This Morning Routine Helps Me Stay Calm, Balanced and in Alignment with LOVE/Lisa A Romano

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good morning everybody um today I’m
gonna be doing a video and explaining to you guys like what I do what my morning
routine looks like many of you have written me and asked me like what do you
do in the morning when you wake up and like how you keep yourself motivated and
what kind of habits do you have going on in the morning I thought why not just do
a video in my pajamas you know drinking my coffee and just keep it real you know
and so this is my one of my home offices I also have a studio that I record most
of my youtube videos in and that’s changed over the years because of you
know just for different reasons in terms of lighting and whatever but um most of
my mornings started off in this space it’s a very small space and the first
thing that I do when I wake up in the morning as I let Alice outside on my
deck and she does goes does her business Alice’s my Weimaraner and I go outside
on my deck between 3:00 and 3:30 in the morning I know it sounds crazy but you
know once people start getting up in my house as my husband gets up and my
daughter gets up it’s just different you know my energy is taken off into a
different direction so I wake up in the morning and I do some yoga stretches in
the morning I just throw my hands up in the air and I’m just so happy to be
alive and I talked to the stars and I talked to the birds and I listened to
the wind and I just connect and I probably stretch and sometimes I just
pray and to me prayer isn’t asking from lack prayer is gratitude and just being
so thankful for life you know I believe that I am an extension of what I am life
you are life right a bird is life grass is life my dog is life flowers of life
and so I just I give thanks and praise and you know just gratitude that I have
life flowing through my veins and at any point in time I can use my consciousness
to interrupt a thought and create a new thought and create a new potential for
myself and even for others and I just that’s worth getting up in the morning
for the first thing that I do is I get up
very very early between the hours of 3:00 and 3:30 just my preference and I
spend some time alone on my deck in the complete darkness looking up at the
stars like I said stretching praying prayers
with just gratitude and just being in awe of the planet and the way things
work and I do that for probably about 10 minutes and then I come in the house and
I feed my dog and then I come into my office and I’ll read and I’ll journal
and I usually read and journal for about 15 to 20 minutes
some days I journal longer than that if I have something that is emotional and
it’s on my heart and they need time to work it out I’ll spend more time
journaling about that thing there are times where I do a meditation I’ll do a
guided meditation or what I’m working on now is being able to sit in my office
without the lights on and just complete mindfulness like which is weird because
mindful is the opposite of what mindfulness is mindfulness is an empty
mind and you know I get the whole color thing happening in my brow and it’s just
beautiful and there are some times I just don’t want to come out of the
meditation um when I’m also working on the older I get is forgiveness forgiving
myself and asking for forgiveness of those that I have wounded in the past
unknowingly through codependency and through being below the veil of
consciousness so gratitude and working on forgiveness forgiving others and
forgiving myself and asking for forgiveness of others you know in the in
my own mind in the etheric realm drawing people into my consciousness and you
know imagine them in front of me and asking them for forgiveness and also
letting them know that I forgive them I’m at a point in my life where I just
want to release what any energy that’s preventing me and my soul’s evolution
and that’s really become a huge huge part of my recovery and you know there
was a point where you know I would sit in this office and I would be angry you
know and I think that was part of my recovery too because if you don’t allow
yourself to be angry it’s very difficult for you to find your boundary like your
personal your personal boundary line and so anger I think is a very very
important part of the healing process there’s nothing there’s there are no bad
emotions there only there are only unhealthy choices or reactions to
emotions and so learning to understand and accept I have a right to feel what I
feel um and identifying boundaries from that
space has definitely been crucial on my recovery journey I’m at a point now
where I am I want to be free and I want peace to be a part of my everyday and so
I realized that letting go of negative energies is crucial for me and so I I
know when I wake up in the morning that I want to be grateful I want to be full
of gratitude and humility I want to be in awe of life and how it works and
understanding the brain and blending that into spiritual concepts has just
healed my life you know understanding and and concepts that are very difficult
to understand and breaking them down to the to the point where my Higher Self is
like okay I got this you know the brain can be understood but it’s sort of like
you have to get out of the box of the brain to understand what’s happening in
the brain and that’s what consciousness is so your brain isn’t your mind right
and so your brain is the organ and your mind is something completely different
and you have the ability to understand how your brain works and you have the
ability to understand your mind and so I would say that I have I wake up between
3:00 and 3:30 and I am working on personal development stuff for at least
an hour and a half every morning to two hours and I never even realized that I
spent that much time working on myself you know every day but I do and then
from there what I do is I work on addressing my business stuff emails I
have online coaching programs that I have to manage and so I manage those
online and you know there’s a lot to manage in terms of the business end and
so I work on that for a few hours and I send my husband
off to work my husband is vegan and gluten-free and
so that takes some time every morning and so he works out of the home I take
care of that for him and I enjoy doing it and my daughter goes off to work and
then I have the house pretty much to myself and so if I have a personal
coaching client that I coach I’ll I’ll tackle that you know and usually usually
by 9:00 a.m. I’m showered and ready for the business part of my day and it’s all
business from 9:00 until about 12 a couple of days a week I go for a run and
I probably run for about a mile in a mile and a half you know a couple of
times a week and I also do what I can to walk and connect with nature and the
afternoons and that’s pretty much you know my morning routine and and how I
like to flow after twelve o’clock you know I do want in most on in most days
on most days I’m still working I’m still addressing facebook comments Instagram
comments and I get a ton of emails I get hundreds of emails in a day and I do my
best we can’t answer all of them and I do
have people who help me process the emails but I do do my best my online
coaching programs take up a lot of my time but I have to tell you that I am
forever tethered to me I am forever tethered to Who I am and what I am and
you know what keeps me straight is a few key ideas I want peace in my life I
don’t want any BS in my life I have no more room for drama I know that I’m a
co-creator I know that my that that my thoughts are
stringing together atoms and if I string enough thoughts together I’m going to
string a lot of atoms together and so I’m forever humbled by this idea that my
brain is is is oscillating in a particular frequency and my heart is
oscillating at a particular frequency and all about us we are bathing in free
Francie’s and through the universal laws of like attracting like whether we like
it or not I’m stringing together my reality and I’m somebody who isn’t
completely humbled by that reality and I found my head in humility towards it and
that took a long time because for so long I was codependent below the veil of
consciousness and reacting to everything that was happening outside of me and I
thought people should change you know I thought like my ex should change my
mother should change and my father should change not saying they shouldn’t
have changed because they should have you know for themselves but but I held
myself my happiness away from happiness I held myself apart from happiness
thinking that my happiness was out here somewhere and you know the more I
learned about quantum mechanics and the law of attraction and how the brain
works and how synapses in the brain works and you know how memory works and
how you know old childhood programming affects the way we think today and it
affects our output today and once I understood that a memory once triggered
is going to duplicate the same the same experience in my brain
as the first dramatic event so so literally as this happened synapses are
getting stronger the bonds those old experiences are getting stronger and I
wanted to know why I was always triggered that’s why I was always
triggered and I just hadn’t gained enough awareness and want enough
consciousness I hadn’t been mindful enough you know and that’s why healing
and recovery and the consciousness versus unconsciousness and the dualistic
nature of reality and you know the law of attraction it all fits
and once you dovetail all this information healing can happen in my
opinion at rapid speed trying to heal and not understand how the brain
processes a trauma and how the brain trust processes you know information and
how childhood experiences or categorized according to that the pain they create
and the more powerless you felt as a child is is how your brain is dialogue
how your brain is cataloging this event and the more painful the event the more
your brain is going to remember it and so that becomes my hijacked point to
focus so my morning routine is very very centered upon that understanding and my
desire to want to heal that understanding as much as I can not only
for me but for my children I want to be a positive influence because I know this
is real like I meet people like oh I don’t believe in Law of Attraction I’m
like do you realize that the earth is suspended in this type of goo called
gravity without any strings this is the law of attraction right that the Sun
it’s all magnetism and repulsion like the law of attraction is an action
whether we whether we want to acknowledge it or not I’m just very
humbled by it so my everyday morning routine is really based on those
principles wanting peace being humble being grateful no matter what gratitude
changed my life when you focus on what you don’t want you get more of what you
don’t want learning to be non resistant to what’s showing up so that I can
actually allow the universe to have my back so that I can stay in the stream of
abundance you know and knowing that I had some conscious and creative control
over that understanding that mindfulness and
meditation were tools that I could use to help me align with the universe so at
the universe and I could co-create a reality that I wanted was a very
humbling experience I think trauma survivors it just is what
it is we’re not playing the victim we’re just being real like trauma survivors
have to work harder at this stuff that it’s much it’s so easy to say oh you
know just become mindful and oh you know just think positive thoughts and oh it’s
a law of attraction you know but for a trauma survivor you know your brain is
wired for survival it’s not wired for gratitude it’s not wired for creating
your own reality deliberately it’s not wired for that which means you have to
work harder to get to a point where you can be non-resistant so the universe can
have your back and I respect that and that’s why I’m dedicated I’ve dedicated
my life and it’s my mission to help those who’ve struggled with abuse in
their past of any kind to awaken to their true potential and there is this
in every synapse of the brain there’s a field of potential and what’s spilling
into a trauma survivors field of potential is more of the same right
because that’s the way the brain works and that’s not our fault and we can
change the information in the chemistry and the data that’s being spilled into a
synapse if we can become non resistant if we can learn to let go of what we can
control if we can make decisions then we can change we can change the information
that’s flowing into that synapse we can shine love and light onto a memory and
onto the inner child’s experience and we can liberate ourselves so that is really
I know that I have a trauma brain and I know that I had you know see PTSD and I
don’t pretend that I don’t and I know that I have trauma triggers and I don’t
pretend that I don’t and I know that there are people out there who is in
tension it is to hurt other people and I don’t pretend that they don’t exist I
know that I’m susceptible to painful memories I know that and so every day I
work at least for an hour and a half to two hours at setting my emotional tone
and being grateful at journaling about and my journaling is all about it’s two
things it’s about what I want or it’s about something that I’m struggling with
and I write until my mind has made sense out of what I’m concerned about and I
know that ultimately I have to get the feelings out so they so the energy
that’s tied to them is discharged and I know that the my goal is Lisa what can
you control versus what can’t you control and can you move to a place of
non-resistance of whatever this thing is somebody died somebody said something
terrible someone tried to hurt your friend someone tried to hurt you there’s
a loss of a job for somebody somebody’s ill whatever like my goal is
non-resistance and so I will journal until I experience
non-resistance because I want to stay in the stream of
abundance and I don’t want to repeat the negative synapses in my brain that
continue to bond and bond and bond and bond and bond in a negative way and so I
hope that this video has inspired you this is me at 3:30 in the morning
getting ready to set my emotional tone to meditate and to become more and more
in alignment with my true potential as a creator in spite of what has happened to
me in the past so thank you for being a youtube subscriber thank you for you
know supporting this channel please know that every month I will be giving away
whether it’s a book or a membership a year-long members
to a membership site it’s just my way of saying thank you to those of you who
subscribe and an independent company will be picking the YouTube subscribers
so that’s out of my hands and every month we’ll be doing that in them you
will be notified that way through the company and so thank you so much for
being here and thank you for being committed to love and light and being
somebody who in spite of what’s happened to you in the past you’re saying yes
that’s happened but what can I do about it right because expecting other people
to change it’s just not going to happen you know when you change on the inside I
know it sounds hokey pokey and I used to get pissed off when I heard people like
Wayne Dyer and other people say this you know and and Jack Canfield when you
change on the inside the outside changes I used to get so pissed off but now I
get it now I get it and so I hope that this has helped you and thank you so
much for being here namaste – him until next


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