Ultimate Face Yoga Exercise To Do Before Bed

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Hi guys my name’s Danielle
Collins and I’m the world leading face yoga expert and
I’m going to show you my favorite technique to do before
I go to bed. Now it’s super simple all you need to do is
take your index fingers and you just stroke between
the eyebrows. Now it’s such a relaxing technique it helps to
stimulate an acupressure point which really helps you to
reduce stress from the day and to also sleep a
little better. It also releases stress and tension that you may
have built up there throughout the day.
So therefore throughout the night you’re less likely to
pull this area in and create those number eleven lines that
we can often find we wake up with in the morning. So I
recommend you do this for about one minute before bed. And then
you can just take your index finger and just
press on that point. Close your eyes take a deep
breath in through the nose and out through the nose. And again you can hold
here for about one minute. You’ll feel incredibly relaxed
and it really will help you to sleep better. So do that every day
before bed. The whole sequence to take you maximum two minutes
but you can just do it super quick. Like I just did
there. If you’d like more information or face yoga just
head to faceyogaexpert.com or you can use one of my
face yoga apps by searching Danielle Collins in your app
store or you can head to Amazon for my book. Daniel Collins
Face Yoga. Have a great day. See you next time.


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