Theory of Principles మనోభావము – కర్మ సిద్ధాంతం | Aathmanandamayi


There is lot of hype in
people that that is… God… Gives some people all the pleasure and For some Gives only pain That’s just misconception Why because they don’t Know about “Karma Siddanth”. Got it. The basic Siddanth in this
universe is which originates from you will bounce back to you is “Moola Siddantham” Earth is in circle form,right? In the same way whatever originates from us will bounce back to us This happens in a way that when
some thing originates from us Wheather it may be love
or hatred good or bad Either sin or purity whatever it may be, some will get back to us in 3 minutes we can see the results of karma. some results will be seen in
3 hours, in the same manner, 3 months, 3 years, 30 years Then, for next life For few karmas there are chances
for the next 7 life’s as well will bounce back to us So, for the 7 lifes this karma Siddantham, will continues. Everyone, who born on this earth, either financially, mentally, or due to illhealth, faced the problems. Yes or no, tell me? Did anybody of you felt that whatever the
problem I faced from my childhood this problem is for my body not for my soul if, is there, truly I salute them. Ok, how will this karma, will reach us whatever the process we do through that process we will get boon or curse. either bad or good activities will be there other than, these three there is no chance to happen other activity. What is good activity? the favour we do to others is good activity Then what is sin? Doing loss to others. otherthan these, there are
neutral activities like eating, sleeping these are activities come under neutral category. Which means sin and good activity are activities all these activities even all these are done by different people depends on the intention of the person depending on his feeling this more benefits & losses depend on it For example For an Orphans program Three people in that city attended the program Three Business people were invited… One among the three Thought before leaving home Today I got chance to donate some money I have, I will donate in this program God has given me money When I went there secretly I will handover this cheque to the organisers I am glad I got this chance to contribute in this way he went happily Now, the second person on his way he also signed on cheque filled amount but his inner feeling is like anyway collector is coming to this program there will be lot of press
people will be coming If infront of all these people if, I donated this much amount Then it will become news every one will praise me, with this intention he donated cheque. The third person he also came there he thought that these two are giving cheques, he is donating unwillingly he is not at all happy, they both have donated, If I did not donate, it will not look good. I must have escaped, oh… I am trapped in this program and lost 50,000 rupees. I have to earn this amount in a week or two in anyway, His soul went through lot of pressure while donating,the money. Now, the first person donated 50,000 second person donated 50,000 third person also donated but there is lot of difference in their
feelings. so… there is lot of variations in benifits
these three get First person will get 100% benifit of donation second person will get 75% for third person will get only 50% so, being a meditator how should be our feelings? we have to observe our feelings every day so, what ever the activity we do, what ever we must do it happily with content, comfortably, we have to live in a way that this will be useful for all.


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