Transcendental Meditation Benefits

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TM® is a technique, a practice that you can
use to settle the mind and access finer and deeper levels of who we are naturally. And
so what its been for me is just a tangible practice that I can do every day where I can
kind of integrate and bring myself together into this rested state and give myself the
space to really feel my presence in life and feel the direction that my life is taking
and be centered within that. And so TM… I mean we are all capable and we all have
the depths within us and so TM is one of the ways to access that that is the easiest technique
that I’ve learned and I have studied Yoga and meditation for a while now and I whole
heartedly recommend it.This is something that has transformed my life in many subtle but
significant ways. And I mean in less subtle ways this has I think cultured my physiology
in a way that I feel more energetic, I have a better stamina, relationships have been
very fulfilling, I feel that I’m able to articulate myself better, express myself better
which in turn helps all of my relationships with friends—family, especially my mother
and so its been very subtle in many ways and on the same physical real level has correlated
to transformation in that way as well.


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