concentrate an my outbreath Ahhhhh….letting go off Turmult!I know Life is a present,it can be any Minute over.I did a Mantra with Sathguru,result my Eyes are crying constantly,in the Morning I open my Eyes the Start crying all Day😭 a salty big 🌊 Ocean comes out off me,very salty!Maybe I cry because I woke 🤔😲😲up??Totall Peace and Relaxation is only in Dead possible,maby my Body knows that,and cry’s,one more Day longer in Bussines??

  3. Jimmy Doyle

    May 1, 2019 6:52 pm

    Thank you Dada, you are a great inspiration.
    Should one accept failure? I am constantly struggling to do the right thing, yet my victories are small…
    It's not that I don't know what's right, but more that I am unwilling to let go of that little bird. Should I accept this? Do I continue my practice in acceptance of my limitations? I feel the clash within but with every failure I forgive myself. Will this forgiveness slow my liberation? Within this forgiveness, will my courage grow or will it diminish? Does forgiveness diminish the clash? Am I wrong to believe that letting go of the outcomes of my clashes, in victory or failure, is the proper way?
    Thank you Dada…

  4. Hina Kalapi

    May 1, 2019 7:19 pm

    So informative video…
    Well assorted negative n positive clashes..n wat suffering is…thanxs fr sharing dis Baba…its practise on onself to attain spirtual bliss

  5. Rosi Szanyi

    May 1, 2019 7:43 pm

    🌱💜🌱✌️🌱I can lessen to you forever🌱🙏💜🙏🌱😲🌱💜💜💜🌅💜💜🌱

  6. Fernanda Verruck

    May 2, 2019 1:10 am

    Thank you so much, Dada! I've been surrendering to negativity these past few days. But now I will fight it. Namaskar!!

  7. JaiJaiSun

    May 2, 2019 12:55 pm

    Namaskar Dada. I felt that you were really speaking directly to me. Thank you for your generosity! May you prosper in joy and health, may you continue to share you wisdom and loving kindness with the world. Namaskar

  8. Nya Selio

    May 2, 2019 5:14 pm

    I found this video very interesting. Particularly how the teaching of 'clash' clashes with the philosophy of non-resistance. I feel like intentionally placing yourself in uncomfortable situations and then not allowing yourself to seek out the comfort you crave is a form of resistance, but I can understand how doing so can facilitate personal growth. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the teaching of non-resistance?

  9. Carrie Morda

    May 3, 2019 1:08 pm

    Namaskar ji 🙏🏼 One of the pressures I place on myself is to be liberated from the karmic cycle or at least to make "progress" in this lifetime that I become closer to liberation from the cycle of birth and death. As always, dhanyavaad for your teachings 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  10. Yoga with Kelsey Mhyn

    May 5, 2019 7:17 pm

    Thank you for this video after a long time! I have watched and listened to all of your talks and videos. I'm always grateful to you and your teachings! Namaskar 🙏💕

  11. Ankur Maheriya

    May 9, 2019 11:19 pm

    Thank you thank you thank you prabhu 🙏 You beautifully describe, what is suffering? and what is to be heroic. I didn't even know difference between this situations, and most of the time out of ignorance I didn't value my inner true self. This necterian instructions gave me strength 🙌🙏

  12. Stardust Astrology

    May 15, 2019 12:32 am

    Thank you so much Dada for sharing Your wisdom 🙏 I would love it if you could explain how exactly to sit like You do and why it is important. Bless You 🙏

  13. Arjuna Deva

    August 26, 2019 1:09 pm

    I think one of the best ways to create pressure is to be committed to do meditation twice a day regularly, rain or shine. Then when suffering comes, you will go forward and struggle against darkness.

  14. Priya

    August 28, 2019 8:36 am

    thanku true… i was always interested in spirituality .. from my childhood.. but only kept gaining theoretical knowledge… never did meditation ( always found some excuse…also i never had courage to follow this path as i am my mom filled this idea in my mind that who will marry me if i will do spiritual stuffs ) … untill recently … i suffered too much because of a relationship and it changed me so much.. that in order to get rid of so much grudge hatred …every kind of emotional pain…. i started doing was hard for me to accept that..this almost 8 year long suffering ..was blessing that… finally shaped my mind.. gave me courage so that.. i am finally shaping my life .. in spiritual way ..i am no more scared of being judged… i only make company that is supportive for my spiritual life…. my motivation for meditation somehow still comes from that pain…. if i ever get distracted .. i always remind myself.. what was the meaning of that suffering .. i have to find that.. why i went through so dark bad emotions… i wish one day i will overcome this.. feeling and my longing will only be for supreme

  15. DGZ OZ

    August 28, 2019 8:04 pm

    my way to create preasure is to to cold showers and bodybuilding
    And some meditations

    Cause i think pain is essential for life and growth its like it is God itself The Love of pain

    Or do i just missunterstand somenthing ? Or i am too crazy ?

  16. Subhash Saini

    September 18, 2019 4:44 am

    Namaskar 🙏 . The explanation is unbiased and clear which a logical mind seeks from Guru. Continue the mission for the benefit of mankind and enabling them to understand the things.

  17. ashish kumar

    November 21, 2019 3:22 pm

    Clash in my mind only arises whenever I am unable to keep my spine straight, seems that it blocks the flow of energy into lower three chakra, mainly 3rd chakra, I get thoughts to prove myself to the people who don't understand my path & give judgements on me.
    I feel a sense of pure loving vibration coming from you. You calms me & get me back to meditative state !

  18. supfly

    December 16, 2019 7:03 pm

    Dada, you only confirm that all things Spiritual require some type of agitation either internal or external. Breathing exercises, Sauna, Meditation, Life, etc. all require us (if we are lucky enough to understand) to step BEYOND ourselves – this is the only way we can grow. The LESSONS are ALL around us in Life at any Given Time – we only need the Ability to See – The Meditation is such a beautiful thing because it promotes Logic over Emotion, but keeps the positive, Joy, Love and so forth as the Constant the Fuel for this. It's never easy and difficult for people to see beyond this sometimes, but it's always there….as you say. and it is…the more I come to this, the more I want to seek it out…all of your videos out here – they don't have enough hits…this is most worthy Obsession there is…Consciousness and all things about it. As always – Thank for your Wisdom!


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