Top 5 Common Mistakes Choosing Productivity Software


Hello everyone and welcome back to the keep productive youtube channel on today’s feature Taking a look at the comments, there’s always a struggle choosing the best productivity software, now the goal of this video today is to help you make better decisions around the productivity software software Did you go about choosing now? It’s so important because it will save you a lot amount of money lots mine of effort and huge amounts of time So hopefully this video you can walk away with a few Decision-making practices that you can use when picking your next software. So without further ado guys, let’s dive into today’s video So just before we dive in guys I wanted to mention our May 20 19 sponsor and that’s brain fm you can check out more anything below and get five free Sessions now it’s an application that will allow you to listen to music for different scenarios So when that sleep the meditation and also for focusing, it’s AI based and science backed So it’ll allow you to design specific music tracks that will help you to increase concentration Or improve patterns of sleep it cetera So it’s very interesting application and I definitely recommend you checking it out if you decide you like it then use 20% to code keep to get 20% off all description at Subscriptions not descriptions, but you can check out that all the stuff in description below so guys number one the first mistake that a lot of people make is Actually looking about an application that is on product hunt dead is on reddit Maybe someone’s shouting man it on social media and just jumping in signing up and moving your entire base there now This is something that’s called typically I think it’s called the shiny new syndrome and it’s because it’s shiny and new that you look at it. And you go Wow This is awesome and really attractive we’ve seen this in the last couple of months With the likes of notion a lot of people moving there and then actually going actually it’s not suitable for me It doesn’t have the features I need I was just sort of listening and looking at it is a gorgeous application not actually necessarily Looking at the feature set, you know the pricing all the information you need to know before Going in so this sort of shiny New syndrome is something that can be a big mistake when you get started the way to solve It is really to spend time with an application before you actually do it I know it’s a very generalistic thing but actually sitting there seeing a new app and going I admire it but I’m gonna spend time to check it out the weekend save it for later put it in something that you know read later list or a To-do list in box, and you might look at later because that period of time that you give yourself before jumping on board with an app Will really help you to work out whether it is suitable for you Number two sort of correlates to what I was mentioning before and that’s missing features This is a real common mistake when it comes to choosing a new productivity software Now a lot of people and what they do is, you know They get that shiny new syndrome or they look at an app that a colleague has recommended but they don’t actually check out the full feature list, and I could be anything to Invoicing inside of an application or commenting abilities or having the ability to set a recurring reminder and they’ve commonly used that in the app before they’ve transferred to this new app and They get a couple of weeks in or even a day or two in they’ve moved all their data and they go Oh my god it’s missing a feature that I most need or that my company needs and They then have spent a lot of time moving over So make sure you check out the full list of features before you go ahead and move on you can normally find this on a company’s feature list website and you can even direct message to support if you’re looking for a specific feature or Wondering whether it’s going to be added in the future a lot of companies have what’s called a timeline or a road map? Which help you see where they go. They’re going to be adding a specific feature in the future For example, you might be looking at I don’t know Evernote and actually whether they’re going to have a stronger search in the future or Search on web and you could not be able to find out from some of their videos or resources Then it might be coming soon number three and that is the background and the ethos of the company now This isn’t a vital one This isn’t something to necessarily worry about when choosing the productivity software, but we’ve seen a lot of applications be acquired We’ve seen a lot of applications go out of business just based on sustainability Of the app because they necessarily can’t make the money to continue in the future So it’s important to understand What the company is about where they put their money and whether they’re backed by other investors now a lot of the time if they’re vc-backed it normally means they have a good runway period of time with money but it also needs a little bit of checking out and researcher who those investors are and Where they’re spending their efforts now also you can check on the company in line with your values For example, one of the reasons I used to do is um, so eglise because I believe in a lot of their philosophies values and a lot of the sort of not pro bono, but the opportunistic Articles they write the videos they produce because I want to learn more about productivity as a whole So I guess companies that put more attention to time into helping you as a collective person and not just necessarily like software That always is something good to look at but this isn’t again a major thing But it’s just something to know be aware of who the company who the developer are that you’re investing your time and attention Into and whether they’ll be there in the long term number four is full Migration now, of course when people move over to a new productivity software They tend to just move their entire base over and a lot of time There’s specific tools or features or even Chrome extensions that allow you to transfer all of your data into an application We saw this for example with dunks of you know, moving from vendor Lister todoist There’s an integration for that and of course you have a lot of tools that will allow you to move all your data But there’s two things to know in here The first is whether that tool is reliable and transfers a data across fully for example something to pinpoint is if you’ve emailed into your Evernote in the past and then you go ahead and migrated over to notion, for example You might not get that email in full it comes up as a weird like sort of table database and just note That might be one of the bad things about the migration Abilities when moving across and the second thing is why do mean to move everything across in one big move? I would spend time with an application all the time I try and typically spend it like 90 days with an application before I move if I’m moving because it gives you that time period to move stuff over gradually as you need it and also Create new basis in this new application Ready for you to move over and that’s typically what I recommend Although you can do the full migration just be aware that the tool or migration manual that you’re using is fully compromised compromisable Connectable with it because else you will lose data and it can be dangerous for all of that useful stuff that you’re bringing across Number five and this is the final one. It is actually understanding the need for the tool now all all the time We have that shiny new syndrome. We have an app that we see them. We’re like wow, this is awesome And then you use it and you like look at it and you’re like, okay actually This is like my task manager and my note-taker and then you get confused about the actual apps you’re using So before you go into an application, make sure you’ve written list. It could be a very simple paper list of the apps You’re currently using and what this new application brings to the table now this is so important because I see sometimes people having two task managers and that can be very dangerous because You know You’re putting loads at Assen to hear your printer loads at a center there Which one sort of collaborate whereas you could just have a one task manager with different projects for different areas that you’re working on So being able to set yourself a bit of a rule set when you’re choosing a new application Where does this new application fit what does it replace and how am I going to use it? And that’s very very important Now what I would do is look whether an application Replaces two of the apps you’re using or just one of them or whether it’s actually even necessary in the first place Do am I duplicating an existing process? Am I making it more complicated for myself? So guys those were the five recommendations? For common mistakes and how to avoid them flee this video helped you out Let me know in the comments below whether it did if you found it valuable Hit the like button And if you’re new here subscribe and I feel apologize because I’m doing a lot of the videos in the bedroom at the moment and that’s mainly because the front room is like totally covered in boxes and It would be worse looking as a scenery, but guys I really appreciate you stopping by and today make sure have a great week keep productive and I’ll see you guys very very


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  1. Keep Productive

    May 29, 2019 8:17 am

    Hey guys, a nod to our sponsor for May 2019 who is Brain.FM 🧠 – get 5 free sessions here:
    Use it for focus, relaxation, sleep, meditation ~ 15-minute sessions. Use "KEEP" to get 20% discount off all Brain.FM subscription.

  2. Minah Shakti Satya

    May 29, 2019 1:16 pm

    Nice tips, Francesco.

    I used Notion as a personal task manager before moving my professional boards from Trello to there. It took me three weeks to realize that Notion was better suited for me, even if the lack of an API is still a downsize.

    For task list apps on the other hand the three months rule worked for me.

    I experimented Todoist, Microsoft To Do and Remember the Milk for three months each. The latter was the best one for me. Recently I've tried to move to Tick Tick, since it is well embed into Notion. Kept my set up at RTM though. Honestly didn't work for me and RTM is still my go-to task list app.

  3. Bhavesh Budhiraja

    May 29, 2019 8:14 pm

    Great! protocols need to be there while migrating apps. Sometimes tag of being popular app creates a difficult situation to user in his case

  4. Blazing Jaws

    May 29, 2019 8:35 pm

    Perfect timing! I have been recently looking for productivity software to start using over the summer. Thank you for the video!

  5. Peter H

    May 29, 2019 10:00 pm

    couldn't agree more. I tried and thank god I did not migrate. I found out on the second day of use they do not have repetitive tasks. Asked support about it and they confirmed they do not have this critical feature.

  6. Jeff Eisley

    May 30, 2019 10:30 am

    Solid video, lovin' the wall color, I hope to see more vids like this in the future, people need to know these things 🤓

  7. Lisara

    May 30, 2019 12:53 pm

    I agree about not moving all your data at once just for testing the app and seeing whether it might be for you, but on the other hand if your testing period is as long as 90 days, and after that time there's still things left to migrate from your old system – it feels to me, like you just don't really need them at all and can just get rid of them entirely.

  8. SergioRacoon

    May 31, 2019 3:35 pm

    GREAT VIDEO! This tips are really the core of how to choose your "weapons" for productivity. Background? Doesn't matter! Your video is so powerful with info that background is just that: background. Congrats Francesco!


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