Time in the 5th Dimension: with Activation Meditation (this will change your life)


this video I’m gonna show you exactly
what fifth-dimensional time is like how different it is from third-dimensional
time of the way we’re used to and we’re gonna do an activation for wiring in
this new sense of time welcome back to another video my name’s Erin and I help
people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
that of how 5th dimensional time works and showing you this activation for
wiring in this new understanding this new way of being and let me say first
off that 5th dimensional way of being and time is completely different than
the 3rd dimensional way that we’re used to normally in 3d it’s about duality
it’s about time space linear experience it’s this is who I was in the past this
is who I am now and this is the projection for the future and a lot of
times we will emphasize the past many people are actually living in the past
they were living in things that have happened to them they’re still having
these positionality zuv being angry about it or having some emotional
charged about it and because of it they then project it in the present moment
right now which then also leaks into what we call the future and many people
when it comes to the way that our society is brought is is ran by they got
to be here at a certain time and all of these things we really emphasize the
importance of it in 3d and because of that there are times when there are
times when it ends up becoming something that is over emphasized and given so
much importance now let me share with you something that happened with me
recently that in a way was me tapping into this 5d energy because something I
realized that I had to kind of shift or I was gonna be late for something and it
was me this is a couple months ago this I was going to an acupuncture
appointment here in Las Vegas and it was about it’s about a 15 to 20 minute drive
away from my house probably right around there and I was doing something on my
computer with my name something I was doing and I got a lost track of time and
I knew I had to be there at like 3 o’clock so what happens is I ended up
leaving at like 250 I had like ten minutes to get there and I knew it
was a minimum of 15 to 20 minute drive and there was something I thought I read
where it said they’ve here so late if you’re so much late or something like
that they they’re allowed to charge you I don’t think they would but I didn’t
want it I didn’t want to chance it I just I knew that I had to be there at
3:00 and I had enough like I I knew priors just like I caught up with what I
was doing so what I did is I said you know what I believe that time is a form
of illusion so what I did is I got into a good state of being it’s like a fun
state of being like a 5d energy and I simply knew that I was gonna be there
right at 3:00 or a minute before I just knew it I just I treated it as it
because I knew that time is more of an illusion anyways and I’ve heard of other
people doing it before where they stretch time people that are interested
in the kind of work that I do would I share 5d energy so what I did is as I
was going to the gym or to the acupuncture place I set that intention
while in the car to also drive safe so it wasn’t like I was driving like you
know 80 miles an hour in the 35 is pretty much a a 40 mile an hour 35 mile
an hour route the whole way there but what I did is I simply set the intention
and I imagine myself getting there at exactly 3:00 and I said you know what
let’s see how flexible this time is because I knew that when I was getting
my car at like 250 that it’s normally if I was under the old 3d perspective
there’s no way I would have made that I would have showed up at about 310 so
what I did is I simply had that understanding I went through with
confidence with it and I kept in a light state I didn’t make it too important I
wasn’t like what am I gonna go to get there I was just more so like just knew
it and as I was driving there I hit every green light everything was in the
right the right flow and I Lin look over when I get there and it’s exactly three
o’clock so I walked in and everything went well but it showed me more than
ever before and I used to do that as well when I used to have my old sales
job I would do that sometimes as well kind of knowing that okay I’m just gonna
imagine myself being there on time and I was a place where that you get written
up if you were like you know over five six minutes like seven minute grace
period I think but it was something that I learned to play around with but that
is what I want to share with you in this video-time is so much more flexible than
you think we may use time as a convenience thing to say hey meet me at
the the park at this time meet me at the gym at this time like we use that for
convenience sake but at the same time it is a form of illusion now when I say
that what I mean is we emphasize the more we emphasize anything the more we
create it you ever realized that like when you’re when you’re really thinking
about time it goes by so slow because the more time you focus on the more time
you create you might be at the DMV and you’re like oh look it’s been like 20
minutes okay now it’s been 22 minutes okay now it’s been 32 minutes okay now
it’s been 48 minutes and you just keep you keep looking at and you keep
emphasizing it whereas it instead if you were to get to the present moment you’d
find that time doesn’t really exist the way that you think it does the more we
focus on time the more we create the experience of time that’s why in this
video what we’re going to do in a minute is we are going to get to that of an
activation where we’re going to activate in this understanding and you will start
to see reality becoming much more slippery you’re gonna be able to play
around with time time is it gonna be this heavy thing and 3d that you have to
abide by it’s gonna be more so something that you use as a bit as a benchmark but
then you can choose that what you want to experience so this is what is
powerful is understanding that in 5d energy first off you got 3d reality is
polarity 3d a 3d reality is that of emphasising importance of the mind
importance of time importance of all these things of the ego really it’s an
emphasis of the ego and the separateness then you move into four and five the
level of consciousness 4d is more about vibration even in 40 times starts
becoming very slippery and then 5d level of consciousness you realize that
everything is one so these separate moments they all exist right now they
all exist right now it’s just our perception that is changing through it
that’s all that changes is our perception through it in 5d level of
consciousness we realize oneness we’re all
connected that’s why we could start to feel more loved between each other
because we realize that we’re all connected in 3d level of consciousness
we’re like oh you are that you are you I am me and I don’t I mean that’s you
there’s this distinct barrier between me and you but that begins to go away in 5d
level of consciousness well right now on the planet we have the ability to tap
into this unity level consciousness and we have the ability to tap into this
slippery time with oneness you see a lot of times when it comes to past lives the
way people look at their past lives is the more of a 3d perspective I was this
person back in 40 AD and then I am this person now and that’s the way it’s
looked at in a linear type way what a lot of people don’t understand is that
from a 5 a higher level of consciousness that past life exists right now you’re
just connecting to it and that past life the past lives you connect to change in
the moment right now as you change you see this is the key this is what changes
also it’s the same about future a lot of people don’t talk about future lives but
we right now in the present moment many of us as lightworkers came from what we
call the future we came to experience this shift and transformation right now
on the planet and we really are connected to our multidimensional cells
which are higher vibrational which are the future versions of us but as we
change right now we change the parts of our future we connect to and the parts
of our past we connect to the reason I say this is so that we can start to let
go of the 3d old school way of while I was this person now I’m this person now
I’m this person from one perspective but that’s from the linear 3d perspective
instead what we can do is realize that those past lives we connect to change as
we change as we go through a different theme in our life we made connect to
different past lives that are completely different and like I said the reason I
share this is so that you understand it’s much more slippery than you think
now the key to 5d energy is being present to the moment and it’s doing
what you’re excited about doing what you’re passionate about
have you ever had it to where you’re doing something and time just goes by
like that it’s like you don’t even know where the time went
there’s sometimes I’m working on videos I’m doing things and I’ll be oh that was
a 45-minute video that was a 20 minute video and I’m like that felt like two
minutes or I’ll be like doing something my computer and the time with three
hours will go by and I haven’t eaten yet because I’m passionate I’m in the flow
State with what I’m doing you see 5d energy is when you’re not
focused on emphasizing time you’re just focusing on flow you’re focusing on a
flow now here’s the biggest change between the 3d perception of time and 5d
perception of time in the 3d perception of time what we say is I am a result of
the past that’s who we think we are which then brings the past vibration
into the current moment right now which makes things feel heavy in a 5d level of
conscious you realize that the past may have happened in one parallel reality
time line but as you change you also change parts of your past as well but
you say to yourself I am NOT the result of my past I am who I choose to be right
here right now every moment is new new new new this is a new moment this is a
new moment this is a new moment when we start to tap into this new moment new
moment new moment we start to tap more into this 5d energy everything is seen
as fresh for the first time all first time freshness okay it’s the first time
it’s fresh so what we can begin to do is tap into everything as it is new I
choose this moment I choose this moment I choose this moment I am who I choose
to be not because of what happened in the past you just are who you choose to
be you drop your connection to the past energy that’s keeping you in low
vibration and to do that you instead are here now and one of the things the
reasons doing your passion is so powerful because you let go of the
perception of time and you’re just there you’re just in that moment
so if 5d energy is when you start to see that reality is much more flexible and
try it don’t just take my word for it try it next time you have
where to be and you’re a little bit late I don’t tension to be late I’m not
saying to drive quickly or to you know be unsafe but be aware that you can set
this intention you can watch how time molds to you it’s just that the more we
emphasize it the more we think we’re a victim of time the more that is the case
oh I’m gonna be late oh they’re gonna be mad at me although this stuff’s gonna
happen well you get what you focus on and in a way your reality slides into
that slot into your consciousness and that becomes what you experience now
what I thought we would do really quick because we do in activation where we
relax ourselves and I’m going to put your attention on certain things and
what it’s going to do is it’s going to activate within you a new level of time
and it’s something you can listen to for 21 days I think it will profoundly
change your life if you do so because you’re gonna begin to bring in this 5d
energy and when you bring in this 5d energy your whole entire life will
change not just with time your whole entire life will change in many other
ways because then you start to see that reality itself is more flexible you
don’t have to emphasize some of the really really inputs and things in your
life instead you can be more flexible if you like Bruce Lee be like water be like
water okay so what we’re gonna do right now is I’m gonna cue the music here in a
second we’re gonna take a deep breath in a deep breath out we’re gonna relax and
then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do an activation of energy an activation
of 5d energy and set the intention right now that every single person listening
to this this is the power of group intention this is the power of many of
us doing this whether we’re watching this live or not live whoever’s
listening to it set the intention that you tap into 5d energy and set the
intention that every single person listening to this also taps into five
energy this is when we start to connect to the collective consciousness you see
we’re all connected so no matter where we’re listening to this in the world
we’re gonna connect to this energy stream that we’re about to do right now
so you setting the intention and right now imagine everyone else and you
experiencing this 5d energy you see when we move beyond our own ego when we have
the intention for other people it’s even more powerful it’s something
that’s called outer intention and see it’s almost like we then we’re adding
the energy-momentum there and then when you do it you’re still benefited as well
because everyone else is doing it for you so right now what I encourage you to
do so taking a deep breath in and a deep breath out with me and set the intention
and imagine that every single person here taps into this five D energy so
make sure you could do this when you’re when you’re more relaxed you can relax a
little bit more make sure you’re not driving in the car and let’s go and get
into this right now take a deep breath in breathe it out now with every breath
you take imagine your body relaxing more and more because you’re about to bring
in high vibrational energy now I’d like to ask you to put your hands over your
heart like this knowing that you are going to be growing the electromagnetic
energy inside of your heart with your attention over your heart today so let’s
take another deep breath in deep breath out and close your eyes if you like breathe it out release any tension
release any energy that wants to leave you and simply know that every breath
you take today you are going to feel more and more relaxed
now bring the awareness around your eyes bring the awareness around your forehead
and imagine a warm sensation relaxing loosening up wherever you put your
attention you feel your body relax bring the awareness now to your jaw feel your
jaw begin to relax your tongue hangs loose
and soft bring the awareness now into your left arm your left hand feel it
loosen up and relax bring the awareness into your right arm your right hand feel
is loosen up bring the awareness now and do your heart and imagine your heart
begins to feel a buzzing sensation in the center you start to feel that
underneath your hands you can feel your heart beginning to buzz you can now feel
the energy going into your stomach relaxing loosening up put the awareness
in your left leg your left foot your right leg your right foot and now
imagine that any energy you don’t prefer to hold on to is leaving through the
heels of your feet imagine the energy moving through your body to and through
the heels of your feet letting go of any energy that doesn’t serve now feel how
relaxed you are right now and know that right now what we are about to do is we
are about to connect to a high level of energy called fifth dimensional energy set the intention right now that
everyone else listening to this meditation is also going to tap into
this high vibrational energy this energy which is who we naturally are this
energy will bring forth your passion more so than ever before or bring forth
synchronicity in your life unlike anything you’ve experienced before and
you’ll find that from this point going forward your reality becomes so much
more fun and so much more flexible now realize that up until this point you
have thought they you were a result of your past you thought that you were an
accumulation of all these past experiences that you’ve had and you
thought that that is who made you who you are today now understand that that past even as
you look to your past right now and you remember some things that happen in your
past understand that those things that
happened was just one potential probability of the past right now in the
present moment you are not the result of the past and what you can begin to do is
realize that you are not your memory you can begin to realize that anything that
happened in the past does not have to influence you today so set the intention
right now and imagine that as you’re thinking of the past and your hand in
front of you you can see that of a balloon that’s beginning to get bigger
and bigger you’re holding on to a thread connected to this balloon and as you
think of you out your past and everything that has happened to you
everything your story about who you are about how people treat you about how
people expect you to be all of these things imagine that you’re feeling up
this balloon you’re holding on to this thread this balloon which represents all
of your past now as you hold on to it you have this
realization this realization that you are not the result of your past you are
who you choose to be so what you can do right now is you realize you can let go
of this balloon so go ahead and let go of this balloon and imagine it drifting
further away imagine all the memories of your past
that you thought made you who you were all the negative experience anything you
don’t prefer imagine it floating further and further away and as this balloon
goes further and further away you feel more and more distant from all the
negative things that have happened to you before and you realize that now you
are free you are free to be you you are free to move around you are free to be
your expressive self and understand that you your whole life may have given in
importance to time but time is so much more flexible than you know now set the
intention right now that from this point going forward you know that you are who
you choose to be you are who you choose to be and every moment is a completely
new moment and you can start to live in the moment right now you can enjoy the
present moment the way it is wherever you are with whatever you’re
experiencing it is perfect the way it is feel this energy right now
this moment is a new moment right now you are not the result of your past you
are who you choose to be right now now now now every moment is new you are who
you choose to be right now this is a new moment right now and it is not connected
to the past there’s no power over you the past as you are a completely new
version of you right now and from this point going forward you will see your
reality become much more flexible you will live more in the moment if there’s
some where you need to be at a certain time you know it’s flexible you know
it’s only your perception of that time that keeps the resistance in place from
this point going forward imagine yourself right now doing what
you’re passionate about more I imagine right now you being present to the
moment more and I imagine that this high vibrational energy right now is going to
be activated in your body unlike anything you’ve experienced before now
what I’m going to ask you to do is I’m going to ask you to ohm ohm and what you
can do is you can ohm I will own with you and I will also be speaking so you
keep roaming and know that this ohm represents 5d energy this home row
represent you wiring in and activating this new template for reality that’s
actually more natural being present to the moment so what I’d like to ask you
to do right now is to keep your eyes closed and to simply ohm
do one ohm with you and then I’m gonna ask you to keep on oming knowing that
you’re connecting to the energy of your heart and you’re connecting into this 50
energy so I’m gonna taking a deep breath in let’s take that in right now and then
Oh now go ahead and ohm again and as you
ohm right now know you are soaking in this five D energy you are soaking into
the energy of your heart you can feel the energy of your heart begin to raise
more and more knowing you are about to connect into a new way of being into the
present moment in a completely new and powerful way keep all mean take another
deep breath and then Oh keep o me now I am going to count down from ten to one
with every number I count while you are oming you are going to feel this energy
increase inside of your heart center you’re going to feel an activation of
this now moment knowing that from this point going forward you are living in a
higher vibrational reality so keep aiming ten feel this energy inside of
your heart begin to raise you can feel the vibration begin to grow inside of
your heart nine double the amount of sensation imagine this five D energy
coming in stronger and stronger with every number I count seven feeling it
increase more and more six knowing that you are tapping into this five D energy
unlike anything you’ve imagined before five knowing that everyone else here is
shifting more into this five D energy as well for knowing and feeling this double
with every number I count three keep aiming keep feeling this five D energy
feeling positive emotions come up you may feel loved you may feel high
vibrational passion allow it to come up three to double the amount of sensation
now and one soak in this five D energy and know
that this is who you are from this point going forward you will notice that your
life becomes much more magical and you will notice that time becomes so much
more slippery and it starts to work for you to keep this vibration activated in
listen to this meditation for twenty-one days straight and you’ll find that you
start to exist in a higher vibrational reality unlike anything you’ve known
before so I’m gonna count down now from three to one with every number I count
you are gonna feel yourself become more alert more present more in this moment
now than ever before three bringing the awareness now back to
your body to wiggle your toes with your fingers and one open up your eyes now
knowing you are in a completely new reality you are in a 5d level of
consciousness and the more you listen to this meditation the more you activate
this energy within you so you can carry this with you now you can know reality
is much more flexible and I’m excited for you because your reality will become
much more fun much more flexible and it will start to work out even more for you
so with that being said I’ll see you in the next video peace much love and


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  36. Jasna Julija Vidergar

    August 13, 2019 8:27 pm

    I love it πŸ₯° This β€œommm” πŸ˜… my dog was listening to me and watching me like β€œare you ok mum?” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Much love to you and all β€œommm-ers” ❀️

  37. Sabina Bujold

    August 13, 2019 8:57 pm

    That was cool. I cant wait to do this meditation for 21 days. I'll post again in 21 days and let you know what happened.

  38. Douggie B

    August 13, 2019 9:55 pm

    Question: how is it possible that as we change, we change parts of our own past? Not as in past lives, just our past.
    Loved the activation by the way❀️

  39. Kim Gee

    August 13, 2019 9:59 pm

    Example you burn you finger and time slows down but when you are happy and having fun time goes so quickly .

  40. Randall G Fillion

    August 13, 2019 10:24 pm

    thanks my friend … better color … no really … added to morning routine … let you know Aaron

  41. Neil Maharaj

    August 13, 2019 10:41 pm

    You sure it wasn't called 'speeedDing' bro? lol. I've had that experience too but it was definitely speeding lol

  42. Lily Collins

    August 13, 2019 11:15 pm

    I've done that too traffic seems to move for you and lights. I just put some music and to my surprise I was 5 min early. Other times I've been late because I kept looking at the time.

  43. Ashley Marie

    August 13, 2019 11:18 pm

    I adore you. Such a blessing. Check my focused intention beats. Feel free to use any or I can make you a new one. β€πŸ€—πŸ˜‡


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