This Meditation Will Trigger INSTANT Manifestation (WARNING YOU BETTER BE READY)

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This video, I’m going to be sharing with you
a guided meditation for triggering instant manifestation. I’m going to show you exactly how to do that
and then give you a process and a meditation that will allow you to do that faster than
ever. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help them expand their
consciousness. Now this video I’m going to be sharing with
you some of the mechanics of what is necessary to create what is called instant manifestation
and then also I’ll be giving you at the end of this video, a guided meditation that will
help you to go through that process and to really start to embody the version of you
that can create instant manifestation. So as you know, and some of these videos,
if you’ve been watching my videos, is that I now do a new type of format where I will
explain some ideas and some ideologies that I think can change our life. Very practical, and then go into a meditation
that will wire all of this in and then help you to make learning more of an energetic
type experience. Rather than it just being an intellectual,
so first off, what I want to do is I want to explain a little bit of the components
that are necessary for instant manifestation so that when we go into the meditation, we’re
able to more easily understand why we’re doing certain things and then also the intention
is for us to come out of it and then to create for ourselves that greater gap of where we
are to where we want to be. So the idea behind this and a lot of the info
that I’m going to be sharing from this video is going to come from Dr Joe Dispenza, who
wrote the book called how to break the habit of being yourself. You are the placebo. He wrote the book called becoming Super Natural
and that this is about understanding our mechanics and our autopilot mind. Because the way that we create our own reality
is through our personalities. So remember this. Our personality creates our personal reality. So our personality is a combination of three
things. What we think, what we do and what we feel
and when we change these three things that are on autopilot by the way, because we think
that simply who we are is just the similar type experiences we’ve been in the past. We identify ourselves a person a certain way,
and then what happens is we continue to play out the identity over and over again thinking
that we have to be consistent to it because one of the strongest human desires there is
is to be consistent to the way that we define ourselves. So if something happens in the past we say,
oh, this is who I am. We continue to play that out over and over
again because the mind likes familiarity, familiarity, the mind likes familiar things. So what happens is the mind always goes back
to what is comfortable and because it always goes back to what is comfortable. It will continue to create the same thing
over and over again. Now, something else that’s been shown in science
is that over 90 percent of the thoughts that we think day to day are repetitive. That we think on average over 60 to 70,000
thoughts a day and that over 90 percent of those are recycled the day before, so to create
instant manifestation, it is not possible from the paradigm of the autopilot thinking. So what we have to begin to do is to wake
up from that autopilot thinking and we have to be willing to do things that we haven’t
done before. We have to be willing to challenge the old
self image because the old self image will always create experiences consistent to what
it is experienced before. Now, the way that Dr Joe Dispenza explains
it is that anything that we are repetitively doing, we will continue to create the same
result. We do the same things. We get the same results. In order to create the miraculous, we have
to do something completely outside of that bubble, that comfort zone, that familiar territory,
and if we do something that’s inconsistent too, that we get into the unknown, we have
the known and the unknown. We can think of it like the known and the
unknown, and there’s a circle in there that’s the known. If we remained in the known, we’re always
going to continue to create same experiences over and over again. However, if we start to do things we haven’t
done before, they might seem scary because they’re unknown. The mind likes to stay in familiarness. What happens is then we do. What we do is we start to do things that are
unknown. We expand ourself, image, we expand our realm
of what we are capable of and by expanding our realm of what we are capable of, we step
into the unknown and in the unknown is where Mira miracles can happen because what happens
is then there’s not that expectation. Have you ever heard of beginner’s luck? Many times people will have beginner’s luck
because when they go into doing something they’re not familiar with what kind of things
they can expect to happen and they’ll have that lucky type experience, and then once
they do it a couple times, they expect certain things to happen, so maybe they aren’t that
lucky going forward. It’s a phenomenon that’s been going on for
a very long time. Now the idea is that even sometimes when people
train people in certain fields, sometimes they want people that have never done whatever
field it is because then they’re more malleable, they’re more trainable, and they’re more likely
to then to then have a different type of result from that versus somebody that’s been doing
it so long that the rigid in their own thinking. We do not want to be rigid in our own thinking
and in order to trigger instant manifestation. What we must be willing to do is to get outside
of the self identity for the way we see ourselves. We must be willing to expand out of that by
doing things outside of that known realm of comfort by doing things we have never done
before. Maybe this means that you go out to a yoga
class that you’ve always been afraid of going to, but when you go there, you realize that
you’re actually very passionate about it. Or you meet somebody that you’re attracted
to and then you guys go on a date or there’s a million different scenarios of how this
could play out, but going, doing something that you’re a little bit afraid to do because
it’s not who you normally are. We’ll then start to trigger the unknown things
happening, the miraculous because you are outside of that self image, so this is the
fundamental of the process. The fundamentals are, and I’m going to give
you a formula here in a minute as well that I think is very powerful, but the fundamental
of the process is you must be willing to try new things and set the intention to try new
things so that when you go into life, you are able to step into that unknown. The unfamiliar in the unfamiliar is where
the very powerful expansion of who you are will live and this is our. That’s the kind of person that you really
want to be. That you want to be so confident in yourself
that even in uncomfortable situations, you make it through and you feel accomplished
because you’re not doing the same things over and over again. I would say in so far as you are not really
living. If you are doing the same things over and
over again and you aren’t pushing yourself to do things that are a little bit scary or
that challenge your belief system or that challenge, even the self identity for the
way you see yourself. So even just setting the intention to do things
you haven’t done before. Set the intention to do that. Set the intention also for certain things
to happen. So whether it’s you wanting to meet someone
and get into relationship, set the intention that you go out and you talk to somebody or
set the intention that you meet somebody when you’re out. If you start setting intentions, you aligned
up yourself with those probabilities. You increase those probabilities and then
what you do is you do things outside of that comfort zone and you open up into the unknown
and the unknown is where things can really come to you. So I know I just kind of spewed all that out
there. I think that that’s some of the most potent
information that I’ve given in an eight minute type session here, but what I want to do now
is explain the little formula and then we’re going to go into the actual meditation. So the formula is a combination of a couple
of things. One, it is in an elevated emotion. So the idea is that whatever you want to experience
in your life, whatever miracle, instant manifestation, think of what that is and break it down into
an emotion. If you want money, you may want freedom. You a mock. You may want security. If you want connection with someone else and
you want to be in a relationship, you might want to feel compassion. Connection. If it’s a majority of different things, you
can break anything down into an emotion and as you see what emotion it is, you can then
realize that the more you focus on things in your current life, like the current way
you’re living, that already embodied those emotions, you’re going to be growing that
energy within you, so it’s the elevated emotion. And let me put a caveat here because we’re
going to be doing it in the meditation as you using the electromagnetic energy of the
heart is the best kept secret from the whole Loa community, and I know some people talk
about it, but it’s really under emphasize. The electromagnetic energy of the heart is
thousands of times more powerful than the head and more empowered, more powerful than
just the intellectual ideas. It’s the embodiment and that’s why we’re doing
meditations because when we increase the energy of our heart in the direction of what we want
to experience, it’s a very powerful energy. The head creates from duality, left brain,
right brain, good, bad, light, dark. But when we create from the heart, it’s a
singular point of focus and it’s connected to what we’re passionate about and it’s something
that’s much more potent energy. So we have this right here is the elevated
emotion. It’s a connection to the heart of this right
here is an intention, an intention, and the intention is I intend to dot, dot, dot. I intend to have more money in my life. I intend to see more opportunity in my life. I intend to meet someone special I intended
dot, dot, dot. That’s what you want to think. So what is your instant manifestation you
want to create in your life? We want to think about that now and combine
those two things. Realize that what we’re going to do in this
meditation is combined that have the elevated emotion with the intention, and I’m going
to help guide you through that, but then also focus right now on one situation of you breaking
outside of the comfort zone of what’s familiar for you. Have you doing something that would help that
thing come to fruition. That’s unknown because in the unknown is where
the miraculous can happen. So for example, you’re like, my intention
is to attract relationship, set the intention to attract a relationship. We’re going to feel the elevated emotion of
the compassion, and then what you want to do is you want to think of one action you
can take of doing one thing that you can go do, a scenario that would prove to you that
you break outside of that self image of you normally say, and I normally don’t go talk
to people, but then once you do, as you imagine yourself going to a yoga class, like the analogy
I was using earlier, and then what you do is you go to that yoga class and you pushed
yourself to step outside the box and to talk to the people around you or to see how you
can break outside of that little bubble with the intention of meeting someone special. And what you do is you set yourself that intention,
but you need to have a scenario in your mind. If something you could do. If it’s making more money, maybe it’s you
going out and presenting yourself to somebody that owns a business and something that you
want to do as well. Maybe you could, uh, work for them or with
them somehow, or collaborate maybe to reaching out to somebody on social media. Whatever it is, set that intention and realize
that’s outside your comfort zone. That’s okay. You have to get outside of the known in order
to trigger instant manifestation. There’s the autopilot mind and then there’s
really feeling alive. That’s what I’m encouraging you to do. So right now what I’m going to ask you to
do is take a deep breath in and deep breath out. And with every breath that we take, we’re
going to feel more and more relaxed. We’re going to feel ourselves relaxing more
and more. We’re going to feel the energy in our heart. What I’m gonna do right now is I’m going to
cue the music. Let’s take a deep breath in. Breathe out. Feel your body relax more. What’s your hands over you and Martin? You get to feel the energy inside of your
heart because the energy in your heart is much more protein out of the marine, and when
you begin to feel more into the heart, you begin to row the electromagnetic energy around
your body. As you do that, you increase the magnetic
power that you have to create what you want in your life. Now, let’s take another deep breath in. Deep breath out. I encourage you that if you can to close your
eyes, take a deep breath in, breathe it out. Feel your body relax. Now what’s your awareness back to ask you
now? Imagine a ball of energy inside of your hands,
inside of your hearts, all of energy. Imagine this ball of energy
in your heart, spinning faster and faster. As the ball spins faster and faster, you can
feel the warmth in your heart to increase Lauren Lauren, and you could feel that as the warmth in your
heart increases more and more, feeling more connected to the onset center. Pardon? No. As the ball spins faster and faster, you can
also feel your body relaxing more and more. Feel the energy around your eyelids. Feel the wave of relaxation through your body,
allowing you to feel like you can really let go. I’m going to count down from five every number
I count. You’re going to feel your body relaxed more
and more, and you’re gonna. Feel that ball of energy in your heart, making
me feel more warmth in your heart. You’re going to feel that more and more field. That ball of energy is going faster and faster. For your body is feeling more warm, and Max
three, feel yourself letting go more and more into feeling that warmth in your heart. Priests now feel this energy body has expanded
now. Now imagine that you were in specific scenario
to you would represent that manifest. Whatever scenario that says, imagine it in
detail. Imagine it through your own eyes. Noticed, respond. No, it’s your body. How you feel. Look around you. Notice your environment. You can imagine the color’s becoming brighter
and brighter. Kind of sounds. Do you hear? Imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder. Notice how this version of it you carried yourself. Notice how confident this version of your
meals, this version of you to try things that are uncertain, to do things you’re never done
before because this version of you know you can handle anything now as this version of it you, you are able
to manifest things very quickly, so right now, put the intention into what you want
to manifest. Set the intention that you experienced what
you think I what do. I’ll put the awareness in your heart and notice
that this version of you as a very powerful energy, she can feel it and think of the emotion. What you want to manifest, things of, what
emotion you would be feeling. I feel that inside of your heart. Feel that emotion right now. Where is this emotion already in your life? In some form this version of you feel emotions
on demand whenever you choose. So now I’m going to count down from five to
one. Every number I count down. You are going to feel more of this emotion
inside of your heart. You’re going to feel it increase and double
feeling with every number that I count you will feel this emanated through. Your body, through your heart, you’ll feel
a little more. They’ll feel blissful with every number I
count. Five. Feel this emotion. You are feeling it expand for getting warmer
and warmer, feeling it with more energy. Three, feel this energetic volt through your
heart feeling very good to feel this energy spinning faster and faster. One doubled and power. You can now feel this emotion throughout your
whole body and you know this is who you are, this version of your nose, the way you manifest
what you want through the emotion in your heart, in the intention, and that’s what now
as this version of you ask, what is one thing that I can that will allow me to expand what
is familiar for me? What is one thing I can do that will get me
into the unknown, that I instantly trigger manifestation and then wait for the year. Now set the intention that you do this thing
that will get you out of your comfort zone, that will expand your self identity for the
way you view yourself. Set the intention that you experienced this
within the next two days that you feel called to and you’re going to feel inspired to do
something to get into the unknown space, instantly manifest something miraculous. You will know you will feel guided. Set the intention right now. Understand that this new self image is who
you are. You are someone that is able to simply feel
into your heart center, to set an intention and then manifest what you want. That’s a part of who you are and this version
of yourself that’s confident in doing uncertain things. This is who you are now. Make the choice that this is who you are. Make the choice throughout your day to day. You are going to experience more of this confident
version of you and that this is going to solidify for you right now. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going
to bring this self image back into our body. We’re going to feel very present to the moments. I’m going to count down from five to one with
every number that I count. We’re going to feel yourself becoming more
present, more alert. You’re going to feel this self image anchor
into you and you will be a totally new person, more confident than ever before, and you will
also experiencing you reflection before the end of the day to day of this version of five. Feel yourself becoming more present to the
moment for fuel, the energy in your body, part three, wiggle your toes and start to
realize where you are to feeling more alert, more present, and then one, feel yourself
now open your eyes feeling present to the moment knowing that you are a completely new
version of you, that you can experience what you want in your life simply with attention,
emotion, and doing something a little bit outside of what you’re used to. This is a formula that does work. It’s just something you have just shifted
into and now you’ll understand that you can embody this
self image because this is who you choose to be. So before your end of the day today, before
you end the day, you will notice something in your life that shows you that you have
shifted, that you have changed. Be aware of that. Be Open to that because it will show itself
to you before the end of the day. So with that being said, something else I’ve
done is I’ve created a free meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set
points that you manifest from a much higher vibration. That’s something that top the description
box absolutely free. You can download it, recommend you this too,
for 21 days. This meditation is also something that you
can listen to for 21 days, something you can put the intention of what you want to manifest
in your life, and as you do that, you will increase the probability of you experiencing
it more and more. So. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this
video. Feel free to like this video if you liked
it, subscribe if you haven’t already. And as always I will see you on the next video. Peace. Much love. And now the state.


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