This Meditation will Connect You to Your Higher-Self WARNING You will NEVER Be the Same


this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
a meditation that will help you connect to your higher self in a deeper way than
ever before by the end of this meditation you’re gonna feel such a
strong connection within you that it totally shifts your life welcome back
another video my name is Karen and I help people expand their consciousness
now this video I’m gonna be sharing that meditation with you that will help to
wire in this understanding in this connection with who you are at a deeper
level it’s simply that sometimes we forget about this part of ourselves or
sometimes we let the other part of ourselves take control so this has to do
with the classic balance between that of the ego and our higher self and how when
we connect to our higher self we start to feel so much more passion within our
body and we start to feel like we’re really living authentic to who we are
now on my videos if you’ve noticed recently there’s a new format and that
format is the first 10 minutes or so are the awareness side of the video so it’s
wiring in these ideas and understanding the intellectual parts of it of how we
can wire it in and then the last half of it in the next 10 minutes
ish is the meditation that will actually wire it in in a very deep level so that
we’re able to make learning more of an interactive experience and something
that you feel rather than just something that is kind of an intellectual idea so
I’ve been doing this about last couple weeks now and I’ve had amazing feedback
from you guys so I’m gonna keep on doing it and that’s why in this video I
decided that it’s all about the higher self and understanding that connection
now first off let’s kind of address something that is misinterpreted many
times many times when we think of the higher self what we think of as
something that is separate from us we think of something that is up there that
is guiding us in certain ways in our life towards
certain outcomes or given us guidance with our emotions or where we are in
life and where we want to go however it’s not so much that that is up there
that our higher self is up there it’s more so that our higher self is within
our hearts our higher self is always with us and it’s always a perception we
can have through a level of awareness it’s always a perception we can have if
we simply decide to let go and to observe the ego and to then embody the
passion think of the higher self as more of a connection of energy than it is of
some idealized version of ourselves that’s like sitting in the higher
dimensions that’s communicating with us via telepathy or something like that
this is much more of an integrative type experience and anytime you get into a
flow state anytime you are doing something you’re very passionate about
you are embodying more of your Higher Self than anything else you’re embodying
your Higher Self when you are doing what you’re passionate about you are
embodying your higher self when you are coming at it from a place of compassion
when you’re coming at it and speaking from your heart you are talking and
speaking from your higher self when you are integrated into that level of
consciousness so this is something that I have felt more connected to than ever
before that’s why I kind of feel like sharing this because the more I do what
I love and the more I not only do what I love but the more that I embody that
feeling of passion the more I see perspectives of what is called my higher
self which is actually more of my inner self it’s more of the connection to my
heart than it is anything else now there’s an analogy that I’d like to
use for this that will make it a little bit more understandable and this has to
do with knowing that having this kind of symbol metaphor of having our higher
selves which is on top of a mountaintop and then our ego self that is in the
valley now the mountain is a lot higher than
where the ego self is and the higher self can see
into the valley and can see the route that the ego can take up going to the
mountain in order to get to the destination now this is what happens the
higher self will emit a emotion to that of the ego and if the ego will follow
the emotion the ego will then have a very strong guidance system as going up
through the mountain now the emotion that the higher self will give to that
of the ego self is that of passion it’s that of unconditional love and any time
we are in alignment with what we are passionate about we are following our
excitement or any time we’re in alignment with the perspectives of
unconditional love and seeing people as connected and having that kind of
integration within us we are moving up that mountain very quick and we are
actually embody in our higher selves in that moment so it’s not like once we get
up there then we are our higher self it’s just that our higher self is always
giving us guidance so really that higher self is within you right now that’s just
a metaphor to understand it but that higher self is within you right now
that’s telling you go in this direction follow this feeling because this feeling
will lead you to the next best thing and sometimes here’s the thing going through
the valley it might not make logical sense to do certain things why wouldn’t
I go down that path why would I go up this wood path right over here with all
these trees why would I just go along this way but your higher self might
nudge you you might get this feeling within you this is just go this
direction it’s you feel passionate to do so you feel something that spikes your
curiosity and you start to go up and you realize that what happens is you end up
getting to another path that actually brings you up the mountain quicker and
if you were to see from the higher selves perspective of that mountaintop
you would see that the old path that you were gonna go on eventually was a dead
end and it went into a river or a creek where you could not get over you see so
the higher self always knows more because it has a greater
of perception imagine that of your higher-self able to see further so we
could see where the dead ends are you can see how you can get up and the way
that it communicates with you is through the via feeling it’s through via passion
and all you have to do is make a decision right now make that choice
right now that from this point going forward
you’re gonna more so connect to your heart energy you’re gonna more so
connect to what you’re passionate about because when you connect to your what
you’re passionate about you are in the frequency of your true authentic self
and the more you choose to do that it’s kind of like a carrot on a stick there’s
been times in my life where things happened and it was like a carrot on a
stick it was like going this direction I felt guided I felt passionate about
doing it I would go in that direction not understanding what the outcome was
or what it was gonna lead to and it would lead to the next best thing the
next best thing the next best thing until eventually I realized whoa that
energy has built and now I’m living in a momentum of me really doing what I’m
passionate about for me that was making videos I didn’t
know exactly what monisha I was gonna be in or what I was I just simply started
because I knew I was passionate about speaking then eventually it doubled down
and it narrowed and it showed me this is what you’re passionate about so when you
start to take the first steps your higher self can then guide you in the
direction to go but if you remain stagnant there’s no guidance there you
have to also initiate you can initiate by going inwards you can initiate by
taking the first step and making the choice to go in a certain direction and
then look for the guidance if you set the intention to find guidance or if you
set the intention to understand where to go your higher self will tell you so for
example you may say I’m not sure of my purpose in life I’m not sure what are
you doing passionate about set the intention that’s your higher self which
is within you which is the connection to your heart gives you a sign of what this
is before the end of the day today set that intention and then take the step
and move and go throughout your day and trust that you will get some type of a
selection of what that is maybe that reflection for you is a book that pops
out at you maybe it’s somebody that asks you if you are going to some event in a
week and you’re like what event and then it kind of Gaughan’s on you go to the
event feel inspired inspired in spirit feel in spirit because that is who you
are we are spiritual beings having a
temporary human experiences and this connection to our higher self is natural
it’s just that we get separated from it because we’re told growing up and we
learn growing up to really differentiate us from our higher selves we’re put into
a reactive survival mode which is of the brain therefore we don’t really think
about it as much but I encourage you right now to make this the reason or not
even the reason but this the decision point of when you make the choice that
hey I’m going to start to live from more of my heart for more of my higher self
and I’m telling you that me living from my heart has changed my life in so many
different ways now it’s not like I’m perfect
it’s not like I’m enlightened however I am existing more in my heart than I ever
have before because I set the intention every day when I wake up I put the the
attention in my energy in my heart and I can feel that expand the electromagnetic
energy of my heart and you can do the same thing by putting your awareness
there so this meditation that you’re about to hear if you listen to for 21
days will totally change your life and allow
you to really embody your higher self in a completely new way and the way we’re
gonna do this is by actually expanding our heart energy and going within our
heart I mean that’s quite literally we are going to go within our heart and
connect to our higher self in a completely new way and we can get
guidance from my higher self our higher self will tell us what we need to know
and it will show us so this is about having that awareness
we’re gonna go within we’re gonna go deep within we’re gonna feel really
relaxed I encourage you if you can to sit
down or lay down if you can and just allow yourself to relax because what I’m
gonna do is I’m going to cue the music here in a minute we’re gonna take a
couple deep breaths in and out we’re gonna relax our bodies and we’re gonna
get into this connection with our higher self so right now what I’d like to ask
you to do is to take a deep breath in a deep breath out and with every breath
you take to feel your body relaxed so let’s take a deep breath in and out breathe it out
feel your body relax more and more with every breath that you take
and put your hands over your heart as you put your hands over your heart No
that the more awareness you put inside of your heart the more you are growing
the electromagnetic energy inside of you body this will emanate out and affect
everything around you and the heart math Institute is proven that the more we put
attention inside of our heart the more we grow this electromagnetic energy so
let’s take another deep breath in another deep breath out and fill
yourself go deeper into this relaxation deeper into this feeling in your heart breathe it out and feel your body again
relax even deeper now I encourage you to close your eyes if you can and to simply
set the intention that you connect to your higher self in a deeper way than
you have ever before now pay attention now
into your heart center and feel the warmth from your hands going into your
heart view this energy in Monroe
imagine that there’s a ball of energy inside of your heart with every breath
you take you can feel this ball of energy spin faster and
faster and the faster it spins the more you can feel this energy inside of your
heart the faster it spins the more you feel your body relaxed more and more right now even more connected to before you
started this energy this whew
begin to roll now imagine that you were in a house
could be your home and imagine the layout of his house and imagine that you are actually there
right now but you are looking through your own
eyes and that you can see the environment you notice how relaxing it feels and how
deeply you love this place now walk around the house and notice
what you see notice the artifacts that are around
the decoration the furniture is how open comfortable
they feel now as you walk around notice there is a door that is marked
the stairway – your higher-self in this door as very beautiful finishes on it it’s a
very special door it’s a door that has always been there but you’ve simply
forgotten that it was there and that at anytime you want you could
simply open this door go down the stairs and connect to this
part of you what I heard you to do is to go over to
this door and notice what it looks like
notice the finishing on it how tall is the door recognize that this door
something that you forgot about but it’s something that now you can reconnect to
anytime that you choose now open up the door notice
that there are stairs going down into a basement you can see lights at the bottom of the
basement and you remember now you’ve always had access now
you connect to us anytime shoes you start to remember that your
higher-self is down in this basement waiting for you and will tell you
anything that you want to know so now
we start to walk down the stairs notice how it feels under your foot with every
step that you take take another step take and understand and as you descent
down you can feel your body relaxed more and more you can feel this energy inside
of your heart grow with more and more compassion and love and now notice that
there are only 10 steps left for you to be in the room but your
higher-self dwells in now I’m gonna count down from ten to one
and with every number I counts you will feel the energy in your heart raise in
vibration you will feel more compassion flow through your body you’ll feel a
double the amount of relaxation as to the number before by the time I count
one you’re gonna feel in your authentic frequency more in it so now take a step 10 fill your body
relax this energy in your heart you can feel 9
ADEs feel the body feel how present you feel feel the energy double and
relaxation seven six five with every step you take
notice how you’re feeling more and more connected to your higher self four three two now you’re feeling this
energy speeds so fast throughout your hearts that you feel your heart is
opening more and more and you feel more connected to your higher self than ever
before one zero now you are in the space of
your higher self and you are actually inside of your heart or your hair higher
self resides notice what this environment looks like notice the decoration notice what it feels like to be here
notice how open your heart feels notice how connected you now notice towards the end of the room you can see your higher-self
sitting in a chair and your higher-self looks exactly like
you a little bit brighter
looks like the perfect version of you your higher-self is looking at you and
smiling you can notice a glimmer in your higher
selves I now walk over to your higher self and notice that your higher-self has
missed this conscious neck now your higher-self will tell you
anything that you want to know and when you ask the question your higher-self
will communicate with you feeling within your heart and you’ll just simply know
the answer to whatever question you have now ask your higher self any question
that you have ask your higher self if there’s anything that you can let go
of that no longer serves pay attention to what your higher-self now ask your higher-self if there is any
message that your higher-self has for you pay attention now your higher-self is always with
and anytime you put the awareness inside of your heart you are reconnecting now your higher-self tells you
that from here going forward your higher-self will be living
with you in tanana that you will feel more connected to this part of you that
ever now what your higher-self now does is
tells you your higher-self is gonna shrink
into a small tiny orb and then go inside your heart your hair
self will be with you consciously from this point going forward and all you
have to do is put the energy inside of your heart at your higher-self
is turning into a small ball of energy as your
higher-self is not bound by time and space it exists and always will and as
your higher self shrinks down to more and more potent energy you can feel and
see this orb in front of your body now now put your hands out in front of you
feel in between your hands this orb and how powerful how potent it is and I’ll
set the intention that you feel more connected to your higher self than ever
before that you know when you’re getting guidance and that you feel like you can
just move in that direction the awareness in between your hands and
into this orb of energy your higher self is in set the intention and now put it
in your heart and then put your hands over your heart now and feel the energy
spin faster and faster in your heart and know that this heart opening is you
connected to your higher self and that from this point going forward this
energy will integrate within you you know now that you have this guidance
this awareness you’ve always had it but now you are consciously aware of it be grateful for it because this is who
you are now as you look around this room realize
it’s time to go it’s time to become more alert walk over to the stairs and know that by
the time you get up to the stairs you’re gonna feel certain and grateful
that this is who you are now that this connection to your higher self is who
you are now with every step you take
you’re gonna feel your body become more alert or present to the moment you’re
gonna feel yourself you’re relaxed ready to go no you are gonna have an amazing
day today and that you will get a reflection today of your higher self or some type of guidance now take a step
with every step you take you feel double the amount of relaxation double the
amount of presence in your body 10987 feel now as you become more
present at the moment six five four start to wiggle around your toes now
start to feel more present to the moment three two one zero you can open up your
eyes now and realize you have now connected with your higher self in a
totally new way your whole life will be completely different from this point
going forward because now you are embodying this aspect of you and anytime
you want put your hands over your heart and you are then connected to that part
of you so I recommend you listen to this meditation for twenty-one days to get
the maximum benefit out of it I think you’ll feel like you’re
embodying your Higher Self more than ever and other than that the other thing
I’ll be doing is more live Q&A on Instagram plus live meditation so if
you’d like you can follow me there I’ll go ahead and link that below as well and
other than that as always I hope you enjoyed this video feel free to like
this video if you’d like to subscribe if you haven’t already hit the little
notification gear neck subscribe button so you can see the daily vids that I do
and other than as always peace much love and namaste


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  47. Latani McFarlane

    July 1, 2019 6:57 pm

    To share my experience. I bursted our into tears when I saw my higher self sitting on a high up throne. I looked happier, brighter, had wings and was just overall in the best state ever. It looked as though she wished she could have told me earlier of what I will become 😭❤️

  48. Seth Richardson

    July 1, 2019 9:04 pm

    I didnt visually connect w my higher self the first time but i felt so much energy in my heart and it was beating so fast i really felt something and im def gonna do this everyday!!! Thank you

  49. Pamela bb

    July 11, 2019 3:28 am

    It's midnight in my country. I'm trying to sleep. I just set the intention of seeing a sign. And you just said a " book poped out". That happened to me this afternoon. I bet you can guess the book I purchased… Clue: it's autoreferencial. Sorry for the weirdness. You help me a lot.


    July 11, 2019 3:49 am

    I saw darkness, I couldn't see anything. I saw my higher self place but he wasn't sitting there. I heard him tho. He gave me the answers for my questions. But didn't see him. Is that normal??

  51. FatherGrim.

    July 21, 2019 10:50 am

    Is it normal to be afraid at first, its my first time meditating im just scared for some reason

  52. Xeroxroblox

    July 25, 2019 3:18 pm

    Started crying, my higher-self was me in the future wearing this white toga and my future wife wearing a white toga , my higher self hugged me and we started playing videogames , when it was time to go i started crying , so powerful

  53. LilGayBluJae

    July 31, 2019 7:27 pm

    This meditation was a wonderful experience. My higher self appeared to me nearly the same as in my dreams. We hugged, and I cried, and she told me our name, and that she'll show me what inspires us next time I sleep. Thank you Aaron ♡♡

  54. Mariza Ayala

    August 5, 2019 6:11 pm

    Omg 😯 I so felt it the first time. I felt the energy, I felt the energy around my hands. Thank you 🙏🏽 ❤️ I did cry 😢 too of happiness


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