Tony Robbins: Think Like a Billionaire ( Tony Robbins Coaching )


I don’t think it’s about money has never
been our goal I never I never knew I was gonna write a book that sold millions
and millions of copies and so I don’t take a salary from the church now but
It’s about you know money is simply a tool to fulfill your destiny but I teach
people you give money away do you help we give millions of dollars in victory
net not never dreamed that we’d be able to do to be able to bless people like
this so it’s never been about you know how well thinking we become money can
give you lots of options money is portable power without money you can
feed people without money you can change things that money you can start a
company without money you can do things for your favor that money isn’t going
you want when you want where you want how you want great tool that’s all this
is a tool because if you think it’s more than a tool you think it’s the source of
your happiness you’re gonna miss all the shit along the way because everyone in
this room we’re all doing one thing in common no matter how aligned their lives
are or different than they are we’re all traveling through time together and that
traveling time is like that river out there it does not stop and sometimes
feels slower and faster others but that traveling through time and everyone here
is going through the process of Aging everyone who’s going through the process
of shifting life the question is how much of life are you living along the
way are you truly rich or do you just have some money or do you not have money
and you don’t have wealth I don’t people have money we’re very poor I know people
have lots of money that are very rich the difference is how they are in their
relationships how they are in their sense of spirit how they are and
capturing the moments so you have to decide right now to be rich not when you
get to a certain number you gotta decide right now I’m a wealthy mother or
whatever appropriate language would be for you but when you operate from your
already beyond you’re not trying to get beyond the scarcity if you’re always
operating a scarcity I got to try to get somewhere that’s bullshit I’m here and
there’s the mountain I’m taking next that’s very different than I’m gonna try
to get to that place when I could finally be enough certain enough happy
enough free enough excited enough and the truth is when most of the things you
get to where they are it’s nothing like you thought it was going to be
who’s achieved some huge goal you got it you’re excited and then for how long who
can think of a goal that you just pushed busted or you got it and you really were
excited about it how long did it left feeling last for that situation how long
a minute seconds a month who can remember something that you really were
excited about and within six months to a year match you were taking it for
granted let me see your hands that’s the way the human brain works that’s the way
the mind works the heart doesn’t work that way the
heart when it’s there it doesn’t forget it’s one thing that’s gonna make you
wealthy it’s turning your expectation into appreciation that’s the day you
become wealthy the day you trade expectation for appreciation is the day
you become wealthy because as long as you’re expecting things you’re going to
be disappointed you’re expecting people to be a certain way they’re not going to
be if you own time you’re happiest when they all act in behave a certain way
you’re not gonna be happy very much or if you’re happy only for a short period
of time you expect your spouse to be a certainly expect your kids to be a
certain way expect your co-workers be certainly expect yourself to be a
certain way how about appreciation that’s the game because if you could
appreciate the littlest things you got gifts that nobody else has so the first
place to be wealthy is psychologically emotionally and spiritually and that
place has to get regular deposits and that means just like some of you
meditate you need a daily discipline of magic moments and you gotta learn to
capture the little ones and that muscles got to be built so what’s your daily
practice you’ve got whatever you want we’ll call it here magic moments every
day I want you to capture at least two to three magic moments minimum it
could’ve been a conversation with a friend it could have been a moment when
the insight happened it could have been a moment on the mountain it could have
been a little insight or distinction that you got I changed it but you don’t
just capture it write it down you want to feel it and realize its value you
want to feel it like it’s grace like it’s a gift that’s been given to you and
what you’re doing is appreciating that gift but like when people say money
doesn’t matter they don’t know where to shop
and what I mean is they don’t know what to shop for and who to shop for because
all the research shows something interesting if you make twice as much
money you’re making twenty five thousand dollars a year and you make fifty people
think it’ll double their level of enjoyment of life or happiness and on
average it improves nine percent it’s just mind boggling there’s the initial
excitement then that’s nine percent better statistically lots of studies are
showing once you make seventy five thousand dollars a year making more
money you like but it’s a truly change your happiness in a sustainable way once
you make basically a middle-class salary feel like more might argue about that
with him but that’s what that’s what the studies show but what the studies now
show is how you spend money five dollars a day spent right we’ll bring you more
joy than ten thousand dollars spent poorly and what does that mean
I gave a dozen so I’ll give you three number one if you spend money on things
you limit your level of happiness you spend the money on experiences it
creates a generative effect in your body emotionally and they can measure the
level of fulfillment and happiness you have just by the purchases you make and
they bet it’s scientifically all the way down to how it changes your biochemistry
down to the changes in your saliva on the hormones that’s where the research
come it’s not somebody airy-fairy saying well if you have experience it’ll be
better second one when you spend money on things that take give you time and
take away drudgery and you can get somebody else that you pay and they are
employed and they now scrub the floor or they clean the toilet and they have an
income and they’re happy and you’re freed up to do something you’re more
passionate about in business or life the level of happiness grows geometric but
the one that creates the greatest happiness is the one that sounds trite
but it’s biochemically accurate and that is investing in others which simply
means giving your money away really and it’s mind-boggling and they show you
your time out they show you with little numbers like you know buying a cup of
coffee for a stranger and what it does and how
long the happiness does versus you buy the coffee for yourself first you buy it
for a friend and I’ve got the studies and it’s fascinating but what I can tell
you my own life experience like the people that I know that are the happiest
on earth are not the people the most money I know I got a lot of clients as
you well know that are billionaire clients and I’ll have them come to me
because they want me to do stuff with their business
but invariably I’ll see there’s something going on with them too that
makes them unhappy it doesn’t matter much money now there’s people the
billion dollars they still live in scarcity it doesn’t matter how much
money to have right by the way I asked that question at everyone I interviewed
I said this financial pressure ever go away
85% said no and they have retention how much it would increase proportionately
well it for some for a few it didn’t but for most of them it did they thought
more responsibility that more gotta manage more they got to do so if you
think financial pressures gonna go away just by having money they just learn to
handle it differently we have a totally different experience but I’m juiced
about people seeing what how they can use the money that makes them makes joy
happen like I love the things where it’s a total surprise my I remember when I
had very little money I was just getting started
I could put a very tough environment and my mom always loved the ocean and we
lived in the San Gabriel Valley of LA where dad smog alerts and you couldn’t
go outside for a couple of days it was horrible
can I call my mom up and I said is early my career and I said come meet me in
Huntington Beach there’s a condo I’m considering getting on the beach I’m
considering living on the beach mom but I want I want your feedback what you
think so she drive down to meet me I don’t ever forget I just looks relaxed
oh my god smell the air it’s so fresh and this is the dream to live my beach
and my sons and I live on the beach I show the kind of just like oh my god is
incredible are you sure do you really think we were
there I don’t care what it cost you said if you can get in you get this and I
said you feel that strongly she said yeah then I said it’s your Savannah pass
what ahead it was like my mom’s passed away it a long time ago but it was one
of those days to this day I can remember the feeling and experience of like holy
shit um you don’t get that by buying something for yourself yeah you don’t
get that bike you earn in a bunch of money it’s beautiful to have those
choices they would save it up for an RV and we’re invited to Las Vegas to have
this trip and we came around the corner and there’s this ultra unbelievable
double sided you know and I said wow look at that he’s oh my god that’s the
most incredible we could never everything like that and I said well
let’s let’s look inside the doors open he said all we can’t go in there so
let’s stick my head in you know took him in right and that’s all the casick come
on i sat down then get out of that get out there it’s yours you know those are
the days that um that’s what mastering money is about yeah you either master it
or masters you yes and if you master it you can learn
grow and you can give and money isn’t everything cuz you have a lot of money
and still be a selfish bastard I mean money just makes you more of what you
are if you’re really selfish you got more to be selfish with if you’re really
giving you can come on it and give with and I feel privileged at the stage of my
life to have found a way to do what I love which is to light people up and
bring them breakthroughs and bring them answers and their body their mouth
motions the relationships all these areas but also in their financial area
as well and when you’re able to do it in all those areas life’s pretty cool if
you just do it the money area it’s not enough I mean richest man the graveyards
not gonna do any good and so this book is really about how to have that real
wealth and I just finished to tell you that I end the book sharing a story I’ll
share with you because you know me well enough to know what this is like and I
know you were late in some ways I am your background in your hot suit going
out there with your credit card machines wasn’t making jordan a canoe or naked
georgia baby it’s still hot death is still hot down there and you’re not but
we have a similar background we start with nothing you know and I can remember
the I know the day I became wealthy was thinking to retain the book what was the
day that I became a wealthy man and I was broke I was living in Venice not
Venice Italy Venice LA and his four did score a bachelor apartment I was feeling
sorry for myself I was mad at the world was mad at a friend of mine that I
loaned you know thousand bucks to and he didn’t pay me back and he wouldn’t
return my phone calls because I was broke I was down to I don’t 23 24 bucks
something like that some change no prospects I’m like how am I gonna eat
how am I gonna survive I won’t get my rent I was already behind my rent my 30
days and all right well my 79 my mom kicked my dad out he went back east and
kicked me out and I survived by scratched up enough money today and then
going to the smorgasbord and like loading up for the winter you know just
eat all I couldn’t make it last the day or two
okay that’s why I’m gonna do it and I was I walk they don’t want to take my
car the gas will pay for parking didn’t have that kind of money
and I walked it was three four miles from Ennis to this place and rented all
right it’s still there and it’s called El Torito it’s this little Mexican
restaurant that’s on the water where all the you know the amazing yachts are I
thought I’m gonna go there and absorb this abundance environment cuz I’m so
scarce and I’m gonna need all I can possibly make up for 595 of course
though I like something I go to have a good sleep afterwards forget all this
right and I went in I loaded up for winter and ate all the stuff and I’m
looking out there and it was a beautiful day and it was gorgeous and so I got to
go pay and as I got to go pay in the front door walks this little boy
probably eight years old and seven eight years old and he he was addressed in a
suit it’s just like you know kind of demure like you right now he was just really I don’t know there’s
just there’s something about this kid you know this era bottom of this any
with any open the door for his mother and he opened the pull the chair out for
I don’t know something about it just struck me emotionally very deeply and I
was just touched thing and this little boy has got so much heart and class and
so I walked up to him I paid my bill and walked up to a minute and I said hi and
I interest myself and I was nobody who the hell starring Robert Dornan Robbins
and he says it’s gigantic you really think it is right I said I just want to
tell you I watched you for the last few minutes I said I watched you open the
door for your later I saw you pull up the chair I saw the way you looking in
her eyes give me your full attention I said you are a class act and he looked
at me and I said and taking her lamps at Los Amigos well she’s in the mall that’s
even more cool and they said well I I’m not taking a lunch cuz I don’t have a
job yeah you know I’m eight you know I said I looked at it and I said yes you
are and I didn’t have any plan I just reached in my pocket the valta might
have the world was like 19 bucks and some change but it was left after that I
just slide down and find one in front of the table
and he looked up his eyes got niggas garbage can covers he goes what’s that
me smiled I said that’s yours because I can’t take that I said yes you can he
said how come I said cuz I’m bigger than you are
I didn’t say another word I just turned I didn’t even look at his
mom I wasn’t doing it for attention and I walked out that door and I didn’t walk
out that door I flew out of that door then I just I know cars walking home you
know I just felt like so alive if I felt so free and I should have been scared
shitless I got no money I got I don’t know where I’m gonna feed myself I did
your giveaway last night there was an ounce of fear in me it was like in that
moment scarcity died he just died it was out of my life and I went home that
night I have no clue was gonna do but I was I was like excited and inspired and
and I started writing up this plan and I thought well people fast all the time I
can fast before if I’m gonna work it out and I woke up the next morning I had no
fear of me and gonna work my plan and the old snail mail ride and there I get
this envelope in the old days right tear thing open and it’s a cheque from the
guy wouldn’t even return my phone call for more than $1,000 if there’s an
interest in and you know 1,200 ollars in those days would cover my butt for two
weeks to a month right you know it’s like and I started to cry and I just
I’ll never forget I think to myself what does this mean and I decided that that
meant that I was being rewarded for doing what’s right by not operating out
of scarcity and fear by just it was spontaneous it was authentic it was just
a bell right and I did what felt right and I was rewarded and I believed in my
mind I still believed this day may not be true but that was that was grace and
them so from that day forward it was just like just do more give more share
more create more and what you need will be there it’s like air you don’t stop to
think about when you take a breath when it’ll be there or not it’s always gonna
be there yeah just gotta do your part Wow I’m almost about accept even though
it’s been decades and decades since that day well look what the guiding principle
has created I know that’s I said I look at my life today and the millions of
people I’ve had a chance to serve and be a part of and for my friends are and the
life I get to live my life with today it’s just the rewards the Karma if you
would parties that may sound and so you know for me today just recently you know
I was thinking about us by why I’m so emotional I was thinking about where
this journey began for me my desire to serve you know every day before I get on
stage I have why do this thing – with myself at a peak state know my last
words are used me Lord you know it’s I just I that’s my prayer and every day my
goal is to be a blessing in people’s lives and and I’ve written a book that
when I was done I’m probably feeling that too
it’s a four-year journey it’s the best of what I found on the face of the earth
and I know anybody picks it out boo sincere and just even applies up a small
portion of it their life will be altered and it’ll be altered for the better and
that karma continues and I also know part of this is you know up front I’m
not waiting for a book to sell I didn’t do some feeding promotion letter object
for 55 million people to be fed which since I couldn’t even feed myself back
then feels pretty unbelievable and I know I’ve done my part I also know grace
has been a part of that and for that I’m grateful well we’re all grateful for you
you know speaking of that yes a lot of people are gonna see this yes and if you
remember the one that we did last time yes I got letters from it you got
letters from it and there would be that one person they say you know I watched
the video when I was in this condition and then you said that one thing yeah
and then I applied it yeah and things turned around for me and I’m wondering
if you could think about who that person is and tell them that one thing right
now what would it be it’s a great question so much to pull
from but at my core my mom wanted me be a truck driver because that would mean
I’d make $24,000 a year if I went to tuck masters and I’ll be twice what my
father made and she thought that would happen but something inside of me said
I don’t want to drive a truck there’s something else that matters more to me
and I decided I was not gonna go for money instead of passion and the rewards
been pretty amazingly better than being drugged I was not bad being a truck
driver is just not what I was after Anna I look back and one of the things that
helped me was my original teacher Jim Rohn was personal velvet speaker I went
to here when I was 17 he said some of the first time I heard him he said you
know it’s really simple if you want life to change you got to change if you want
life to be better you’ve got to get better it’s the only way it happens
and luckily up for people and to leave them but if you’re constantly improving
who you are and what you give game over and he also taught me something about
economics that I never forgot he said you know economics is really simple the
world really is simple if you will find a way to add more value to other
people’s lives than anybody else does then you’ll never have to worry about
that area of your life and if you look at it most of us don’t realize you can
add a lot of value it and be a schoolteacher and add enormous value and
unfortunately our society you won’t get paid well but as I show in the book if
you add value to more people instead of 30 children there’s a schoolteacher in
there that makes 2 million dollars a year and he does it with the web and he
does it by coaching he’s from Japan and it’s quite extraordinary so if you do
want to earn more by adding value there’s a way you can also add value
make no money even also the value can give it away and you still earn more
Slyke the joy that we get from that giving that we talked about the whole
things we talked about the things about me to tears is think about how far it’s
common all that’s come in the life from that day when I did what’s right and the
other time I’ve been in tears is thinking about you know funding it for
my mom and things of that nature those ultimate rewards come from giving so if
you work at McDonald’s there’s nothing wrong with it but the reason he makes
725 an hour is lots of people can do that mm-hmm if you’re David Tepper last
year he made three point five billion dollars I’m not saying that should be
aspirational for you but it’s cuz he found a way to do
something nobody else did last year which he’s got a 42 percent return you
find a way to add more value if you can figure out what you’re most passionate
about find a way to do it way that adds more value to more people then economics
will never be a question for you a bit more important
you’ll be wealthy because you’ll know that your giver not to take her in this
world and I think putting ourselves in that position as maybe the greatest gift
we can give ourselves and everybody else I think you’ve certainly given a lot
with this book I mean I’ve kind of been along for the journey what’s going on
I’m writing this book I’m on page seven it’s taken a year later it’s about a
hundred pages in 3,000 hours so it’s guys read it you know I’m pretty sure
too it’s safe to say that their purchase is not going to really make a
significant difference in your life so I’m not getting any money from it or
nada Betty yeah we’re not in the book selling this no in terms of but their
investment with all that change themself but I’m feeding 50 if you sell million
copies were just in the average worked out in the past then there’ll be 50
people fed just by you getting this book so not only do you benefit but other
people benefit as well which is a pretty cool thing
can’t go wrong empower yourself and power other people do good things you
will be rewarded thanks for doing the interview man it’s been a pleasure I’ll
see you on be mature Gaia


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    The greatest man on planet earth Tony I'm grateful I'm here to witness these great words of yours

  26. troy hooper

    June 11, 2019 4:20 pm

    Sadly this does not work for everyone case in point I have helped so many people in my life and I've had more negative and more things bad happened to me because of it that I am at the point I am truly lost in life I work a full-time job I barely make enough to get me from week to week I just don't know what else to do

  27. theodore roberts

    July 20, 2019 2:00 pm

    Much of what you say is true in my life, but the money has been kept away from me. It makes me try harder, not as sad as most that I know. God is very much in my life.
    Giving does last, when I can. It is disappointing that those you help with your heart give you pain as payment. If they didn't I would be left with joy.
    I follow Tony every place I can. He inspires me.

  28. Me myself & orchidée

    July 23, 2019 6:11 am

    You've got to wake up every morning and doing what you love and do it every day then it become holiday good luck to you guys

  29. Daniel Renteria

    July 26, 2019 2:54 am

    The wisest men on this earth are those who aren't slaves to the material things in this world… Tibetan monks, Ghandi Franciscan friars etc. anyone who can deny their temptations and discipline them because they can see how we can become it's slaves just like when Tony says he felt liberated when he gave his last 20 bucks away and than realized the real power in the world. Jesus Christ was the Master at this and being God set the example. Now I understand money as a tool to be able to do big things to add value to the world we all have a role. Thanks for the video!

  30. Sai Moe

    July 26, 2019 9:13 am

    @13.05 why does the subtitles display "the table and he looked up his eyes got niggas"? whats wrong with some people !!!!

  31. seble dejene

    August 1, 2019 3:48 am

    Yes l dont have money l God l am blass weth out God maney is natiing so you have tohave God tankyou

  32. Tracy Jones

    August 1, 2019 9:30 pm

    so how does that work anyway? i have done whats right my whole life, i have given things and it feels good to do but i am still dead broke after 35 years

  33. KeraNicole Pullium

    August 15, 2019 9:06 pm

    7:10 Tony Robbins said “I’m juiced” 😂😂😂 That was a classic 🤔

  34. truthseekr420 j

    August 23, 2019 9:03 pm

    How to think like a religious billionaire. Step one try to buy your way into heaven. Step two be a greedy pos who cares more about cars houses and stuff than the rest of humanity. Step three donate to religious charity to get huge tax breaks. Step four just be a complete piece of trash that can rationalize having enough money to end homelessness, yet you do nothing with your money except think of ways to make more money. Our world would be so much better off if we rounded up everyone with 100million or more (not the ones who use that money to help humanity) and executed them.

  35. truthseekr420 j

    August 23, 2019 9:25 pm

    It's so funny how deep people try to sound in this comment section. It's very simple good hearted people give to others because someone needs help and they have the ability to help them. People like 90% of the people here give to people so they can brag about how generous they are and because it makes them feel good. Anyone with millions of dollars is a bad person plain and simple. There are millions of starving and homeless people in this world. If everyone with money like that just went out and started handing everyone they saw who was homeless or poor 10k until they had a 1 million dollars left we would live in a Utopia, where NO ONE went without food and housing. Instead we get to live in a world where over half the population is in complete poverty ruled by a tiny percent of the population who choose to hoard everything of value to maintain power over everyone else.


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