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– Yo, yo, yo this is Ruben
Harris, I’m here with the homies Artur and Timur Meyster, and this is the Breaking into Startups podcast. Timur, can you please tell the people what we’re doin’ today? – Yes, so today we’re
actually sitting here, in San Mateo, and we’re
recording this episode out of Hero City Draper University, and this doesn’t always happen but we have a lot of
cameras rolling right now, we actually have a live audience, and that’s because we have
a very cool guest today, and Ruben, can you please
introduce the guest? – Yes sir, we’re here
with Gary Vaynerchuk, who many of you know as
a rock star entrepreneur, but he’s also a author and a speaker, he’s a four time New
York Times bestseller, he runs a 800 person media agency, he was a early investor in
Twitter, Snapchat and Uber. And what’s amazing about
this podcast episode is we’re not just gonna
talk about how to build companies, we’re gonna talk about how a lot of people launch a company without understanding how this game works. And, what it takes to break into a job, learn different skills
and kinda go from there, but before doin’ that, just
wanna say welcome Gary. – Thanks guys, I’m really excited
about this, appreciate it. – Yeah, so a lot of folks out there, who are listening, they’re
obsessed with companies, right, starting companies,
but a lot of them, may not have the skills, so if you’re, I guess 25, 35, 45 and
you are starting over, and you wanna eventually own a company, what would you do now
to acquire that skill, to become that entrepreneur
that you wanna be like? – So I think, you know,
just getting the sense of the energy of the
podcast and the audience, I think the first thing that we have to really do here is take a step back. We need to understand
when there are bubbles. And when there are trends
that are gonna hurt people. And this notion, for
people that are under 25, that starting a company has kind of become the goin’ to grad school,
has become going to college, has become, I’ve gotta
save for retirement, I have to buy a home,
I have to get married, like it has become, like, standard, and I think that’s insane, and scary, because that is literally
like going to the NBA has become standard. It is very hard to build
a very big business. Like, most people will
never build a business that makes a million, like 99% of people don’t have the ability
or will ever achieve, running a business that makes
a million dollars profit, let alone the audacity, and the, and it’s awesome, I mean
blind youth, listen, I went on, not knowing much,
like you guys just said, sorry, it’s a directional,
not a, and I’m like, I don’t know anything, but
the one thing I’ve always known is how to make money
and build a business. And it’s crazy, you know,
a rock star entrepreneur. Those two words were never
together just seven years ago? Like, this has become a
real thing that is a bubble. It’s a bubble, now, does
that mean the person on the other side of this
can’t build a business? Absolutely not. But I think you need to
start with self awareness. There’s a lotta good kids,
a lot of people out there that are really good
workers, are really smart, super organized, like
have unbelievable amounts of skills, and my biggest
fear, and I say this a lot, is, oh, shit, this is gonna be the era where a lot of people could’ve went, and been number 13, at
Reddit, number 41 at Facebook, number 109 at Google and Yahoo!, instead, they think they need to be
number one at laundry land, and they’re gonna waste a lot of money, a lot of time, now the
reason a lot of people have done this is there’s
been a lot of easy money. Been so much money in venture capital. Now, that easy money
has been really directed mainly towards white
males from good schools. So it not like, you know,
when people are listening, they’re like what is he talkin’ about, like, I understand what I’m talking about, but I also understand
how not everybody’s been able to get to it. By the way, I would’ve never
been able to get to it, because even though I’m a white male, I was a shit student,
and as a matter of fact, remember we were talkin’
before and you said hey, so remind me about the
fund, and I was like no, I’ve have a 25 million dollar fund, I was about to raise
150 million dollar fund, but I put it on the side,
but when I was going through that, two years ago, on
the back of investing in Facebook, and Twitter,
and Tumblr, and Uber, and all these things, before they popped, on the back of that, there
were still family offices, that didn’t wanna write me checks, because I went to Mount
Ida college, not Stanford. And I was like, and I loved it, like I love losing, like I like getting punched in the mouth. I just thought it was ludicrous. I’m like wow. You literally think a piece of paper matters more than fuckin’ results. I’m not talkin’ shit, I did shit. – Yeah. Exactly, man. – So, anyway, nonetheless, man, there’s a lot to cover here, but the biggest thing and the reason I’m
starting with this rant, is please, don’t think you have to. Please. Here’s a good one. If you’re 22 years old,
and you never sold shit, growing up, you’ve got a problem. Convincing me, that you’re gonna build some big time business. – Yep. – Like, if you didn’t sell blow pops, if you didn’t download music,
like on CD’s and flip them, if you didn’t do what
I did which was, man, I was lemonade stand at five, you know, raking leaves, washing cars, I’m Jewish and sang fucking Christmas
carols for a dollar. So, like, you know, so
like, baseball cards, that was my whole life. And I just think a lotta
people who are academia oriented, by the way, who I value. Like the people that I plan
on making multi millionaires, are people that have those
skills, ’cause I don’t, and you need a team, not
everybody’s the quarterback, somebody’s the left
tackle, you need a punter, you need ’em all, this whole everybody’s gotta be a startup founder,
’cause they think they can, here’s the problem, in business
it’s different than singing. On American Idol, back in the day, when you went in front of Simon, when we all watched
those first two episodes where they showed all the bad people, nobody was confused
that you sucked, right? But with business, it takes some time to figure out if you suck. Like, it feels like anybody could start, and then when everybody got checks, like free money,
everybody built businesses that they were losing money every month. – Exactly. – This town that we’re
sitting in right now, the last seven years, what I’ve watched, it doesn’t take a hero to
raise two million dollars and then lose 30 thousand dollars a month, until you run out, and then start over and be like, I learned something. So it’s a broken game, but,
it’s an incredible game, I’m not tryin’ to stop
anybody from doing it, here’s what I would say. Don’t amass debt to start a business, if you don’t know you’re good. Fine, if you wanna raise
capital from other people, but remember when you lose they remember. And when you’re 27 and you’ve got a scarlet letter on your
chest, and nobody good ever wants to fuck with you, that’s bad. It’s definitely bad if you
lost your aunt’s money, ’cause that’s just
weird, you know, and so, if they wanna be successful here’s my, here’s my two cents on this, I think kids should go work for people for free, and keep it humble, for
the first three years. Free to as little as possible. I think every one of you, in this room, should like live in the
same one bedroom apartment. But work for the best person
you can get in front of, for free, ’cause the IP, the intelligence, watching how people do it, I promise you. Maribel, who’s sitting across from me, who’s on my team, and the office CO, and the special project, you know, she’s got her masters, she’s got all this, listen, she may not
agree, ’cause she doesn’t always agree with me,
which, I love her for that, but like I know she learned
a lot this last year, and it’s different than what
you learn in a classroom. You just can’t, you can’t
learn it, it’s like sports. Like you could read
books about how to play basketball, but until you
get on the court, the fuck? And that’s what’s happening, and so, yeah, I’m not tryin’ to be Debbie Downer, I just want practicality
back in the system, because I think a lotta
people, you have to understand, people wrap their self
esteem up in their business. You start a new business, you’re 24, you’re telling your mom, your homies, you’re like I got this
business, and you’re fucking flashin’ it,
and you put entrepreneur in the title of your Instagram,
and you’re on blast now, and when it fails, all your
self esteem goes with it, and I wanna remind everybody,
99% are gonna fail. – Yep. – This isn’t 50. So like everybody who’s
sayin’ like yeah, yeah, but I’m gonna break through, cool. But like 99% are gonna fail. Plus the economy’s been phenomenal for nine years in a row now. – Yep – So all the kids, you’ve
gotta be 32 to even basically kinda remember
when shit was bad, so if you’re under 32, you’ve never been punched in the fuckin’
mouth, so you don’t even know the difference, you think
it’s just always gonna be like this, you don’t know
what it really looks like. You’re not winning and building a business during easy times, what
the fuck do you think is gonna happen when no money is around? – Yeah. – So, I’m concerned, but I’m optimistic. – Yeah. I just wish people got
real with themselves. – Yeah. And you say a lot about
like workin’ nine to fives, and like workin’ for free is one thing, but you also talked about how, like, making time is an interesting thing, so during the job, while
you’re saving money, you can do a lot of things
with those extra hours to continue to develop
skills, can you kinda continue to elaborate about that? – Yeah, look I think we’re
talking about our lives. So when you’re talkin’ about your life, my big thing is like,
you better go, a lotta people are like Gary V.,
just peddles like all hustle, and it’s not healthy, I’m
like look, I talk about sleeping six, seven hours a day. I want everybody to sleep. I’m just curious about the other sixteen. – Yep. – I’m curious about your sixteen hours. I don’t know, I’m programmed every minute. Like I’m, ’cause I’m
ambitious, ’cause I want it. And so, you know, I’m
struggling, there’s a lot of 24 year olds who’ve
watched the entire season of Crown, and I’m just like, yo, if you’re gonna be a billionaire,
like, that’s a bad idea. – Totally. – you know, and they’re
dominant at Candy Crush, and they’re like, they’re
real Call of Duty gangsters, and they listen to like every new album, the second it comes out, like they’re just spending a lot of time, and listen, you should have leisure,
you should have escapism. You do you everybody’s got different DNA. My big thing is like, people
complain, and people talk shit. And if you do either one of those two, I need to see you workin’. – Yeah. – And so you could be workin’ nine to six, paying off your college
debt, I’m just curious to know what’s happening 7:30 to midnight. And when I start looking
at those four and a half to five hours, when I really dig in deep and get to know a kid, or if
I have a real conversation, when I start hearing two of
those four and half hours are being wasted, times five days a week, seven days a week, in a
world where I know what I did and I also know what the
people that I’ve seen be successful did, which
is, it’s obsession. It’s every minute. – Yeah. Yeah. That’s 168 hours in a week, like you said. – Yeah. And I think, also, growing
up with immigrant parents. Timur and I immigrated
from Ukraine when we were eleven, and seeing how
hard our parents worked, they moved to a new
country without knowing a word of English, my dad
was working in a factory and my mom was, like,
doing like, she was like working in like various like maid roles. And just seeing how – Right, fuckin’ cleanin’ people’s shit. – Yeah. And they working like 10, 12 hours a day and then coming home, tryin’ to like maintain a family, and I
think just seeing that, and I know you talk a
lot about your family, how hard you worked, just I think, the whole mindset, like
the immigrant mindset, I wish more people have adopted it. And just, kind of
understood what it takes, how hard other people work. – My man, when you talk
about entrepreneurship, immigrants have a ridiculous advantage. Because they know the alternative. If you’re born in America,
the richest fuckin’ country in the world, even if you’re not that good, you’re still soft. Compared to the rest of the world. – Yep. – I have a lot of friends
who grew up super humbly, like I went to Mount Ida College, 90% of the college was
African-American, Latino, and like, and like,
some ghetto kids, right. Anyway, I just remember like,
since the last 20 years, like just remember like, how many times someone told me things
like, man, I thought I grew up tough in
Newark, but like I visited my family in like, Haiti. Or like, you know, or
like, I just think we lose perspective, and I think
you’re right, like, I didn’t see my dad until I was 14
years old, even though he slept in the same home as me
every night of my life. – Wow. – Because he left before I
got up and he came home after, and my mom didn’t have a
maid, my mom was the maid, with three kids, like, my
mom never had any help, we didn’t have a babysitter, I was never watched by a babysitter in my entire life. Like, we worked. Like, worked. Like, real work. And, yeah, I think people, I think people are unbelievably soft, to the ambition coming out of their mouth. You have to understand, if you tell me, I don’t wanna work. I wanna be on a softball team,
I wanna enjoy my weekends. I wanna watch The Crown. I wanna be good at fuckin’ Angry Birds. I wanna see my kids. I’m like, that’s fuckin’ great. Mazel tov, like, amazing. And if you wanna make
between 50 and 250 thousand dollars a year, I think a lot of people can achieve that, depending on their job. Ya start creeping into
like three, four, five, six hundred land, you’re
gonna be an executive somewhere, and they’re
gonna expect you to work for three, four, five, six
hundred thousand dollars a year. – 100%. – You start talkin’ shit outta your mouth that you’re gonna make a million, what the fuck do you
think that looks like? – Yeah. – Yeah. – Like, there’s no passive income. – Yeah. – Yep. – you gotta work for it. – Gary, you talk a lot
about, kinda the people that you surround with,
they’re the, kinda like, the reflection of where you’re gonna go, and I was watching one of
your videos where you said, for 2018 gain a fan, lose a fan. Can you share with our
listeners why it’s important to be careful who you
surround yourself with? – Yeah. So this is a tough subject matter, right, because as soon as this
content always comes up, people get made at me,
they’re like yo, why do you want me to drop my boy,
like, I get it, right? Here’s what I’m saying. I’ve been on a huge kick
about self awareness, huge kick on mental
strategies, you know, tryin’ to find the fine line
between, like, what people think I am, like a
motivational speaker, you know, I’m scared, because I don’t
wanna be a motivational speaker. But I know like, if you only watch me on Instagram or YouTube,
you could get tricked. So I’m always like trying to find angles, and I’ve really been getting
into strategy, more and more. I’m like, oh, my mindset is my strategy. It’s not like I believe in
The Secret, like if you’re optimistic or positivity,
like you, you can do it! I don’t think you, you,
you, you can do it! Is important, ’cause it’s a match. – Yep. – Like, rah-rah’s important
’cause it’s a match. But I also know, a week later, people go back to their normal place. So I’m tryin’ to think
about, marathon mindset. I think one of the biggest
things is who the fuck you hang out with, here’s why. D-Rock, let’s use him. I just think he’s a
different fuckin’ dude, hangin’ out with me,
for the last few years. (laughing) And to be very honest with
you, it’s not even close. Like watching certain
insecurities, certain, it’s been game changing. Like, I watch people
that are closest to me, when they come to me,
build a lot of confidence, because I have a lot of confidence,
I’m rubbing off on them. I also watch how I change,
whether it’s my wife, or Maribelle, or Marcus, or
Claude, or whoever it may be. Or my team, or D-Rock,
like I think about creative differently than I did three years ago, because D-Rock rubbed off
on me, that’s what happens. You look at an old, married
couple, they’re the funniest. I wish you could see it. Like, it’s amazing what
happens with couples. They like gel into each other, right. Like, and that’s what happens. I think a lot of people, hang out with somebody, who’s a negative vibe. – Yeah. – And I just think that,
some people hang out with four negative vibes,
so, if your mom’s negative, right, and your older sister’s negative, and you have two negative best friends, fuck it, drop one of those
two and go to the light, and try to find the most positive person. It’s just so obvious to me. I see it every day. There’s people that either are trying to build you up, because they’re good. I’m popular because I’m so good inside, that I’m tryin’ to build all of you up, because I don’t think it’s
comin’ out of my pocket. – Yeah. – I’m gonna get mine. – 100%. – And so, I want you to be happy. And so, then that makes me happy. But if you’re sad, you’re
tryin’ to bring people down. Somebody goes on my Instagram account and trolls me, I feel sad for them. When they tell me I’m ugly, or stupid, or I suck, like, I have a lot of female entrepreneurs I’m an
investor with, a lot of them are like Gary, I wanna be like you, but when I go out there, I have to deal with all the woman
shit, and they’re right. Right, like, dudes are
fuckin’ gross, and like, and even if not dudes, you
just see other women like, women bash women and I’ve
been studyin’ a little bit, like the last couple
months, like, you know, why are you wearing that, I’m like geez, that’s super conservative,
like that’s like the dress is to the knee, it’s not like, ya know what I mean? – Yeah. – But it’s all the same
game, it’s not women on women crime, it’s
not dudes being gross, it’s people who are not in a good place, trying to drag somebody else down. – Yeah. – Yeah. – And so, that’s why I
think it’s a big deal. I think it’s painful. You’ve been homies with the person, or, it’s your mother, like
I think people should drop their mother, like
not really, hear me out, like, you’re not gonna
drop your mother forever, but maybe you don’t
need to talk to your mom three times a day if she’s super negative, maybe you need to talk to
her three times a week. And that will change your life. Like I don’t understand, if, it’s become the most obvious thing to me in the world and so I’m hopeful that
I can break through, I’m desperate that one
person listening right now, is like fuck it, and if it’s like somebody you can kind of get rid of, you know, like a friend is easier. Family scares me, and the
amount of people who have a positive father and mother,
both, are almost nobody. – Yeah. – No, it’s a real thing. And I’m glad that you brought up D-Rock, ’cause he actually wrote a post on Medium, what was the name of that post again? Well he has a bunch of posts on Medium that you guys can read about breaking in. What were the specific
things that D-Rock did, that like jumped out to
you, that other people could take advice on, to learn how to like make an impression with someone that’s, has a schedule like yours? – He worked for free, he made a piece of content for free, and it was good. And he was perse, he persevered. I think he emailed me three or four times, we’ve established, right, D-Rock? Like, you know, and he
did it tastefully, right, like, in the last week
two people have emailed me 47 times in a row, thinking
like that’s gonna penetrate me. All that does, if you
email me 47 times in a row and spam my inbox like
that, all that’s happening is I’m hitting my IT department and you’re getting blocked for life. Like you’re not winning that game. – Yeah. – So, you know, there’s
a fine line between perseverance and annoyance,
he’s just a good person so it came natural to
him and just, you know. And he made something. He did something. People talk. He made something, I liked
it, we did another thing, and then very quickly I intuitively was like, let’s jump on board. I do it all the time. I’m one of the, I get paid so much money to do a speech, it’s
not even funny, right. I get paid more money
now to give one singular speech, then I made for the
year, financially, 14 years ago. At 28 years old, I did not make 150 thousand dollars that year. I now get paid 150 thousand dollars, minimum, to give a speech. How? I spoke for free. – Yep. – Yep. Yep. – I put, I put it on wax,
you know what I mean? – Exactly. – And all these people
walkin’ around and saying well then you’re not, don’t work for free, because that’s what you’re
worth, right, get your worth. Like, on this high
horse, you know all that. I’m like, cool, but when
nobody wants to hire you, (laughing) means you’re worth zero. What you have is you have these creators, and artists, who’ve gotten paid, who don’t want the supply and demand of an issue of the work getting diluted. I think every business person
should give away free content. Doesn’t scare me. – Yeah. – It’s like givin’ out mix tapes. – I’m like, I’m doin’ it. – It’s all about adding
value first, once you show them enough value,
then they’ll come to you and offer you whatever you wanna get. – Also, don’t be fancy. Like, guess what. Like, Slack doesn’t give a fuck that you worked at Goldman Sachs. – Facts. – So like, so, when
you’re making a switch, you gotta start over and be humble. Like, I, I’m tryin’ to
think of a good one. I had something recently,
last two or three years, where I did something new, and I just, actually, probably the way I
negotiated my K-Swiss deal. My K-Swiss sneaker deal, like,
I negotiated super humbly. Like I knew what was gonna happen, but even though I knew,
even though I had all the leverage, I negotiated
it like I was a first timer. VaynerMedia. Even though I was this,
kind of emerging cool kid in the web 2.0, tech
world, and knew Zucks, and Travis, and you know,
Ev and was this real thing, real, like real real, when
I went to Madison Avenue, nobody gave a fuck. And I didn’t walk out there
and say, oh, I’m here now. I ate shit for three, four years, stayed real, real, real quiet. And like, so, I think that, I think that, it’s stunning to me, this is the problem, with having it a certain way. Like if you were a great student, and then you went to Penn, and then you went to work at Wall Street, and now you’ve decided you’re miserable, which would make a lotta
sense to me, right, ’cause for a lot of kids, once they’ve achieved some money, they’re like, okay, that didn’t fill me up, actually, especially when they come from money. Ya know, it’s funny, this is a funny thing to say, especially given
the context of today’s day, I feel equally weird about rich kids getting into depression as I do non-white kids struggling with
coming up from nothing. We don’t have empathy. I don’t expect a black
boy who’s from welfare to feel bad for thirstin’
Thompson the third, who has a million dollars
in his trust fund, when he’s nine, it’s just, but I just know that some of the most deeply depressed, struggling people I know, had it so easy. – Yeah. – Wake up at thirty, are not happy, not fulfilled, have that weird life, they go to make that switch,
but they don’t have humility. – Yeah. – They’re stuck. They’ve been built a certain way, they don’t have the ability. What people that deal with adversity do, is they have a chip on their shoulder, they usually get too over angry, but they definitely have humility. – Yeah. – ’cause they were forced into humility. I have unlimited humility, all my teachers told me I sucked shit. Super hard to think you’re great. (laughing) Like, you know, so. – Yeah. – For a lot of the people that, might see entrepreneurship as the MBA, and they understand there’s a lotta steps to get in, they’re a little bit older too. You talk about the age and
like, learning a new skill, like, what are your thoughts about people that might be in
their like forties or fifties that wanna switch. – I think they have the, you know, that’s the biggest, funny thing to me. All the 20 year olds are
jumpin’ into this game and meanwhile, all 40
year olds and 50 year olds are more likely to win it,
because they have context. Like, it’s crazy to me
that I look at an 18, I look at 22 year old dude, who’s like, I’m starting a start up company, and then a 49 year old woman walks in and says I’ve been an
accountant for 23 years, I wanna build this startup. She always interests me
more, because usually the next thing out of her
mouth is, yeah, I’ve been an accountant for 31 years,
I noticed that I couldn’t find the product that helped me do this. She’s scratching her itch from experience, meanwhile the dude is looking
to make the Uber of pancakes. – Yeah. (laughing) – you know what I mean, so
like, so, I would tell you, and I don’t know your
audience and I assume you’re asking this question ’cause– – Yeah. – Which excites me, that
you have this audience. There was a video I made, I don’t remember what it was called, D-Rock,
like for 40, 50, 60 year olds, five minutes from the
next 50, six minutes, six minutes from the next
60 years of your life. And it was completely made
for people 40 and above. Yeah man, look, I’ve
got some weird thoughts. I have this dream recurring,
and it’s not a dream, what do you call ’em, daydreams, like, visions during the day. I keep thinking about this, I guess that’s a dream, I get it. I keep havin’ this
thought about this woman, I’m not joking, by the
way, I’ve never said this, I keep having this
thought, about this woman, she’s 74, she, her husband just died, she was suppressed because
of the era she grew up in, she was dramatically more entrepreneurial and had more ability to build a business than her husband, she
raised a great family because of that, ’cause she had the EQ, and she’s gonna live another 22 years, she just doesn’t know it. – Yep. – And then I think about technology. I think about a 1984 her, she’s just gonna live in a retirement
home and be super social and super cool and she’ll make some money playin’ cards and she’ll be cool, and then I think about
2017, and I think about 73 year old her, and I
think about her ability to build a business online. Buying stuff, you know, in China, and flipping it on
Amazon retail arbitrage. Starting an Instagram
page around her passion, around making sneakers from scratch. Like, this thought, and
what I think is gonna happen is with modern medicine,
and just happiness in your heart and your brain, I think we’re gonna start seeing
people, this is not a joke, I think we’re gonna
start seeing people live to 120, 115, ’cause they’re
gonna be in the game. And when your brain shuts
down, after you retire, a lotta times your body goes with it. So, man, I think 38 to 65 is the obvious, really, interesting age group, that should really be fuckin’ paying
attention to technology and the opportunities for them, but I’m and I don’t think there
is as many 73 year olds who’ve just lived life, who are like fired up to grind it out. But I think as these
73 year olds become 73 who’ve lived with the
internet for 20 years, and at 53 were professionals and like, I think we’re about this, I
would argue the following, and I been thinking about this a lot. That some of the biggest startups, or, let me rephrase,
’cause I think it does take a youth, and a different eye,
lemme go a different way. A very intriguing place
for me, as an investor, is to start investing
in people’s companies who are over 70, starting
their first ever business, because I think a lot
of them are gonna build five million dollar
year businesses kicking a million dollars in profit. I don’t expect them, as
much, and I could be wrong. But I don’t intuitively feel the Ubers, and the Slacks, and you know, the Wazes are coming out of that. But do I think a direct
to consumer jelly company, like peanut butter and jelly,
do I think a sock company, do I think a handkerchief
company, do I think a pillow company, do I think an eight to 15 million dollar retail business, based on content and
product, is gonna be coming, like I’ve been weirdly thinking about, ya know, a retirement
home, that’s an incubator. (laughing) – That’s really interesting. – It’s interesting, right? – That’s really a first. – Like, literally, I
mean, this is the first time I’ve ever said it, D-Rock? – Yeah, I’ve never heard it. – ‘Cause I’ve been marinating. I’m like, oh, I got an idea. What if it’s a retirement home, they don’t want, you know how many people don’t, they don’t wanna go to retirement homes. What if it’s a retirement home that’s like a fuckin’ Facebook like
campus, it’s an incubator. – They spend so time,
like, lookin’ at clothes for their kids, they
probably know all the deals at Kohl’s and Marshall’s. – Oh, don’t even start on those. My man, you got it. What 16 year olds are doing with Supreme, and fuckin’ Yeezy’s, I think 78 year old Gertrude can fuckin’
crush it at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, like and like, honestly. And what’s been great
about this is, I’ve been really excited about this
’cause I’m like yeah, like I’m gonna do some fuckin’ do some real Yoda shit 80 to 130. Like, now all of a sudden
it’s like, you know. Now it’s like, this is why I
always talk about being young. When I hang out with all you
characters, you don’t know. Because I know when I
was 20, how old are you? When I was 19, somebody
42 was like a thousand. (laughing) Like when I left, when I
left my, when I started into my dad’s business, my cousin was 30, I was 22, he was old as shit to me. I remember, I remember thinking, like oh, that’s some different
shit, like I’m a kid. That’s like a grown up. So, he sits here and he looks at me, and is like, yeah, okay, maybe like, I’ve got a little bit more, like street cred for a 42 year old, but it’s still 42. Yet, I feel like we’re friends. Like, I look at him and
I’m like we’re the same. And if kids knew that. I’ll give you one. If guys knew that they should
fuckin’ shut their mouth, really work, through their twenties, make no money the first five years, learn, really then do something. And all the things they
want in their twenties, like girls, closing the
gap of their insecurities, clothes, bling, that
the way to really do it, is to eat shit from 20 to
31, build that foundation, then slowly start building something. When you’re a 37 year old guy, guess what, and the dynamics that are in the world, you can date plenty of 25 year old women if you chose to, it’s
not even looked frowned, it’s not 60 and 20, like you can do plenty of that stuff, but guys
don’t think like that. – No.
– It’s impatient. And so, they’re just, I just think most of the world’s doing it wrong. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I really do. – And on the podcast,
we actually talk about this notion of looking at your perceived disadvantages, and turning
them into advantages. So, to your point, like a 70 year old, might think of it as
like, it’s a perceived disadvantage, or it’s a disadvantage, but in reality, if
you’re like a 70 year old who wants to start a
business, you can appeal to other 70 year olds who
are not starting a business. So there is a lot less competition, you can find something
that’s unique about you. – You have time.
– You have time, yeah. – You have time, you often
have some form of money, but you have the best part. You fuckin’ lived life. – Yep. – The reason kids create
Uber, and Facebook, is, they know nothing, so they reinvent. That’s why they make billions. But when you’re 70, and
you’ve seen everything, you can make a five, 10
million dollar business, ’cause you’re like I’ve
seen this rodeo before. And like I’ll do this,
’cause it’s gonna be for three years, or when the fad
comes and goes, you’ve learned. – Yeah, and when you’re in your twenties and thirties and like
you’re thinking about working for free and eatin’
shit for awhile or whatever, like, what do you think,
so I’ve also heard you say, don’t live for the weekend, like do stuff – Yeah, if you live for
the weekend your shit is broken, look, if your best
moment is Friday afternoon, that means you hate your
Monday through Friday. And people get mad at
me, and because like, Gary, fuckin’ I look
forward to the weekends, I love my family, it’s
not all about money, you’re such an asshole, it’s family. I’m like no, no, no, you’re not listening. If you are so unhappy, don’t
forget, 168 hours, right. You’re talking about 60,
you take in commuting, you can be in the ball,
getting ready and commuting, working a little bit
from home, email, just, you’re talking about half,
when it’s all said and done, oh, wait, I’m sorry, you take
in sleeping, more than half your, actually, it’s
actually not even close. You basically live to work. If you’re unhappy, where are you going? – Yeah. – Like, so, yeah, yeah,
I think about it a ton. If you’re not happy, and
by the way, everything I’ve just said for the last half an hour, if you’re happy, and agree
with nothing I’ve said, well, you’ve won. I don’t wanna, who am I to judge? – Totally. – Yeah. – I’m just tryin’ to give
people some perspective, on, there’s too many people
who are making money off of people making mistakes, and I just don’t wanna be that guy. Like, I’m not, I don’t
wanna be, somebody who, let me give you a great
idea I have right now. Ya wanna be a bad guy? Wanna be a bad gal? Start lending people
with real interest money so they can buy crypto currency. Here’s why. I’m a fan of crypto, but a lotta money’s gonna be lost on crypto. – Yeah. – Crypto, listen, I was
right about the internet. There’s been a lotta money
lost on the internet. – Yep. – People are treating it like a bonanza. I know kids already who’ve
really put themselves in bad spots ’cause they
took four credit cards out, maxed ’em, and bought
bitcoin at 17 thousand. ’cause they thought it was gonna be 34. It’s already happened. – Yeah. – And it hasn’t even,
didn’t need to crash. – Yeah. – People treat it like a bonanza. – Yeah. – Let me just say this. And let this sink in, and
stick in your fuckin’ brain, for the rest of your life,
there is no easy money. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Like the second you fuckin’ go there, everything will change. There’s no easy money. You might’ve had an easy money event, but there’s no easy money. – Yeah. – There’s nothing consistent. You’ve might’ve, you could win the lotto. Life is like a casino. You can tell me you went
last Thursday and won $2,000, and like, this is great, keep going. – Yeah. Yeah, no, that’s good insight. – You know what I mean? – Yeah, 100%. And then like, thinkin’ about
your point about happiness, and how that’s like, extremely important, you also talk a lot about mental health. – Yes. – And like, as you’re goin’
through these five years, or 10 years, tryin’ to learn the game, and sometimes it feels
like it’s goin’ nowhere, what are some routines, or what are your thoughts around like
maintaining mental health, or meditation, you talk about
a lotta that type of stuff. – I think it starts with self esteem. Ya know, I think a lot of
people are drugging themselves, or looking at meditation,
or trying to find things to get those voices out of their head, if you didn’t wrap your self esteem up in, I don’t, listen, crazy thing to say, it’s shocking to me how
much my self esteem is not wrapped up into my
business accomplishments when it’s basically who I am. Because I don’t share
anything about my family, so nobody really knows me that way, I am shocked about that. And it just makes me so
happy, it makes me so strong. – Yeah. – Right, ’cause I’m like, I just, I just want people to be happy. – That’s yours, too, like, that’s probably how you balance a little bit too, right? – Yeah, sure. Here’s my thing. Honestly, it was funny, you
kinda caught my attention a little bit different, but
like what the real thing is, is let’s go real basic, it’s mine. – Yeah. – The reason my life is good, is some way, between my mom parenting her
ass off, being an immigrant, DNA, who the hell else
knows what other factors. Somewhere very early, everything became, this is me, this is mine,
nobody else, nobody, I mean, you would be
flabbergasted with my inability to take somebody’s
point of view on things, and take it to mean more than my own. I don’t think I’m always
right, I respect the shit out of other people’s
opinions, I spend a lot of time watching them, but
nobody’s judgment of me, that I’m a failure, ever, ever penetrates, ever, ever, ever. – Yeah. – And I want that for others,
and I’m tryin’ to think about ways to talk about it. To me, you know, everything’s mine. It’s mine. It’s like great, I lost. You’re, you saying I lost, means nothing compared to me thinking I lost. – Yeah. – You know what I mean, like. And so, I don’t know, I
think people are using too much outside validation
to navigate their lives. I use no outside navigation. Even though I’m so public,
and I’m so out there. It’s why I never, you know,
the reason I grow audience is because I never care about
how many followers I have. It’s never run through my mind once. – Yeah. – And for the people that don’t know, like what are some things
that you got goin’ on for the rest of the year,
I know you got a new book comin’ out, might be out already. – No, no, it comes out in
five days, which is exciting. I’m sure by the time
you air this it’s out. So that’s exciting. – Crushing it, right? – Crushing it. It’s the followup to the
book that really put me on, it’s really fun to read
Crush It now, I wrote it nine years ago, it came
out eight years ago, or 10, it came out 2008, yeah, I wrote it 10 years ago, it came out nine years ago. I was so fuckin’ right. Like, honestly though, like,
you have to understand, like people didn’t think
you could make money on YouTube, or blogging, like,
it ended up being so true. And I’m trying to that again with this. Which is not about
predicting, it’s just like, people don’t realize,
like here’s my big thing. You can make a million dollars a year, or a hundred thousand dollars a year, only talking about ties. I mean, men’s ties. (laughing) You have to understand, that’s powerful. Like, what if you grew
up in a fashion family, you really love ties, maybe your father, I’m goin’ real deep here,
maybe your father died, and that’s like, you know,
but that’s where you, early, when you were a kid, the only thing you remembered is he wore a great tie. And then ties became your
thing, and you love ties, and when you got outta
school you got an internship at fuckin’ who knows, Hugo Boss, and like, it was all about ties,
the fact that you can now just post about ties
and write about them on Instagram, start a podcast
called Ties Tuesdays, and talk about the
industry, that literally, if you have persevere, if you’re good, if you find angles, we
now live in a world, where what I just said, is something that Hugo Boss, and Fendi and
all these other things, pay you in sponsorship for your show, and you make a hundred
thousand dollars a year, talking about ties, that’s wild. – That’s crazy. – That’s crazy. It is crazy. – That’s how we started here too, we broke into tech by doing career change, and we started sharing on media, right. – Yeah, we just rolled a story about it and then people started
asking, how did you do that? And then we did the podcast
and then we did the video. – And then you become a media company. And humans are the media companies now because the internet is
distribution, and so, I really want it for people. Like I want it for people. Ya know, again, she’s sitting here. Maribel should be writing about things she’s passionate about,
and so should D-Rock, and so should every single person. Audio or video. It’s like it’s fun, it’s interesting, it leads to opportunities,
you could still have a job. Ya know, a lotta people risk adverse, even if it’s right in front of their face. They’re makin’ one, I got an email, hey, I’m makin’ 130 a year, I’m good, I finally cleaned up my college debt, I’ve got 200 thousand
dollars in sponsorship around my soccer thing, but
I’m scared to take the leap. And that’s somebody
that’s just conservative. Got taught by parents
like always have a job, go to school, like, who knows what, right. Maybe their dad, I mean,
listen, I’ve seen ’em all now. Dad took a leap when
they were a kid, failed, so they had to move out of the house, now they’re scared of entrepreneurship. Like, I mean, guys, just so you know, so many people are gonna
lose, over the next 10 years, that entrepreneurship is not gonna be cool when I’m in my late fifties and sixties. Everybody’s gonna go the other way. – Yep. – Like, that’s what happens. – Cycles. – Cycles. – And can we talk about college debt? ’cause I think you. – This is my number one fuckin’ passion. – Please. – Yeah, and also education ’cause the idea that you’ll go get an
entrepreneurship degree, and get college debt to
start a business, is. – An entrepreneur degree,
is the craziest term. I can’t even wrap my head
around what that means. (laughing) It makes no fuckin’ sense. That’s like, again, that is
getting a baseball degree. I went to school, and
got a baseball degree. And now I’m gonna go be a baseball player. Everybody would laugh you out the window. – Yep. – But entrepreneurship, they were able to finagle, ’cause it wasn’t as obvious. – Yeah. – That’s a really good analogy. Ya gotta play. – Gotta fuckin’ play. The fuck do you think entrepreneurship is? The second you step on the
field, nobody gives a fuck that your grandfather donated to the library of that fuckin’ school. – Yep. Where do you think colleges
are going over the next, like five, 10 years? – They’ll be the same-ish. Here’s my prediction. College debt is gonna break our economy. – Yeah. – So, here’s what I didn’t
know, til my friend, Ryan Serhant, who’s on
Million Dollar Listings, we did this conference
Agent2021 yesterday, we’re havin’ breakfast just
to get to know each other a little bit better, and
he kinda brought it up, and then I went through this rabbit hole for the last 48 hours. I’ve been shitting on
college debt for a long time, what I didn’t know is how
many people in their twenties, are getting loans, when
this, any time math makes no sense, it’s over. Here’s the analogy. You have 213 thousand
dollars in college debt, on a crazy interest rate. – Yep. – You’re getting paid 84
thousand dollars a year in your job, and you were able to borrow 500 thousand dollars to buy an apartment. – Yep. – Game over, my friends. – You can’t even pay the principle ’til you’re in your thirties. – Game over. It’s over. Just so you guys know,
it’s over, this economy, ours, no matter how much
Trump puts in tax reform, no matter what, this country,
within the next decade, will coll, the same way the housing crisis brought down our country,
college, and by the way, the only reason I’m
saying this, I can’t wait to show this video in
six years and be on CNN and be like, how’d you know? (laughing) I’m not smart, I’m not smart, it’s basic. – Yep. – It’s basic, and you guys know people that are livin’ this right now. Why does your friend, who
has 413 thousand dollars in debt, has a bullshit job,
why is he driving a BMW? – Yeah, that’s true. – Why? So, shit’s gonna hit the fan, and here’s what’s gonna happen. The brand college is gonna
go through the same thing the brand banks went through. Everybody’s gonna blame college,
we don’t blame ourselves. Your friend, Omar, who has
413 thousand dollars in debt, who has an 89 thousand dollar a year job, who decided to borrow 500 thousand dollars to get that apartment, so
he can take the ladies home, he’s not gonna blame himself. – Yep. – He’s gonna blame fuckin’ Bapson. And then we’re all gonna do that. – Yep. – And guess what’s gonna happen? People are gonna stop sending
their fuckin’ kids to college. – Yep. – And I think nowadays,
especially like our listeners, they understand there’s like
alternatives to college. – Of course. – And, a lot of bootcamps,
like Hacker Ac or App Academy, in three months, you’re
able to learn new skill, and get a job, which, basically
you get paid to learn. – You mean America in 1930 and 40 and 50? When vocational skills
mattered, but then college was built up as a brand, and
it became the American dream. – Yep. – Like, people are confused
how this life actually works. – Yep. – Like Timur and I are
products of these vocational schools, we had a
finance degree, whatever, but how much do we use it today, zero, and – We’re still paying off the loans on it. – Yeah, we’re still paying off the loans for our finance degree,
by working in software engineering jobs that we
acquired in less than a year, so, it’s funny how things work out. – It’s interesting. – Yeah, so we’re gonna wrap
up with a lightening round. – Okay. – And this is where we ask you questions, but we’re looking for hands on strategies, tactics, resources that you’ve used. – Okay, got it. – To get you where you are today. – Black and white, got it. – Yeah, black and white. So, this question takes
it back to the basics, and if you moved to a brand
new city, you only had $100 and you were starting from scratch, and you were either starting a business or breaking into tech, how
would you spend that $100? – I’d probably spent it
on the subway or the bus, to get to businesses to walk
directly into the building, and ask them if I could work
there for a year, for free, I would serve coffee, I
would do this, and I would go backwards, I would start with Facebook. I would start with Facebook or Amazon, I would move to Seattle or San Francisco, because I deem them as the best. Or maybe Netflix, depends
on your interest right? I’d pick one of the
alpha, alpha companies, and of course, those three
companies are gonna be like get the fuck out of here, right? But you know how life is crazy, right? Like, I walk into Netflix,
somebody, I’ll try to be loud, I’ll try to
make sure there’s people in the audience, and not
loud, like make a scene. I’d just try to walk in
when there’s a lotta people in the lobby, who are sitting down. Be like, hey, I’m hungry, I’ve got skills, I’m willin’ to work for free,
for a year, coffee, whatever. I think I’m gonna be one
of those weird stories that he started off as a coffee boy, and he ended up running the company, is there anybody, can I talk to HR, is the boss entrepreneurial like that? To me, as I’m walking
out, and they’re like get the fuck out of here,
we’re gonna call the cops, I’m wondering, I’ll tell you right now, if I’m sitting in the
lobby, for a big meeting, at Facebook, and I hear
that, I’ll be like hey. My girl, come over here, what’s your name? Sally. Send me an email. ’cause that’s interesting. So, I would spend it only on
the cheapest transportation, to get to the 15 to 30
companies, re-enact that, over and over, I just know. – Something’s gonna work.
– Yeah. Because it’s me, I’m talented. – Yep. – If you’re not talented, it won’t. Notice how I didn’t say I’m gonna go do an open workout for the mix. I keep using sports, I keep using sports, ’cause sports is black and white. Nobody’s ever confused. – Yeah. – You could play basketball,
but you can’t make a living. – Yeah. – Like, you could be an entrepreneur, but most people are not
gonna make a living. – What did Ari Gold say? He said there’s no asterisks
in life, only scoreboards. – It’s just true. Like, I’m just worried. ’cause, I’ll tell you what
I’m most worried about. I do think the kids were overcoddled. Theoretically, en masse,
in this last generation. I’m worried about failing. I’m worried what, it’s a public failure. It’s a public failure. You were the founder, of blue blanket. It’s now out of business. Nobody’s gonna think anything,
there’s nowhere to hide. – Yeah. – Like, you know, when you made pretend that you had better grades then you did, because the system pushed you through, or your parents did something about it, or you used money to cover it up, this one’s not gonna work that way. – Yeah, yeah. So, we know you talk a lot about
music and things like that. What is a song, the song
that you play that like gets you the most motivated when you wanna just go into work mode. – Probably Russ’, is it me you or you me? Me you right? That. Do you know that song? – I’ve never heard it. – Alright, I’m gonna play it right now, while you guys think the next thing, ’cause you gotta hear these lyrics, because you really need to hear it, it’s the, so, there
hasn’t been a lotta songs, historically, that pumped me up, I’m just pumped up, period. I don’t need fuckin’ music, but this song really, really, really, really, I really fuck with it, because I absolutely want good for everybody, like I’m not kidding, I, it’s unbelievable to me actually, it’s weird to me how much I want all of you to
win, I just wanna beat you. – Yeah. – Like I want you to
win, right, but I just wanna beat you too. So I have this weird kind of like. Listen to this. It gets really, really interesting. And so, what’s interesting about this, is, this was my life, in a lot of ways, like, how I lived it, and how I thought about a lot of my contemporaries, and how they were living
their lives, right? So listen. ♪ Me, got it out the
mud, they respect that ♪ ♪ Me, always spread the
love when I get back ♪ ♪ You, got your hand out,
that’s a bitch move ♪ ♪ You, always complaining
like a bitch do ♪ ♪ Me, still right here
with who I came with ♪ ♪ Me, self-made, my
circles on the same shit ♪ ♪ You, got a different
crew every weekend ♪ ♪ You, don’t want it
that bad, keep sleeping ♪ ♪ Yeah, you wished for
it, me, I worked for it ♪ ♪ Everyone passed on me like Kurt Warner ♪ ♪ Search warrant needed,
your career went missin’ ♪ ♪ This ain’t overnight,
this is year ten visions ♪ ♪ Peers listen and they
know that I’m up next ♪ – You understand?
– Yeah. – Like, what he talks about here is like, when he says this isn’t overnight, this is year 10, I was 34 years old, when I started VaynerMedia, I had spent the 12 best years of my youth building my dad’s liquor store for him, I left that business, had no
money, had no equity, I was worthless, to the bank. – And you went in and you sacrificed. – I gave back, to my family
’cause they gave to me. – Yep. – And the end, didn’t talk
about it until the last year. So literally, not only did I do that, then I went on to become
ridiculously successful, and watch people write shit
about me that I’m a loser, and don’t listen to him
because his daddy put him on, when I built my daddy’s business for him. Not only did I do it, which
I don’t expect to ever hear of most people ever doin’
it, I not only did it, I fuckin’ went out and then got shit on, and then got painted in a
picture, like I got put on, when I put my dad on – And touchin’ on that, you
also talk about how like a lot of the things around
you are a distraction, right? Like, most startups don’t die from homicide, they die from suicide. – 100%, like, people are
playing the wrong game. – Yeah, yeah. – I’m putting in the
actual work and getting the actual results, and
even, do you understand what it is to do something
super noble and kind, and eat shit for another five years, where people are saying
those kinda things? You know how hard, it hurt me. But, I loved my dad too much
and I didn’t even wanna, like, go there, like, that’s just like, that will always play out. And that’s what I’m tryin’ to teach kids, I’m like don’t worry about
what people are saying now. Like, you literally bought that chain, to make yourself look good,
to either your homies, to the girls that you’re
chasing, or, to like prove it. Like this one girl, she’s
so awesome, and she’s doing everything just to
stick it to her dad’s face, ’cause he didn’t believe
in her and I’m like, look, but now you’re doin’
all these stupid things, ’cause you wanna stick it to
your dad’s face this year. I’m like, lemme tell you how it plays out. You’re gonna lose, and
then he’s gonna be right. – Yep. – Why don’t you just eat
more shit and let your dad shit on you for another
six years, and then you get to stick it to him forever. – Yep. – It’s the impatient of sticking it to somebody that’s fuckin’ people up. – Yep. – I wanna stick it to
everybody, I just knew that I had to really get
shit on, really get shit on, guys, I would go see my
friends playing high school, we would, Thanksgiving,
lotta people go home. So I would be like 27, right, there’s now five years out of school, and
wine library’s on it’s path, for most of you don’t know
me, my dad had a business doin’ three million, now it’s
like 22, so we’ve made it, like I blew it up quick,
we’re playing football, on those Thursdays, you
know, like, on that Friday, after Thanksgiving,
’cause everybody’s back, your college friends, or your
high school friends, I mean. So I’m back in the neighborhood,
we’re playing football, some of my friends are
now like on Wall Street, some of my friends are doin’ stuff, they all pull up in like a
Beamer, this and that, right? And like, sometimes I’d
see like their siblings, or like we’d go to like, one
of the houses of the parents, and literally they would say things like, this is verbatim, oh, man, so you, so you work for your dad’s liquor store, huh? (laughing) – Wow. – And I’m sittin’ there like I’m gonna be the best entrepreneur of all time. – Yeah. – But I’m 27 right now,
and there’s 24 year olds listening right now, that
like wanna make it proof now. They’re just doin’ stupid shit. No patience. Lack of patience is gonna
kill 90% of the listeners. – Yeah, and Gary, you talked about. – I liked how we’re gonna
go lightening round, black and white, and (laughing) So, mission accomplished. – You’re doing good, you’re
dropping jams, this is great. So you talk about, kinda your
spirit, your entrepreneurship spirit, what do you
want your legacy to be? – That I gave more than I took. – Oh. – So I think, I think I get
to be the best entrepreneur this era, Zucks, and Elon
and Besos, they’re gonna make more money than me, I can feel it, with every ounce of my soul, right? I expect to make a ton,
but I’m not catchin’ them. I’m givin’ all my content
for free, I’m not doin’ it ’cause I want you to
sign up for my course, like I’m doin’ it, I’m doin’ it. And like, that, I think, makes me, at least by the way I judge, gives me. I’ll tell you this, more people are comin’ to my funeral than Elon,
Zucks, and Besos combined, and that makes me feel incredible. What’s gonna happen? Now look, they’re gonna
be like, maybe private, they might have some private funerals, I don’t know how they’re gonna do it. (laughing) I think, I think I will touch more people. And I’m doin’ it, because I’m leaving huge economics on the table. I’m taking real money out of my pocket, because you only have 24 hours in a day. The fuck am I doin’ here today? – Yep. – Took me the whole day to fly
halfway across the country, excuse me, across the
country, I mean this, I dunno, this is one of my days this year. – We appreciate it. – Right, and there’s 250
days, when you take out, ya know, like I’m here. And so like, I’m doin’ that for legacy, I’m doin’ that for karma,
I’m doin’ it ’cause it’s the right thing to do, and I’m doin’ it by teaching people
how to drink the water. – Yep. – Most people that are doin’ it, want you to like, be the horse under them. – Yep. – And give you half of their water. Like you know, you understand,
I’m doin’ it so different. And I’m great at what I do, so it’s not, it’s great advice comin’ from
somebody who’s great at it. So it’s like, you know, it’s
literally back to sports. If you tell me LeBron is fuckin’ taking three hours out of his
day, goin’ to fuckin’ high schools and mini
camps and teachin’ kids how to play basketball,
I honestly think that’s what the fuck I’m doing. That makes me feel real good. And so, the fact that
I’m gonna get plenty, I will absolutely have real fuckin’ money, and, the fact that I have real people, who have really helped it’s scale, that’s fucking game changing, crushin’ it. I love when people, I
post about crushin’ it, they’re like oh, Gary V.,
see, he acts like he cares, he wants you to buy the
book, I’m like motherfucker, it’s 17 dollars. If you think my book is
a good use of my time, you’re outta your fuckin’ mind. I wrote the book, ’cause
a lotta people don’t learn from one minutes videos
on Instagram, or one Medium post, a lotta
people learn from books. – Yep. – I write books ’cause
people learn from them. I don’t. But like, my fuckin’ book deal’s bullshit. – Everybody learns differently, so I mean, I think on that note man, I think it’s, we look forward to reading your book, we look forward to seeing you being the future owner of the New York Jets. – Thank you. – We’ll check out the shoes
and everything like that, and is there a way so
everybody can keep in touch? – You three have to, forget about keepin’, yeah it’s GaryVee, you’ll
find me, but you three need to make the commitment,
I got a real fresh sneaker comin’ out, June.
– Hell yeah. – Yeah, that’s good, we’ll do it. – The last one sold out crazy. – Of course. – But, this time we’re
making a fuckload, so. – Hell yeah.
– We’re in there. – Now I need everybody to buy ’em. – We’ll get those, for sure.
– We’re on board. For Breaking Starups community. – Sold some sneakers on
the way out, see you. – Thank you, peace.
– Peace out. – All right, peace out, thanks. – [Man] Can we get a group picture with– – Yeah.
– Thank you man. – You’re welcome man, that was fun. – Let’s do the whole crew, c’mon. – You got that radio, silky voice. – All right dude, trying to man. – Yeah, Gary.
(mellow music)


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  1. Nonstop Soccer

    March 5, 2018 5:35 pm

    Great podcast guys! Becoming more self aware and how to recognize these trends will help you become more successful. You will be able to capitalize on the right opportunities.

  2. John Basedow

    March 5, 2018 6:12 pm

    Talent is a small part of the success equation. You just need x amount to be in the game. Real key variables few speak about are who you know, being in the right place and having connections. That’s why your point about working for power players in your desired field for low $ or free is valid. Unpopular for many…but still valid. 💪🏼💯

  3. RynoRyder

    March 5, 2018 6:13 pm

    These are some of the videos I enjoy most, GV. I find that when it's a more intimate, smaller setting, we get to see a more open and real version of yourself. Thanks you for making the trek out to Modesto, or wherever the fuck this was, and doing this podcast and also recording it and putting it up. Just like you say, everyone consumes media differently. I know your podcasting and vocie is on fire right now, but I appreciate the videos more. Much love and respect being thrown your way from beautiful, sunny Los Angeles. 🙂

  4. Abiodun Oki

    March 5, 2018 7:05 pm

    Thanks Gary! I will keep grinding…In future, I look forward to referencing you and this video for one of the reasons why I kept going…

  5. Reeaz Ali

    March 5, 2018 7:37 pm

    I need serious advice: I can't afford college and don't wanna take on a lot of debt. Based on this interview i've realized i don't have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. I also don't wanna go into vocational school and do trade work like construction. It's been 4 years out of high school so far and i don't know what the fuck to do with my life. I need a career that enables me to make good money to take care of myself and my parents and pay the bills but i don't wanna end up doing a job i hate just to survive.

  6. Frank Ohh

    March 5, 2018 8:49 pm

    Literally hit home @48:39 “Lack of patience is going to kill 90% the listeners.” Thats what I’ve been struggling with. Somehow being 25 year old, having failed in my entrepreneur journey thus far and seeing all my friends move ahead the traditional way by getting into expensive mortgages, college degrees, nice cars.. somehow something tells me not to give up and this video was a sign and keeps me going.Thank you man you mean the world to a lot of us that still are lost.

  7. Sian Pearce Gordon

    March 5, 2018 9:14 pm

    This video would be so much better if you guys invested in some professional mics, on stands with pop filters 😉

  8. CJ Chewjore

    March 5, 2018 9:14 pm

    I love that Gary highlights the benefit of growing up in a household of extremely hard-working immigrant parents. My mom was born and raised in Nigeria and I can't overstate how lucky I am that I have her as my blueprint. I'm sure there are many people reading this who may work as hard as me, but there is nobody on this planet who works harder than I do.

  9. Scott Smith

    March 5, 2018 9:23 pm

    Already happening with the older generation. Check out what ASU is doing:

  10. Mark Harai

    March 5, 2018 9:43 pm

    Real success doesn't judge and talk shit…

    It's too busy building shit.

    Only ego's that haven't done shit talk shit.

    Consider that next time somebody is talking shit.

    Not one fuck word, holy shit!

    There is only one thing that should matter in this world to YOU… BUILDING YOUR SHIT – and listening to voices that promote that!!! Thanks GaryVee…

  11. Eddie Rosario

    March 5, 2018 11:41 pm

    Damn gary vee is right trying to have a successful buisness is just like trying to make it to the NBA

  12. Car Stop Inc

    March 6, 2018 12:48 am

    I'm currently working for my parents at age 24, feel like I'm wasting away my youth but watching clips where gary talks about his experiences gives me life..I've got to be more patient and just keep at's definitely difficult sometimes but i feel the need to give back to my family more than anything. Hope to chat with Gary someday, feel like we have a lot in common..also come from a Russian family..

  13. hustle hard my g

    March 6, 2018 3:36 am

    46:00 gary you didnt put your dad on you waste man. you helped his business thrive the end

  14. Adriano Muolo

    March 6, 2018 6:29 am

    So much goodness in this video! I've been following you for a hot minute, and this is one of the most condensed, timely and clear your message has ever been. I'm sharing this video with my wife, my retired parents, my children, all of my friends and associates doing their own thing or thinking about it, my spiritual and light worker types, literally everyone willing and able to hear it. Preach my man, preach. I'll be listening and gleaming the truth out of your words for ever. It extends far beyond your lane. ♥

  15. Abdelmalek Mouloua

    March 6, 2018 1:43 pm

    I don't agree with the mother thing ! I get your overall message, but in case you have a negative mom , you MUST do everything you can to drag her to feel positive again ! You are talking about the person that brought you to life, fed you, the person who has been there for you when no body else was ! peace out

  16. Morgan Harrell

    March 6, 2018 3:16 pm

    This was really good, Gary. Patience is the hardest part. It's annoying when my family is like "You making any money doing that thing yet?" When I've only owned my business for 5 years. I have to keep remembering that they have no experience owning their own businesses and I'm in it for the long game. Thanks!

  17. Michael

    March 6, 2018 6:09 pm

    All these students are in debt, and young Americans are having difficulty getting ahead because they're now stuck paying off a heap of debt, so why isn't the government doing more to help students? Education is supposed to be getting people ahead and not behind. Instead it has become a society, where people are having a hard time moving forward because everyone's bought in to the premise that a college degree is necessary to advance in your career and become employed. My argument is not against education, because I feel that to be educated is something necessary…we need a highly educated society that knows how to make informed decisions in order to advance. Having said that, the lives of many people will continue to be very difficult if no one is stepping in to help these students. Education is something that should be made affordable, and not a mortgage for people.

  18. sudeep kumar

    March 7, 2018 4:29 am

    Hey, i have a little problem in my career surrounding.
    Actually I'm an entrepreneur just started a company with two other co-founders but here the problem is we started a company with enthusiasm with an idea but soon in recent days around from 2-3months they're loosing that startup enthusiasm, dedicated and learning nature. I talked with them 1-2 times but things didn't change. They aren't reading books, they're partying in that initial stage of company, i just want to change this. To achieve that goal and vision we saw initially, i want some suggestions n advice to how to bring them on track.
    Thank you guys n rply some suggestions
    Gary sir if u see this, plz help me on this. I'm on that discipline, daily routine n dedication to achieve that n ur videos help me alot.

  19. Yaya

    March 7, 2018 12:41 pm

    I swear that lady he’s talking about is my grandma this is crazy she was very successful in business but she lost her business

  20. Leo's TV

    March 7, 2018 5:57 pm

    Vaynernation show my channel some love! im about to reach 6K!

  21. tanya stephens

    March 7, 2018 9:13 pm

    Black and Latino are "ghetto kids"? This sounds naive. There is systemic oppression in the US versus Haiti. Do we just overlook that or no? I guess Black and Latino kids don't want to work? smdh

  22. Monolithic Fishmonger-X

    March 9, 2018 12:20 pm

    Its all perspective. Theres a lot of shit you say i can relate to. or know ppl that do but can't help but feel that a lack of gratitude/humbleness fucks a lot of ppl up. And wasting opportunities. Thinking about taking more than giving. Having an imaginary worth. It all boils down to gratitude.. something in DNA or whatever i dont know… Empathy for the trust-fund kid is easy to have, with some perspective. Cold hard truth to self is harder, imo. Great episode. as always

  23. JazWorld

    March 10, 2018 6:03 am

    How can this work when you have kids and feel bad about not spending to much time or the fear of feeling guilty because you weren’t “there” enough ?

  24. Annie Chonticha

    March 14, 2018 2:42 am

    I don’t watch all of your videos but when I need a pick up you’re my person. Thank you Gary.

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    May 7, 2018 12:30 pm

    In third grade I was taking unnecessary things from people's basements and selling them in the neighborhood. There's a chance for me 😀 Wishing the best to everyone here!

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    Watch Gary Vee LIVE in Singapore in July 2018:

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    May 28, 2018 12:17 am

    LOVE the retirement incubator idea!!
    –> I play jazz and ragtime pianos in retirement communities.
    Link to my latest video:
    I'll play for your social hour GaryVee! The 55-80+ crowd LOVES it!
    Here's a video. I'll play for free <3 <3 <3

  28. Thomas Snyder

    June 16, 2018 1:15 am

    Funny though how the parents, friends, etc. turn all positive for you once you start coming up. Still get the one or two, "must be nice to be so lucky." Is what it is, the only noise I hear is that of the grindstone.

  29. Thomas Snyder

    June 16, 2018 2:46 am

    "Did so many free shows and now they can't afford the fee
    No one gave a fuck and now the whole world's recordin' me"

    Whole lot of fucking gems in that song Gary. When is VaynerTunes coming out?

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    Is this a podcast about how privelage white males are and how oppressed people of color are, or about real entrepreneurship?

  31. PaJeezy

    July 20, 2018 2:19 pm

    I'm doing a minor in Entrepreneurship. It's about specialised management training for people starting small businesses. It's also about knowing what made other great startups successful, so we can learn from them, and the mistakes of failed startups.

  32. Этот очаровательный Петербург

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    We are an entrepreneur immigrant couple in Israel and we love Gary Vee. He is inspiring.

  33. Juan David

    September 20, 2018 5:16 pm

    Sell blow pops Hahaha I loved this because it reminded me on how I used to Sell candy/ Chips around my neighborhood ( I used to go into Offices to sell these snacks, did lunch and Coffee Runs for them as well. ) Passed out Flyers, Walked dogs and also sold Stuffed animals and other good clean items I found in the TRASH! YES in the trash because to someone it was but to me it was an additional way to come up on $40 $50 $60 that I Did not have.. Note: I did all this at 7-14 Years old, then I ventured off new business plans. Like Gary says it's something in MY DNA !!!!!!!!!!!! No one made me, I made myself and I will continue to perfect myself.

  34. zzz

    November 15, 2018 11:56 am

    I like his insight but please stop cursing :/. My ear is so soft, LOL. I don't care what you're saying about it being soft anyway xD.

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    Spoke with Timur and Ruben today. These guys are legit. Go follow them on social media. They are super down to earth.

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    The thing is, this guy dissed elon and bezos, but what he doesnt know is that elon (probably jeff aswell) have been working just as hard (possibly even harder) than he has..

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    Here's a thought: We enter a bubble. Student loans crisis + Artificial Intelligence = Universal Basic Income.


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