Tinnitus Treatment explained

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Tinnitus is a noise that someone
hears that is produced with no external sound. So in other words if I had tempt
us now no one else in this room would be able to hear it. My name is John Charles
Hodge and I’m an ENT specialist working in Adelaide South Australia. I trained initially at Cambridge University in the UK, before moving to Australia to
complete my advanced ear nose and throat training. I’ve been a doctor over twenty
years now. The treatment I’m proposing is based on neuromodulation if you fall
over and bang your head you rub it and it makes it feel better
this is the same concept that I’m using for tinnitus there is an identifiable
frequency that a patient has and by playing and narrowband noise around that
frequency the brain turns to gain down on that particular frequency so that you
hear it less I have become increasingly frustrated over the years with the
medical professions inability to successfully treat tinnitus. The app
works by determining the frequency of your tinnitus working out how loud it is
and then producing a narrowband noise for treatment that you can play back on
your device. T he sooner you start the less likely this is to become a chronic
problem this treatment is accessible to everyone no matter where you live. Initially the tinnitus treatment should be used for up to two hours a day
although there is the facility on the app to use it for up to four hours a day
whilst using the app you can go about your daily activities you can be on the
bus gardening or going for a run the underlying premise behind tinnitus
treatment was to make this accessible and affordable to everyone. The app will
cost less than a cup of coffee a week or over the course of the year less than
the gap for most medical specialists


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