This Is why EVERYTHING Changes with Spiritual Awakening & Here’s what to Do About it


this video I’m gonna show you why
everything changes when you go through a spiritual awakening and I’m gonna show
you exactly what you can do about it welcome back to another video my name’s
Erin and I help people expand their consciousness now in this
video I’m gonna be sharing with you an epiphany that I had yesterday when I was
filming a podcast episode so I’m gonna podcasts episode really surely real
casual right here on my couch it was on understanding the self image and how we
can transform our self image and the different process is the most powerful
ways that I found to do that if you want to check out that podcast episode plus
subscribe to the podcast so you could do that in the top of the description box
below and what that was is it was like 50 minute episode where I was going real
deep and then I had this realization because I was talking about how any
change you make in your life will have to do with that some level changing your
self image now let me show you an example of this when I was I used to see
myself as somebody that had ADHD that had problem focusing I saw myself as
somebody that had felt very resistant about my past I felt unworthy because of
the past situations I went through with having a you know like a rougher
childhood and that identity the way that I saw myself I also saw myself as
somebody that was only worthy of making a certain amount per year and I saw
myself as like an employee of somebody that was my boss any time I made a shift
in my self-image that’s when everything began to change so for example I shifted
my self-image even when I had my old nine-to-five job working at North has
worked at Nordstrom’s for it when this happened when I worked at Nordstrom’s I
was selling woman shoes I saw myself as only able to make like I saw myself as
an average employee someone that came in I did good but I knew I wasn’t at the
top or anything was I wasn’t one of the top salespeople because it was a
commission sales based environment then what I did is every single day I went in
what was really cool is it was almost like a law of attraction playground
because every day I went in I started at zero and I could see the difference
between my intention the energy I had the kind of dynamic I
had whether I was having fun or there was more seriously focused on my goals
whether I was focused on me making money or on the value that I added to the
customer I would play around with these different dynamics and one of the things
that I found out was the biggest change I ever had in how much I was how while I
was doing was when I changed my self image I simply started to see myself as
the kind of person that was at the top of the salesperson list I was always I
could like every day we went in we would check this list and the list was the top
salespeople from the day before from the top down to the person I didn’t sell
that much and I started to see myself as going in every day looking at myself and
seeing myself at the top within a day I started to be at the top of the list
every single day moving forward from then on and it had to do with me
changing my self-image was like okay how else can I use this then I learned
meditation and when I learned meditation that was still that I was still at
Nordstrom’s and women’s shoes I learned how to observe my thoughts rather than
react to it I realized that I had a thought about myself or you know I
thought about myself as having ADHD all of this resistance not able to focus and
then I was like okay I wonder what would happen if I let go of that self-image
and I saw myself as somebody that meditated somebody that was very it was
able to be calm has still had a lot of energy but was able to channel that
energy in a powerful way well that’s when I would then went through a
spiritual awakening in my whole entire life then began to change and I
eventually didn’t use that later on because then I went from there to
Barneys New York selling women’s shoes and when I was at Barneys New York what
I did is I decided I want to go full-time on YouTube so I simply changed
my self-image saw myself as my own boss I saw myself as a full-time youtuber
even before my outer reality reflect that I was a full-time youtuber and then
within a couple months I became a full-time youtuber so the reason I’m
sharing all this with you is every major change that I’ve had in my life has been
through changing my self image now the thing I realized while sitting on the
couch is I said the main reason people go through that go through a spiritual
awakening have such a drastic change in their life they relate to their friends
differently they relate to reality different all of these things is because
they’ve changed their self-image and because you’ve changed your self-image
everything begins to change now let me explain to you how that works before a
spiritual awakening you may see yourself as a mortal human being somebody that
maybe doesn’t know that much about who you are and you see yourself as like I
don’t know what happens after death or I don’t know this or I don’t know that but
then you go through a spiritual awakening and it’s not that you
necessarily know exactly what’s gonna happen after death because nobody really
knows but you start to tap into the spiritual dimension where you just start
to know that you are beyond this body you are beyond the five senses and you
start to see yourself as a spiritual being having a temporary human
experience instead of before that a human being having a human experience so
you see the difference is profound because then you relate to everyone
differently when I went through my spiritual awakening then my identity
began to change in a powerful way you’ll notice that a lot of people that go
through a spiritual awakening they switch up their diet very quickly they
realize they are vibrational beings once you put into your body becomes a part of
you so if you’re putting heavy meats and deep fried foods and GMOs into your body
you won’t feel as good as if you were to eat higher vibrational foods and you
become more aware of that and you change yourself in and you start to see
yourself as some of that’s more consciously aware many people will start
to identify with being a hive eye person then because of that identity shift they
then relate to their friends in a different way I remember when I went
through my awakening I had such a dramatic change between who I was
which I was somebody that was smoking weed a lot I was somebody that was
drinking a lot this is back in 2012 I needed those things to get by and what
happened is that when I changed my self-image when I went through
meditation I started to observe my ego rather than react then all the sudden I
started to feel high majority of the time and when I say high I mean like on
a scale one to ten I went from feeling like a three out of ten to seven out of
ten and that was that change the way that I felt now I don’t need to drink I
don’t need to smoke I don’t do any of that anymore and I focused more on just
my self-image that Who I am I feel high of authority the time that’s part of my
self-image but really it’s about letting go a lot of the identity that’s just not
you because then your vibration naturally begins to race but the main
reason that you go through such a dramatic change when you go through that
of a spiritual awakening is because it changes your identity you are no longer
just a mortal human that is kind of banging around trying to figure stuff
out not that even then after spiritual awakened you know everything but you
just have more of a calmness and more of an understanding that this is all
temporary the irony is on one ego one self-image
you may be aware oh this is an illusion and then a better self-image maybe you
do in what you love for a living it might be you connected to other people
but even that is also a form of illusion because this whole reality is more like
a dream than it is as real as we think it is we interpret reality through the
five senses which are the five different ways that we use to vibrationally
interpret our reality but there’s so much more than that and the more you
meditate the more you go within the more you tap into this deeper level of
consciousness and when you do that it’s like people want to know well where’s
the proof show me proof what is this what is that it it’s like well it’s
something you tap in with inside of yourself it’s not really something to be
put into words or something that I can like pull out of a hat and show you what
it is but let nonetheless it makes it no less real NOLA it’s so powerful it’s so
real for the people that experience it so for a spiritual awakening the key is
knowing that you can be do or have anything you want your life the advice
that I give is to go for your passion because when you’re centered in your
heart there’s almost like it’s almost like the universe wants you to succeed
because it knows that you’re gonna add value to other people and then beyond
that it’s also about understanding that even the self-image that you can attain
like right now I’m at a certain self-image where I’m you know I love
what I do on YouTube I love what I do on social media but now what I want to do
is I want to develop the self image of wiring in a new way of being of me
traveling the world and speaking in front of people I’ve already done this a
little bit I want to do the at a greater scale so I imagine this
version of me and what I do is I can begin to tap into that version of me
by realizing also that version of me already exists everything exists here
and now this is where we bring in the parallel reality teachings that I
thought I talked a lot about but that allows me to use my imagination to then
connect to that version of me and then to literally behave and be that version
of me knowing the more I repetitiously do that the more comfortable that
becomes but even when I imagine the version of me that’s traveling the world
that’s speaking in front of people that’s helping people transform their
lives in person even when I imagine that version of me that’s also an illusion
it’s just you know it’s just a more resonant illusion for the way that I
prefer to be you see because the truth is is we are high vibrational beings
that don’t really naturally feel kind of encapsulated within a certain form where
energy beans at are at our core but we have this temporary experience because
the reason I say this is because I could say that’s who I am I speak in front of
people but they’ll come a time when I’m 50 60 years old where maybe I do
something a little different maybe I still do that but maybe I do it more
consultation style or I’m doing it more in a different way who knows but what
I’m saying is we use these different self images in a way that’s more
resonant with who we really are but at the same time we interchange them
because the truth is we are eternal spiritual beings live in temporary human
experiences now the reason I say this too is so that you can tap more into
your self image what is your self image how do you see yourself what do you see
yourself as capable of doing if you think yourself as not being capable of
having a loving relationship then you will attract people that reflect back to
you an unbalanced relationship or don’t reflect that love back to you if you
view yourself as only me able to make $50,000 per year of income then what
will happen is your thoughts your emotions and your actions will be equal
to what you believe you are worthy of the key to this is changing the self
image how do you see yourself at a certain point in your past you decided
this is what I’m capable of maybe it was social conditioning me
it was your parents saying this is how much your dad mom makes this is what
you’re capable of as well you just kind of hammy it was a hand-me-down that you
thought was keep that is the same thing you’re capable of but now you become
aware of the subconscious you become aware of how you see yourself then what
you say is you realize hey this is an illusion this is something I agreed to
subconsciously which is why we must still take responsibility from it
because we chose and agreed to it at a certain point in our past if for example
you were in school somebody said you’re awkward you’re weird well even though
somebody said that else to you you agreed to it you said yeah maybe I am
and you started to internalize it if you didn’t internalize it it wouldn’t have
anything to do with you so the key is understanding that we agree to it and
because we agree to it we can then begin to break the agreements we’ve made that
other people have given us that we have given ourselves because once we break
those agreements we break those parts of our self-image that are keeping us held
back so the key to this is understanding our self-image and when in the past we
decided this is Who I am if your parents treated you a certain way and you find
that in relationships people treat you a certain way then maybe it’s because you
agreed that this is what you’re worthy of because of past prior reference
experience if you become aware of those situations and realize that at a certain
point your pass you decided this is who you are you can then look at those
experiences let them go break those agreements break those attachments to
your identities and then be the way that you prefer to be but in general it’s
about becoming aware of when you agreed becoming aware of when you internalize
these things and then becoming aware of how you can dial in on the frequency of
you that you prefer doing what you love coming at it from your heart realizing
you’re connected to everyone else very powerful understanding going through
spiritual awakening is that we’re all connected and that the more value I add
to other people whether it’s my YouTube videos whether it’s the content I create
on social media working with people in person at live events the more value I
add the more value comes back to me which means I then have more resources
to create more value it’s a spear chill understanding that that’s the way
it works and if you focus on the value you add with the gifts that you have
with the way you’re able to show up in the world those will come back to you
one of the most spiritual things you can do is do your passion because whatever
you’re passionate about is going to be contagious energy it’s going to inspire
the people to do their passion and not only that but your passion most likely
is linked up to adding value in some way to other people whether that’s giving
them an emotion whether that’s making them understand something more there’s
many different layers to this but in general the reason spiritual awakening
changes everything is because you’ve changed your identity and changing your
identity is the key to all transformation you will always remain
consistent to the way that you see yourself there’s a thermometer over
there on the wall that is marked at 76 degrees
I like 76 degrees I think it feels nice so I keep it at that in my house the a/c
is on right now all right open up this door I live in Las Vegas it’s like a
hundred degrees outside what will happen is the house will start to heat up that
will hit and send a signal from the a/c from the thermometer to the a/c to turn
on to keep it down to 76 degrees now that’s because it’s a cybernetic
mechanism it stays whatever you said to that in the same way if you see yourself
as only able to make $50,000 a year what will happen is no matter what you could
say I intend to make $100,000 a year but if you don’t change your self image
then subconsciously you will sabotage yourself back to 50,000 dollars a year
so it’s about becoming aware of that self-image and changing it at the level
of identity if you want to become somebody that goes to the gym daily you
don’t need to be somebody that just does a diet and lose his weight you are the
type of person that goes to the gym every day you don’t eat a diet just
because you’re gonna lose weight you eat healthy food because it’s who you are
I don’t make a video day on YouTube so that I get more YouTube subscribers I
make a video a day on YouTube because it is Who I am at my level of identity I
don’t have this intention of adding value to people because I’m some holy
saint I do it because it’s Who I am and I understand the spiritual principles
everything I’m sharing with you right now is about changing your identity at
the core and in the new podcast episode that I have filmed or recorded it’s in
the top of the scription box I show you the most powerful ways to do
that I recommend as well twice a week Tuesdays and Fridays I post new podcast
episodes the only place you can get it is you click the links below and what I
will do is I go deep a lot of them are longer form podcast so it’s more casual
it’s more like we’re having a conversation I sometimes bring people on
and we have conversations and I’m very excited for maybe putting a lot more
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hope you enjoyed this video peace much love and namaste


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  2. myhumangirl

    September 14, 2019 11:12 am

    The crazy thing is that I have 2 close friends that have experienced spiritual awakening, we were up high for a long time, but now the matrix has sort of sucked them back in and now they don't even remember those experiences we had. It's crazy how you can go back to the small ego reality after experiencing such high states of consciousness… and not even believe in this stuff anymore😳

  3. My Hobby

    September 14, 2019 12:48 pm

    Your ”spiritual awakening” ego trip looks hilarious from the outside. The shit you say sounds condescending, you never give any actual info. You sound like a blog post on WikiHow.

  4. Energy Revolution

    September 14, 2019 1:55 pm

    Got to say thank you for this video. It's actually on time actually I was changing and started to think, well the heck am I doing this for. And this helped me alot.

  5. M R

    September 14, 2019 2:26 pm

    My spiritual awakening came so organically 2 years ago and for the first couple of months it was a honeymoon but now sometimes I wish I never had the awakening because I am struggling with seeing the world so differently. I hope the honeymoon phase comes back.

  6. Richard B

    September 14, 2019 3:20 pm

    This guy is a liar. It's 100% BS he's manipulating low IQ people. It's completely designed to use body language to specifically gain attention. He's using Buzz words that have no meaning. As someone that teaches meditation and tai chi this is all utter bullshit. Do not give this clown shoe your money.

  7. 👽Alien👁️Zelda👽

    September 14, 2019 3:38 pm

    I'm sorry 😔
    I know a lot spiritually
    Both sides of the story too.
    But no boundaries will be the end of the comment!
    There are two Aaron's in my life. One's my uncle and you are my friend. In this sense I want you to 💯 know there's a power of this new/olde word, reconciliation. A cartoon made by a computer taught me my money back. Ok ok I'll try to explain it.
    You are just like my uncle. And your name's the same for a beautiful reason. And I think it's cool that omg you are both alive and well 👌 on Earth. But wake up sleepy head 💤💤💤😪
    Somebody else does still love you.
    Paradigm shift in a paragraph shift. Shift 2 @ symbol
    Nobody is unwanted.
    Do what you love, and I beg you know you are loved as well.
    Peace ☮️

  8. Rashid k

    September 14, 2019 3:50 pm

    I had my awakening in 2017 thanks to u i felt like so happy and high all thw timw success was coming then suddenly i got over confident i faced failure twice now i feel sick and a failure and all that is gone and am trying to get back in the same vibration as i was and hope all of u have the same good vibrations much love❤️❤️ and

  9. Mati ER

    September 14, 2019 3:53 pm

    I watched the meditation about switching to a parallel reality like 3 days ago and since then I felt like I actually was a different person and people treat me how I imagined

  10. Kevin Bromseth

    September 14, 2019 4:55 pm

    There is only one way to tell if a person wakes up. Eye blinking, less blinking means more awareness but still not enlightened. No blinking and enlightenment had happened. Normal blinking are programmed. Have you met a enlightened person? Details people, stop being self absorbed.

  11. September 14, 2019 5:54 pm

    to change my self-image…and transform our self-image…. should be a spiritual awakening way? òO`
    I _ ME_ MINE_ Myself…luciferian? `O0`

  12. Farziah Atikah

    September 14, 2019 6:24 pm

    Hi Aaron, I'm so sorry, I appreciate you a lot for sharing your experiences. I've followed your podcast and after listening multiple episodes everyday, I just suddenly realized your talking the same thing over and over again. You're a great speaker but I thought you might want to learn & experience more for you to share new things.. I don't mean to offend, I hope you'd think about my comment for future improvements. I wish you all the best, I hope the next time I open your video, you have something new or maybe you don't need to constantly upload if you'll just share the same info in every video. Peace, much love.

  13. Edwin Winkler

    September 14, 2019 7:14 pm

    I'm finally walking this and things are just working for me… my self value got bad and then I was forced to change my perception of myself and things just started happening and I don't have a job because I'm not an employee, I'm the director!

  14. The MOSAIC Medium

    September 14, 2019 9:22 pm

    It's just uncovering your own lies and releasing them, called love

    It's just conflict of lies and love

    But in the end it's just love.

  15. Ri Ri

    September 14, 2019 9:26 pm

    Am getting hit by dark forces from the only member left and a dear person I trusted whose being puppeted by terrorizing dark spirit forces. I need the support of the higher vibrations to get me to where I truly belong.

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    I adore your channel and it's matching up with a lot of the same things another youtuber (Eric Ho) I watch is saying right now as well!

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    Awesome video thanks for sharing! I been following LOA for a couple of weeks now. I am very fresh to this whole process. It started when I watched 'the secert' actually. I started to also watch Dr. Dispenza on YouTube as well and this video kind of reminds me of what he said. Now this statement I am about to make isnt word for word but the idea is roughly the same but he said something along the lines of "if you change you phisycal habits/ Perspective of yourself and stick with it you subconscious mind react to that and make it into your new identity." I love how this video kind of answers the how and the details of that statement and it is definitely a piece of the puzzle that is LOA so thank you.

  19. Jx_ Gaming

    September 14, 2019 11:47 pm

    Last 5 months my first astral projection happened to me but I'm too excited so I can't get out of my body and today I don't think that It would happen again and Im not that excited and I got out of my body and explore my parallel reality I see my mom and auntie doing their business that is much grown after I got to my body I shifted dimension again and Im at my current dimension :<

    why I didn't stayed thereee?!!!

  20. Dra G

    September 14, 2019 11:51 pm

    Hi Aaron, I started looking for answers bout life in general & ran into ur videos which didn’t make any sense @ 1st cuz it went against all my beliefs but the more I listened the more I understood. I just want to thank u cuz it’s helping a lot in this difficult journey🙏

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    Thanks 4 sharing your beautiful gifts w the collective! You inspired me 2 start my own channel its actually doing well! I gave u & Victor shout outs in my videos! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

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    Thank you, brother for putting into words that which I have been able to see and be a witness to the great and wonderful times that we are moving into…. we are the top of the spear and the shield for those still waking up that will be able to follow us to see Heaven on earth as it should be… Blessed we are, even if we feel somedays that we are cursed to be…. We are here to assist the collective with clearing the heaviest of pain and suffering from our selves to clear out the way so others no longer have to go through this process to the depths that we have gone…. Sisters and Brothers of Sorrow as Buddha taught….

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