Transform Your Life with Gratitude & Appreciation


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pardpardeftab720ri-1746partightenfactor0 f0fs26 cf0 Neuroscientists say: Neurons
that fire together – wire together. So if we are complaining most of the time
we are in this default that we are use to be in but if we sit down, write down or think
about what we are grateful about instead, we activate a new pathway in our brains and
every time we do a little more, think a little more down that pathway we get new synapses
between these neurons. We start to strengthen the speed of the neuron
pathway, we become good at gratitude because now this pathway is the default thinking pathway
and what’92s bad – that goes in the back and slowly those neural pathways and synapses
go away if we are not using them as much.
Feelings of gratitude directly activate brain regions associated with the neurotransmitter
dopamine. Dopamine feels good to get, which is why it’92s
generally considered the ’93reward’94 neurotransmitter.
But dopamine is also almost important in initiating action.
That means increases in dopamine make you more likely to do the thing you just did.
It’92s the brain saying, ’93Oh, do that again.’94 Gratitude can have such a powerful
impact on your life because it engages your brain in a virtuous cycle. ‘a0
Your brain loves to fall for the confirmation {field{*fldinst{HYPERLINK “”}}{fldrslt
bias}} and it looks for things that prove what it already believes to be true. And the
dopamine reinforces that as well. So once you start seeing things to be grateful
for, your brain starts looking for more things to be grateful for. That’92s how the virtuous
cycle gets created. Gratitude takes practice like any other skill
and this reprogramming meditation is here to help you to reinforce that skill and get
you feeling healthy, happy, grounded and relaxed. As you may already know – we get what we think
about, our thoughts shape our brain and our reality.
Imagine how much you can improve your reality – there literally are no limits.
What you observe in your daily life is a result of the thoughts and emotions you have within
you. So I want to invite you on a journey today
and every day to shape your reality consciously for the better in fact, create a reality that
best suits you. You truly have the power to do so.
Now let’92s get going and feeling gratitude and appreciation for all the things that we
may have access to. In this meditation I will mention things that
most of us can be grateful for, you can think and feel them with me as I speak, or even
say it out loud with me. If you can think of more things – great! The
more the better! And once we get going we will get more of
what we think about – more things to appreciate, it’92s that simple.
So wonderful that we live in a world of such
variety. It is so delicious to be part of a planet
where there are so many objects of attention that it is easy for me to find a place of
wellbeing. I am loving being part of this spinning Earth, standing in a perfect proximity
of other planets and I love knowing that the manager is taking care of that.
I appreciate the energy that is flowing through m; I appreciate the maintenance and countenance
of my physical body. I am exhilarated to know that life force will
eternally flow and I can participate in it as fully or not as fully as I choose in every
moment. I love the variety of life that I am about.
I appreciate being the creator of my own reality
through my thoughts, emotions and actions.
These are the things I am feeling appreciative and grateful for and I am inviting you to
feel the gratitude and appreciation for the same things in your life. Listen and feel
or even say out loud: I am grateful for my family, whether ’93by
blood’94 or the people I’92ve met in my life, that always make me feel at home.
Grateful for friends that I had, have and will have.
For parents and guardians who most of the time did their best, and maybe if you got
lucky, will always be some of the best people you know.
For our significant others ’96and that we met them at the right time, in the right place,
is nothing short of a miracle. I am beyond grateful for the connection that
we all have with each other in a variety of ways.
I am so grateful for the Internet and computers and its contributing role of interconnecting
humanity and sharing information so needed by so many people.
I am grateful to be able to access fast, with a click of a finger things like – information,
help, solutions, inspiration, humor, wisdom and so many shared wonderful things amongst
us all. I am also grateful I can share, have my input
into the world through my uniqueness, which I am also grateful for.
I am amazed and thankful that we are so different from each other with so much to give, receive,
share and enjoy. I am grateful we have the option and the choice
to travel the world, see many beautiful, interesting and enchanting places.
I am grateful we can help each other and enjoy our beautiful planet.
I am grateful for the things I don’92t have to worry or think about – the sunrise each
morning, my heartbeat, amount of air that I breathe, Earth’92s position and the perfect
proximity with other planets, I love knowing that our planet is evolving with its vegetation,
people and animals. I am grateful for the amazing structures of
our cities, the highway systems, roads, convenience stores, society that cares and watches out
for each other, beautiful architecture, so many and fun things built just for our pleasure.
I am grateful for all inventions that’a0are
benefiting our human society so we can live longer, happier and easier lives.
For transportation – cars, trains, bikes, planes, boats and so many more that helps
us commute and reach each other and our destinations so much faster whilst being comfortable.
I am feeling gratitude for all video devices that helps us share and communicate, radio
and television, computers, phones and all of the helpful apps!
There are a ton of dear people to me across the ocean with whom I have my strongest bonds
with and am able to form and keep these with a help of modern technology, I love love technology,
it helps me to reach out to others and allows for others to reach out to me.
I feel appreciation for guitars, synthesizers, jet engines, cameras, vacuum cleaners, washing
machines, the media, electric lights, machine tractors, rockets, space ships, microwave
cookers, uc0u65279 ‘d3slippers, library with all the books to choose from, hands and
fingers to hold those books, sports to play and enjoy, all the holidays.
I feel appreciation for that person who picks up after their dog so I don’92t step into
poop, beautiful islands all around the world that we get to enjoy and all of the available
medicine that helps human kind. I would like to also express my appreciation
and gratitude for electricity, stunning pictures and all of the beautiful art all over the
world, also’a0laughter and smiling, good people, good friends.
the Evidence that You Can Still Turn Your Health Around, fruits and vegetables that
we can make so much out of and nourish our bodies.
I am grateful for coat in the winter and clothes in general that keep us dry, warm and also
for being pieces of art and self expression and personality.
I am grateful for footwear, work, leisure, sports and style and for keeping my feet protected.
I am grateful for chocolate and other things
that satisfy me when I want it. I am grateful for beautiful movies that are created just
for my enjoyment and pleasure. I am really really appreciative for computers,
and all the individuals who have worked so hard on creating these things.
I am grateful for the fact that I can read and write, for quality TV comedy.
A new job coming just in time. Campfires.
The simplicity of a campfire creates lifelong memories. Camping and family/friend outings.
Freedom of Speech. I am simply grateful for
Waking up Today. I am thankful for Indoor Plumbing, Indoor
plumbing not only provides convenience, it spares me from disease.
pardpardeftab720ri-1746sa80partightenfactor0 cf0 Mountains. Mountains provide us with
beauty and recreation. Eyesight. Being able to see allows us to view the world’92s beauty.
I am grateful for entertainment. Entertainment gives me a way to relax and enjoy life. My
Mind. Being able to think, remember, and solve problems sure makes life easier. Diversity.
‘a0The world would be a boring place without diversity. Moon and Stars. The moon and stars
encourage to dream. Air Conditioning. Staying cool on a hot day is something people wouldn’92t
have dreamed about in past centuries. Children. Watching children laugh, grow, and dream can
keep things in perspective. I appreciate my ability to learn. The ability to learn new
things means we have endless potential. I am grateful for people willing to teach. Whether
it’92s my grandmother teaching me to knit or my plumber showing me how to prevent future
problems, I am grateful that others are willing to use their time and talents to teach me
something new. I am grateful for oceans. The sea creatures in the ocean almost seem too
mystical to be real. I am in appreciation for music. Music brings out new emotions,
connects us, allows us to express ourselves and to bond in the most beautiful way. I am
grateful for entrepreneurs. Some of life’92s best inventions resulted from an entrepreneur
who was willing to take a risk. I appreciate challenges. Without challenges in life, I
wouldn’92t be the person I am now. I am grateful for hiking trails. Hiking trails give me the
chance to enjoy mother nature beauty. I am grateful for my health and all my bodily functions.
There are so many more things that we can be grateful for: Warm blankets- because they
just always come in handy. pardpardeftab720ri-1746partightenfactor0
cf0 Scented candles. Online shopping. A really good cup of tea or coffee. Rainy days- especially
those spent cuddled up under a warm blanket. And of course sunny days also. Sweatpants.
Running water. Waking up at 4.00am and realizing that I still have a couple of hours of sleep
left. I am grateful for my bed. Mom’92s (or grandma’92s) cooking. Hugs. Heating. Fresh
laundry. Solitude. Kind strangers. Coupons and discounts. Warm sand. Big sweaters. A
yummy toast. Free shipping. Driving on an open road, with no traffic. Our partners – whether
it be your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, make sure they know just how grateful you
are to have them in your life. I am in appreciation for Saturday afternoons. For the fact that
I can breathe, see, hear’85 Walk, talk and feel. Long walks. Hot baths. My past- because
it taught me so much. Sleep. Old photographs- who doesn’92t love going through those? Any
type of ‘a0potatoes. Arriving on time and’85 Finding a parking spot right away. Being able
to help others. Feeling loved. Giving love. Cuddling. Bonfires. Uncontrollable laughter-
the kind that makes your stomach hurt. Dancing. A warm, home-cooked meal. Puppies. Snooze
button. A good pair of jeans- the kind that makes your butt look really good! Old friendships.
Nut butter. Good, long conversations. Friday nights in- just Netflix and chill. Food takeout.
Childhood memories. Soft pillows. Hot showers. A good workout session. Sunny winter days.

I am also feeling appreciation for the feeling when you get into your warm bed at night,
after having a long day. Weekends. Fresh air. Rainbows- don’92t they
always make you smile? Grocery stores. Beautiful sunsets.
Bad days- because they make you appreciate the good ones that much more. Sunday mornings.
My future- all the things I have yet to learn,
all the places I have yet to discover. We are only getting started! We are rich beyond
description and I feel appreciation for so many more things, like:
Dishwashers. Parents’97because no matter how old you are, they can still solve any
problem. The local farmer’92s market. Big piles of leaves that you’92re never too old
to jump in. The best friend you can call after months apart, and pick up right where you
left off. Quirky traditions that make my family special. Google. Holiday recipes that have
been passed down through the family for years. Every good book I’92ve read that has helped
me escape for a few hours. I am grateful for the coziest spot in my house. Garbage disposals.
My support system’97be it at work, at home, or spread out all over the country. Correct
grammar. Caller I.D. Laundry machines. The people in my life who have been stand-in mothers
and fathers whenever I’92ve needed them. Color-coordinated office supplies. Baby giggles.
Family vacations. Wool socks. The healing power of music. Freshly cut flowers. Headphones
on the subway. Vacation days. Fall leaves changing colors. Air fresheners. Taxis. Movies
I can watch again and again. I feel deep appreciation for songs that hit
the spot on repeat. Lilacs in the spring. The perfect playlist. Hot sauce. A continuous
string of green lights when I’92m already running late. Long drives on open roads. A
heartfelt thank you note. The last slice of pie. A scenic running trail. A friendly neighbor
you can count on to borrow something or just to say hello to. I am grateful for making
the subway just before the doors close. My morning coffee.
The moment I have exact change. That movie that always makes me laugh. When the bus driver
sees me running and waits 10 extra seconds to let me on. When someone sees my hands are
full and opens the door for me. My favorite TV show. The moment when my food comes at
a restaurant. Grateful for thank you notes. It feels just as good to send one as it does
to get one. Grateful for opportunities to volunteer. My co-workers. When my favorite
song comes on the radio at the perfect moment. It’s like destiny is on my side. I appreciate
a really comfortable chair. Not setting an alarm on a weekend. Successfully making a
challenging recipe. And then eating it in all its delicious glory. Sharing a smile with
a stranger. I love and appreciate sibling bonds. There’s nothing quite like them. Also
a perfectly made cocktail. Or a really good craft beer. I am grateful for being understood.
There are some people who just get you and that’s awesome. A great joke. Being outdoors.
Fresh air and sunshine. A great meal with old friends. Cheering for my team. Long weekends.
The second best thing next to long weekends? Four-day workweeks. I am grateful for cousins.
Or any other extended family that feels like my immediate family. Flowers. They’re aesthetically
pleasing and it feels downright great when someone sends me some. The first signs of
a new season. After a bitterly cold winter, spring sounds like the best thing in the world.
Having the bed all to myself. I can basically drool, sleep diagonally, toss and turn or
do whatever I want. My favorite comfort food. The moment when I can’t control my laughter.
You know you’re not supposed to laugh, but your brain has other plans. I am in appreciation
for so many more other things like: my favorite place in my city, it’s always there when I
need a little comfort and time to reflect.
The glee I feel when I find an extra money in my bag. ‘a0
A good night’s rest. Concerts. A perfectly ripe avocado. Opening a present. The fact
that someone took the time to put thought into giving me something is a gift in itself.
I am grateful for love and lust, intimacy
and sex. Lunchtime and Yoga. A long, hot shower. Old school songs. Winning
a game. Handwritten snail mail. The opportunity to act like a kid again.
Surprise parties. ‘a0That feeling you get when you fix something.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a pipe in the house or a knot in a necklace; it’s still an accomplishment.
When I accidentally get something for free. I always feel grateful when listening to inspirational
masterpieces of positivity and genuine personal stories of triumph.
For the fact that light always illuminates the dark but the dark cannot darken the light.
For the bird that pooped on that person that wasn’92t me. All those who have given so
much inspiration to the world. I am grateful for genuine, compassionate and empathetic
people. The beautiful energy that every single person is and will forever be. The waves of
the ocean and a snow-coated mountain. The gift of connection’97sometimes we sail through
life in a turbulent sea of judgment, but in that darkness a lighthouse shines that we’92re
drawn towards. The real and genuine connections that we share with only the fewest of people
are always held in high regard. The gift of inner peace’97life is a rollercoaster; the
emotional highs and lows are to be expected, but the one thing that can remain the same
is our contentment, all we have to do is choose it. Once we genuinely know how to find our
inner peace, we can live in alignment with our true nature: love. I feel appreciation
for the gift of spirit’97we are each a flame in the fire. When we trip whilst we’92re
walking and it turns into an impromptu dance session. Every animal on earth. When an insect
like a bee or a dragonfly hovers in our face, says hello and then goes about its day. Mind
& heart expanding tools such as meditation. The little experiences with strangers which
happen each day that makes my heart smile. A car park, which impeccably opens up for
us. Our pets, which give us pure love, non-judgment and many health benefits. Sports and healthy
competition. ‘a0All the wisdom expressed by many cultures over many generations which
is at my fingertips with one click. That shopping trolley with a life of its own which tests
the sophistication of my patience. The growing community of mindful people. I am also grateful
for Mother Nature and her unparalleled majesty. Water and its ability to heal, quench and
make us feel good. Grateful for that everyday we can help people, whether it be in our job,
the street or via the internet and social media. Tapping into our creative passions.
People who generally {field{*fldinst{HYPERLINK “”}}{fldrslt
lead with their heart }}and who genuinely care for others. That old man that we always
see walking the street with a cheesy grin on his face. The mysterious nature of reality
and its innate encouragement to keep us striving for clarity of understanding and peace of
mind and heart. A good old-fashioned dance bust out. Grateful for fire! Good times with
good people. The opportunity to travel to so many mind-blowing places on earth. Inner
peace, freedom, philosophy, fun, creativity, curiosity, passion, empowerment and enlightenment.
I am also grateful: Education. I thank my teachers and professors and my own intelligence
and ability to learn. For teachers who partook in my formation, who saw things in me that
I didn’92t, and who challenged me to do my best. For all the colors of the world that
make life so much brighter than it would be otherwise. For seasons, no matter how many
we experience and don’92t experience, their mere existence is proof that things are meant
to change. For the numerous cultures that I can learn about and even have the opportunity
to visit all around the world. For history, that I can learn about it in different ways
and use that knowledge to make my present and future better. For people who get up early
in the morning to clean our streets and drive our busses and trains. ‘a0For waiters and
waitresses who put up with us when we’92re at our worst ’96 hungry. For people who don’92t
like me because they remind me that I have values and opinions so strong that I am willing
to sacrifice my likability at the expense of standing by them. For the time that I left
something of value in a place, and someone turned it into me.I feel appreciation for
knowing where my next meal is coming from. For trees that give our environments life.
For the grass that is home to many tiny creatures. For roads, streets and sidewalks and those
who take care of them, as we go about our everyday lives using them. For little pleasures
like crushes that remind me that humans are always seeking to love and be loved. For acts
of affection like hugs, handholding and kisses, because they remind us of the importance of
touch. Toilet paper: What would it be like without it now? Toothpaste. Ink: Books, newspaper,
magazines, copy machines, printers. All useless without ink. Salt: There are over 14,000 uses
for salt. Scissors: Ever try to get a pair of scissors out of its packaging without a
pair of scissors? Whether opening impossible-to-open packaging or cutting hair or string or paper,
making paper snowflakes with kids or using them in the kitchen, this is a very handy
tool that I’92m thankful exists. Hair: Whether it grows on the head, face, legs, arms, back
or pits, hair is a good thing. It warms us, helps identify us, allows us to express our
creativity or fashion or style. Mosquito-fighting insecticide. Zipper. ‘a0Batteries: Cars,
boats, planes, cell phones, flashlights, MP3 players, iPads, garage door clickers, and
anything else that makes life portable. Life is simply more convenient with batteries.
I’92m grateful for them. Being thought of. My strength. Opportunities. The place I was
born with its people, traditions and food! Food! I am grateful for food and it’92s variety.
I am grateful for all the meals I had throughout my life and there were plenty! Plenty of good
meals filled with color, flavor and nutrition! So many beautiful moments with loved ones
whilst preparing and enjoying those meals. I feel truly blessed and privileged to have
such rich variety of meals in my life. I am also grateful for great conversations. Change.
Health care. I’92m really grateful for all the help I’92ve ever received (and am still
receiving) from all the wonderful people who make it their mission to help and care for
others. Fresh starts. Synchronicity. Shared or acquired wisdom. Kindness. Insight and
clarity. Perspective. Time. Free time, an open calendar, time off, fun times ’96 I
am grateful for the time I have to do what I love. Beauty. I am grateful for all the
beauty in my life. Memories. Good service. My special talents. Everyone’92s special
talents. I think there’92s nothing in the world that makes me more grateful than the
love I’92m feeling from the people around me, and the love I’92m giving in return.
Generosity. Generosity comes in a number of ways; people can be generous with their time,
attention, help, advice or money. I am grateful for beautiful music, ability to comprehend
words, emotion, instruments and energy that it emanates. Grateful to be able to think,
choose my thoughts, acknowledge my emotions, to be able to make decisions that better my
life. I am grateful for all the effort that people offer in this world and their desire
to be the examples of upliftment.
I like knowing and appreciate that we are all ever evolving, and that there is no end
to which we will become, I am grateful for knowing that I have a divine source of energy
within me, I am grateful for the dominant energy in this world being positive one and
that wellbeing is the order of the day. I am grateful for the good things and the bad
things, the contrast that life presents to me, so I then I can make deliberate choices
and choose exactly what I want next. I am grateful for my ability to give myself a break,
be easy on myself and onto others, grateful for my ability to look for things to love
and appreciate and through that experience to find true me who came into this life experience.
I appreciate my ability to feel harmony within my being for most of the time and be an inspiration
for other beings to feel better, I love and appreciate being part in all this. I am grateful
for being the master of molding my energy and I can do it with my mind and I am getting
better at it every day. Love and appreciate the essence of my being and being the uplifter
for others. I love negative emotion and my ability to find thoughts that feel better,
I love the feeling of going with the flow and life unfolding for the best for me. ‘a0I
am grateful for the things I am looking forward to in my life right now. I appreciate feeling
hungry so the food then tastes so good, I love the feeling of knowing what to do even
when I am not doing it. I am grateful that we all are well meaning people. I am grateful
for my ability to focus – I can focus myself into confusion and I can focus myself into
clarity. pardpardeftab720ri-1746sa300partightenfactor0
cf0 I am grateful for Gratitude: I am indeed grateful for the art and gift of gratitude.
Finally I am grateful and appreciative of you: I’92m grateful for {field{*fldinst{HYPERLINK
“”}}{fldrslt people like you}} who watch and listen to
my videos and what I have to say, who want to learn and grow and {field{*fldinst{HYPERLINK
“”}}{fldrslt seek inspiration}}, {field{*fldinst{HYPERLINK
“”}}{fldrslt motivation}} and insight into that process.
I am grateful for you. More than I can say and more than you will ever know. You deserve
all the happiness and kindness in the world. Thank you for being here with me on this fun
and exciting journey! pardpardeftab720ri-1746partightenfactor0
pardpardeftab720ri-2086partightenfactor0 cf0


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  25. Vickie Parkhill

    November 6, 2018 8:00 pm

    Rasa you are so wonderful! You do gratitude like no other!πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸŒΊπŸŒ»πŸŒΉπŸ€πŸŒ·πŸŒΈπŸ’πŸŒ±πŸŒΎπŸŒ΅πŸŒ³πŸŒ²πŸŒ΄πŸŒΏπŸ‚πŸπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  26. Princess Ayah Francis

    March 20, 2019 5:12 pm

    I Am grateful for the video.
    Thank you Universe πŸ™ πŸ™πŸ™ πŸ™β€οΈ


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