Training Your Mind Meditation // 2 Mental Yoga (Raja Yoga) // The Power of Consciousness Series

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Welcome to Becoming a Better You by
Skeed and this Raja yoga, this mental yoga, consciousness training controlling
your mind learning to control your consciousness video this is the second
video come into a seated position you wish to use the Lotus that’s fine if not
sit on a meditation cushion where your hips are slightly higher than yours
we begin today the Sun breathing once again so with your counting beads to
count your breaths breathe in the prana to your baby slow full belly breath and exhale slowly
through your nose breathing out yeah breathing in the fire
and the water elements breathing out the earth just stick to the breathing in and
broad extension for every whole breath the beam stay focused that breath breathing in today you may notice I am also doing
waterers with my fingers the first breath you place the tip of your thumb
to the tip of the first finger for the entire bro member the second breath you
move new fingers and the first finger to the 2nd finger said the thumb and the
middle finger touch entire breath the next breath the ring finger I have you
wish to boil the next breath the little finger then coming back to the first one
as you do this you may notice that with one module the breath leg is shorter
than the others they may be all the same they a may will be differently the aim
is to slowly over time bring all these breaths to the same length as each
murderer connects to a different electrical circuit within your meridians
within your body having all the breaths the same level
helps to align the body breathing the prawn an external Qi breathe out the air
we’re raising Nia moving your fingers if you wish we closed the end of this breathing
practice finish on
beautiful finger you’re using your interest now we’re going to move on to
the contemplation part of this exercise today today you will see showing you two
points that we talked about that I showed you at the beginning of the video
you can see at the side here this is your lung meridian now your lung
meridian lies from your thumbs it goes through your body but the position I
showed you today just focus on that point and you will know when you have
the exact point because you will feel a slight connection your lungs will feel
more open and it’s around the point I showed you so just play attention around
with that area until you feel the connection concentrate on this point contemplate where this meridian channel
lies enough you are and in to your love you know also goes down your legs just see if you can be aware of this
channel if you can’t feel the channel over time
we’ll become very to me where it is that’s not the point today if you can’t
feel it it doesn’t matter just focus your attention contemplate on this point
where you feel your lungs open so you can breathe in
even more prana breathe out yeah practice with this will show you where
these channels are you will even be able to feel the energy moving through these
channels when you pay attention to them don’t lay these points contemplate these
channels in your lungs and how this system this meridian channel feels when
your consciousness is placed upon it they’re coming here to the next exercise
now we come to the next exercise which last week we focused on objects in this
week we’re focusing on sound will play a sound for you they pronounced in and
just focus here the sound and just keep recreating the sound in your head once
you can do this consistently you no longer need to listen to the sound
repeating although it will still be there every now and then just to help
you along and now we move on to the next exercise our meditation place your consciousness at the back of
your head looking over your two hemispheres and help your third eye it’s
between your eyebrows the breathing you saw it relax emptiness of consciousness
if you have beans if the sword comes in just count it let it go coming to the end this short meditation
session to move on to the next exercise reset you’ll be eats if you have them
move into the second bar of the letter a meditation do as we did last one
a see here fill the room with the blue blue green light fill the universe with
the blue green light then once you have that bring that light down into the form
and perhaps a flame or a cloud or a little ball whichever one you prefer now
is the time to play around with them because once you fix on the flame or the
cloud of a ball we’re going to use this for all the other letters to bring all
that light down into whichever shape you chosen connect that flame or that ball
the dedicado connects to the energy with your heart
chakra from your heart or your middle Dan Tien found in you are connect the
energy and then now again a fill the room in the universe with a light blue
Ward’s green light bring it down into the shape that you formed connected
through your heart chakra you may wish to try this to your third eye as well
connecting the energy and go again a-and you see it can be in whichever font
change the fonts change from lowercase letters to uppercase letters
two-dimensional letters three-dimensional letters you could even
try and create a four dimensional matter sigh goryeo out when you’re back into
the shape connect with it and go again thank you for joining me in this
practice today I hope you enjoyed it combining me in this practice he’s
remembered to share the light and subscribe to the channel remember to use
this video for at least seven days practicing with the in hatha yoga
throughout the week lesson is subscribing you helped me to help you
the namaste


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