Top 10 benefits of prenatal yoga during pregnancy | Yoga for pregnancy | Prenatal 101 ❤️

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Welcome to 321 kids fun A channel by parents, for parents and their children In today’s video we will highlight some of the benefits of prenatal yoga Before we begin Please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to our channel to see our latest videos Prenatal yoga is an exercise that is designed to promote breathing exercises, posture and emotional relaxation I took this approach myself and it’s often sought by pregnant women who are preparing for a natural childbirth or who wish to stay physically and emotionally healthy during their pregnancy One of the many benefits of prenatal yoga is the lack of physical exertion that is required which makes it a safe practice for many moms-to-be During the pain that is associated with a natural childbirth prenatal yoga will attempt to promote proper breathing that will help to make the process an easier one In addition, relaxation is essential during the childbirth process and although it can be difficult prenatal yoga can help to teach women how to relax themselves as much as possible For some prenatal yoga may be sought as part of a spiritual process that helps them to connect with their unborn child and/or prepare for the new arrival In some cases prenatal yoga may even be beneficial after the birth as it instils techniques that are associated with relaxation As every new mom knows, there is a definite need for relaxation after having a child! For some, prenatal yoga may help women to return to their pre-pregnancy weight more quickly than others For most, this is a struggle that takes a lot of patience and determination In general yoga is an exercise that promotes physical fitness, relaxation, breathing, spiritual and emotional connections, etc. During your next visit to your doctor or midwife ask if prenatal yoga would be safe for you and, if so, who you could contact for instruction Most physicians are aware of any local classes or instruction being given and will often be able to refer patients to a class that is most convenient for them Most women prefer that the father of their child or a friend or family member attend prenatal yoga classes for support and guidance Having someone familiar will also make the classes more enjoyable and relaxing for the mom to be Before enrolling in prenatal yoga it’s best to make sure that the instructor is licensed certified or highly trained and experienced in teaching this type of relaxation method Anyone with questions regarding prenatal yoga must consult their physician for further information Please don’t forget to subscribe to see more of our latest videos


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