Time For You To Rise “Because he holds fast
to me in love, I will deliver him; I will protect him, because he knows my name” (Psalm
91:14). My daughter, don’t be afraid. I am here. I know how hard it is to feel, sometimes. This moment, I know, is difficult to let yourself
feel. Don’t hold back. Don’t protect yourself from feeling, your
emotions this way and that. This is a gift from Me, the way your heart
swings from high to low. I am the constant one. I keep you still. There are things you will have to face now. I know you want to bury your head, and I let
you do that, your head buried on my chest. But know when you lift your head, I will be
there to help you to rise. And you will rise, and your feet will find
firm footing, and you will square your shoulders and take one step forward, and then another,
and you will find you know your way. There is much ahead, and the path does not
always seem clear. But I help you to rise. I go ahead, and I help you to rise. And when you stumble, I will help you to stand
again. And when you are scared, I will firm your
trembling lip and I will navigate you through the storm of emotions and I will quiet your
quivering heart. You are fierce and gentle. You are beautiful and strong. You are chosen and delighted in. You are all I’ve made you to be. I took everything from you that has kept you
from rising. I have taken everything that makes you feel
small and unsure and hesitant. You can go forward, to the places I lead you. And you will know who you are. My daughter, the one who knows her Father,
the one who knows her name.


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