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– What would you feel like if you were wearing this out in public? – I wouldn’t. – You wouldn’t wear this in public? – I mean, like just going around shopping? – Yeah. – Hey buddy. – I’ll take that coat. (upbeat music) – I’m Chris. – I’m Kevin. – And today we are testing a meditation headband
– a meditation headband – Yes so this is called the Muse 2, brain sensing headband. – So why do people meditate? Tell me all about that. – Why do people meditate? – Yeah. – Why do people meditate? I don’t know. – You meditate. – I do meditate because it, I do think that if individuals can be mindful and almost step outside of themselves and see themselves
walking through this world we wouldn’t be so
preoccupied with ourselves this entire time. We’d be able to enjoy
this very short thing that is life. – Have you been asked
that question before? – No. – This is like some Flowers for Algernon (beep) right here. The busier you are the more ideal a candidate you are for meditation. – Exactly. So the idea I think behind this product is for those that know that they’re benefits behind the curtain of meditation but have no idea how to get into it. You wanna tell us what it does? – I think it’s going to measure our brain activity and it’s gonna tell us if we’re meditating the right way or no. – Mmmhmmm. – I don’t know exactly how. – When you get distracted. – Mmmhmmm. – (Automated Voice) Eye
movements can interfere with signal quality. (beep) you. You don’t think the thing is gonna notice but it does and then the weather goes crazy and it starts raining
harder and thunder storming. (raining hard) and then when you can bring yourself back then you’ll hear the
weather on the app calm. (raining slowing down) Look at that. – So I’m starting to think that we can no do this next to each other. – No. – It’s a little distracting. (laughing) – So we should meditate on our own. (birds chirping) – Oh now it’s really raining (beep) oh oh boy. I’m focused on my breath. Focused on my breath and then I’ll get distracted and I’ll not be thinking about my breath and then the rain will start 15 birds. That’s means I was pretty zenning. I think what we actually have to do because I’m not a meditation expert is to talk and speak with somebody who does meditation a lot. I know just the guy. So we’re with Ben Turshen. He’s a meditation teacher. If you wanna check this out I don’t know. Have you read about this? – Yeah it’s a form of neural feedback and there’s different
types of neural feedback and this is Z score which is meant to keep your mind in a certain place of brain activity. And what this trains
is a form of meditation that’s very much centered on focusing and concentrating which is how most people know meditation. But the good news is not all meditation’s the same. – What was your result from doing five minutes of this meditation? – I mean I did it right before bed and I slept well but I’m realizing that
I usually sleep well. – I did it in the morning before work and the impact was nothing. – Yeah. – Well I think that you
gotta try this muse thing. – I think I’m good. (raining slowly) (raining harder) – All right. – [Chris] All right. – It picked up on I was thinking about
what I wanted for lunch. – [Chris] Wow yes. – And it picked up on hey he’s not thinking
about his breath right now. – [Chris] Yeah. – And I kinda was like
smiling a little bit. I’m like it’s good. – It works. So looks like on that round
you got 717 calm points. – Yeah – Now how many calm points you got more than me. – Yeah it was six something. – It was six something so Ben got the most calm points. He got 27 birds. Tied with Kevin on birds. Hey okay guys. Just remember what this is about now. – Meditation bullies. (laughing) – Kevin is clearly winning at meditation. – I can’t discourage this enough. (laughing) – You never meditated before. You don’t know how to
wrap your mind around it, pun intended. Would this be a good way
to sort of get into it? – I think it’s a way to get into it. – I appreciate you not
wanting to say negativity. – If we have this understanding that there’s different types. This is really good beginner, a beginner avenue for that specific type of focus concentration meditation. What I teach is really
meant to de excite the mind and put the body into
a deep state of rest. We’re not focusing, we’re not concentrating, we’re not trying to actually
control the mind at all. What we’re gonna do today
is all about effortlessness and that’s about a willing surrender to the experience that you’re having. Which is very opposite to
what the muse is training which is control your experience. This is actually let
the experience happen. So place one hand on your belly and one hand on your chest. As we inhale I want you to feel your belly expand against your hand and as you exhale I want you to feel your belly pull away from your hand. (upbeat music) – Ben’s meditation was all about like if you get distracted and you drift off that’s A okay and then as soon as you
realize you got distracted and drift off you come back to it. But the realization you got distracted means that it’s working.
– Right – Means you allowed
yourself to get distracted and that you could come back. If you never got distracted then you wouldn’t be meditating correctly. The muse is all about don’t get distracted. You’re bad. You’re bad.
– Right. – You’re bad. You’re bad. Okay you’re good, you’re good. You’re bad. I would not recommend getting the muse. It gamifies mediation. I never come out of it more peaceful or more focused. – For me the issue is the price point. If I’m a person who’s
never meditated before and I want to learn how to meditate, I could drop 250 bucks or less by going to an actual human like Ben who could teach me how to meditate. – Or you could download for $1.99 $2.99 Deepak Chopra’s 45
minute guided meditation. – I’m not getting direct
feedback from that. How do I know if it’s working or not? – Hmmm. – This is giving me direct feedback connected to my brain and showing me that it
is working or it’s not. – My point is that the
feedback it’s giving you is counter productive to meditation. – Fair, that’s fair. Unless you get really good at it. And now you’re just hearing birds. – I think there’s only one way to find out if we got really good at it and that’s to have a muse competition. – Let’s check out birds. Oh muse off. – A muse off. – Because meditation is
all about competition. (upbeat music) – What are you doing over there? – Sounds like a god damn
hurricane over here. – I totally destroyed you. – Yeah I got crushed. – What do we got, oh my God. – Look how hard it was for me to get into the zone. – Wow, all right I got 26 birds. How many birds did you get? – Ten. – Ten birds. I have zero recoveries because I didn’t leave
– You didn’t even need any. – The zone bro. – You never left the zone. – Birds are how you (beep) meditate. Yeah. Well regardless, I think we can now say this meditation headband Muse. – The Muse. – Has been Inc. tested.
– Inc. Tested – Is this connected yet? – No of course not. (upbeat music)


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